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  3. About Myself: I am a 29 year old brony living in California. My favorite things to do are play video games and draw. sometimes i write as well, but not much since my stories stink. {My art kinda does to} But I always keep doing it anyway. :3 How I found Canterlot.com: a friend who got me into the show showed me this site. How I became a fan of MLP:FiM: ive always been one to sit in front of a tv and watch cartoons. When i was a kid, i kinda remember watching the show, and when i was a teen, G3 actually scared me. I sometimes collected the toys but it was a hidden thing that people made fun of me for. my favorite G1-G2-G3 pony was waterfire. most people don't know about her. she is a bright blue pony with locks of flaming red hair. her cutie mark is a flame hovering over three waves of water. My favourite main cast pony/s: Twilight Sparkle I first came to canterlot two years ago, and i am still a Brony to this very day. I love the show, and really wish that friendship was everything it is in the show it's self. I know that true friends do exist, but ive had really ROTTEN luck in that department. Recently i got back into the show with the announcement of a season 5 and even more good animation and story telling then ever before. i simply cannot wait. I started mixing music beginning with apples to the core and hope to do more of them in the future. I have started a new fanfic that i hope doesn't have anypony rolling in their graves. *giggle* ive also gotten into the pony art scene and hope to have a few more powerful pieces then ive had in the past, {which were all kinda bad.} It's kind of nice to see a refreshing new look to the site, but i kinda miss the old RP's I was involved in that seem to be nowhere. Welp. Better go and fill out some new applications for ponies. :3
  4. "Once upon a time, There was a powerful being of chaos who's name ponies to fear to speak. This creature, so terrible was his power that any pony who look upon him became corrupt and changed into a terrible form that drove them to the brink of insanity. The creature, half giant squid, half dragon, had been said to have fallen into the ocean from the very stars, long before there were ponies in Equestria. one fateful day, a royal pony came to sing by the ocean. The creature heard the beautiful song and came up from the depths to stole the ponies voice. telling her lies about why she lost her voice and showing her visions of her friends betrayal. Unable to sing any longer the unicorn cursed the ponies of Equestria. That she was unable to sing, so to would the ponies be unable to sing. No words of joy would ever grace the lips of anypony. The royal unicorn fell into despair that was soothed only by the creature's lies. together they rained chaos across Equestria that had been matched only by the damage done by the draconequus. The exploits of these two were enough to rouse the twin royal sisters. Soon the twin sisters of night and day came and banished the creature and the corrupted pony to the world of dreams ruled by the younger sister, until a way could be found to defeat them and break the curse lain upon all the lands. They also took the source of the creature's power and locked it away for eternity guarded by Cerberus at the gates of Tartarus. Their work almost complete, the sisters together cast a counter spell that even they were forced to partake in. For now when emotions ran high, those ponies who were not to sing, must sing and sing with what was in their heart. Thus the curse has been kept at bay for a thousand years. But it is said that when the stars are right, the song of darkness could bring back the creature and the royal princess on a night of fan-fair and joy, where everypony's hearts are as one. To this day, some ponies still see the dark creature in their dreams, as they wake from nightmares screaming in terror yet unable to remember what they saw." **************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Twilight looked up with a frown. Since becoming the princess of friendship she'd not really gotten to read much lately, when it was not study work. What with royal duties, tea's, and meetings taking up much of her time. She sighed and remembered how this whole journey had started. in all that time she had never finished this book on old equestrian mare's tales. Today while having a small break in her duties just before bed, she'd picked up the dusty volume emblazoned with a golden unicorn on the front. The last time she had read something from this book, it had taken place not more then 24 hours later, the track record of this book was not really good she would say... But then again. That tale of the two sisters was true. This one was not. Twilight gave a happy sigh and used her magic to close the book and set it on the stack next to her bed. She turned out the light and snuggled deeply into her covers. It was a silly thing to think that could happen again. Completely illogical in fact. Little did she know that unscheduled clouds were rolling over the Canterlot as she drifted off. a gentle rain soon pouring down into a howling storm by the midnight hours. Soon the clouds obscured the moon, and the stars and drifted determined outward, toward pony ville and the lands beyond. And it was with a peel of thunder and bright tropical blue lightning the princess woke from a terrible nightmare she could not remember.... -To be continued-
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    My little Amnesia

  6. Embermane rubbed her eyes and yawned. She was very tired from all the walking she had done. She listened sleepily to the others as they tried to figure out where she was going to stay, Personally, as she'd been on the road for about a fort-night, she was perfectly well placed to just laydown where she was and doze, as she had been doing for that long. she ticked her hooves under her smell frame as she sat down on the dewy grass outside of the small town. embermane felt, strangely safe actually, now that her 'cutie-mark tantrum' was over that is. She settled down and just listened lazily untill she was nearly asleep.
