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  1. The metal pony said nothing for a moment then knelt down "AFFIRMATIVE. PLEASE CLIMB ABOARD AND WE SHALL TRANSPORT YOU TO THE MAIN DECK" Once Silver was sitting astride the other pony, perhaps a little confused since he had wings and could easily fly up, panels on the metal pony's side slid open and ejected a cylinder on each side, once it stood a large blue flame shot out, propelling it -and silver- upwards towards the massive airship at speeds the blue pegasus could never have dreamed of achieving in a direct vertical flight, pushing him down upon the cold metal back of the pony As they flew, the jets changing direction slightly to fly over the ship to access the deck, Silver would catch a glimpse of the massive size of the junkyard - spreading out as far as the eye could see in every direction, and on the horizon, just large enough to make out some of the more obvious details, was a floating city. Even from here it was clear it was Cloudsdale, but it was clearly NOT the Cloudsdale that silver was familiar with... there were bright lights shining out in all directions, looking less like spotlights one might see trying to attract ponies to a tourist spot, and more like the spotlights of a prison, patrolling areas of the city - and what a city, while still made mostly of clouds it was far more modern with large skyscrapers and neon light barely visible at the distance and a constant stream of some kind of liquid flowing from a massive drainage pipe on its bottom, from the weird shape of the liquid, it clearly was being used to transport solid objects. It would not take a genius to realize this was the source of the junkyard - it was all waste from this new highly industrialized Cloudsdale. All of this, however, was far off in the distance, only barely visible. Instead what would occupy the vision of those nearby was the frankly obscenely large airship. It was kept aloft by massive engines of some kind, based on the sound, though these were not conventional engines that silver would be familiar with, but instead rather large disks mounted to the sides of the ship that were emitting a blue energy, perhaps some form of antigravity or rocket propulsion, but it wasn't clear what, given the speed with which they passed these engines as they soon landed on the main deck. If silver was not holding on tightly, the sudden landing would likely throw him off the metal pony's back and onto the deck of the ship unceremoniously. the deck was large, just like the rest of the ship, and before him were two massive doors seemingly made of clouds with large Roman columns and fountains that expelled liquid rainbows into small ponds, and emblazoned on these doors were the image of a cloud and tri-colored lightning bolt, no doubt a not-too-subtle clue who the owner of the Prismatic was... "PLEASE FOLLOW ME" said the metal pony as it walked towards the doors, its heavy hoofbeats resonating through the deck as it walked. The massive doors opened with an exaggerated creaking sound to reveal a hallway of a pale blue with white carpeting, no doubt a representation of walking on clouds in the sky. The walls were lined with many doors, smaller fountains and pictures. All the pictures seemed to be of a certain Cerulean Pegaus - racing, posing, lounging... dozens of images, some of them were even animated, showing the wind blowing through her full-spectrum mane, or of the moment she won a race, or other activities. Once again, these "clues" were about as subtle as a chainsaw... They eventually came to another set of double doors, these thankfully were of a more normal size, though the oak was still inlaid with gold. They opened these doors as well, entering and assuming silver would follow, not bothering to give him any instruction on the matter though. Inside was a large living room, it was.... to call it tasteful would be inappropriate, but compared to the rest of the ship it was less gaudy. There were a couple tables with various games on them; taken from a nearby shelf that held likely close to a hundred different boardgames, a line of arcade cabinets at the back, and near the front was a large pale-blue couch in front of a massive screen, easily 200-inches in size - next to the couch was an end-table with multiple remotes, game controllers and even a couple cell-phones. Sitting on the couch was a pony - she looked familiar, but something was different about her... familiar rainbow mane and