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  1. Brol vs NYcon can you tell me a litter more

  2. Rave Rider would be unable to dance. His coordination and timing would be all off, he'd feel like he had four left feet.
  3. Good to have ya with us! Welcome to Canterlot! *brohoof*
  4. I could not agree with you more. You just hit the nail on the head! Well Spoken.
  5. Base Ball would be awesome! The Manehatten Yokes!
  6. BroNYcon in 6 days "yay" !

  7. A set of glow sticks. I love to dance at raves and create new dance moves!
  8. Welcome to Canterlot! Hope you enjoy your stay! Pony Up!
  9. RaveRider


    Sweet! Now that's a cutie mark!
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