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  1. Its done by both the Dangan-dude and the Zero escape guy
  2. Your past is still your present if it’s always on your mind.
  3. My AC island is really bad. I have 0 inspiration
  4. It don't matter how late you are. You could be days late. You could be 1000 years late. You could be stuck on the other side of the world. You could be stuck in another dimension. Penumbra and Fawkes always find a way back to each other. So i'm never worried if you're late. Because i'll never have to wait forever.
  5. It goes right up your nose But I’m fine it’ll take more than that to finish me
  6. I got Corona tested! it was very uncomfortable.
  7. This entire thread works as a documentation of my life from when I was 18 to now. There is nothing but me cringe on here.
  8. I will mother. I got my mask and Penby is tough. It’s not too bad here since there isn’t any social isolation in place. But I have been out of work this past month which is starting to bore me.
  9. Quick reminder I am currently living in the hotspot for the virus outbreak.
  10. Me : Who can put 'Bang' in a sentence? Kid: Humans and Dogs bang!
  11. Oh boy! In that case I can sleep. Forever.
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