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  1. Apple Bloom sighed as the drinkmare of the hour denied her request. Not that she had really asked for something hard, just the hardest she could get from her. And not that she hadn’t had some hard stuff before. She was a young mare on a family farm who knew how to get into the cider cellar. She had certainly not made a habit of it but once or twice she had snuck in and not been worse for the wear. The other Cutie Mark Crusaders too, for that matter. Of course none of it was awfully strong- they made that stuff to sell during cider season, didn’t store it- but that didn’t change the fact that she wasn’t some fair-weather filly. Still, she had a job to do. And today that job was to test out apple-greenberry punch. “Don’t mind if Ah do,” she said as she took the offered drink and gulped it all down in one violent motion. Say what you want about Berry Punch- it'd probaby be that she was the best at what she did! She ruminated on it a moment. “Hmm...it ain’t bad at all! Pretty good, really. But tha apple ain’t right. Ah think this tastes like a Gala an’ that ain’t a bad choice but its awful hard ta work with punch just right. Ah’d either try workin’ it in a bit late in tha process, so tha sugars and flavor of tha Gala don’t start ta die off too quick. Still, it has real promise,” she said as she hooved the cup over. “Can Ah have another one?” She asked as a real shapely unicorn made her way. Apple Bloom had never seen her before, but she was certainly glad to see her now. “Howdy! Ah’m Apple Bloom. Who’re you?” She asked as another unicorn of striking looks approached. This time, it was because she might strike you if you noticed her looks. “Hey there Tempest! How’re you-” she began before word started to spread that the ceremony was to begin. “Oh, fer land’s sakes. Ah got ta go ta mah,” she said using her hooves as quotation marks, “‘assigned seating’. Stupid Apple family wedding rules…” she muttered as she put her drink down and galloped to her position. Once she was in her seat she calmed down as she focused on the cute ceremony. Applejack was a mare of tradition and the way she went about the wedding made that clear as day, but it was still emotional to hear what she said. Rainbow Dash was unconventional and emotion and her vows reflected that. They reflected each other in the ways that mattered and Apple Bloom’s tears of joy flowed freely as two became one, and Sweet Apple Acres gained another family member where before there was only a friend. Moonlight clapped along with everypony else when the ceremony was done and the two started to walk down the aisle together. It had been a beautiful ceremony and she got to share it with her very special friend. But her mind was a little preoccupied. As Applejack was getting hugs and congratulations from her side and RD from hers, Moonlight offered one and leaned in. “Honey, you have a cranapple stain on your flank,” she said with a kiss on the cheek before pulling away as a blushing and somewhat embarrassed Applejack continued down the line of congratulations. Hey, somepony had to tell her.
  2. Applejack was a mare of rather impressive and enduring strength and stamina. Her first pregnancy had ended with a very normal, very yell-y birth at home. All in all, nothing much to it. She had felt a little foolish afterwards for not taking ponies up on their very good advice to just head to the hospital and had resolved to make it easier on herself the next time. She wasn't a masochist, after all. Besides, this time it felt a lot different. A lot more aches. A lot more pains, and as the day approached she felt increasingly sluggish. Little Ambrosia must have been so excited she kicked day and night day and night day and night to come out. Who was momma's favorite little bucker? Ambrosia was! Also please stop, momma needs sleep. When the day came Applejack didn't tarry. She first started galloping but eventually Big Mac and Apple Bloom forced her into a cart and then they rushed her over to Ponyville General. Everypony there was just so nice and welcoming and happy and she wished she could be half as happy as they were but Ambrosia was like a Yak in a debate, and her body was the yearly harvest that needed to be divided up. She was rushed into the maternal ward and from there she went about her work. Apple Bloom and Big Mac shot off to inform others, and Applejack made sure to smash a magical bell that she had- the other of which was on Rainbow, and would let her know that it was time. She then began her long, long work. And she meant, long. But don't worry, she said to herself as she was moved into her room. It would work out right in the end. Right? Right. ***************************************************** Apple Bloom had torn through town, jumping on tables, leaning into the Boutique and Sugarcube Corner, tossing her head into schoolhouse windows, breaching a castle's security with her energy, scaring all sorts of animals at a cottage with her yelling, and generally a one-pony soundboard on