tail, cerulean fur, pink eyes... but she appeared to lack wings! Upon the metal pony's entrance, Dash picked up a remote and turned off the massive TV, giving the metal pony her full attention "ACQUISITION COMPLEATED, MISSION SUCCESSFUL" it stated in that cold mechanized voice Dash sighed but nodded "Thank you, Fleet, you are dismissed" "UNDERSTOOD" chimed the metal pony as it walked past with no heed for Silver Dash sighed, speaking in a surprisingly quiet and calm tone "I'm sorry about the welcome party - This is a dangerous area, I don't dare show my face here" she explained "I'm Rainbow Dash, Dash for short" she said, far more polite than the pony silver would have known from his world "I hate to spring this on you as soon as you arrived... but I need your help - Your an unknown, you dont have any alliances here... You're the only pony I can trust"
  2. The storm was much worse than when he had gone to bed... he could feel the rain falling down, and this "bed" was a lot less comfortable than it had been when he had laid down. Once Silver had opened his eyes, one thing was certain, he had not laid down to sleep in a junkyard... and the storm clouds overhead, he'd be able to catch a few faint flashes of blue lightning, something wasn't right. a lot of the garbage around him also did not look normal, strange objects that he could never guess the use of, and the smell of dirty air from some city not far away. A large shadow soon loomed over him, though, giving him a reprieve from the rain, but instead, a massive airship was now hovering directly above him, and from that ship leapt what appeared to be 4 ponies in amazingly form-fitting shiny metal armor. they landed on all four sides of him and one raised a metallic "boot" which irised open threateningly as it spoke in a voice like the robots on the radio shows about science gone awry "YOUR PRESENCE IS REQUIRED ON THE PRISMATIC. YOU HAVE FOUR SECONDS TO COMPLY OR YOUR LIFE IS FORFEIT. 4...3..." but before it could finish another voice was heard from a speaker somewhere else on the "armored pony"s body, a voice that likely sounded familiar to the pegasus, but possibly not... "Stop! I told you no violence! No! Violence! You hurt him and I'll turn you all into can-openers!" exclaimed a mare's voice. The pony hung its head a moment and let out a mechanized sigh "YOUR PRESENCE IS REQUIRED ON THE PRISMATIC. YOU CAN COME PEACEFULLY OR WE CAN DRAG YOU ROUGHLY AND PAINFULLY. THE CHOICE IS YOURS, BUT WE WOULD PREFER THE LATTER" well at least they were honest....
  3. As the creature barreled forward it was heading right for one of the stone statues, Cloudy made a quick glance at TT before leaping into the way... fortunately the creature did not seem to be using its breath weapon, but it still hit cloudy full in the sholdier and an alarming amount of blood was now running down his leg, and with the way he was limping and moving moly by gliding -and nearly crashing on landing- it was clear cloudy was, at the least, in a lot of pain, at the worst had at least a few bone fractures... "Fascinating" said iggy as she watched the carnage, too busy examining the golem to notice her friend's defensive action against the statue "Normally the controlling spirit is also the animating force... it seems this one has a -granted bad- autopilot..." At the question from TT, Iggy shrugged "it wasn't a very powerful soul, honestly its just asleep right now, nothing particularly bad since its a lesser spirit" though she did not respond to the latter question - whether it was a bad answer or whether she was too interested in the golem was up for debate given iggy's interest in the construct (not to mention her apparent ADHD) "so do we destroy it...?" asked Jasper Iggy fished around in her bag "I have a better idea...." she said as she drew out a second stone, this one far more elaborate than the first and presumably not intended for quick emergency uses "you sure you want to use that...?" asked Cloudy, leaning against the wall, looking like he might pass out from blood loss -or pain- at any moment Iggy considered "actually... if I put the original soul back and instead draw out the soul that's powering it...." If TT was familiar with the gems, she would recognize this as a far more powerful gem - a full, purpose-made, phylactery, capable of storing a rather powerful pony inside... what iggy was planning to do with it was anycreature's guess, though given she WAS a member of STAR hopefully nothing malicious....
