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  1. I can only speak a very small bit, and I never try to speak it to actual other people. I just mumble Daijoubou to everyone and hope for the best.
  2. After a year and a half of putting it off, I finally actually started my japanese lessons for real this time.
  3. I'm coming up to my 13th year playing this game. I'm not losing.
  4. idk where else to say this, so ill say it here. The most widely used design for BlackJack's mother, Gin rummy from Fallout equestria: project horizons is from a picture I drew. I consider this an achievement, and my mark on mlp as a whole.
  5. And of course our tastes only refined from then on. Didn't they?
  6. Fun fact, the Japanese opening of MLP FiM is sung by the VA cast of Yuru Yuri.
  7. oh no my village i forgot that was a thing
  8. Oh my mistake. It seems I got *cringe* and *based* mixed up again. The patchwork, cheese string monster is actually cool and the hat is really doing it for me. Its like condensed 2010 internet culture. This is a brand new sentence that has never been uttered in the whole history of everything. Mother is cool she called me a princess once. This awoke nothing in me, please do not look in drawer under where my switch is kept. Those are cables. Black lacy cables. The fish nets are in case I need to go fishing.
  9. Ohmygosh its nasty. And with good ol' Fawkes actually showing their slithery butt up in a record breaking THREE TIMES in a year, it almost like some kind of renaissance. This must have been what the Italians felt like when they invented painting and clocks. We where all insecure cringe bags back then. I may not have understood it back then, as I barely understood myself. That much is obvious from the sheer amount of desperation for attention I (and everyone. Thats right chums i'm calling you all out) displayed. But I understand it now, this may have been a shock but I was also quite very alone around that time aswell! You made this place you're internet-home, as we all did. You don't need to apologies for being at home in your house. (I secretly thought you were a bit funny.)
  10. I am just saying *words* so ensure my *victory* there is no meaning behind this. All of it is just wasted data.
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