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  1. Maybe Braeburn was right, the wagon could have just come loose, but something about the whole thing just seemed off. Still there was no reason to fret about it. Hopefully getting the Spirit Lantern sealed away would help her shake the uneasy feeling something strange was going on. She could only roll her eyes at the all the researchers as they looked over the wagon. Was it really all that strange for magic to change the way things looked. Other ponies had magic that could add flare to items, so why was her making something spooky so excitable? Either way it kept the researchers busy and out of the way as she worked on sealing the creature away in the book. Walking over Willow Wisp looked at the lantern and then pulled out the book. She remember the instructions well, she just had to read the first page of the book to activate the spell that would trap the Spirit Lantern between the pages where it belonged. Flipping the book open she scanned over the words before reading them aloud. "From dawn to dawn and dusk to dusk may the spirits be kept safe may they do no wrong. Of 100 parts may all be in peace may all the spirits rest connected by one heart. I call upon the magic I call about the seal I call out the spirits I command them to slumber." There was a bright flash of light and the Spirit Lantern suddenly lit up. It shook where it sat and glowed an eerie blue as it seemed magic enveloped it. Suddenly a blast of energy blew through the pages of the book and it landed on an empty page. The energy then drew the Spirit Lantern toward the book and in a flash it was sucked inside. Words suddenly appeared on the page along with a picture of the creature. The book continued to glow for a moment but as soon as it faded Willow Wisp shut it and drew a deep breath. "There we got that taken care of. But I still feel like something is going on around here. Are you sure that wagon just came loose?" She eyed Braeburn cautiously. "I mean on top of all the other bad luck these ponies have been having it seems like the icing on the cake."
  2. Oh Celestia, he'd seen her blush. She couldn't play off the pinkish hue to her as anything else other than embarrassment. Maybe she could blame it on the praise for her father. Either way she had fallen quiet while Braeburn busied himself handing out goodies. Perhaps it was a good thing she was zoned out of the activity, because she caught sight of the chaos about to unfold. The wagon was rolling right for Braeburn and the ponies he was feeding. Without giving it much taught she shouted, "Watch Out!" And then with a blast of magic did her best to halt the wayward cart. The wagon creaked with strain as Willow Wisp focused all her energy on making it stop. And just in the nick of time it ceased in it's rolling and came to a stand still. However, thanks to her unique style of magic, the wagon now how a spooky make over. The wood had gone black and it was creaking. The spokes of the wheels had cobwebs strung between them. Over all it looked aged like a wagon that had been long since abandon in the desert. It didn't always happen; but she really had to focus to prevent cosmetic changes to things she used her magic on. And on this occasion she was focused on just getting it to stop. She let out a sigh of relief. "Something just isn't right around here. You've all been having bad luck and a wagon doesn't just go on a rampage by itself." Her eyes trailed over to the Spirit Lantern. Surely it couldn't be the cause of the trouble. Even if it were a bad luck charm, it sounded like all the trouble had been recent, but the researchers had been around the lantern for awhile. "Maybe I should get that," she pointed a hoof toward the Spirit Lantern, "sealed up in this book... then we can try to figure out what is going on around. Especially before anypony gets wagon rolled."
  3. The World Friendship Expo was the perfect place to share her knowledge... at least she hoped it was. Her set up was simple, a dark blue tent with a sign out front that read "Willow Wisp's Tent of Wonders." It was pretty dark inside the tent, so her natural eerie glow shown it's light blue. She hoped she'd get some visitors interested in what she had to share. Inside the tent she had set up a few small tables, each with a journal and an interesting looking artifact or at least a picture of some. She couldn't get all the objects she wanted to share, because some of them were in museums, but the ones from her personal collection were all present. Being that her studies were in the strange and unusual, Wisp decided to make that the topic of her booth. She gathered information about such from all corners of Equestria, so there were pieces from all the different cultures that would be present at the expo. She had some ancient Buffalo artifacts she collected on one of her trips to Appleloosa. And on another table there were some plants from the Everfree Forest. She had some of her father's field journals from his archeological digs he did in places all over the world. She even had a tasting set up for the strange black apples she had found during one of her study trips. "I do hope somepony stops by." She paced around the tent nervously. "I'd love to show off all these unusual things from all the lands."