  4. Jasper just snarked "Thanks, I needed a shower after wading around in this much, too bad you couldn't make it atleast warm" Cloudy shrugged "If she lets go and turns full nirik it wont hurt her, might even calm her down since their flames are a manifestation of their emotion right now... it better hopes if it hits her that it kills her or she'll make even an unthinking golem regret its actions" "Dont waste your flame" said Ignine after the golem's steam attack "its body's going to be a huge heatsink an' you'll just help it recharge" she closed her eyes "Its my turn" when she opened them, they were pure black, radiating that inky almost sticky necrotic energy as a very evil looking circle formed on the ground "Time to go to sleep, my new pet" Jasper dove out of the way, also pushing himself against the back wall, presumably knowing what was happening, but also possibly just as terrified as TT given iggy's power The circle created a powerful barrier around the mechanical beast as the black energy surged forward, trying to rip loose the machine's soul - or in this case, the magical equivalent of life essence powering it... as it did, iggy floated out a expertly carved gemstone etched with magic runes... "everyone stay back!" warned cloudy "she's trying to soul-cage it"
  5. The three exchanged glances... was she serious, or was she testing them? this would be a huge boon to their finances, but if it got reported to the higher-ups, there would be trouble... this was the best job they could ask for... was it worth the risk? However their moral delima was suddenly unceremoniously tabled by the entrance of the massive golem. Iggy's eyes began to sparkle and she let out a quiet squee sound at seeing the monster, no doubt if it wasn't about to eat them, she would be examining it with a magnifying glass and quite possibly trying to disassemble it... Jasper rushed forward and shoved its sword in the creature's mouth to jam it open, but it was clear his strength would not last "Decide NOW if you want to save or destroy it!" he demanded "I cant hold it off for long!" already his claw'd feet were cutting deep gashes in the stone floor as he tried to fight it back Cloudy less-than-gently thwaped iggy in the back of the head to get her attention Iggy shook her head as she came back to reality "as much as I hate to say it... our lives are worth more..." "I was hoping you'd say that!" grinned jasper as white mists began wafting from his nostrils as he built up a belly full of flame Cloudy drew his crossbows, though he doubted they'd be much good Iggy's horn began glowing as smoke began wafting from her body, no doubt a powerful spell being prepared...
  6. The trio glanced at each other, they knew they'd been caught, but at the same time, TT said they outranked her... not to mention the captain herself had told them to continue on as they had before, so... better to ask forgiveness than permission! Iggy sighed Jasper and Cloudy both gave her a look Iggy looked like she might be about to say something, but just smiled "Your right, we should probably check that other door, as interesting as this is, we should leave it for singlestone" The pair looked relieved... it wasn't like they'd pocketed anything particularly valuable anyway, they knew where the line was... hopefully... Iggy's eyes flashed that dark energy as the skeleton turned, stepping off the rusted-shut trap and heading to the other door "Once we finish exploring, we need to make an inventory of everything here so we can relate it to the regional commander" added cloudy, no doubt either trying to sound less shady or possibly making a list of things to nab before the commander got there... hopefully the former... though with these three it was questionable... ((you know... its funny when the "Pirate" is the more upstanding and honest agent XD ))
  7. Iggy shrugged "it was before any of us came to equestria so I couldn't really tell you more about it or how they nearly succeeded or ultimately failed" "I heard a little about it" said Cloudy "apparently the whole plot was foiled by one brilliant pony who pieced together what was going on... dont know his name though... too bad, would have loved to meet him" At first, as TT said her dad could teach iggy the spell, her eyes lit up and her legs twitched like she was trying not to dance back and forth in excitement, but when their new friend brought up money, the joy and excitement melted from her eyes as she sighed "we're in debt" she explained "untill we get our next payday from the commander we barely have the bits to scrape together for lunch..." Jasper snorted "I had to eat squirrels! do you know how lanky and tough they are?!" Cloudy nodded, no doubt having a similar experience... As the conversation turned to harley, the three exchanged conspiratorial glanced, clearly they were a part of this story "lets just say her luck has turned around" said Cloudy "...and sadly its ex-fiancé - turns out he was just as bad as his parents in all ways except slander... she also found out he was cheating on her... but she's gotten a lot of help now" he said with a slight smirk... yeah, these three clearly were instrumental in this story somehow but weren't going out outright say... though then again, they were part of STAR so it wasn't too surprising that the organization had poked