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Equestria Girls Review!




That's right, fillies and gentlecolts! The brony who brought you... nothing... is now going to review the relatively new movie, Equestria Girls! Without further ado, let's go!

First, I would like to say praise Celestia for YouTube and TubeMate! As my profile reveals, I live in Sarasota, Florida. How is this relevant? Well, because, to put it simply, Sarasota got screwed over as far as Equestria Girls. There are 2 theatres relatively close to me(Main Street Hollywood 20, and Westfield Shoppingtown's AMC.), but neither one of them was showing Equestria Girls! In fact, according to a web search, NO THEATRE IN SARASOTA WAS SHOWING IT!!!! The nearest participating theatre was in Bradenton! So, faced with that news, I realized I would have to cheat to get what I wanted. Enter TubeMate, a free Kindle Fire app which allows the user to download YouTube videos. After a little bit of searching, I found the entire movie on YouTube, and quickly downloaded it. In essence, what I have is a free digital copy of Equestria Girls, to watch anytime, anywhere, with the downside being that I have to watch the whole movie in one sitting, because it doesn't save my spot. Anyway, sorry for boring everyone! On to the review, with a synopsis of the movie itself!


The movie starts out innocently enough. Twilight Sparkle, now an Alicorn, is talking to her friends about a coronation of sorts. After speaking with the princesses, Twilight attempts to go to sleep. However, she has yet to get the hang of her new wings. This makes sleeping easier said than done. After Twilight lets out an exasperated sigh, the screen fades to black, and viewers are treated to a dubstep version of the MLP: FIM theme. I truly hope that won't be the next theme for the TV show. It's not bad dubstep, mind you; it's just not something I think would make a good long-term theme song. Oops! I'm rambling.

Anyway, after the intro sequence ends, we see a shadowy character in a cloak(I honestly thought it was Zecora. XD) sneaking around the castle. After evading a guard, the character infiltrates the room in which Twilight and Spike are sleeping. She is able to switch Twilight's crown with a fake crown, but, as she leaves, she trips over Spike's tail, and is forced to run while The Mane 6 chases her. She is able, however, to escape via a convenient portal. In the aftermath, the thief is revealed to be Sunset Shimmer, a former student of Princess Celestia. Twilight is sent on a mission to retrieve her crown, as, without it, Ponyville will be left defenseless. However, Spike runs after her, and both of them end up going through the same portal that Sunset Shimmer went through, which, as it turns out, leads to the human world. Twilight is... less than happy with her new form, but she has no choice but to adjust to it. She soon learns that her crown will be given as a sort of prom queen prize, and she must earn the students' votes in order to leave with her crown. Sunset Shimmer, however, is bound and determined to stop her by any means necessary. As if that weren't enough, Twilight is shocked to find out that the rest of The Mane 6(as humans, of course.) have turned against each other, and that she must restore their friendship. That is all I will spoil, however. As with my MLP mobile game review, I shall now list the pros and cons.


Good fan service. Fluttershy says "yay!" and is an animal-lover, Derpy shows up, we get to see Vinyl Scratch's eyes, Scootaloo does The Chicken Dance, and Spike still has a crush on Rarity.

The music is pretty nice, especially "Helping Twilight Win The Crown."

The characters look nice, although Applejack is the only Mane 6 member who has normal-looking skin.

The movie appeals to lots of people. It's not overly feminine, but, at the same time, it looks pretty cute.

Fluttershy is ADORABLE!!!! Seriously, I thought I was gonna have a cavity by the end of the movie! <3


Almost every character in the "human" world looks like they have some sort of skin condition!

It could've used more cameos. I suggest Octavia. Also, SCOOTALOO HAS NO LINES!!!! T_T

It was a little short. I didn't expect a Harry Potter-length movie, but it could've used 10 or 15 more minutes. Then, maybe, there could've been more screen time for characters that deserved it.

Has anyone seen Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel? Imagine that movie, but with MLP characters. That's Equestria Girls.

I give Equestria Girls 8.3 out of 10. It's ABSOLUTELY worth watching, even if you're not a brony, although you'll miss some of the jokes. I just hope that, if they make a sequel, they have a better storyline, as well as more screen time for some of the side characters.



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