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  1. This has been a dump since may 23rd 2012, I thought you knew?
  2. tomorrow I have to go to a US government class you wanna trade? detention sounds HOTTTTT and then I have to go to whatever sociology is. and then I go home and try to figure out how to make up for the fact that I can't spend all my time sleep deprived anymore. it was so nice. it was just aughblblblbl videoagyamz and then someone would be like "u wanna do a friendship" and I was like "yaaaaaa" and then I'd crash and only occasionally have a horrible nightmare while they gave me free attention now it's like I gotta do work and think about stuff with this piece of trash knockoff defective brain that's gay speaking of which IM GETTING MY EARS PIERCED FRIDAY MAYBE ISNT THAT WEIRD I THINK ITS A PLOT FOR HER TO STAB ME IN THE FACE BUT WERE DOIN IT SHE SAYS
  3. Koloktos: a guardian who protects the ancient cistern hyrule historia AND BECAUSE MS BOSS LADY SAID SEX FIRST I CAN TALK ABOUT WHAT I LEARNED IN SCHOOL TODAY!!! according to some study, 9% of adults use their smartphone during sex. what a fun day.
  4. that was good and nice even though it's like 0 in the morning and IM COLD and should probably move clothes earlier in my get-ready process and I cut the **** out of my face shaving somehow but through all this your song was good thumbs up thank you
  5. I was gonna ask her about it on skype, but then figured, "why not just ask here so everyone can be part of that discussion?" and then I figured it wasn't aimed at me so I'll wait for rosie to ask. also it happened while I was thinking about how I don't like cats and then there were lots of cats so I DID NOT LIKE IT and my tendency to be absurdly negative was met with a rare wave of self awareness so I kept quiet.
  6. well I'm not a person, I'm a sandwich you wouldn't eat a sandwich, would you?
  7. well you're a dinosaur, you'd be the pet, right?
  8. I totally have several times I don't like cats it's a "flaw" apperantly
  9. they didn't have kitties in dinosaur land to eat?
  10. the only board games I like are risk and stratego and monopoly electronic banking and apples to apples if that counts and sorry is pretty good and also civ and endless legend are pretend board games that are really good and that pen and paper game I made because I wasn't allowed to play d&d was super fun but nobody else would ever agree because it wasn't actually good. checkers is fun too if it's with a fun person. but that's it. somebody told me 100% orange juice was fun but I think they were lying but I can always decide what to play. like just now, I spent like 3 hours listening to the same 5 songs over and over, then played 50 turns of endless legend, then went back to canterlot.com, a site that I guess I go to again. very decisive. also the only board game in my room is scrabble because it was my gramma's guest room
  11. sriv? halflife deathmatch source? golf with your friends? coordinated FATE playthroughs? more DANCE PARTY?
  12. l4d2? rivals of aether? TF2 because this thread is from 500 years ago? dungeon of the endless? I need someone to play dungeon of the endless with, I'm too stupid to pause and not coordinated enough to take care of everybody
  13. ey you wanna play me some civ or somethin? we'll call the group thalosaur. or dinocath
  14. now it's 2:30, time is fun I went to bed at like 4, that's responsible right? then I woke up at 9 and I was like YOOO I AM SUPERPOWERSSSSSS and then I fell asleep and woke up at noon and I was like "oh okay nvm"
  15. so like they'd hack people and then micro's avatar would show up on the victim's computer screen? you took it right? can you get them to do me next? also I just realized that I played that candy song like pretty much the instant I woke up and the volume was loud so I that's how I'm announcing I'm awake to my family now. worth it. sorry, my ctrl and V sometimes push themselves
  16. I almost went with this one instead but I didn't because he looks like my history teacher more in this one and I'm afraid winter will log on and realize I was totally into him
  17. I like music in other languages better because I don't have to wonder if nasty judges me for not being able to understand what the singer is saying. my husband is a musician
  18. so like I tried to do the music reciprocation thing and like, I listen to music everybody knows, and that's like it so in order to get anything that wouldn't be like everyone knows it, I had to go listen to like all the music I liked when I was like 12 and one of my SUPERFAVIES that I only ever listened to one song of cuz I didn't like finding new things came out gay now and like that feels so good like damn straight I knew I had good taste even when I had really bad taste. and she stil makes royalties from churches that play her music so HAAAA that's awesome. now I feel compelled to party MORE you can sleep though. dream of FUN DANCING ICE CREAM NOISE BLANKETS YEAAAAAAH
  19. you're the most attractive dinosaur I nkow, that's gotta count for something.
  20. I should go to sleep too but IM NOT GONNA cuz we still have caffeine and I'm betting on the slim odds that riley will say more words to me and I like getting attention from ridiculously attractive people
  21. play them some family force 5 they will then wake up and then go to you and physically make you stop then you can talk and it's like ohey let's hang out
  22. I actually do that more often than I talk to friends yeah
  23. NEVERMIND I FORGOT DAVID CROWDER EXISTS this is what the cool kids like right? who's the guy I used to get mixed up with stephen hawking? not hawk nelson he came to my church like in person and I met him something about eagles if I google "hawk eagle" I just get birds LINCOLN BREWSTER the first time I heard about stephen hawking I thought of lincoln brewster and it turns out the confusion was even worse than I thought. I don't know why but that's definitely a problem I had/have I wonder if he actually ever did anything good. maybe it's cuz lincoln brewster wrote about birds, and he and hawk nelson guy both have weird ugly hair that look similar 3124 TUNES
  24. he looks like you crossed with jim carrey I had a thing I was gonna counterlink but It's not as good at this. IMMA GET A COUNTERLINK AND IT WILL BE GOOD AND WE WILL ALL HAVE A MUTUAL HAPPY PARTYTIME (also good song in a less disguised tone, thanks bunches this was good I might keep this) I remembered that people at my YOUTH GROUP liked family force 5 so I went to get some family force 5 as a joke but like damn this is so bad this is gonna be haaaaard
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