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Dark Origin: The Rise of Tainted Mist(Dark/Slice of Life)

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This Story takes place after the Nightmare Moon incident in an alternate universe, the mane six have not been formed, but Celestia herself managed to save her sister from that darkness that overtook Luna. Anything is possible in another universe. I like to hide references throughout my story, so if you find one, then you may try and guess where it came from in the comments section below.



Chapter 1: Two Minds, One Body

Trottingham, a small fishing village just east from Ponyville, sits near the ocean; here the fillies and colts played, while the stallions worked on their boats and brought in their catches. In this small village lived Dark Mist, a young filly who always sat there by herself on the docks, the sun's reflection off the water always kept her company. She was never good at making friends in the village, most colts and fillies insulted her; or made her upset. But one earth pony colt, Crimson Sketch, wasn't afraid to try to make friends with Dark Mist. He had seen Dark sitting at the dock every single day, just staring off into the distance.

Crimson Sketch did not care what her appearance was, she was a normal pony just like anypony else. But one thing he did not know, was that Dark had a condition where she would go from one personality to the next. This was why she was teased and harassed by the two bullies in the village. Approaching her, he sat down next to her and tried to start a conversation with her.

"Hi there, I'm Crimson Sketch. What's your name?" asks Crimson. He gets no response. It was perfectly understandable why she did not want to speak, but just had a feeling he could get through to Dark. Crimson knew he wasn't allowed to go see her anymore, but his feelings far outweighed the rules. Not even caring if it resulted in getting in trouble. If he could make friends with Dark, maybe both of them could be happy, and become close friends. But when he did, she just moved away from him, all he needed was a just a smile. "Come on, Dark, I'm not like them. I get it, you're afraid...but you don't have to be." Crimson was trying his hardest, but didn't seem to give up so easily. He had to figure out how to get Dark to notice him.


Moving in font of her vision, Crimson gives a genuine smile on his face; but still nothing. Dark Mist is a tough shell to crack, he wants to see her happy; or at least be friends with her. Dark Mist turns away from him, she isn't trusting anypony anymore. The only one she could trust was her own mother.

"Leave me alone...please, just stay away from me." replied Dark Mist. Even if she wanted to be friends, she just couldn't do it. The fear of hurting anypony in the village was too great.

But Crimson persists, "Don't be like that, I like you, I really do! Let's be friends, huh?" replied Crimson. He could see how stubborn Dark was, he tried another way. He tired again to get closer to her. Only for Dark to move away again, she doesn't want to be around him at all. Crimson decided this was enough for today, and he'd try again tomorrow. Leaving Dark's side, Crimson started making his way back home. Looking back to the ocean for a moment, the days she spent living here, Dark often found herself being consoled by her mother, crying. Everyday it was the same thing, Dark would be harassed and treated to feel like a freak. The more the two bullies did it, the more she hated them. Why was she like this? And why must they judge her? A voice speaks in her mind, tempting her to let it come out.

"Let me deal with them, I'll show them what a true freak can do!" suggested Tainted Mist. Tainted is the second personality that dwelled within Dark's mind, one that derived pleasure from the fear and misery of others. Tainted had came out only once, fearful of it happening again, Dark had found a way to suppress it; keeping it at bay. Not wanting to hurt nopony, she replies, "No, I don't want to hurt them. It's fine, I just want to be alone." replied Dark. Tainted growls in frustration, but seemed to understand her reason for it.


 Dark only desired to be treated with respect, not be seen as something evil to be despised. Dark knew Crimson was trying to cheer her up. but he was the only colt that understands her. The loneliness she felt inside, he can sense it in her and tried to help. But Dark could only shut him out, even if he has good intentions, she just can't let anypony into her life. But Tainted felt disappointed when she had refused her request, "Oh you're no fun at all... show some backbone. Let me out... you will thank me for doing you a favor." Even if she dis, It wouldn't have made Dark feel any better; just feel worse knowing she will be responsible. It was nearing nightfall, and nopony was allowed out past curfew.

Taking the east path home, Dark Mist finds herself in the market district of the village; here she finds every stall closed for the night, but looking down to a puddle of water on the ground, she can see her reflection; also Tainted Mist seeming to smile maliciously. She hates this thing, and wants it to just disappear from her life; all it did was cause mistrust of Dark Mist among the older stallions and mares, causing distrust and isolation of entire Mist family. Now it is time to head home and face her mother again, Evening Mist loves her still; but her father decided to leave the family and go elsewhere. This makes Dark Mist upset, but her mother makes sure she is at least happy; even if it is almost impossible. Its just the two of them now, each trying their hardest to live life the best they can. Exiting the east gate, Dark Mist heads off in the direction of her home in the woods nearby, the only sanctuary she has left.





Outside the village, Dark Mist makes her way up the dirt path; her thoughts of being free of this torment and misery. There is only one place she can go to get away from it all, at home in her mother's hooves; Evening Mist always has a way with words. The only guiding light for her is the glow of the torches set along the path, it doesn't make the feeling of sadness go away as she approaches her home; her mother standing there at the front door. Noticing the tears, Evening Mist hugs Dark Mist, ensuring her that everything is alright.

