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Season 5 Premiere




The Season 5 premiere came out on Saturday! It was... not what I expected.

This episode was dark. Never before in this show have I actually been terrified. When watching the cutie un-marking, I was horrified. And the fact that there was an episode on cultism in a kids show was shocking.I hope the whole of season 5 isn't dark...

*checks season 5 on wikipedia*

"'Bloom and Gloom'

Apple Bloom's anxiety over not having her cutie mark yet turns her life into a nightmare."

Dear God.

When Starlight asked Fluttershy to point out the ponies that said they wanted their cutie marks back, I was thinking, "STARLIGHT DON'T KILL THEM THIS IS A KID'S SHOW!!" Because that's literally what I thought she'd do! But when Party Favor sacrificed himself, he just had to go into the "Conversion house", as I call it.

I loved how they characterized Pinkie in this episode! Not only was she hilarious, but she wasn't portrayed as stupid like she was in most of Season 4. It was heartbreaking when she said, "Maybe it'll be super fun to be all the same! Sort of.. More pleasant than fun I guess." and, "Laughs don't come in barrels. They come from inside you as your body's response to delight." But her "I've accidentally eaten cardboard tastier than that!" and "Make that twelve! What?! I'm hungreee!" made me laugh.


I think this is ADORABLE.



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