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  1. Welcome to Canterlot! I'm new here as well! Hope to see you around! I also roleplay a lot, so hopefully we'll be able to do that sometime! Random Skye-Pie Question Time! What's your favourite colour and why?
  2. SkyeDart


    I saw a Zecora toy, so I hope she'll be pretty prevalent in this season! It happened last season with Cheerilee, they had that figure and she was put in as a pivotal plot character in at least one episode rather than just being the teacher of the foals. Maybe they'll break the trend and go for 5? xD
  3. I'd love to see Cadence use the RCV, but I doubt that would happen since she's supposed to be loving and caring, etv. As for Luna, I feel she would use it again if she was a main character for that episode, otherwise I doubt we'd hear it from her again. Anypony with the RCV would definitely be quite awesome though! I wouldn't mind seeing a Discord RCV :3 But that's just me.
  4. About Myself: I'm an artist and musician at heart! I love to see and hear the ideas that come into my mind go together to create something cool. Photography is also a lesser hobby of mine. I'm really into games too, especially games like Metal Gear and Splinter Cell where they require on the spot thinking and strategy to determine how to get past a challenge. Starcraft is another game I love to play, despite not being very good at it. I'm not really into television though besides ponies and Doctor Who. Those shows make my life brighter though! As for my location, I live near Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. So if you live nearby and want to meet up, I'd love to after we talk long enough to set something up! How I found Canterlot.com: I forget, I heard somewhere so long ago, I just now decided to come here and cheque it out. How I became a fan of MLP:FiM: A friend at school brought in a figure one day. I saw how bright and cute they were and looked into it. That night I watched the first two episodes, then more... and more... and more. Soon enough I was hooked and had watched the entire first season. My favourite main cast pony/s: Rainbow Dash,Twilight Sparkle Hiya! I'm Skye Dart! I love Roleplaying! That's half the reason I came here too! I hope I find some awesome ponies here that share my interests and love to RP like I do! I'm always open for any conversation of any type, so just throw me a message and I'll respond ASAP!
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