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  1. Morgan seemed to nod in understanding...he once had a friend who had fallen to dark power as well. Power that had twisted his body to become more fiendish monster than pony. He'd speak once more "Ah will lassy...Ye can count on that" he wouldn't say with a bow to her. The queen would be able to see that he was serious about helping her,as he would look to her and and say "Ah wish Ye luck in yer endeavors lassy...don't let the risk failure dissuade Ye of her cause" He would say as he gives a gentle smile,holding out a hoof as if to shake her hand or even give a hug. It was less ignorance of the queens status and more to cement this promise. "May your endeavors remain pure and yer cause remain just"
  2. Morgan would look to the queen and would speak "Yer majesty,ah was wondering if it was alright with Ye that ah take Midnight with me fer this quest. Ah wouldna want te cause any trouble fer yer highness but ah definitely could use her help fer a task such as this." He gives a sheepish smile "Besides,what's an adventure if yer the only one takin part in it?" He'd give a nervous chuckle as he would look more serious now "In all honesty,ah think she would be vital in this quest...but the decision is up to the two of Ye whether or not she may go"
  3. Morgan sort of shrugs to Matilda a bit. He had no idea how to respond or that but would say "Right then,let's go see the queen then...though ah have te say,the sigils and 'elevators' make me mind spin" he openly stating that he was no expert on this realms tech and such but would head toward such the door and would open the door for mid "After ye,lassy" he would say,his mind already racing as This was an adventure with an allicorn.
  4. Morgan seemed to frown as well before stating as he would look to mid "Right then...well,do Ye wanant to come with me,lassy " he sort of gives a look at the ai as she made the witheringly joke,looking back to midnight "Ah know I might be asking a lot to be wanting Ye to come with me but...ah have a feelin that this mess isn't gonna be able to be fixed by justness one bloody pony,regardless of their talents....an the be quite honest,ah have a feelin ahm gonna need yer help given ah em not exactly no starswirl" he gives a chuckle before saying "Now if we are gonna be leavin,ah suggest we start on our way" he would look to Mid as he would say "An honestly,I could care less what a pony is or what's they are....ah donna care fer the color or shape of a pony,ah care about the color of their soul" he seemed to be referring more to that he respected actions and their goals,rather than looks or past faults.
  5. “Have been plannin the talk to this storm fellow...have heard much conflictin info on him as he is regarded by some as a monster an by some as a saint....Something about that methinks that the lads got secrets that he an a few kept secret...after all,as a friend once told me:Secrets are secrets for a reason...especially the ones that are particularly unseemly” He gives a chuckle before saying “But before we go,we should grab orchid. Ahfter all,the more the merrier,right Matilda?” He would say,sitting up and dusting his cloak a bit...the earth pony had a gentle smile on his face.
  6. Morgan nods "Aye...and with it,will bring a new era to this land" he unfurled his brow and gives allicorn bat a small pat,as if to show he was not a hostile. The allicorn would be able to detect his own power almost immediately by touch,his soul a swirling vortex of rage held in by his own worry and ideals. He wouldn't look to twilight as he says "Besides,ah like meself a good challenge...and those odds certainly seem a challenge." He'd sit down and think a bit before blushing a bit and saying "S-sorry ah scared ye there...ah sometimes get caught in the heat of the moment" he scratches his head and sheepishly grins,his golden eyes bright as he look down at the lass. Did he perhaps succeed in his pep talk?.
  7. Morgan seemed to look at midnight and would decide to give her a pat on the back...before deciding to do something rather interesting "Now now lass...Ye may be wishin fer death or makin yerself worked up over somethin not in yer control....an Ye may be absolutely right about Ye being the one that should've bloody perished. I say this however....fate has somethin in store fer Ye." He sits down next to midnight. "Now we can go on becomin a display of tears,we can decide to throw in the bloody towel, we can make up excuses an spend the rest of our lives sayin should've,would've,and could've" he then slams a hoof in the ground "But ah say this...Ye are better than that...Ye are midnight,warlock an perhaps one of the bloody smartest people in this entire castle...Ye may get knocked down,but bloody 'ell yer gonna bit up again...because what would yer friends do...what would yer friends bloody do if they were in yer scenario...ah mean look at me...ahm an earth pony who tried to catch the sun-"he stops before speaking again "-but was afraid te ever actually do it...if yer alive ere an now,then ye still got bloody purpose in this world...yer destiny and the destiny of those with Ye does not end at that incident...because yer alive,there's a chance others are as well..."
