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Iron Pony 2019 Information

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Welcome to the Iron Pony Competition!


Welcome to the roughest- toughest- and dustiest display of skill in all of Equestria! Ponies will compete in events that test their strength, speed, endurance, and stomachs! Do you have what it takes to be your best? Do you have what it takes to exceed the rest?? Do you have what it takes to be- The Iron Pony?!

Join us in the games- and show us what you've got!

Basic Information and Rules:

- Please observe all site rules while you participate!

- The Iron Pony Competition will last for three weeks, Starting Friday, June 28th and going until, Friday, July 19th!
Week One Events: Cloudsdale Cloud Diving, The Obstacle Course, Cupcake Eating Contest

Week Two Events: The Tug-of-War, Super Sure Shot Sniping Session, The Barrel Weave
Week Three Events: The Longest Yards, Unnecessarily Extreme Rock Climbing, The Iron Swimmer

- We will host different events each week for you to compete in- please check each thread for rules on how to compete, and how each competition will be judged!

- To begin participating, click on the event that interests you and read the instructions and guidelines- then begin posting!

- There is honor to be earned for the ponies who prove their mettle as the toughest stuff- each competition will announce a winner!

- Multiple OC's / Characters may be used for events. Please read up on the rules in every competition as they may be different per contest.

- A judge's decision is final! Please respect the judges and your competitors! While we are competing to do our best, we are all part of the same community! 



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