"I know, honey. Sometimes ponies can be cruel; but remember that the only one they are hurting is themselves." This helped Dark feel a little better. Out here, she was free from the glaring eyes of those who would judge her. The cabin offered much in comforts, but not enough to drive away the memories of that day in the village, and that awful incident where her daughter had lost control.




Last time it had happened, the filly and colt who bullied her got a taste of what Dark's other half could do. Even though Dark had warned them. They kept pushing her until she broke down crying. The result? Tainted lashed out at them, injuring them both, and leaving the bullies terrified of her. The parents of the filly and colt ordered that Dark be punished for hurting their children, but Evening overheard the commotion and hurried to her daughters side. "What are you ponies thinking?! She's sick, put yourself in her place, maybe then you'd understand." Furrowing her brows, Evening took Dark and walked away, leaving the villagers to think. But in the next few days, a whole mass had decided to have them exiled from the village, and never to return.



Now thinking back on it, Evening Mist thought they would understand, but instead they chose to be foolish and do this to them. But that didn't  matter anymore, Luckily for them, one of the villagers saw Dark Mist as no threat. She asked that they would be allowed to visit, but not live there. The leaders allowed it, but kept a watchful eye on them. Now Dark had better control over other half and kept it suppressed even more. When he hears the news that the Mist family can return and visit, Crimson is overjoyed. But his parents forbade him to go anywhere Dark, calling her an evil monster. Knowing now what they think of her, Dark felt ashamed of herself, that she couldn't fully control Tainted. Maybe it was best if he never got see her anymore, even though Crimson's words were kind as he sat there with her on the front porch overlooking the ocean.


The rose colored water seemed to cheer Dark up a bit, much to the relief of Crimson. "This is the first time I ever got to see you smile...I'm glad." said Crimson. Evening Mist can imagine how these two would be able to play together. If Dark can get her treatments, then Crimson can truly be with her. It was time for them both to go to bed,  Crimson gave Dark one last hug before he left for the village that night. Tomorrow is the big day and hopefully the chance to get answers as well as to what was going on with Dark.


Evening Mist helped Dark into bed and covered her up and gave her daughter a kiss goodnight, and turns in the door to say one last thing, "Don't worry, It will all be over soon. Then you can make all the friends you like." with a smile, Evening closes the door behind her, leaving Dark to rest. The only audible noise was the crying from inside Dark's room, the sound of a filly who has gone through so much.Evening entered her own room across the hallway, and closed the door behind her. The stress from those events was beginning to take their toll on her, all Evening can do is try to hold out until tomorrow morning. For now, it was time for sleep, she turned out the lights and closed her eyes for the night.



The morning sun shined through the bedroom window, and onto Dark's face, waking her from a peaceful sleep. Yawning, he got out of bed and began her decent down the stairs. A delightful smell fills the air, her mother was making their breakfast for them, special apple hotcakes which they both could enjoy equally. Her mother looked at her daughter with a smile, "Morning, honey. I hope you slept well." said Evening. Their days together won't be for long, once the appointment was set, there was no going back. It was best to keep this from Dark, and make her think it was just a visit to have her checked out. Telling the truth will only make things worse, and Dark will never let the doctor near if she knew. 

Catching sight of her mother's expression, curious to know what she was worrying about. "Mother? What's wrong? You never cry like this, did I do something wrong?" asks Dark Mist, her mother lifted her eyes to her daughter's an smiles. At least something good came out of all this, she didn't have to worry about Dark Mist getting hurt again; and can watch her carefully. Sometimes its disturbing to see the other side emerge for only a moment before being forced back.

Getting back to Dark Mist's question, Evening Mist tries her best to answer, "No honey, you didn't. its nothing to worry your little head over." said Evening Mist, rubbing her daughter's mane playfully. Hugging her back, Dark felt happy again, you can't ask for a better family then what they had now.


But soon it came, the question she had been dreading. "What will they do, mother? Will they take me away?" Dark asked. Evening could only keep a brave face at such a question, trying hard not to show any tears.


Carefully, she thought about how to answer, "The doctor that is coming is a friend, she is a therapist, honey. I'm sure she won't do that, so don't worry." These words are enough to answer satisfy Dark. Finished with her breakfast, Dark made her way to the front door and gets ready to go outside. The doctor will be there within an hour or so, this leaves time for Dark enough time to sit outside and play. Dark opens the front door and steps outside and closes the door behind herself.



Outside, Dark took in the sights and sounds the ocean in the distance, and seeing the village below made her complacent about her ability to suppress Tainted this far. But just as things are getting comfortable, it happens again. "Your mother hates you, and so does everypony in that village; why do you think she cares? Its all an act." Tainted was trying to amuse herself by toying with Dark's feelings, something she didn't tolerate.

Seeing it as a lie, Dark speaks to her, "You're wrong..." crying, Dark is fighting the urge to cry again, but its hard not to. Dark wanted Tainted to stop, she hated feeling sad. This happened all the time, and during that moment she came close to losing it.

Tainted once again hit a soft spot in her heart, "You poor...filly...all those ponies you've seen and met up til now..." Dark started to cave, but manages to hold the tears back. "They despise you, hate you. If those doctors can't help you..." A smile crept up to her face again, "Where do you think you'll end up?" the fear of such a fate was great. But Dark was more angry than afraid at the moment, and didn't offer any amusement anymore. Tainted was satisfied, even a little will suffice. Dark headed back inside and shut the front door behind herself.



