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The Bottom of the Well




Bottom of The Well

By: DerpyHoovesFan


The day started off like any other in Ponyville, everypony in town were doing what they usually do. Exept for Pinkie. She had found a well near the Everfree, she wondered what was in it so she took a look inside. She noticed that it was too deep to see the bottom of it, she leaned and leaned inward, but unfortunately, she leaned in to the point she fell in the well.

The well was very deep, a few meters in fact, but after falling those few meters, Pinkie fell right into a big cave. The cave looked beautiful, there were blue, glowing crystals on the walls and ceiling. Pinkie was falling for some time before falling into a pond of water, she resurfaced and looked around the big cave she had fallen into. "Hello?" She called out. "Hello? Anypony out there?" She asked, but nopony answered.

Chapter 1: The Cave.

Pinkie started to trot around the cave, looking for an exit. After looking for some time, she found what looked like a way out, so she went into it, only to find that it was an entrance to another part of the huge cave. Pinkie continued looking for a way out until she herd a growl from a distance. "Hello?" She asked, having a nervous tone in her voice, but nopony answered, just like last time. "This place is giving me the creeps." She thought to herself.

She continued on, not worrying about the growl she heard a few minutes ago. She entered another cave room, but this one was unique, there were chystals on the walls and ceiling, but these were pink, not blue. Pinkie was interested in these and decided to get a closer look, but when she did, she heard the growl again, only alot closer, this time it scared Pinkie. She looked around, when she did, she did not see a friendly face. A timberwolf was right behind her. "... Uh... oh." Pinkie said, thinking of a way to get around the timberwolf, but the wolf didn't give her enough time, it slashed a claw equipped paw at Pinkie, but before it could hit her, Pinkie jumped over the timberwolf and started running. She ran to one of the pink chrystals and took cover behind it.

The timberwolf started looking around the cave room for it's new target, Pinkie Pie. The pink color and glow of the chrystal made Pinkie very hidden behind it. After what seemed like hours of looking for Pinkie, the timberwolf gave up and went back to it's cave den. "Phew" Pinkie said in relief, and sneaked up to the passage way to another room of the seeminly endless cave ahead, but there was a problem, there were two different passage ways. "Hmm, which way should I go?" Pinkie thought. She decided to go to the left passage way, the passage led to a long, rocky hallway. While Pinkie was walking down this hallway, she heard ponies talking ahead, one female and one male. "Finally, at least now I know I'm not alone here." She said to herself in relief. She walked in the hallway until she entered the cave room, and she saw the two ponies who were talking.

She eavesdropped them to hear what they were saying. "We could've died back there!" The mare said. "We could've, but did we? Huh? Did we?" the stallion said back. "Hey, what are you two talking about?" Pinkie interupted. "Huh?" The mare looked at where Pinkie was. "What are you doing here?" She asked. "I kinda... fell here." Pinkie replied. The stallion looked up as well. "So, Pinkenema Diane Pie, I presume?" He said. "H-how do you know my name?" Pinkie said in confusion. "That's something private." The stallion said, he didn't want to reveal he was a spy. "Umm, okay?" Pinkie said. "Do you know anyway out of here?" She continued. "Yes, just follow the chain of cave rooms behind me and you should be out in no time, but just look out for--" The stallion was interupted by Pinkie hugging him. "THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!" Pinkie said and ran off. "Wait!" The mare tried to call back, but Pinkie didn't return. "Darn, eager little filly, isn't she?" The stallion said. "We have to stop her, or else she'll be killed!" The mare said and started running to the cave room where Pinkie was going, but she was stopped. "She knows what she's doing, you haven't spied on her like I have." The stallion said. "But if you insist on going back there to save her, go right ahead. I have a job to do." And with that, the stallion started trotting the oppisite direction the Pinkie was heading. The mare stood for a second before running after the stallion. "Wait for me!" She shouted. Now Pinkie was left by her self to find her way out.

Pinkie was walking through the first cave when she was interupted by a strange noise. It wasn't a growl, more like a rumble. "What was tha--" Pinkie said to herself, but was interupted by big pieces of the ceiling falling on top on Pinkie. She had enough time to dodge the first one, but more peices fell, soon the whole cave room was collapsing! Pinkie tried running for the exit, but before she could, big rocks fell and blocked off the exit. She tried heading back but more rocks blocked the way back too. "Oh no, I'm trapped here!" Pinkie said in panic. "HEEEEEELP!" She tried to dodge as many of the falling rocks as she could, but soon she was surrounded by rocks that were too tall to climb to the top of. Pinkie looked up and saw that a rock was falling right on top of her, there was no way she could dodge this one.

The rock was right over her head and was about to squish her like a pancake when suddenly she was on her bed, her heart thumping and her breathing heavy. "I-it was just a dream?" She said to herself. "Phew. Well, time to go back to sleep."




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