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  1. Polkin

    My art

    My deviantart's page: http://polkin.deviantart.com/
  2. Inside the mountain. My mistake, i know.
  3. Polkin

    Hi all

    Thank you all for such warm hospitality.
  4. Polkin

    Hi all

    I hope this too
  5. Polkin

    Hi all

    About Myself: I love to draw, read fanfiction and listen to brony music. How I found Canterlot.com: My friend told me about this forum and gave the link How I became a fan of MLP:FiM: I watched a fan video about Starcraft. I liked appearance of the cartoon. My favourite main cast pony/s: Fluttershy,Pinkamina Diane Pie Well, I don't even know what more to say. I started drawing in November and i have a gallery on Deviantart. I want to share their pictures with you. If you have any question - ask me, be happy to answer
  6. Very nice, but looks like her back leg was broken
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