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I´ll get Leukaemia at the end...




this week had the nth Scanner,quickly growing tired of that, lose a couple of hours going to the hospital, don´t eat from 4 hours before, strip on the buff, put on a paper toga, go to the machine (that looks like a giant donut) stab in the arm with something (that makes me queasy ) and some hours later they release you, still lightheaded, put your clothes back on, leave the TCR area eat something expensive from the vending machines, and wait 4 hours for your transport to pick you up...


Also, the guy who invented body scanners surely did it for dead users (because I took on last year enough radiation for 40 lives)



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quite, had a 70% probability of kicking the bucket, but made it out, that post was  more about annoynment than serious... also, on August the 1st I have to go again AT 8 AM...

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