Inside, Dark found her mother looking through the albums she had of her daughter, a saddened expression upon her face. Dark thought to herself, "Why is she doing that? Its not like I'm going anywhere." Evening looked over to her daughter, and seemed to give the look as to say she was sorry. The doctor came out from the other room, it seemed she had arrived sooner than expected. Evening had asked that she come through the back door, so as not to scare Dark away.

"So, you're Dark Mist? I'm Rosa, I'll be doing your evaluation today." Explained Rosa. With a smile on her face, she gestures for Dark to take a seat down on couch. It all felt uneasy for a simple visit, but her mother helps her up onto the couch for Rosa to examine her thoroughly.

A little unsure of what to say, Dark replied, "You're not going to take me away from mother, are you?"

Sensing Dark's anxiety, Rosa smiled, but shook her head in response, "Of course not, you'll be fine. Your mother says you have done well, but that remains to be seen." Evening Mist was still worried, if what happened in the village repeated itself, Dark really would be taken away. All the tension made Dark uneasy, hopeful that it wasn't too serious. Remaining still, Rosa does a full examination of her. "So...I'm guessing your scared of me. I assure you I would never harm you." said Rosa. Finished with the exam, Rosa Approached Dark's mother, and whispered something into her ear.


Tainted once again speaks in her mind, "They plan to take you away...they have betrayed you." said Tainted. Eager to offer her assistance, she suggested once again: "Let me deal with Rosa, and you'll be safe. Don't worry, I won't harm your mother." Dark shook her head to try and tune her out, but Tainted seemed to not relent. Doing so made Dark light headed and she collapsed to the floor, Rosa noticed this and caught Dark as she blacked out. This happened rarely, but it never did last long though.

Dark can only hear the muffled voices of her mother, "...Mist...wake..." Rosa tried nudging Dark, hoping to bring Dark back to her senses. forseeing the danger, Rosa had Evening help by carrying her daughter outside and to the wagon waiting there. It seemed Dark is losing this battle, and Tainted must be kept from emerging. Leaving the front door wide open, they both rush outside quickly.



Outside, Dark Mist is rushed into the wagon to be taken to the facility, her mother was blindfolded to hide the location; it was never to be known to civilians, only those with permission are allowed to see where it was. Dark seemed to barely awaken before closing her eyes again; but is still breathing. Dark was in danger, from what Rosa had heard from Evening, this was usually when the other side took control; but it hadn't and Rosa could only wonder why, "Hurry! We need to get there quickly! Move!" orders Rosa, the stallions ran in a full gallop to get to the facility. If Tainted comes out, that would be a problem, they must restrain and sedate her. The trees move by quickly as they ride toward the facility. Dark stirs, but remains unconscious for now, Evening Mist could only keep her daughter close to her as they approached the facility quickly.

The wagon passes through the gate and comes to a full stop, a team awaiting Rosa to return came to her aid. Rosa, in a rush to get Dark out, forgot about her bag and retrieved Dark first. Gesturing Evening to stay put until they got Dark inside. The staff inject Dark with a sedative and restrain her. Dark was carried inside and Rosa helped Evening Mist out of the wagon, she is worried for Dark Mist, and hoped that nothing bad happened again.

Looking back to Evening, Rosa can see the concern in her eyes. "It's just a precaution, we don't know what she might do to us, or to you if she wakes. We gave her a sedative for now, she'll be fine." says Rosa. Reassuring Evening that they had everything under control. Rosa had the mother follow her inside as the gates closed and the doors shut behind them.



Inside the facility, guards stood ready to act if called upon. Rosa had personally picked these stallions and mares to guard everypony in the facility. Past mistakes had ensured that all bases were covered and any flaws minimized. You could say this place was like a prison, nopony out without a release form signed by Rosa herself. If you counted the guards from end to end, you saw about twenty to forty throughout the whole facility. Isolation cells are in the back, and any escape attempts in the future are prevented with the new security system; the guards are a backup plan in case all else fails. Evening Mist looks at the guards and can only question why so many are posted here.


Rosa sees her eyes looking towards them and obliges her curiosity. "If you're curious, these guards were specially trained to deal with any situation. This is only hypothetical, if Dark were to try to escape; the guards here would act and restrain her. It may cause her some discomfort, but we can't take the chance, do you understand?" asked Rosa. Evening nodded to confirm her answer.


Rosa has one last thing to ask: "Ms. Mist, there is something we must do before we proceed, and I must ask that you wait out here until we're done. We have to do few tests. But I must ask you, Did your daughter ever tell you what her other personality's name was?" asked Rosa. To treat this illness; she needs to know everything, even the small things.


Nodding, Evening seemed upset that this was happening to her daughter. "I've eavesdropped a few times, I would hear her speaking like another pony. But...the name came out and gave me an uneasy feeling, Tainted Mist." This new information was quite interesting to hear, her plans have changed. Dark could be the one pony she's been looking for all this time.