  4. Marefriend. Willow Wisp blushed a bit at that. She didn't mind that introduction one bit, but she was still embarrassed. She felt lucky that the light was a bit dim so nopony probably saw. However she found herself soon snapped out of her thoughts as she listened to the list of bad luck the researchers had been having. Something just didn't seem right. It was one thing to have an accident, but a whole string of them? Perhaps it was because of the Spirit Lantern, but it was still safely trapped in it's own personal prison. And she never heard of bad luck coming from just being around one. Something else must have been going on. "Sounds like you have been struggling." She finally spoke, trying not to let on to her suspicions. If there was another force at work she didn't want to make anypony panic."Hopefully your luck will start looking up. Especially if I can do my job." She looked to the group for a moment before pulling out the book. "I'm here on a special assignment from my father, Historic Antiquity and..." "Did you say Historic Antiquity? As in THE Historic Antiquity, renown pony archeologist and researcher?" One of the group stepped forward looking rather excited. "He's published so many field journals and books about all his studies! He's amazing! And your his daughter?" He took her hoof for a shake. "Maxwell Silverhammer at your service. What can we do for you?" Wisp was a little taken a back by the excitement, but it wasn't the first time somepony got worked up when she mentioned her father's name. He was rather well known. She just smiled though and glanced from the book to the Spirit Lantern and then back to the group. "This is The Book of 100 Spirits. It's a powerful tome that holds the pieces of a huge and dangerous creature. It was split into 100 pieces, each one held on it's own page. But some of the pages are blank, meaning the parts have escaped into our world. I believe the Spirit Lantern is one of the missing parts and I've come to try and put it back into the book. It'll be much safer to have it sealed away where it can't get out and cause more trouble. Perhaps getting it put away will stop your bad luck." She said it with a hopeful voice, but she wasn't certain. She felt an eerie presence and didn't know what to make of it. Perhaps the group was being targeted by some other force, and if that was the case, it was something to look into. Bad luck commonly is tied to unusual creatures, at least in her experiences.
  5. "Trying to fly? Shoot, if Grimmy ever tried anything like that I'd probably pass out. I'm glad he's a smart little colt. Though he needs to get over his shyness a little. I know he's worried about how others will think of him, especially because thanks to his ever present saddle bags, they don't know he's still without a Cutie Mark. He's worried if that gets out he'll be teased, even though there are other little ones in the same stable." Willow Wisp enjoyed sharing stories. And she kept repeating his compliment about her glow over and over in her mind. She didn't admit to it, but it was something she tended to be a little self conscious about. It was a unique trait and it often startled other ponies. She couldn't control it really, it just happened. And as they drew near the camp and the sunset was fading, it just seemed to get brighter. She quickly shook the thoughts from her mind as they came upon the camp. Smoke was rising from the smoldering wood of the fire that had been doused with soup. The research team seemed to be in a bit of commotion over whatever had happened. Something just didn't seem right, but she couldn't put her hoof on it. So drawing a deep breath she walked up to the camp site and looked around. "What happened here? You all seem upset." "Our soup just collapsed into the fire! It happened so fast. That stick was sturdy enough it shouldn't have snapped!" One of the ponies replied. "That's no good." Wisp shook her head. "But we have some snacks, we can share."
  6. Even if he felt she might find his rearing up silly, Willow Wisp found it rather cute. She always liked his enthusiasm. And she was really happy he wanted to help her out. Sure, she could go check in with these researchers herself, but she didn't want to get lost. And she liked the company. She was tired of explorations that left her on her own. As he mentioned the sun setting, she looked to the window. Sure enough it was getting darker and that meant when she went outside, her natural glow would start to show. She hoped it wouldn't startle anypony, especially the researchers that they were planning on tracking down. "Spirit hunting really is a night time event," she commented with a light laugh. "They're not much for being out in the light. So if you're up to it, I'm ready to head out. It would be best to find out what we can as soon as possible. I'd hate for something bad to happen."
  7. "You know the area far better than I do. Besides, you were really helpful when we went up against that lantern, I wouldn't want anypony else as help." Wisp smiled as she took a moment to enjoy a little snack, after all it had been a long trip. She was sure Braeburn was the right pony for the job. He was adventurous, knew the area pretty well and well, she trusted him. He didn't seem scared about what she told him, and the fact he wanted to help was all the better. She'd never want to force someone. "That's a great idea. Hopefully nopony has opened it back up. And if it is one the missing parts of the book we can trap it back inside so it's safe and sound and can't cause any more trouble than it already has. Don't want any other trains to go missing. Even if that was an exciting adventure." Willow Wisp tucked the book back into her saddle bag and sighed softly. It was a big task she'd been seated with, but her father was sure she could handle it. She didn't want to let him down. And if she really could handle the book because of her magic, she didn't want to let Equestria down. How horrible it would be if the land got overrun with not so friendly spirits? "I just hope I can find the missing parts so the book will be whole again."
