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Yeah, I'm starting a blog.




blog-0877650001359527345.pngblog-0877650001359527345.pngblog-0877650001359527345.pngblog-0877650001359527345.pngblog-0877650001359527345.pngblog-0877650001359527345.pngblog-0877650001359527345.pngblog-0877650001359527345.pngblog-0877650001359527345.pngblog-0877650001359527345.pngblog-0877650001359527345.pngblog-0877650001359527345.pngblog-0877650001359527345.pngblog-0877650001359527345.pngWubs up, everypony? This is my very first blog post [colour=#ff0000]EVER [/colour][colour=#000000]so I don't really expect too much out of this. For starters, I noticed that my friend was going darklordfoxhousenuts whenever he got a reply to his blog, so I figured that maybe there was something about it. So vroom goes the Skarmory; let's talk! [/colour]


[colour=#000000] [/colour][colour=#000000]I'd like to point out that the new spoiler for the end of season three doesn't phase me in the least (Don't go screaming what it is in a comment; others might not want to know). I just figure that every single time they break the story they end up fixing it eventually. That's my only onion on the matter.[/colour]

[colour=#000000] [/colour][colour=#000000] :Celest:[/colour]

Anyone else love the game Castlevania Curse of Darkness? WusSAT? On the original XBox! You know? I didn't think so. If you're one of them who does know what I'm talking about, then do this :shifty: If not, then HOW DARE YOU!? The music is effervescent and fits perfectly to every single setting. Except Cordova Town. What's with that place? Whatever. Also, you know that weapon system? The one where you can make your own weapons (and armor) with stuff you get from the enemies that you have slew throughout your journey? I :evil: that! So many awesome weapons that you can create and so many rare ones, too. You have to play the game a certain way to get those. It's great!


Okay to wrap this up, I want to make a request to any awesome artists out there willing and wanting to showcase their talents and want to get it out there! I would love to receive [colour=#0000cd]ANY [/colour][colour=#000000]drawings, colourings, paintings, stencils, to show to my friends on the everywhere. I'm all over the place and if I get a drawing nearly everyone ends up seeing it. Also, if anyone draws a Saint Germain pony then they get [/colour][colour=#008080]S[/colour][colour=#008080]P[/colour][colour=#008080]EC[/colour][colour=#008080]IAL S[/colour][colour=#008080]T[/colour][colour=#008080]UFF [/colour][colour=#000000]from me personally. (I make music, I draw, and a whole bunch of other ehgencengsn sgdhs, but my real passion lies in poetry, if you can see that being remotely associated with a big manly man of manliness like me :artax: [/colour][colour=#000000] = [/colour] :blush:




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