repeat. “Applejack's havin' Ambrosia! She's havin' Ambrosia!” She yelled, bouncing, running, nearly teleporting from place to place as she left much of the town to the mercy of a one-pony tornado. She had done this once before but her energy hadn't left off a bit. How could it? Being a big pony role model had been awesome and now she was going to be an even biggerer role mode, this time to a filly! She loved Zap Apple as much as any aunt could love her nephew but he had to admit there was just certain things she couldn't really share with him, like her love of Songbird Serenade and Sapphire Shores. She was just so sure that Ambrosia was gonna be the perfect little apple that she had very literally lost sleep over imagining how lucky she was to live in that house with her family. Well, in that moment. In her heart the seed of desire had started to develop a need to get out of there, but that would bloom later on. For now, she was just happy to welcome Ambrosia into the world. After she had made her announcement to every living creature big and small in Ponyville she made her way back to the hospital where she bounced up and down in excitement. Last time it had only been a relatively short while so this was bound to follow suit, right? Right. Right. 12 Hours Later (Just before dawn) Apple Bloom was sleeping on the floor by this point, one of her back hooves on a chair as she used something- a stack of newspapers perhaps- as a pillow. Moonlight Glitter had decided a few hours ago to go and get her tent and had set-up in the ward. A small purple thing, she had offered it to Apple Bloom but the Apple had been entirely knocked out. Moonlight wished she could be asleep but Applejack had other ideas. What pain medication wasn't working? Had to be something because Applejack had bursts of being very, very loud. Kind of made her worried. Mostly, it made her tired. She unzipped the front of the tent and stepped out to stretch her back, feeling a nice crack before yawning. "Oh. My. Twilight. She is definitely not feeling en fuego right now, right? Like, poor mare. Talk about verbal birth control, fillies," she giggled to herself and to anypony else in the room as she ventured out to get something to drink. Applejack may have been a screaming mess of a mare but that didn't mean Moonlight had to be a mess herself. Gross! As she clip clopped away, Apple Bloom jolted awake, her eyes rolling in her head. She pulled herself right-side up and yawned bleary eyed as she looked at the other ponies who were still around. "Anypony know if tha baby-" she began before she got a very loud response from Applejack's room down the hall. "Arrrggghhhhhssshshshshshh....AHHHHRRRRRGGHHSSSS!" "Ah. Okay. Right." Right?
  3. Gallus waited with baited breath, hoping against hope and delving deep into his overstuffed, overprimed sense of practiced stoicism. He wanted to save face in front of Silverstream but he didn't like skeletons, nope, not one bit. Once the skin came off it deserved to be in the ground, not walking around freaking out some flight birds. And for a small, blessed moment it seemed like the skeleton was content to sit there immobile and unmoving. He even felt confident enough to turn to Silverstream. "Heh, uhh, maybe we just overreacted?" He asked, hoping for validation of this creeping thought. Silverstream felt mildly protected by the fluff of Gallus' blue feathers, but if she was outspokenly honest, the idea of it made her feel more protected that the actual soft nature of the griffin's feathery hide. For a friend like Gallus, it was always the stubborn resistance to ridicule that seemed to give others the idea that maybe he would stand up for his friends and slash ugly unpredictable enemies with his razor sharp claws. It also helped that she enjoyed the idea of giving him the satisfaction of having served a purpose beyond just being a friend. She peeked in fear at the skeleton and noticed it's movements. It seemed to collect a stone inside its own head and looked back at the two with small kindling blue flames growing in its sockets. The moment it took a step forward, Silverstream began to freak. "It's coming this way!" She screeched in a whisper. He allowed himself a moment of looking at her face and the way that her feathers curled around her beautiful eyes that he could never admit were a third as fetching as he believed they were. She was very fluffy but he knew better than most that fluff was never really a good sign. And then her chest fluff expanded and her eyes shrunk and her beautiful eyes were struck with panic and he turned around as she spoke. Yep, it was going to eat them. "Run! RUN ITS GONNA EAT US!" He screamed before he shot up, latched onto Silverstream, and started steaking outta there. Gallus' raised his voice at Silverstream's suggestion and began contesting for the award for the scardiest cat in the world. In what seemed like less than a second, he grabbed her and began flying away. At first, Silverstream fell limp to make it easier for him to carry her away, but realized really