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Sucks having to get a computer when you are broke....




So, recently my computer died, just refused to start up, and I don't like the idea of wildly changing parts, if you change the MoBo you change the RAM cause the new mobo's don't support your RAM (Honestly, viruses would be very miserable in a 512 MB DDR module), of course, you need a baazillon of gigabytes, just to sit idly 'cause 32 bit CPU's can't handle over 4 GB (Math are a buck on the apples aren't it?) So, you got a MoBo and a RAM module, complete it with a Circus Logic 1MB gpu and you're a-go... No, really, I'l likely re-use my old ge-force, going in a budget... So, I got to secure my greasy hooves on an asus barebone, for cheeps you got a case, a MoBo and a power supply theorically compatiblewith the mobo.

I'l dump my old computer's cremated remains on it, add water to the mix, and it likely comeback :·3

To sum up... it would re-birth as the "ASUS i3-Q T Mk Crusader-2.0 BETA" lol, no, not a man drowning, if I are expected to name something I'l name it wrong...



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