Rosa smiled and turned to her desk to get the papers for Evening to sign. "Thank you, this will be useful if we are to clear Dark of this condition, but I will allow you to see her today if you wish to." said Rosa. Sitting down at the desk, she hands Evening Mist a pen, "Before that though, you must sign a waiver, it states that whatever happens to your daughter during her stay, we will not be liable for it." Seeing no choice, Evening signs her over to the facility. With the papers signed, Rosa calls over the intercoms: "Solar! I need you in here right away!" calls Rosa. Solar, who was the bodyguard and researcher came into the main lobby. Rosa had trained him to be efficient in his job, but also on many plants and herbs; which is his main specialty. Standing at attention, Solar waited the orders and dared not to speak.

Rosa looked up to Solar and asked, "I need you to escort Ms. Mist here to her daughter's room, if you'd be so kind." Solar nodded and proceeded to lead Ms. Mist to the back rooms, most who are held here have different ailments. As they walked through the halls, Solar's expression seemed to have changed, almost as if he were agitated somewhat. Coming to the next corner, they take the left and come to Dark Mist's room; there they see her sleeping.


The staff were warned not to wake her after what she had just gone through. Taking a step inside, she could only feel sorry for her daughters condition. Dark never shared her feelings about it, nor did she want to discuss anything related to it. It was as if Dark felt it was her burden to bear, not her mother's. Solar stood  outside the door during the visit, but got an uneasy feeling.


Sitting at her daughter's side, Evening had to get it off her chest, "I'm sorry, I should have been more observant. If I had of known this was going on..." she knew her daughter couldn't hear a word that was said, but that didn't matter; as long as she apologizes, it is fine. Dark always avoided direct questions pertaining to the other half of hers, often walked away when it came to this particular subject. "I know I can't make this go away, but at least I can finally say it. I won't be able to see you for a week, I hope you get better by that time. Just know that I love you so much, even though your father has left us; I won't ever leave you alone." These words are from the heart of a sincere mother, who would never abandon her only filly to a life of loneliness.

Exiting the room, Solar joined her and escorted her back through the halls, as they move through the isolation area, each room holds a different patient; some have gone completely mad, while others seemed to just stare into space. Dark would always do this the same way, never even hearing a word said to her, she was in her own little world.


Coming back into the main lobby, Rosa was busy looking through documents and new patient forms; she looked up to see Evening Mist and Solar Mane back in her presence. "I hope you made your visit worthwhile. Ms. Mist, and again; I offer my deepest sympathies for your filly's condition." said Rosa. She had Evening Mist taken back home, but first they must blindfold her again to ensure nothing about the location is known. "You understand we must keep this place secret, I apologize for doing it, we have no choice. Have a nice day, Ms. Mist." Rosa seems to show no emotion this time, but to Evening Mist; it is maybe Rosa's way of dealing with the stress. Leaving out the door, Evening Mist is escorted to the wagon waiting outside to take her home.



The guards take Evening  and help her onto the wagon waiting to leave. The only thoughts were of how long it would take for her daughter to recover. Rosa never told her how long, but Evening Mist feels it will take more time, It felt painful having to leave Dark alone in that place. The wagon starts to pull away as she looked back to the facility, hopeful that they could help. Dark was born with this condition, which made raising her difficult and stressful; but in the end it was worth every second to her. The wagon vanishes behind the cover of trees, taking the mother home.



Inside the facility, Rosa finally had the time to have one last check on Dark's condition; certain this would be the perfect subject for her project. Headed back towards the room in which Dark lies sedated, Rosa could finally stop the façade and go back to her normal self. Tainted Mist sounded fascinating, never before had she dealt with such a case, but for now dark would be hers. "You will my ticket out of this place, all these fools don't understand what I do for them." Rosa seemed to grin as she walked out of the room and let Dark rest for the night. One thing was certain, obedience wasn't going to be willfully given; but Rosa had her ways of making ponies obey her orders. Closing the door for the night, Rosa couldn't help but contain her enthusiasm about it. Finally, she had the perfect subject, and tomorrow would be the true test.


Chapter 2: Lost Memories

Solar accompanied Rosa as they entered the main hall and into the isolation quarters. Dark had been placed here, to ensure she could never escape. The last subject wasn't so lucky, and ended up dead. The subject had tried to run and almost got away before being brought down, she was buried along with the others. Dark had been transferred to an isolation unit after she had recovered, but Rosa seemed eager to start this project as soon as possible. Solar kept at her side, if Tainted was to come out; then he will be the one to restrain her at once. Past experience had taught him to be cautious, these patients were highly dangerous and unstable.

Reaching the isolation cell, Rosa has Solar open the cell door, revealing a cold and shivering filly sitting on the cold stone floor. Stripped of her name, she could only be identified as number twenty five, the twenty fifth subject. Solar entered first, his job required him to be her guard and not allow any patient to harm Rosa. Inside the cell. Dark squinted as the light from outside the door breached the doorway, leaving her temporarily blinded until it subsided.

Able to see after a few moments, she could see Rosa and Solar standing at the door. "Hold her still, Solar, we don't want our new patient to get hurt now, do we?" Dark gets that bad feeling, and saw the collar that Rosa had and tries fighting back against Solar as he forced her to the ground, holding her down. The expression of sadness on Dark Mist's face is amusing. Most patients reacted this way when they first have the collar put on them. "Don't be sad, my dear twenty five, It'll all be over soon." Rosa approached Dark, smiling with the collar in hoof. As it came into the light, she can see it; black with a green emerald in the center. As much as Dark struggled to break free, she cannot as the collar is placed around her neck.