its proverbial snout into the business of an infamous sky pirate... Iggy stared stupidly as TT picked the lock "...I could have just used knock..." she said, more to herself than TT, which made jasper's lips curl very slightly upwards in a light smirk, while cloudy quietly chortled When they entered, all three stared in awe at what they saw. Iggy commented "Golemancy was never an interest of mine - I just summon up a skeleton or a zombie- but I bet Singlestone would love to see all this, I'm sure he said his friend dabbled in golemancy" Jasper walked over to one of the gargoyles, looking at it from an angle "This one reminds me of an albatross" he commented, though his eyes flicked to something on a nearby table. Cloudy walked over to the dragon, though if TT had paid very close attention, she would notice that as he passed one of the tables, an object on it mysteriously vanished.... "I guess if you squint hard enough" he commented "your both crazy" said iggy "if anything..." she walked over to a different gargoyle "This one looks like an albatross!" though her gaze at the statue seemed a little off... This time Jasper passed a table and an item on it vanished "yeah, I guess your right" Though the trio was extremely good at their trade, it would be painfully obvious to any con-artist (or daughter of a con-artist....) that 'albatross' was a codeword and they were using the word and their glance to tell the others of items to stelthfully pocket... given the trio's earlier mention of money problems, it wasn't exactly surprising though... ((you have no idea how much you helped me - this solved a roadblock I had with a plot that has been in the works for over a year! Now I just need to find a good way to connect the dots in-game and I can finally get it off the ground! )) ((and if your wondering about the coup story, its an old plot of mine from another MLP site (that's long dead now) if you want more info, PM me and I'll gladly share - its part of one of my favorite plots of all time))
  8. Iggy shrugged "mostly true, though from what I heard there is one organization that's been around a while that even attempted a coup, but despite failing and losing a lot of members its still around" she explained "Though statistically speaking it will depend less on the alignment and more on the size and the dedication of the members, there are some large groups that have a constant turnover, so they only seem to be consistant despite there only being a couple 'core' members who are there from the start, and likewise there are some small groups who are very dedicated and despite having only a few members they never disappear" Jasper nodded "good to know" he said simply when TT explained the pocket dimensions did not overlap the vast majority of the time "Bigger on the inside?!" asked iggy with a slightly insane grin "you have GOT to teach me that spell!" her enthusiasm making her completely forget for the moment that the pony she was talking to was a pegasus and couldn't have taught her the spell even if she somehow knew it... Jasper just rolled his eyes at iggy, clearly this was a common occurrence. Cloudy shook his head "sadly it was her fiancé's parents who were slandering her, making sure her 'evil image' was kept in the public zeitgeist" he explained "even though last I heard the ponies responsible were... well they're not around anymore, there's been so much damage I question if her reputation will ever recover" Iggy walked over to the trapped skeleton and shook her head, her horn glowed and the skeleton's bones fell to the ground in a pile, then sank down into the floor as she ended the spell, slightly dramatically. "well if at first you dont succeed..." once again the black energies swirled around her as another skeleton burst from the ground, though this time it put a more noticeable strain on her, making it clear she could only do this a few times... why she wasn't tapping the layline instead of using her own magic was up for debate, though perhaps she had a good reason... The skeleton began walking around and gently hitting the doors to see if more pits opened or other traps were sprung "If they boobytrapped this area, there must be something important or exciting behind one or more of those doors!" she grinned, thrilled at the idea of possibly learning new, maybe even forbidden, knowledge! "Once we get through these doors we'll try the one in the back, though I may have to upgrade this skeleton so it can actually interact with the doors... I'd rather not risk a trap targeting ME instead of the skeleton standing in front of the door if I were to just cast Knock"