  8. Strudels and pie? That sounded just perfect and in fact her belly grumbled just thinking about it. A faint blush of embarasment came to her when realized how loud the grumble was. Then again she hadn't eaten much, having slept most of the train ride. "Those sound really good if my stomach is any indication." She gave a sheepish chuckle. Once they had their snack she settled in, looking to the book she pulled out, it was a long story and she wanted to make sure she didn't bore him. "My father, Historic Antiquity, is really good at finding missing pieces of history. He loves going to dig sites and uncovering parts of ponies past that have been lost. And this book... well it's a very important little treasure. Though I suppose little isn't the best word for it, it has a lot of pages." She flipped it open to reveal something strange, many of the pages were blank. "Long ago, a terrible spirit haunted the world. It was huge and had all sorts of powers. Ponies didn't know what to do. But one brave Unicorn with a special brand of magic set forth to stop it. Using a powerful spell, they broke the spirit into 100 parts. Each page of this book is suppose to contain one of the hundred pieces. But as you can see, some of them are blank. That means over time, parts broke free from the spells binding each page." Wisp paused for a moment as she shut the book again. She watched it as if it was going to get up and start moving on it's own but eventually shook it off and continued her story. "The legend says that if a pony reads a page it breaks the spell. However if that pony has a special kind of magic the spells won't be effected. Which is why my father gave it to me. My "spooky" powers seem to have that effect. I can read the pages and nothing happens. He's worried about the blank pages though and fears that it weakens the book's power to have missing parts. That's why he wants me to try and track down the spirits of the blank pages." She sighed and looked to Braeburn. "I think the spirit lantern may have been part of the book. And though we beat it and trapped it, I think going back to those caves may give us a hint on where other spirits could be hiding. That old lost civilization seemed like it had a connection with spirits and that's why I was hoping you'd lend me a hoof."
  9. I was happy to see Braeburn. Gotta wonder how he hurt himself. Maybe could benefit from some foalsitting lessons.
  10. "I haven't even been home to check my mail," she gave a light chuckle. Part of her was really happy to hear he had tried to send her letters, that must of meant he was still interested in her as well. Maybe they both had been worried about whether the other was interested, and she hoped they could get all the kinks of the relationship worked out, as well as working on the project she came seeking help on. "Do you think we can still get to those caves where we faced the Spirit Lantern? I know part of them caved in, but, I'm sure there are other tunnels that may lead to that old hidden cave dwelling town." Wisp walked over to the couch and pulled an old black book out of her saddle bag. It looked worn and just gave off a creepy vibe. The pages were tinted with the signs of age and in big gold letters the cover read, 'The Book of 100 Spirits.' "This is a very special book. My father needed me to help him find it, and he believes I may be one of the few ponies around that can handle it, due to my magic and being connected with all things creepy and spooky. There's a bit of a long story behind it, so pull of a seat and I'll explain the best I can."
  11. "Well I..." Wisp paused, she hung her head a little. The first thing she wanted to do was apologize for everything, but it was best to hold off and at least go inside first. She trotted into his home and took a sniff. Breaburn's home always made her think of apple pies, even if there weren't any around, it just brought that memory. And she loved the dusty smell that came with running a farm. "I'm sorry I was gone without any notice," Willow Wisp finally turned back to him with sad eyes. "I had gone home to visit my family and my father ended up needing my help with some very important research. It was very secretive and so I couldn't go writing letters or really letting anyone know about it... for their safety." She glanced to her saddle bag for a moment, then back to him. "I'm not a very good special some pony... taking off like that. But..." No, there was no need to get all emotional. She didn't even know how he felt about it. "Anyway, I have completed part of my project but now I need some help. And... well there is no better adventure partner than you. There's no one else I would want helping me to... to be perfectly honest."
  12. I agree, they have such long legs. It threw me off while I was drawing... trying to copy the style was oddly hard. Thanks for the comment! :3
  13. There was a bit of a lurch as the train pulled into the Appleloosa station causing Willow Wisp to almost tumble out of her seat. She'd been napping the whole trip, having left the night before and traveling through the day. The sun was just setting as she yawned, grabbed her saddle bag and slowly exited the train. It had been awhile since she'd been in the settlement just on the edge of the desert, and more importantly it had been a long time since she'd seen him. Willow Wisp looked down at her feet. Braeburn was a very special pony to her. Last time she'd been there she brought him some seeds for a strange black apple tree, and after planting it, it became clear that there was more than just a friendship there. But then she took off again... she was a PMIA... Pony Missing In Action. Maybe he'd be upset. Maybe he'd met some other mare who was actually around. She tried to not think about it as she slowly trotted toward his farm house. She hadn't meant to be gone so long, but it was a special mission. It was something her father asked her to investigate and after a long journey she had the object of study in her possession. When she finally reached the farm house she paused and looked around. Maybe he was still out in the fields, then again the sun was going down. She wondered how the tree with the strange black apples was doing. They were tasty, even if they were odd looking. "Um..." she cleared her throat and knocked on the farm house door. "Braeburn?"
  14. Wisp if she was in Equestria Girls. She's a recent graduate who works in the library for college credits... and she's usually in the back typing a way on her paranormal blog.
  15. Awww it's good to see some ya'll too! <3
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