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  1. Is biting someones neck an appropriate way to express your feelings towards them?
  2. Fun facts: 1) I'm moving to Korea! 2) I probably have sciatica!
  3. I've heard a thing or two about MLP. Is it any good?
  5. I have very little idea what i'm doing 90% of the time. I Just enter matches and kill everything. Like Valkyr.
  6. Why does my Valkyr have such a nice ass?
  7. You should! Its a lot of fun! Sun punches and ghost punches forever! Fun part 5 fact! I also started playing warframe
  8. Here are some things you can completely forget about then. The damage reflect feature of Gold Experience. Its never used after Giorno's fight with Koichi. The 'hyper mode' from GE's punches. Its only used against Bruno. The rules as to how much control Giorno has over newly created animals keeps changing. Matter of fact, what he can turn into what also changes. Its never explained in the show how Giorno gets that picture of DIO. Giorno is never once referred to as JoJo or GioGio.
  9. Part 5 is the worst for stuff like that. So much retcon in the first few eps.
  10. Remember when Josuke clearly saved himself from the snow storm and it was never brought up again?
  11. This game has been going on for 7 years. Fun has ended.
  12. When it’s finished I’ll gain the ability to talk to foxes!
  13. Look what I had permanently etched into my skin
  14. Don’t worry Rocky! If you keep your V-card by the time you’re 30, you become a wizard! ... ... Only five more years for me!
  15. Don’t worry Ma! It was a fever dream we were all having! The Gods simply wouldn’t allow something like that to exist.
  16. I have a Citroen DS3 and I love her.
  17. I'm gonna be honest, i'm really not sure how most of those fingerprints get where they are.
  18. Featuring my veiny thumb and gross shoes. And pants. I'm just filthy.
  19. I would take a pic that mimics youse guyses, but my wheel is on the other side. Also I don't have a cup holder.
  20. I’m really bad at Anime now. I’ve only been keeping up with JoJo.
  21. I once found a pack of gum outside someone’s house!
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