  7. Ember's ears drooped yet again, as she looked at the pegasi. "My..." She didn't really feel the need to lie at this time, because she was so very far from home. "... My auntie told me that my mum and dad would hate me if I didn't get a Cutie mark... so I have to get one!" She cried. "I have to get one because my auntie said so! she can see everypony's future." Ember sniffled again. -A long ways away, a gypsy Zebra in a circus sneezes.
  8. Ember sniffled, all this talk of 'Home' was makeing her sadder then ever She began to cry again, kicking her little hooves as Razor held her by her tail. she could not go home! not untill. When the mighty winged gryphon however mentioned helping her, she brightened up almost at once, and just stared at the creature with awe. finnaly, she would know her place in her family! {short post is short. XD }
  9. Ember's ears drooped again. "I didn't know what was on the other side... I walked through it... " She got up on her very muddy hooves and looked around, again she was being ignored. Well, that's alright she thought, it was because she didn't have a cutie mark, and her flank was very bare. She knew this, because her aunt had told her this would happen... Ember didn't know that her 'dear old aunt' had been lieing to her... "I wanna go home..." Ember sniffled miserably. She knew this was not a thing that could happen, but she so longed to see her mother again. She started to walk back toward the forest slowly, while the others were talking amung themselves. She didn't want to be a burdon on anyone but there was the fact that she could not go home yet. "...but... I can't. Not untill I get my Cutie mark..."
  10. Ember just hung her head. She didn't want anyone to care for her but at the same time she didn't want to be on her own. She sniffled a few more times and thought about what her aunt had said. she perked up a bit and said to everypony around her. 'How... How do you get a cutie mark?" She was desperate to go home, as she missed her mother quite dearly, but the thought of her mother and father hateing her was the, worst. Possible. Thing. Ever. she stared around at the croud who seemed to be ignoreing her as she was very small and they were all talking amungst themselves. Ember's face grew hot, she had a talent for changeing her moods in the blink of an eye, She raised her voice and practically yelled. "HOW DO I GET A CUTIE MARRRRK!!?"
  11. Ember sniffled once more and wiped her eyes on one hoof, they were dry and iritated, but she could not stop crying lately. She looked toward the second pegasis and mumbled something that sounded like 'member-game' and hung her head. She didn't want anyone to tell her parents where she was, infact, she didn't even think they cared anymore really. After all, her aunt would never lie...
  12. Embermane sniffled as the griffion put her down, and tried not to run, not like she had any place to go that is... She sat back on her rump, that was quite bare, and flushed a bit as her stomach gave an unearthly growl. Ember hung her head, it had been a whole day since she had stopped to eat those weird flowers in the forest. Ember looked up at the others when she was was asked something, and her face fell again. "n-no one misses... me" She hiccupped. She knew her aunt would never lie to her... "They... hate me..." She whined then as her head drooped lower. she was in trouble, she knew it. She didn't have to have a cutie mark to know this either, Her aunt had predicted it actually, just before she'd run away from home. She remembered the words her aunt had spoken, and the look in her mother's eyes that night as well, and she had ran. And ran. And ran, untill she could run no longer.
  13. All this strange attention was too much for poor Ember, she began to cry, loudly too. She snivvled and sobbed and wailed at the top of her small lungs. She didn't want to know anything really. in the back of her mind she knew that she was sumwhat safe, there were two pegasi that she had seen before this latest fit of hers, but only slightly. there was also that monsterious beast that held her as well. eventually Ember's sobs that surely had soaked the feathers of the one holding her, desolved into more manageable wimpers that indicated she was somewhat calm at last. {sorry for the short post, at the liberary. :\ }
  14. Ember was so frightened by the large and imposing looking beast with a long beak that she could not even speak when addressed. Her ears lay flat against her head and she shook all over in the griffin's claws. She had no idea what was going to happen, and yet still had no concept of anything past the 'now' and 'now' she was just too scared to think about anything elce. Her mouth gaped as she looked wide eyed at the mighty creature before her. Ember was stareing so intently that she never even noticed that she was in the air. On the ground, the great manticore which was actually only a small baby manticore and not fullgrown, lept up in fright at the lightning and turned tail to run the other way back to it's home, at the edge of the forest it whined and looked back. it had only wanted to play with the small little thing, maybe bat it around a bit... stupid... mean... pony.
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