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Stainless Steel Fox' Stellar, Supreme, Surprising Birthday Party




blog-0737707001352075767.jpgblog-0737707001352075767.jpgblog-0737707001352075767.jpgblog-0737707001352075767.jpgblog-0737707001352075767.jpgblog-0737707001352075767.jpgblog-0737707001352075767.jpgblog-0737707001352075767.jpgblog-0737707001352075767.jpgblog-0737707001352075767.jpgblog-0737707001352075767.jpgblog-0737707001352075767.jpgblog-0737707001352075767.jpgblog-0737707001352075767.jpgCan you guys here that? I think I hear something... what could it be? Oh... nothing. Just another birthday! :D

[colour=#ffa500]Stainless Steel Fox[/colour] has certainly left an impression on the Canterlot community. Between his interest in lore building and his stellar performances as both Prince Blueblood and his OC Wingnut, his contribution can be felt in different parts of our board. But hey, this would be a kinda crappy surprise without some gifts, right? Let's see what we got today, shall we? :)

The wonderful [colour=#00ffff]Angie Cakes[/colour] presents us with a picture of his OC Wingnut.


[colour=#d3d3d3](I really dig that cutie mark, btw ^.^)[/colour]

But wait! There is more. Next up, [colour=#dda0dd]Kryptchild[/colour] presents us with another impression of the same character.


[colour=#d3d3d3](Loosing a piece of your ear must hurt. Dx )[/colour]

And finally, Wingnut dancing her hooves sore to the sounds of Vinyl Scratch's performance by [colour=#0000ff]LovinMoonlight[/colour].


[colour=#d3d3d3](That floor must have been expensive... <.< )[/colour]

Make sure to have lots of fun and merriment and even more gifts on this your birthday, it only happens once a year!



[colour=#0000ff]Vice Chairman[/colour][colour=#000000] [/colour]of [colour=#FF0000]S.[/colour][colour=#FF9900]M.[/colour][colour=#00FF00]I.[/colour][colour=#FF00FF]L.[/colour][colour=#0000FF]E.[/colour][colour=#000000] [/colour]



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