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  1. Haha oh good. xD My boyfriend was giving me flack saying, "Continue the plot already!" But I wanted to clear all my missions that weren't plot-related first~ I like games that do side quests and the like~ Gah I want it so bad. My want for RDR only exponentially rose when they released Undead Nightmare 'cause I love me some good zombie games. <3 I notoriously never finish huge games because I'll be busy with side quests and achievements. That kind of stuff just sucks me into a game, but sometimes I end up burning myself out. OTL
  2. I apologize for massive post. D: I'll cut some of the quotes down. D; If I need to break this up somehow, lemme know admins! We actually have both the first and second game; since I know some of the stuff that changes depending on first game actions, I have like... A 'game plan' for each file I'm working on. I think one of my big problems is I spend WAY too much time roaming on the planets. xD They're kinda fun, though..? Lol I have heard RDR being called, "Grand Theft Horse" before, so this confirms it. xD And the save points sound awesome. <3 I remember getting frustrated in GTA 3 because I'd keep dying. :C I'm pretty awful at the GTA series, but it's so fun. xD Haha, I love stuff like that. <3 I mean, if you enjoy a game, and start getting bored, it's nice there's some mods and what not available to give it more replay value. xP God it REALLY is. I avoided it for months 'cause it just didn't look fun to me... And then on one of my off days right after I got into it, I played at least for 10 hours. Like where did my day go? 8I" Wow. D8 Very nice~ I'm being WAY too slow in my game. xD;; Ugh I hate dying in lava. That's just the worst. :C I was trying to make a cool lava pool and I finally learned to leave everything valuable in a chest because I'm very prone to dying around lava. xD Aww you should finish DA. ; u; Though I may be biased since I'm on my fourth playthrough. >__> Hnnngh Portal 2. <3 I want it so badly~ I hope it's as awesome as I imagine. C: Ahh yeah, I can never play a bunch of MMOs at once. I like taking breaks between them and trying out others. C: Plus, I think it's easier to focus somehow? xD It's so cool to see most everyone saying they're playing Pokemon. <3 Oooo~ I never heard of Ragnarok Battle, but now I'm interested. D8 I loved RO for a good long time. <3 Unfortunately someone sold me a pet egg for a 'cheap' amount, and it ended up being a glitched one, so I lost all my Zenny for nothing. :C I tried talking to the merchant, but he said he had no idea, so I spoke to admins and they were SUPPOSED to help me, but never did. *SIGH* I miss my assassin, but ahh well~ Even though I haven't played through 1 and 2, I am really excited for ME3. The fact that you're FINALLY playing on Earth excites me to no end for some reason. xD Hell yeah another Recettear slave-- I mean player. :'D That damn game. First time I played it I thought, "I'm only play an hour." *Three hours later* "Why can't I stop? D8" *Shrugs* I've never played the Shogun games (if there's more than one, I don't even, know! %D), so I'm no help there. xD If you pre-order it and don't get it, it's just about $5 lost~ I've done that a few times... Mostly 'cause when the game comes out, I don't have the money for it. xD
  3. I miss playing WoW~ ; ^; If only it were cheaper per month, or I could pay for just a week or something. xD I haven't played in a year~ I have the same problem with L4D1; no one to really play with. xD Plus I haven't played enough on a PC to actually be good at it, and I'm always worried people are gonna be angry at me for messing up. OTL So I avoid playing it and TF2.
