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  1. I used to post Let's Plays quite a bit from my old house. But, since I've moved, it's been hard to get the right setup. Can anypony give me some suggestions? I live in Florida, so I have a fan running constantly. The problem is, it gets picked up by the microphone. And my bedroom is fairly small, so I don't have much space to move stuff around. I guess what I need is for my voice to be clear, without the game audio interfering.

  2. Roleplay Type: WoE
    Name: Chipper Wishes
    Sex: Male
    Age: Stallion
    Species: Unicorn
    Eye colour: Blue
    Coat: A dusky, sunburned sort of reddish light brown.
    Mane/Tail: White, with silvery streaks. His mane is similar in length to that of Fluttershy, but styled differently. Bangs on both sides of his face. His tail is astonishingly fluffy, looking not unlike a fat cirrus cloud.
    Physique: Deceptively physically weak for a stallion. Chubby and unintimidating.
    Residence: Ponyville
    Occupation: Researcher in the various rodents living in Equestria.
    Cutie Mark: An acorn, sandwiched between a pair of winglike leaves. This signifies his love of rodents, as well as the lengths he'll go to to protect them. He earned his Cutie Mark after raising a litter of mice when their mother was eaten by a snake.

    Unique Traits: His cheeks are noticeably chubbier than normal. Ironically looking not unlike cheek pouches on a chipmunk or hamster. The aura created by his unicorn magic is pink. His name is a pun on the words chipper and chipmunk.

    History: Dubbed "Pumpkin Baby" by nurses when he was born due to his coat colour, it was one of the few good nicknames Chipper Wishes was given. "Lardface," "balloon cheeks," and a few things that don't bear repeating were thrown around during his childhood, due to the pudgy chipmunk cheeks he sports. But things weren't all bad. He was a bright student, and he did have friends. Chipper Wishes had always shown a particular interest in the myriad of buck-toothed, squeaky things called rodents, so it makes sense that he would eventually seek out a career that would allow him to get up close and personal with these adorable creatures. But it won't be enough forever. Chipper Wishes hopes to one day move to Whitetail Wood, to be surrounded by the creatures he so adores.

    Character Personality: Chipper Wishes is caring not just towards the creatures he studies. In a pinch, and especially in an emergency, he can be counted on. However, if not at work, wrapped up in studies, or helping somepony out of a jam, Chipper Wishes is very childish, with interests to match. Expect the occasional off-colour joke, or for a good bit of the bits he makes to be spent on toys and games.
    Character Summary: Chipper Wishes is a chubby cheeked authority on rodents, and a fun-loving foal at heart. He's approachable and friendly, and well-versed in handling dangerous situations. He won't be solving any problems with brute force, but he's a good friend to have around when things go south.

  3. I know I've been gone for a super long time, everypony. I can't go into reasons here; maybe in my blog. But the point is I'm back, and I'd love to make some friends! Of course, I'll make a character and roleplay eventually. Soon, in fact. But first, have I missed anything super important in my absence? Here's what I know.


    • The CMC finally got their cutie marks.
    • Flurry Heart exists.
    • The family of Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy got revealed.
    • Spike has wings now.
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  4. I wasn't able to go trick-or-treating last year, but I'm not staying home this year! I decided I'm gonna dress up as The Great And Powerful Trixie! I've been working on my costume for quite a while. It's definitely not finished yet, but it's progress! The Great And Powerful Trixie doesn't use a wand, but I wanted to include her cutie mark in the costume. In the attached picture is the wand(her cutie mark.), and some fake blue hair(I don't need to get hair dye from Hot Topic anymore; I'm gonna see if I can return the dye I already have for a refund.). I should mention that these items were purchased at the local dollar store, including the paint I used to make the wand look authentic. How does the costume look so far? I will, of course, be providing more pictures as I make more progress.


  5. I don't have working earbuds or headphones at the moment, but the most recent ones I've used were the Bioworld Fluttershy earbuds. I got about a half-year out of them, before they broke. They worked pretty well, but they were only sold at Hot Topic, and they don't sell them anymore. T_T

  6. I like that idea! As long as we're mentioning Pokémon, though, how about Plusle and Minun? They'd each have different attacks, and they could be tagged out/in.


    B: Swift.

    Side B: Signal Beam.

    Up B: Quick Attack.

    Down B: Baton Pass.


    B: Spark.

    Side B: Charge Beam.

    Up B: Quick Attack.

    Down B: Baton Pass.

    Final Smash: Helping Hand + Discharge.

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