quickly the error of the griffin's move. Her fear disappeared briefly in order to make a point. "You know I can fly too, right?" Oh, right. He hadn't thought of that. He had just acted on instinct. He hadn't started trying to eat her so it wasn't totally on instinct but close enough. "Oh, right! Sorry!" He said as he let go of her so they could make their escape together. The entire time though he hadn't stopped flying and had also stopped paying any attention. This came back to bite him the moment after he let go of her as he careened into a pillar face first, feathers bursting from him dramatically as he wrapped around it. "Gallus!" Silverstream screamed as she saw him become one with the crystalline pillar. It looked painful. For her, it was more anxious that with Gallus making his escape completely voided by his inability to avoid a stationary object, the skeleton would be no doubt trailing behind them looking to pick a bone with the two feathered creatures. She carefully tried to pull Gallus off the pillar and bring him back to cognition. "Come on, Gallus, quit messing around, it's gonna get us!" He really wanted to get the number of the truck that had hit him but he realized that trucks only existed in those science fiction stories Sandbar liked reading ad that marble would be a bad material to use anyway. Then Silverstream's voice knocked him back into the waking world. He pushed himself off of the pillar and landed with a thud, almost falling on top of her. He rolled and shot back up. "Run- FLY!" Silverstream leaned down to help him up and he screamed again. His adrenaline showing no signs of retreating. Silverstream beganing flying away with Gallus again but looked back to remind herself of her fear. But something was off. The skeleton was not running after them. In fact, it didn't seemed to be behind them at all. As far as she could tell, the skeleton hadn't even left the room yet. "Um, Gallus, is it even following us?" He stopped midflight. Huh, he hadn't considered that it wasn't as fast as they were, or even all that interested. "...I don't know, I hit my head. Wanna take the chance?" Silverstream's question and Gallus' answer began to make her more and more curious about what this skeleton was all about. The fear was still there, but she had a layer of protection to prevent any issues that might arise should this walking set of pony bones decide to harm her, and it was known as a griffin. "Um, yeah, maybe we should just see. We can always fly away again if it tries to attack us," Silverstream strategically flew behind Gallus and started to slowly shove him towards the doorway they were previously peeking through. He nodded, trying to look way more confident than he felt. It didn't matter though, he had tried to scream and run twice. Not very cool. "Yeah, uhh, I guess we can see. Just stay behind me," he said as if he had a choice, the hippogriff making sure to keep him in front.
  4. Twilight finally revealed the pictures and information of the two artifacts in question to Sombra. The first was The Mirror of Alternate Realities was an unusual artifact. It was a small hoof mirror that was believed to show not the you were, but the you could become or had become in alternate realities. The catch was that this alternate you was hostile and wanted to switch places, and would try to pull you into its own reality. The possibilities were endless and its history was rather sordid, but it was simply too easy to contain and was far more of a threat to the user than anycreature else. It gave off a very unique magical aura meaning it was difficult to use against even average unicorns, let alone anypony with any manner of defensive training or protective services. Still, it was something she would much rather have kept under lock and key than out and about. Mischief was its primary danger but what a danger that mischief could be. Then there was The Remembrance Stone, as it was known in the archives. It was said that whoever held it could see the memories of whoever it had belonged to, and that it was just one of multiple powers. There had been few tests conducted with it and they never had managed to get a full understanding of just who it was the Stone had belonged to. Historical records were vague about it and Twilight had always believed that was part of a defensive mechanism. She had always believed it was a dangerous artifact and wanted to extricate it to the Keep with other artifacts she had deemed a threat, but unlike the ones her Keepers discovered and could secretly whisk away this was in the archives and thus harder to explain. She couldn't even just order its removal- as part of a system designed to prevent a Princess from taking what she wanted when she wanted to, such items required a meeting with some of the top magical officials. She had just that sort of meeting on her schedule...for next week. To discuss twenty such artifacts. She had it scheduled two weeks before but... Well, you say no to a Pinkie Pie dinner party. "Which one do you think she may have taken? And why?"