  9. "Always a mistake" said Iggy as the energy swirled and a white hoof of bone burst from the ground as the skeletal-earth-pony pulled itself free of the earth "Even the most secret organizations always get found out at some point, even if its only by another group, like in this case" she smirked The skeleton's empty eyes ignited with a tiny blue flame as it fully formed, the flame changing to a pale yellow as iggy exerted her control on it, giving it commands through her magic, it then began to explore the base, being as careful as an undead could --- meaning it specifically only looked at things and slowly moved around. the glow faded back to blue as iggy stopped directly commanding it, leaving it to, again carefully, explore on its own. "Its a teleport spell" explained Jasper "I was lucky enough to learn it from the Princess's assistant while Iggy was pestering Sparkle at the last festival - I can send items to anycreature I want, and I can also store them in a pocket reality... dont know if its the same reality he uses or not, never tried to share an item with him by having it stored there" "That's the worst, but the second worst..." began Cloudy as he returned "Is when the organization isn't evil but gets that reputation... I hear Harley had a lot of problems with creatures trying to join her crew that WERE evil" he commented, not stopping to think on weather TT would have even hard of the 'infamous' sky pirate who was now secretly also a part of S.T.A.R. ((sorry for the delayed reply, its been a busy week for me))
  10. At the revelation that TT was also a member of STAR the group relaxed a little, but the two males gave a lightly-venomous glare at Iggy, who looked slightly embarrassed, but only slightly so "Well that does make things a lot easier" said the kirin "I was worried if things got too intense I'd have to make you one of my new gardeners" At that the dragon and hippgriff groaned "The clods that zombies drop are high in nutrients! haven't you seen my garden growing faster than the others?!" exclaimed iggy annoyed Cloudy sighed but smiled at TT "You get used to this with her" he explained "just assume any threat involving death or the undead is a joke - it usually is...." "Not always" snorted jasper as he glared at iggy, who just smirked, clearly there was a story here but neither was going to volunteer... As they entered Iggy looked around and nodded at TT's evaluation as that dark green energy began swirling around her eyes and horn "I think it might be a good idea to send some skeletons in first, that way they wont drip slime and cause further damage while being expendable in case of traps" "I'll go radio the regional commander about this" said Cloudy as he headed back above ground and, based on the heated murmurings that could still be heard down the ramp, was getting into an interesting argument about the 'regional' commander for the group being in Las Pegasus, so why were they out here?! Jasper just muttered something to himself about 'anytime you have 'legion' in your name your nor really fooling anyone that your oen of the bad guys --- atleast EVIL wasn't as delusional with their name...'
  11. ((There was actually a very good reason for iggy's actions - two in fact. 1. psychology, the ghost might not realize they are no longer actually physical and think that they could be hurt by fire or arrows, and secondly, to destroy the manifestation and force the ghost to create a new one, potentially weakening it)) ((And hilariously despite my characters being members of STAR for over 2 years IRL... I've never actually been told what the acronym stands for So I am going to assume your right unless proven otherwise )) At the mention of STAR, the other two glanced at Iggy, clearly this wasn't something they flaunted... Iggy sighed as the ghost made his exit and shook her head, it wasn't like she couldn't just re-summon him with a stronger spell if she wanted to... Not that she really wanted to try that given her history with most spells.... of course she wasn't going to admit it in front of their new acquaintance... With the threat eliminated, Cloudy returned his crossbows to their holsters under his saddlebags, looking relieved, and circled back down to the ground "Every time you go wandering off on your own...." he shook his head "I swear you prefer the company of the dead to that of the living" he teased the kirin Jasper, however, did not let the smoke for his attack fade, instead he seemed to bathe his own claws in the blue flame, but as it faded, a massive sword was in his hands, with back sheath, which he slipped on "I don't trust this place" he explained "and it takes too long to build up a good gout of flame" Cloudy snickered "you just like showing off your sword" he said quietly, though teasingly, to the dragon Jasper did not respond, merely rolling his eyes Iggy nodded at her friends, then turned to the pegasus "TT, these are Cloudy Skies" she nodded at the griff "and Jasper" she nodded at the dragon "guys, this is Tongue Twister, or TT as she prefers" "Pleasure to meet you" said Cloudy with a smile Jasper nodded, but his eye was on that ramp... clearly he wasn't making an excuse and it really did worry him... Iggy sighed "and yes, the ghost didn't lie, we are from S.T.A.R." she said, more to explain to the others how TT knew about their affiliation (and cover up that she had given it away herself) "And while I technically should assert my authority and send you home, classifying area as a STAR investigation... you were the one to find it, so it would be wrong of me to deny you the chance to see the fruits of your labor" she smiled "just watch your hooves; I will have to report this afterwards" she continued to smile though it became a little more awkward at the end, wondering now if the pegasus was going to start asking her hard questions about how much of this was personal and how much was related to STAR.... "So, onwards and downwards?" asked cloudy with an excitable grin, clearly less worried than Jasper --- or atleast showing no worry.