Rosa gestured for Solar to release her, which he did immediately and returned to Rosa's side."I bet you want to know what this does? Let me demonstrate." Rosa activated the collar, sending a non lethal current of electricity into Dark's body, making her convulse and unable to move. Rosa didn't want to hurt the subject too much, but any attempt to defy an order would result in a bigger shock from the collar.

Rosa gives one last warning to her before they can move her from the cell. "As long as you obey my orders, I will not have to resort to this again. Now, stand up." ordered Rosa. Dark seemed to hesitate as the effects of the shock made it hard to move. Rosa understands the reason why she can't hardly stand. "Solar, please help twenty five stand. I'd rather not waste anymore time." orders Rosa. Solar moves over to Dark Mist and helps her to her hooves, she stumbles over, but finally manages to be able to walk. Now able to fully move, The three move out of the isolation unit and make their way through the halls.


Moving through the halls, the guards keep at attention as Rosa, Solar Mane, and Dark Mist make their way forward. Solar notices something off about one of them, and Rosa leaves him to it. Approaching one of the guards, Solar looks him over and notices a hint of nervousness and unease. He hates seeing guards act so unprofessional, but it is also his job to ensure they stay in line. "You, come with me." orders Solar. the guard nods and follows him to the training room across the way. Any guard knows what happens if they show one hint of weakness or fear.


Rosa leaves Solar to contend with the guard and takes Dark Mist down the hall, each of the cells hold a different subject. The subjects are screaming with madness, while others simply mutter to themselves. The thought of ending up like them is frightening, but Rosa stops and turns to face Dark Mist. Rosa's expression seems to be that of someone who thinks of this as an accomplishment, not of sympathy. She lowers her self to Dark Mist's level to speak. "You're curious, aren't you? Well then, let me explain: these are my subjects that I am experimenting on, but unfortunately they have gone mad in the process. So many failures, but you; I have a feeling you can help me attain what I have sought for so long." says Rosa.


Smirking down to Dark Mist. Both continued down the hall, nearing the testing labs. Coming to a guard station, the guard let them both through. Dark could only look up at the guard, and then look away. They must pass through several of these to get to where they had to go. Rosa showed her pass to them and both of them passed through.

With no more in sight, both came to the lab area where the other subjects are being given treatment in experiments being performed on them. Many of them are stallions, as well as mares. But what they're going through seems painful, Dark Mist keeps her eyes on the subjects as both of them make their way through the labs. 

Arriving at their destination, Rosa couldn'tt contain her excitement at her plan, and might as well let the subject know what's going on. "You have a gift that can further help me in this project, do you understand what it is?" Asks Rosa with a smile. 


Of course she doesn't, Dark only arrived here just recently, and most of this was new to her. Rosa looks at Dark Mist, a smirk on her face gives  bad vibes about her. "Tainted to me is a wonderful thing, but you only see her as a curse, while I see her as a potential soldier!" Rosa's expression seemed to twist into a grin as she speaks about the plans. "Think about it, whole armies falling to a superior force! Wielding dark magic no less." Dark can only wonder why Rosa is telling her this information.


 The monologue continued on, "I plan to change this word, that is why I need you. I will Destroy Equestria, I will save it!" That twisted look on the directors face, it was disturbing, and looked as if she were unstable herself. Princesses Celestia and Luna, the twin sisters, were the only obstacle that stood in her way. Once they were taken care of, Equestria would be hers, and everypony would be forced to obey or suffer the consequences.




Rosa and Dark Mist enter the testing chamber, there Rosa stops and grabs a book off the table in her magic. Dark had no idea what this book contains, but a gut feeling makes her uneasy. "Number twenty five, I will teach you to use dark magic. But..." Dark could sense what would come next. but kept silent. "Keep in mind that if you miss one single target, you will receive punishment for your failure." Warned Rosa. Dark swallows hard at the statement; hopeful not to disappoint her. The collar around her neck was a reminder of what would happen should she fail, and Rosa was not known for compassion, only cruelty.


Rosa walked over to a desk and levitated a book to herself and opened it. To make sure Dark understood, Rosa gave a little warning. "Dark magic can be dangerous if you have no control over it. I will teach you, just be careful when you cast it, you don't want to have your mother mourning for you, would we?" asked Rosa. At the press of a button, three targets appear, if Dark could manage to hit all targets, she would be given a reward, but before that. Rosa had to explain, "Now, what I want to you to do is think of something you hate, that will be enough for the spell to take shape. If you cannot do it the first time, keep trying, you will not leave here until you do." Having no choice but to listen to Rosa, Dark could only do as she was asked. 


The only thing that mattered now is trying not to make any mistakes that would get her shocked by the collar again. "Take out one target, fail and you go back to that cold isolation cell again." Dark Mist hates it in there, just the thought of it alone is motivation enough.


Nodding, she replies, "I'll try". Now the pressure on herself is greater to accomplish this task, Rosa is only nice when she gets results. Failure would only lead to pain, not wanting to experience that pain, Dark focused on the targets, each in the shape of ponies, which really made it difficult for her. what holds her back from casting it? The constant memories of that day when she had attacked the filly and colt are still fresh in her mind.

