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Crystal Spire - Palace District

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Dominating the skyline of the Crystal City, the Crystal Palace represents the strength of the collective hopes and dreams of the Crystal Ponies.


Its spires appear to be carved from one enormous slab of crystalline stone, blessed with both beauty and magically-reinforced stability. The Palace straddles the intersection of all major roads running into the Crystal City and serves as the centerpiece of the entire empire. The structure is large enough to accommodate all of the amenities of a royal dwelling. Luxurious guest rooms, expansive ballrooms and commons, and well-stocked kitchens provide all that a Princess and her entourage could possibly need.


The pedestal of the Crystal Heart resides directly below the palace at the confluence of all roads. The palace itself acts as a focus for the power of the Crystal heart (and by proxy the Crystal Ponies), projecting the shield dome that keeps out the harsh cold of the north. Though the palace grounds are accessible to all ponies, facilities are generally kept guarded unless a formal function opens them to the public.

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