  12. This time, iggy didn't bother with subtlety as she reached up and tapped her headset "Hostile spirit! Civilian targeted! Situation is now a Rescue! Hurry!" with that she released a blast of colored energy into the sky; a beacon for the others to converge on! Fortunately, only moments later, the Calvary arrived. From the sky swooped a white hippogriff who sliced the vines near the ground with his claws as he passed (though leaving the pegasus to extricate herself from the vines already wrapped around her), followed by a blue teenage dragon who attempted to grab TT and move her away from the growing vines so the ghost couldn't just regrow them to repeat the trap (not that it stopped him from using the same spell, but he would atleast have to spend more magic for a second instance of it, instead of just adding to the existing spell to regrow the vines "While I appreciate you inadvertently telling me where the dragonline was, I never said anything about looting, and there was no sign that we were trespassing" she said "because of this, I'm afraid I'm going to have to retaliate" dark magic swirled around the kirin "apparently my control spell wasn't enough, try this on for size!" with that she cast a far stronger spell on the spirit - Mindslave. This kirin was certainly a master of dark magic, it was probably a good thing she was on the 'heroic' side...! "This is your only warning, I'm sure you know how dangerous it is to piss off a Kirin in a forest, while being made of wood... and if you dont..." flames were dancing in her eyes as her fur was already starting to produce small wisps of smoke - a clear warning she was heading towards Nirik form.... Meanwhile Cloudy had swerved back up skyward, drawing his crossbows while Jasper, assuming TT was now out of harms way, began wafting white smoke from his nostrils, preparing a gout of flame in case iggy's spell failed. From the co-ordination it was clear these three had known each other for quite some time and were very close.
  13. Iggy's eyes danced with glee, she always loved when a spell worked - she had highly doubted there would be any souls nearby she could call on! She did not address TT's comment as it would be a rather long explanation and right now the kirin was more focused on their ethereal friend "My deepest apologies" said iggy, bowing to the ghost "I am Azure Ignine," she floated out her medallion with a skull on one side and the S.T.A.R. crest on the other, though she conveniently held it where the ghost could see it, but not TT "There was recently a sudden loss of magic in our realm thanks to a pint-sized chessmaster called 'Cozy Glow'" she explained, not knowing how much the spectral pony knew about these incidents "as such my friends an I have been tasked with re-mapping the dragon lines; seeing how many have changed, if any new ones have formed etc" she paused for a just a moment to indicate she was changing topics "Due to the lack of magic, my associate here" iggy nodded at TT, pausing a moment should TT wish to produce any form of ID for the ghost to see "has been sent out on a separate mission to ensure that no dangers to equestra -or even Terra itself- were unleased or their containment weakened by said loss of magic" Iggy's ear twitched and she reached up to scratch it, but as she did, if either of the two had exceptionally good hearing they might hear the kirin mutter sub-vocally 'Trinity Converge on my location' This was followed by an equally near-silent 'on my way!' 'Roger!' Iggy Just stood there, smiling kindly, though there was a look of concern in her eyes as well as... excitement? yes. She was a necromancer through-and-through and absolutely loved consorting with spirits!