  8. The knight would walk up to the ball of sadness,seeming to sit down as he would speak,not surprised about her still being quite a nerd...even in this darkest timeline scenario "Ah know about the reports....but those don't mean bollocks sometimes so....ah wanna hear from yer own personal experience" he would sigh a bit as he would look down at the ball of big sad,his bulky frame looking like it could snap a pony in half if given the chance to do so. He'd proceed to speak as he says "Reports are ah'll nice an all but...ah, not the type to rely on some piece of paper...ah want te hear it from Ye yerself...ah was hopin maybe ye had some sort of recollection of what an why"
  9. Morgan seemed to sphere surprised about the room factor but would snap his head out of it and take note of the details in here....he wasn't exactly the smart type but he had a good eye for detail when it came down to it. He would trot up to the door in the hallway and would proceed to knock on it."Hello...Miss midnight?" He would say as he knocked, his iron hoof gently rapping (not the singing term) on the door. "Are Ye in there,lassy,we kind of need to talk about somethin"
  10. Morgan decides to use he key card. (After 7 seconds of trial and error) and finds out that it used the card. He then has one if those mind blown moments before deciding to select the floor where midnight was at. He'd whistle a tune as he would awai where the elevator took him to. He was fairly worried about what he was gonna do when he finds this parallel being all depressed....or much worse.
  11. The knight in the future would warily step onto the elevator,seeming to wonder how in the hell one would get themselves downward. Maybe there was some sort of button or something...or perhaps it was just one of those weird psychomatic things.
  12. The knight of the sun takes his key card,examining it before placing it back into his totally not an inventory. "Well do,lassy....an it sounds like this storm lad is nothin but a petty tyrant" he would bow before saying "Thank Ye fer Helpin out with this conundrum,lady Luna" he would take a bow before exiting the room to try and find midnights room. It probably would be close by,given how midnight was supposedly very important in this whole equation. This storm fellow would get a visit from Morgan late reply but for now he had this to deal with.
  13. We all ah e our demons,lassy...whether they are on the outside or the in. However,their stain is never permanently on one...have seen it first hand meself what one can do when their sin are fergiven" He'd give a smile before saying "Perhaps one day,Ye will forgive yerself" He would say while approaching her so as to not be staying at the door and getting within a 6 ft of her as he would then ask. He'd then decide to ask something else "Ye wouldna happen to know anything about this storm fellow...from what have heard,they don't sound like the best of people...and ah'd like to know where midnight might be perhaps." He'd ask,as he would need info on those two before he could continue here.
  14. Morgan would seem to take in all the information he would have "absorbed" from both Luna and this report. That would mean he had a few more goals in mind:have a discussion with storm,talk to midnight,and figure out what sort of problems were rampant. There was something that bothered him however:it looked like the report seemed to be OVERTLY complicated in language...as if a certain someone had written it. "Do'na worry bout that lassy...ah may not be from this place but this isn't mah first rodeo with the plague of sorrows" he'd sit down before deciding to change the subject "Now that ahm here have been meanin' te ask Ye...are Ye doin alright up 'ere? Ah saw the piece of work that was going on ere" Now look at Morgan,he's started to care for the people of this realm...he may not have no connection to this place nor did he have any psychological training but damnations sake,he was gonna try and see if he'd could hold this realm together!
  15. Morgan seemed to pick up the report and read it'thinking on posssble scenarios...he didn't know if sHe was dead or alive. What he did know however was the fact that someone or something knew the truth...question was who and why was it hidden. He'd look to Luna as he read,speaking "So it seems...though the question ahm gonna ask is whywas they sent in the first place?" He'd seem to have flow when talking,as if he had a few thoughts on what could have happened. "Perhaps things aren't as they bloody seem...things may not be as futile as they appear." He'd chuckle a bit,seeming to smile sheepishly "Of course,that's mah two cents so far...ah cannae say much more given that have not been directly involved in the incident...but it had to be bl-er well....important if there's was a definite risk of not makin it to hearth an home"
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