  4. How excited are you for Skyrim? ;D I need to start up New Vegas. It's just sitting here, looking at me longingly. Also relevant 'cause Elder Scrolls + Ponies =
  5. I suck so hard for still not finishing Mass Effect. :C I had a love affair with Dragon Age and sort of forgot that Bioware made other games. xD Also saddest thing ever, still don't have Red Dead Redemption whatsoever. Makes me a sad girl~ ; ^; Also hey, sometimes a few (or too many) mod packs make things more fun. %D DUDE. *High-five* I'm doing a Nuzlocke run on my Sapphire as well. C: I don't know why I'm having so much trouble on the third gym, though... Making me feel like a failure. OTL My poor Pokemon who have given their lives for me~ :C Good luck with the stray beads. o Ao I had to look them up online. xD I think I'm on my third playthrough and STILL don't have them all. OTL But that's okay 'cause I love Okami. <3
  6. Your family tradtion = best family tradition. I don't think I'd ever want to run into 'Sasha' on the streets. > A> Also Kabuki is adorable. <3 So much fluff~
  7. I know what you meannnn~ There are parts in the first that just make me rage. 8[ You die and think, "Okay, I know what's gonna happen now." So you get all prepared and tons of attempts and deaths later you just wanna curl up and sob. OTL ... But maybe that's just me. xD The screenshots look good. %D Plus it's six bucks at Gamestop used so I may look into this. > u> That paint job = god tier I recently got SEVERELY into Castlevania. I don't know how I wasn't playing any of the games sooner. 8I Aria of Sorrow has my heart forever~ It was just so much fun~ Still need to be Dawn of Sorrow, and I haven't even started Portrait of Ruin... TOO MANY GAMES I NEED TO PLAY.
  8. Quite the MMO player I see. xD I've been wanting to get MvC3, but it's not on the top of my list. OTL This means I probably won't get it until it's old news. xDD
  9. *Envy* I've been really wanting Dead Space 2, so since I can't afford that, I wanted to at least replay Dead Space, but my boyfriend is currently in possession of the 360. xD I had to look up Generation of Chaos, but it looks pretty fun~ O: And on IGN it said it was about $4, so maybe I can find a copy nearby for cheap and try it out. x3
  10. I completely know the feeling. My cat is an indoor cat because I 1) don't want to lose her and 2) there's lots of busy streets near me. She's actually gotten outside twice in the three years I've had her, and each time it gives me a heart attack and I'm always on the edge of having a breakdown until I find her. Luckily, she usually finds a spot against a wall and stays put until I find her. If anything did happen to her, I think I would pretty much die. :C She has no outdoor smarts whatsoever; I doubt she'd be okay for more than 24 hours~
  11. I agree, Professor Layton has some great soundtracks. C: I personally like the second soundtrack the best so far. > w< But I think Curious Village is quite possibly my favorite of the series... Though I haven't finished the third game, so that opinion might change. xD How is Investigations? I'm hearing good and bad stuff about it, but I still wanna try it~ And yeah, Pokemon has kinda taken over my gaming life the past few days. OTL
  12. Actually Piff is a bunny, so he's adjusted pretty well to being blind. However, my old dog unfortunately did go blind in her old age... And she also went deaf, so it is pretty sad. :C I love Maltese's <3 I think they're just adorable~ I'm sorry to hear you've had dogs run away. I used to live in the countryside, so over the years our cats would go missing. There aren't any real words for how awful that is.
  13. Oh I do that too. xD Mostly when something goes horribly wrong and I feel like it's 'too soon' to pick up the game again... I've deleted my files for games on accident at least five times. OTL I love DDR. ; u; I wish my mat still worked. I haven't played in so long, I'm pretty fail at it now. xD And hnngh I loved Spyro. I foolishly traded in the PS games when I was younger due to one of my friends saying that they were 'stupid and childish.' :C Something I will forever regret. xD
  14. As the title implies, what video games are you currently playing? C: I know a lot of us our probably playing Black/White (I'm playing White), but I was just wondering what other sorts of games you guys like or are into at the moment~ Going by what I've been playing regularly the last few months, I've been replaying Final Fantasy X, and playing Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale, Professor Layton and the Unwound Future, Pokemon White, 999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors, and Minecraft. Lots. Of. Minecraft. How about yourselves?
  15. I have a sweet little French Lop named Piff. ; u; He's about seven years old, and has unfortunately gone blind. I got him from some local college students about three years ago. Apparently he went from student to student, and the last owner wanted him to be someplace with air conditioning (it can hit 100+ in summer here). I DID have another rabbit named Peanut, but he passed away last year. :C I also have a cat, Ciara, who's pretty much my little furry baby. She's almost 3, and my boyfriend's dog Maggie lives with me. He was living with me for over a year, but went back to school, so Maggie stays here with me... She's kinda loving me more than him now, but shhh I never said that. > u> She's a Corgi/German Shepard mix. So she has the markings and the coat, and sort of the face of a German Shepard, but she has the body of a Corgi. xD Very silly little dog~
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