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How is it that everything i do always comes to this?




blog-0929790001368264805.jpgblog-0929790001368264805.jpgblog-0929790001368264805.jpgblog-0929790001368264805.jpgblog-0929790001368264805.jpgblog-0929790001368264805.jpgblog-0929790001368264805.jpgblog-0929790001368264805.jpgblog-0929790001368264805.jpgblog-0929790001368264805.jpgblog-0929790001368264805.jpgblog-0929790001368264805.jpgblog-0929790001368264805.jpgblog-0929790001368264805.jpgWOO Let's get this started then. Yo I'm Lucent. Lucent Nocturne. I do things...yea like...things ya know?

Hmmm well I guess I should start speaking about myself but I highly doubt you want to know that (I mean unless you really want to and even in that case I'm not sure I want to at this exact moment, I mean this IS just an intro post about stuff and nothing much in particular. < Wow....look at this run on sentence)

AAAAnd we are back, that was quite a trip about nothing wasn't it?

Now that I've probably lost your attention, I'll explain myself.

I AM A FAN OF THE FANS!! and I wish to get to know you more. Step one is now complete. Step two. I'm a fan of the show too so it's like I'm a double fan. I mean you guys are just simply fantastic. Almost as big as the Pokemon fanbase (which both are steadily increasing to the point where one day Pokemon and MLP will have to battle the whovians for the supremacy of the ultimate fandom) < Roleplay that please? (in the near future possibly I give it another......10-20 years before fandoms start killing each other in public >.<)

it will be like the only act of Terrorism around the world. NO DOCTOR WHO! NO POKEMON! NO MLP WE WILL LOVE AND TOLERATE EVERYTHING YOU DO!!! Just please don't drop bombs on our heads.

So yea...that's how I feel about this. I'm not overly in love with the show (I've only seen each season once and not even all the episodes. Some of them I couldn't stand and was like GOOOOD why won't this eeeeeeeend)

But I mean then I go on youtube, and Fim Fiction, and this place and I just LOVE YOU PEOPLE. Like You are all just great. Yea there are cloppers but I'm pretty sure people in the Pokemon fandoms fap to to Pokemon and People who love football probably do the same to there favorite player or whatever but WE NEVER HEAR ABOUT THOSE SIDES OF THAT FANDOMS NOW DO WE!!!


this is a blog about me liking you and how I will fawn over anything good that you create. (Btw I just discovered theorybrony? I think.......i'm not sure. But if there's a brony that I should know about whose important besides the techno mix bronies you NEED to tell me so I can love the Cupcakes and muffins out of them k? can you do that?)|

AND I'M OUT!!!! Day one COMPLETION...(I wanted to get Accomplished but I guess I missed a secret Objective point somewhere)<Please tell me you know this reference.



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