Looking down at Dark with a sigh of frustration, Rosa shouts at her subject, "I don't want you to try, I want you to do it! That is, unless you really want to go back." Rosa seemed to give that smirk on her face again, reason to hate her even more. Dark focused the spell, and redirected that anger and hatred into the spell and formed a dark magic crystal shard, then casted it at both at the targets, punching through them like nothing.


Tainted seemed to enjoy those moments and seemed to smile, "That's it! Let it all out!" Tainted's expression is one of pure enjoyment.


Rosa is happy to see her subject is able to handle the spell, "Very good, twenty five. Just remember, keep this up and you won't have any problems with me." Even though Rosa had said that, it didn't make her any less likable. Rosa decided to leave the room for a moment, but kept the guards on watch for Dark in case something goes wrong. She had no way of getting out, so why would she do such a thing.

Turning to face the guards, one of them seemed to be feeling uneasy. Before Dark can stop herself, Tainted took over for only a few moments and tried to add to that fear by giving the guard a malicious look on her face. This made the guard close his eyes, an action that seemed to anger Tainted. She didn't like it when ponies looked away from her. The stallion knews that she couldn't do a thing with that collar around her neck, but couldn't help but feel frightened. She was finding it amusing to get such a reaction and enjoy it. Dark could only watch, but decided to try to take back her consciousness. "Stop it! They didn't do anything, they're just doing their jobs." Tainted was annoyed at dark's crybaby attitude, and the other guard seemed more professional and wasn't afraid of her.


Rosa returned to the room with a live subject, a pegasus mare, a subject Rosa saw no point in keeping around. Tainted is smiling, would she finally get to have her fun today? Rosa shoved her forward, the mare stumbling to the floor. "Now, let's try the real thing, shall we? I want you to use that spell on this pathetic subject." Rosa seemed to take pleasure in using these other subjects for this purpose, just disposable commodities. This subject seemed depressed, yet looked to Tainted with a pained expression, begging to put her out of her misery. What had Rosa done to her? Tainted seemed to go away and retreat back into Dark's mind again, giving back control.


Dark didn't want to cause pain or suffering to anypony else, and refuses to go through with it. "No! I won't!" shouted Dark. Tainted may have been willing to do it, but not her. This response only made Rosa give a look of disapproval, Now Dark will face the worst side of Rosa, only the staff and Solar know about her true nature. 


This lesson was about to be learned the hard way. "Solar! Get your flank in right now!!" shouts Rosa. Solar came into the room with great haste and stood at attention, not wanting to make her angry. Rosa had a backup plan in place, and Solar is the one who could help with this problem.

A serious expression on her face as she gave Solar an order, "Remember that prototype potion you're working on? I want you to test it on subject twenty five here. I'm sure she will be a lot more cooperative afterwards." Hearing those words, Dark tries to sneak away quietly while both are distracted by one another.


Solar is taken aback by the request, and questions the order, "What? But I haven't really had the chance to truly test it yet, who knows what it might do."


Rosa becomes irritable towards Solar, and shouts, "Do I pay you to sit on your flank? No! I pay you to work! Now take this filly to the back and I'll join you in a bit!" Rosa was frustrated, but managed to keep her temper under control. Last time this happened, she had ended up fatally wounding the last subject, she can't afford to lose it here, not while she was so close to getting what she wanted.


Finally noticing as Dark tried to get away, Rosa cast a spell, which trapped Dark in a cage, she couldn't escape this time. "Trying to escape are we? We can't have that now, can we?" said Rosa. Smirking down to Dark, which made Dark's ears fold against her head. Turning her attention toward Solar, Rosa gave another order, "Solar, make sure not to lose her this time, or this will be the last mistake you ever make." Warned Rosa.

Solar moved toward Dark, Which Rosa then released the spell. "Understood. Twenty five, I advise you to come with me. Miss Rosa isn't the pony for you to try and test her patience with." Dark quickly followed without hesitation, choosing not to push her luck with Rosa. Solar is polite, but Rosa had a temper that was more trouble than it is worth. Solar took Dark back towards the infirmary, they both headed through the doors, and left Rosa to compose herself.



Inside, Solar lead Dark to the center of the room; there Solar gestured for Dark to lie down on the table. Hesitation leads Solar to take her by force, a guard helped him restrain her on the metal table. The potion is brought out, but Solar does have a conscience, and seems to have sympathy for Dark Mist. Rosa enters the room, and stands next to the table that Dark Mist lies restrained to; a serious expression upon her face as she looks down to Dark Mist.

"Now, Twenty five, I'll give you an idea of what's about to happen. You either take this potion willingly, or my guards here will force you to drink it." But when Dark had refused and kept her mouth shut, Rosa pulls Dark's head back forcing her to cooperate. She almost chokes on the potion, but swallows it, but kept a bit of it hidden in her mouth. Rosa never saw it coming, its at that point when Dark spits it back into her face, this angered Rosa. "You...little! Just wait until I get my hooves on you!" Shouts Rosa, walking towards Dark in an aggressive manner; Solar caught sight of this and saw it as a threat to the project.

The guards react quickly as Solar makes an order, "Guards, restrain the director at once!" orders Solar.