  14. At the question about her race's magic being effected by the pint-sized chessmaster iggy kinda moved her head side-to-side in a "ehhh, kinda? maybe?" motion "I had already left the village by the time she launched her plan - I was already on the coasts of Equestria - and I felt the drain but probably not as much since our magic, while similar, is significantly different enough that I've never found a unicorn spell that worked for me without modification...., and I'm not exactly close with anyone back home" she said awkwardly, making it clear she didnt have any other kirin she could send a letter to for inquery "Cloudy and Jasper are in the same boat really never having any friends till we met each other in equestria" she explained "Though I might still be able to contact some creatures from the other continents or just other countries far from equestria..." she said this last part more to herself than to her new acquantience since the trio were trying to keep their affiliations secret for good reasons... Iggy looked very concerned at the things TT was talking about, no doubt more than a few would get lodged in her brain and at some late point she would start looking into them - even if just out of paranoia! - but fortunately for the kirin, the pony circled back about the possibility of a hidden lair nearby, unfortunately for them both, this was exciting iggy more and more, causing her to lower her guard Iggy walked aroun, gently pawing at the ground and tapping on the tree "cant tell if there's anything there... could be hollow though..." she commented, thinking a moment "I'm gonna see if the owner or anycreature related to him or her is nearby, they can probably tell us" she said as her horn took on a sickly green glow, the magic feeling... just wrong... not severely wrong; not eldritch, but whatever the kirin was doing, she was channeling a lot of dark magics for her spell ((Now you get to have fun... Iggy just cast 'raise spirit' on a large area (along with a necromantic control spell!), so it was a lot of magic... if this really is junction of dragonlines... there are going to be a LOT of ghosts from a surprising distance or else the dragon lines power corrupts her magic and 'upgrades/mutates' her spell to "Summon the rotting horde" raising a potentially large number of Zom-creatures... or just 1 ghost, or no ghosts at all! your the OP, your choice)) ((and yes, if iggy were a unicorn she'd likely have something like a skull as her cutie mark - she is *very* skilled in Necromancy)) ((kinda hilarious and ironic, by dark semi-evil black-and-silver-loving gothic pony specializes in battle magic, and my perky happy brightly-colored kirin is the necromancer... I think I picked the color-wheel up upside-down when I first designed these two ))
  15. The log gently bobbed on the waves... how many days had it been? The once bright red and golden captains coat was discolored and discusting at now, even though she had made an effort to... well "wash" it wasn't quite the term since she had no form of detergent... and the every-familiar feel of manacles on her legs and wings, though this time it appeared while escaping death the Griffoness was also accessorized with a noose around her neck, thankfully cut and loose enough she could survive, but getting it off was not going to be easy... Harle sighed as she pulled herself out of the briny water and flat onto the large log that was the hybrid's current vessel a far cry from her glorious airship... or her less glorious airship she was using while the 'Wings were being retrofitted (even if some small part of her hated seeing any part of the ship changed given its sentimental history) though right now harle would have settled for a half-rotten log raft since that would atleast possibly be able to be steered The griffen counted her lucky stars (all 173 of them! She was so bored she counted the ones that somehow felt vaguely 'lucky' to her to help fend off monotony!) that she wasn't a pony and could easily (and without any real discomfort even) live off fish instead of having to spend more time trying to forage for edible seaweed! The ex-pirate reached into her inner coat pocket and pulled out her decanter... she had long run out of alcohol, but the act of drinking even plain water from it, even if it did not calm her, was somehow soothing... it was too bad that the one item her captors had left her with was her decanter instead of her Gauntlet... gawd would a bit of magic come in handy the last few days to purify water, dry herself and her coat, cook her food, and even provide a little light at night... not to mention she could have used the Rift focus to send a message to her crew what happened... but she had not been expecting trouble and, out of respect, left all her weapons on the ship... not her brightest move, perhaps, but how often did diplomatic conferences devolve into kangaroo courts and lynch mobs!? "Hellova way to go I s'pose" she commented, watching a drop of water fall off one of her larger feathers that protruded over her face "the infamous sky-pirate, finally pardoned by the crown, driven from a diplomatic conference by a snake-in-ponys-clothing, and dieing of exposure on the open seas... Poetic... pirate of the sky dies in the ocean, I'm sure when this news breaks the papers are gonna have a field day..." she snorted as she stretched out, draping her coat above her to act as some form of shield against the sun, serving the dual-purpose of making her little log slightly more visible.... As she drifted off, a lump on the horizon caught her eye was that land? nah, probably another mirage she had stopped looking for land by now, just counting the days until her immanent demise... Though for better or worse, that day was still a ways off as lady luck had smiled on Harley and drifted her close enough to the shore that it was possible somecreature with a telescope or possibly just one going out deeper into the sea for fishing was likely to find her... assuming her luck held out... another day or two and there would be nothing left to find and save...
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