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  1. (You can be REALLY fast like Dark x3) Dark sighs "The truth is, I am unsure. These ponies are so strong and I want to protect the others" Dark explains
  2. DR soon reached the Sugercubecorner. She goes in, it was empty. "Hello?" she calls out gently. "WHO'S THERE?!" someone snaps out then suddenly jumps out with a broom held firmly in his hooves. "Its ok! I-I'm DarkRainbow. I'm here to help against the evil, I swear!" I explain. He slowly puts down the broom "I need some food" I say kindly. The colts nods his head and says "W-what would you like?" he says, DR noticed him shaking, was she doing the same? "8 chocolate cupcakes and a small strawberry cake, thanks" she says in a happy voice trying to cheer him up
  3. DR sighed and quickly shouted "I'M GOING TO GET SOME FOOD!" up to the sky where their castle sat on the large cloud. She then races off to the SugerCubeCorner
  4. DarkRainbow had been looking into the madness that was about to unfold on the ponies of ponyvile. She jumped up when she heard the voice of another pony. "Um.. yeah sure! Of course you can join, we need as many ponies as we can get" DR says, trying to sound calm even though she could still here fear herself through her voice
  5. Dark stood panting for a couple of seconds then tried to fly around the group that had formed around her. She goes over to Luna happily and lands next to her "Awesome race" she says
  6. (K) Dark raced forward at top speed. She could feel the air rushing against her faced as she flew as fast as she could towards the mountain. ((1st: Dark but like 1 millisecond 2nd: Luna 3rd: Cloud 4th: Cresent)
  7. DarkRainbow was just doing some stretches. (xP Lame post, I mean mine xP)
  8. (Um... The ponys don't have pistols. Or heavy armour. I don't wanna sound rude but a tthe moment, there just ponies. Plus, the evil guys are ponies not monsters)
  9. Oh No! A new enemy has appeared! He is an evil pony who has already got his other follows to surround Canterlot! And their heading right for PonyVille. So quickly get in your houses and protect your fillies for it is coming! They are not forgiving and they will attack! JUST RUN! QUICK! PLEASE! Someone help us and protect us from these evil ponies! Please! We MUST work together if we are too protect our small town from these ponies! --- This takes place roughly 10 years before the TwilightSparkle and her friends were born so they cannot help. Celestia is currently help captive and Luna is trapped in the moon. There shall be a new group of heros! --- My Charries DarkRainbow BlueStripe
  10. All the through the night DR was disturbed by bad dreams and evil thoughts. She kept on having one dream over and over, that PonyVille was covered in darkness and her close friends, almost family, were falling. They were right beside her one moment and then suddenly they just fall. Did this mean they'd fail. No, it couldn't be. They had gotten here as fast as they could. She shiver as she wakes up in the cold night breeze. She looks out the small window and sees the evil. She closes her eyes and gets back into her bed, shivering with fear. She knew that the warmth of her blankets should be heating her up yet, she felt just as cold as she was when she standing out of it. Were they going to be able to teach the ponies of ponyville in time? She just hoped that she will be able too otherwise, the ponies will be doomed. Was her dream really coming true?
  11. DR was with the others as they flew up and helped with the castle.
  12. Dark yawned. "I think I'll just go to bed. Can I sleep on your coach" she asked (Next post if he says yes) Dark lies down on the coach and closes her eyes (NIGHT GUYS!)
  13. Dark nods. "Thanks guys" she says, not wanting to tell them the real truth.
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