Now restrained, Rosa was still trying to get at the subject for showing such disrespect, "Let me go! That filly needs to be taught a lesson!" Shouts Rosa. Furious and screaming, still trying to break free from the guards.


Solar approaches her calmly and speaks to her quietly, "Rosa, we can't afford to hurt this subject, she is much too valuable to be damaged. I'm only trying to help you. Now, calm down before you do something you'll regret." suggested Solar. Rosa took a deep breath and brings her anger down to a stable level. Rosa turned to leave, but looked back at Dark one last time before she left the room.


Now free to examine the subject, Solar wanted to see if the potion worked. "Twenty five? I want you to look at me." At his command, Dark did so, but her eyes looked as if she were in a trance-like state. Solar gave an order, "I need you to look up at the ceiling" Without question, Dark follows the order. "Alright, good. Now...there's one little task I need you to take care of, but you will not do it unless I tell you to, got it?" asked Solar.


Dark responds with no emotion in her voice, "Yes, I hear you." it seemed to have worked after all, now Rosa should be able to train her properly without anymore distractions. Until Rosa calmed down, Solar stood watch over the subject.



Exiting the infirmary, Rosa entered the main room and was still feeling angry. She had hidden some of it away from Solar during her time she was restrained. Rosa had faked being calm so Solar would let her go and she could leave. Rosa had almost forgotten about the Pegasus mare she had left in the chamber, turning her gaze to the mare, Rosa smiled. "If I can't take it out on her, then you're the next best thing." The pegasus mare tried to get away, but was caught by the mane, and was brought to eye level with Rosa with a levitation spell. The mare shut her eyes tightly, she knew what was to come next.

Rosa sent the mare to the floor, knocking the wind out of her, and left the subject gasping for air. The mare wasn't hurt too badly, but still tried to get away from Rosa. Rosa continued the assault with magic, and caused the mare to scream in pain. Rosa's temper was out of control and the mare only seemed more afraid, she wanted it to end. "I try so hard to get results, but they always blew up in my face! I put up with this every single day!" shouted Rosa. With one final spell, the mare was knocked unconscious, but still breathing. Rosa felt a lot better after that,  found a chair, and sat down to rest her eyes for a moment. The mare fortunately got a reprieve from the assault.




Back inside the infirmary, Dark seemed to be under the potion's effects, it had worked after all. "I trust you've had your fun with our director? If I hadn't of stopped her, you wouldn't be alive. Outbursts like that from Rosa are common. If you want to live, I suggest you refrain from such actions in the future." Warned Solar. Solar continued is examination of Dark. "Don't get the wrong idea, You're only here to serve as a subject and to learn your place." said Solar. Keeping his eyes locked onto her own, Solar can't help but feel a bit of sympathy inside.


Suddenly, the effects had wore off, and Dark came back to her senses. She cried out, "I don't want to be here! I want my mother!" said Dark in protest.


Hearing this, Solar shook off the thoughts in his mind and spoke once more, "No, I'm sorry, but that will never happen. Once you become a subject, you're no longer a free pony anymore. This is your home now." Explained Solar. Dark's ears folded again, saddened by his words and wishing she was able to escape this horrible place. Solar looked back to Dark, and could see her sobbing quietly. Not able to stand it, Solar left her alone, and exited the room. With nopony to seek comfort, Dark can only lie there, wishing her mother would come back to retrieve her.




Outside the infirmary, Solar caught sight of the pegasus mare. The subject had been beaten and battered, Rosa's doing no doubt. Also spotted Rosa, napping in the booth; seemingly smiling as she rested there as if she was innocent of any crime. Helping the mare to her hooves, Solar attempted to escort the subject back to her cell. It was apparent that the mare was unable to move at all, she had been beaten to near death. "I'm sorry..." Said Solar in apology as guards took her from him. If a subject was of no use to the facility, the policy stated that the subject be disposed of and documented. While Rosa was lenient, sometimes she could also take matters into her own hooves. Heading back to the room, Solar found Rosa awake and looking through the documents again. Dark was her pet project, and nothing would stand in her way of getting results.

Solar approached Rosa, hoping to talk some sense into her, "Rosa? A word if you please?" asked Solar. He and Rosa made their way back to Dark in the infirmary, he was worried that if Rosa took it too far, it would go badly for the staff and for herself.


 Rosa stopped and turned to face Solar, hoping it wasn't another complaint. "What is it now, Solar? You know I don't like it when I get interrupted." warned Rosa. 


Solar could see the glare which Rosa gave him, but proceeded with his warning. "Just a piece of advice: I'd be careful around Twenty Five, she may be a filly; but she can be a threat if you get arrogant. What I mean is, even the prettiest roses have thorns, Rosa; and you'd do well to take my warning seriously." Rosa saw how serious he was, but just waved it off.


Tired of Solar's constant warnings, she shouted, "If that's all you have to say, then fine! Keep your thoughts to yourself!" said Rosa. Eager to get back to the infirmary to work with the subject, Rosa could only hope the potion was still in effect. Solar sighed at her in disbelief, such carelessness would get her in trouble one of these days. Both went through the doors and into the Infirmary.




