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"20" compiler errors on the wall!

Twenty Compiler errors on the wall! Twenty compiler errors on the wall!

Find the terror, fix the error, nineteen compiler errors on the wall!

19 compiler errors on the wall, 19 compiler errors on the wall!

misspelled function, correct the junction, 18 compiler errors on the wall!

18 compiler errors on the wall! 18 compiler errors on the wall!

Fix a class, reduce the mass! 3 compiler errors on the wall!

3 compiler errors on the wall! 3 compiler errors on the wall!

QT's bad, recompile, spew with bile...


Well... it's not all too bad... hopefully. The general rule of thumb with programming is that you do a few things.

1. Compile often; If the code compiles then, and not now, it means that your most recent change had something to do with the errors.

2. Always start with the VERY FIRST error that shows up. The compiler does everything in order, and usually the first error causes a mess out of the rest of the code.

3. It's not always your fault, and nothing is wrong with your code. Usually what happens is that something goes wrong with a library that you're using. In my case, Qt 4.8.6, who has a beef to pick with Visual Studios 2013 Professional.

And while the compiler will be all too happy with pointing out easily noticable flaws. Most of the errors experienced programmers get aren't even in english, as you can see in pastebin.

Usually, this means you will find yourself on google, because other people have experienced the same errors and have some insight to solutions. Most notably stackoverflow. While they aren't the best programmers to go to, filled with noobs, there are some gray beards in that site who can help.


And sometimes... not even they can help you. So with that in mind, you find yourself diving through the depths of the internet, observing these problems, and sloshing through your code. This becomes especially difficult if your code base is relatively large. (currently past 200MB of data). Even Princess Twilight will be useless to you.


And what can you do besides try random things? Unfortunately this is a true case for a lot of programmers. They do something that shouldn't work. But it fixes the problem, and the code runs just fine. No one knows why. No one knows how. It just works.

That's my current situation now. Just hack away at the QT library till I get it to work.

And why not just write it myself? Well, the QT library is used to make GUI for windows. This GUI will be powering my engine's level editor. Unfortunately, without the gui it will take five years of sundays to get something workable.

So wish me luck~


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