Inside, it seemed Dark had fallen asleep on the table. Rosa came closer and saw that she is sleeping, as if nothing has happened. Rosa could only shake her head at the sight, slamming a hoof on the table. This startles Dark, and wakes her up, making her sit up. "Nice of you to join us, Twenty Five, hope you slept well." Rosa walked back behind her subject and took off the restraints from her.


Now free to walk around, Dark can only try to remember what is going on. "Who are you?" asked Dark.


A Brow twitched in annoyance, Rosa lowered herself to Dark's level "You don't remember? How odd. Solar? What's going on? I thought you said you could make it work." asked Rosa. Solar knew it, this was why he never wanted to use it. Now it seemed to have temporarily made Dark forget who they are, but he didn't know when her memory would come back.Dark Mist is lost, but when Solar tried to approach, Dark hid behind Rosa.

Rosa doesn't like petty attachments, and shouted, "What do you think you're doing, Twenty Five? I'm not your mother!" Dark cried, but it only served to annoy Rosa further as she tried to get Dark off her hoof.

Solar couldn't help but see this as humorous. "Well think of it this way, Rosa, you can always quit and try foal sitting." Solar smiled with closed eyes, but Rosa wasn't amused by the joke. Moving the subject off of herself, she tried to get away, but Dark seemed intent on sticking by her. This was funny to Solar, an hour ago, Dark was a scared filly, but now she stuck to Rosa like glue.

Taking a few notes, Solar decided to leave the subject with Rosa for the time being, and Rosa wasn't too happy about it. "Where do you think you're going, Solar!" shouted Rosa, but Solar didn't even acknowledge Rosa's words. Leaving her to the task of getting Dark to the isolation cell. Growling, Rosa had Dark follow her, for now she couldn't handle this problem and the only way to take care of it was to put her into the isolation cell.




Outside the chamber, Rosa and Dark made their way past the main lobby and past the guards. None seemed to even look her way, instead stood at attention upon The director's arrival. Dark looked up at one them, eager to get a good look. Before she could though, Rosa took her by the mane and pulled her back. "Do not bother them, now let's go." ordered Rosa. Dark began running to catch up with Rosa, who wasn't stopping to wait up. Having to deal with a filly who's memory was gone a hindrance to her plans, but more so than when she was aware of who they were. Rosa didn't like her plans being delayed like this, but she still needs to teach this subject her place.

Arriving at the isolation cell, Rosa forced Dark inside the cell by throwing her inside, giving an intimidating glare.This made Dark uncomfortable. Rosa hated this filly's actions, and needed to be assertive to get her point across; even if it meant getting harsh with her words. "Don't think for a second that I like you, you're nothing more than a means to an end. You are number twenty five, You will never be anything else." said Rosa in a cold demeanor before slamming the cell door shut. Left in total darkness, Dark didn't like it one bit, the crying outside the cell didn't phase Rosa one bit; walking away as the crying grew faint.



Now all alone in her cold cell, Dark could only wipe the tears away. Who was this pony who treated her with such disgust? Dark is tired and moved over to her bed, not the best, but at least she had something to sleep on. The only thing patients are given is just a thin blanket and a pillow on a stone floor, no sign of any hospitality. But for now, she needed to rest for tomorrow, then maybe Rosa would come back and apologize? But the feeling she had said otherwise.

Suddenly, a voice came into her mind; familiar, but unknown."I know how you feel, Dark. I go through the same troubles you do." Tainted had decided to take sympathy for once, given the situation, she couldn't do much about it. "You don't remember me, do you? Let me tell you then: I am Tainted Mist, your other self, and you are Dark Mist." Tainted can't stand it, the thought of not being feared and remembered was annoying her. Helping this way would hopefully bring the memories back. But then there was another thing that needed to be addressed, The crying fits were the bane of her existence and often got on her nerves.

Dark tilted her head in confusion. "Dark Mist? That's my name?" still confused by all this, she tries to remember, but it's a blank, even her mother is a blank slate. Tainted seemed to know more about her life than she did herself.


If Dark Mist couldn't remember a thing, then it would be easier to manipulate her into believing she is a friend, not the enemy. "Yes, that's right. And the pony who treats you so badly, is Rosa; she cares nothing for you, but i do." seemingly friendly toward Dark, tainted kept it going, soon Dark would understand.  Let's be friends you and I, I'll protect you from whatever may harm you; like I have done in the past." she has Dark just within her reach. She would need to be careful about what she said, if her memory were to return, then the plan would fail.

Dark figured maybe this pony could be trusted, after all, she didn't have any friends. Now having got Dark's friendship, it was time for bed. "Its better for you to rest, we can't have Rosa breathing down our necks because you couldn't hit a target, understand? Just let me worry about Rosa; you just focus on your training." suggested Tainted. Dark had slipped under her thin blanket and pillow and fell asleep, Tainted couldn't believe how easy her plan worked. For now, things would get all the more interesting once she could get the magic she needs to escape this place. All goes quiet as the lights shut off, in the morning, she would receive more training.


Chapter 3 coming soon!

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Are you on FimFiction.net?

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Are you on FimFiction.net?

Yes, but I don't publish anything because of the rude behavior of members lately. I'm called DullSlothMinion. Candy Star was already taken.

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I really love the story :) for some reason I like these kind of fanfics

Thank you.

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