  5. The Cow arrived in good time, looking all the part of somebou who had enjoyed her party this day. A part of hi recoiled at the idea of somecreature that had been lying about her identity enjoying the company of his warriors but she had earned it the way any caribou might- by crushing her opponents and scattering the enemies of the old gods. If nothing else she had earned the right to celebrate that, no matter how short her celebration may last. The room was quite large and at the very center of the Keep. It was used now as a planning room. A massive stone table was erected in the middle and on it were placed wooden figures signifying the rebels, the loyalists, and other military forces of concern. Charts and maps and books- yes, books- littered the area around it as the Red Jarl and other caribou examined it. That was, until she came in. He gruffly tossed his wildly maned head to the side and the caribou left one by one, their hoofsteps echoing in the silence of the Keep. Once the final caribou left it was only the Red Jarl and the cow, ad the far off sounds of celebration. After a few moments the Red Jarl, who had been leaning against the table, stood up to his full height and started circling it around to her. He gestured to one of the figures in Whitescar. It was a loyalist figure in the northeast of the continent, where almost no rebels could be seen. It had been toppled, a red X marked on it in washable colors. Across the waters into the Stottingsburg Isles, multiple rebel figures were turned rightside up, though few of them appeared to be warrior figures. "That was our doing. The Hjaarvesgar Clan was an impediment to our contact and alliance with our brothers and sisters in the Slave Islands. With them out of the way, that corridor will be easier to transit through," he said as he finally made his way behind her, examining her form for any inconsistencies. For one who was well briefed in the layout of the body it wouldn't take long. "You have a keen mind. What else do you see? What do you think I see?"
  6. Applejack had quite clearly lost the plot. They were about to sneak into the temple with half the squad providing a distraction when an unexpected and weird variable showed up, on two legs instead of four at that. She had never seen a farm pig like this heffer before. She even had all manner of jewelry and special accoutrements that seemed rather excessive. It made Applejack wonder. Wonder just what farmer owned such an animal, why it would be out here. Wonder why it walked on two legs and had such a truly mischievous glint its hazel eyes. She couldn't make heads or tails of it at first and she was happy for it because the pig made her feel mighty uncomfortable. The only stranger pig experience she had in her life was when a farmer from Hoofington claimed he had a pig that could understand Ponish and did all manner of tricks. Turned out it was all just a show and a lie and that got him in some hot water but it did make her briefly consider the possibility that it was some sort of trick-pig. If that were the case, where in Celestia's fetlocks was the scheming farmer behind it all? "Ah don't rightly know. It ain't no normal pig, that's for sure," Applejack said as she observed their surroundings. Sure were a lot of little piggies running around. Some seemed close behind the one on two legs, but many others seemed to stay away- though, as if by force, never too far. She looked back at the temple- where were the guards? The moment this heffer showed up they seemed to have, what, retreated into the temple? Did that mean they had gone inside? Damn. "Alright, uhh. Well we should keep eyes on her 'course, but we need ta get inta that temple-" "You mean my temple, yes? Or should I say, soon to be my temple?" A voice rang out, with almost the same preening haughtiness of Rarity. Applejack looked around. Where did that voice come from- "Oh, you ponies-" Wait, that pig was talking? "-Not realizing true grace when it stands in front of you!" It sure was. Applejack's eyes bugged out. "Wait a minute. You can talk?" The well-off looking heffer stared daggers at Applejack. That didn't seem good.
  7. It didn't take a genius to see the underlying tension, as well deserved a sit was, between the ice mages. Twilight wanted to chalk it up to competitive spirits and a similar field but she knew it was untrue, if only because she had dealt with Ice enough to know the difference between competitive spirit, worry, panic, and legitimately growing horror. Ice was probably nestled somewhere in the latter categories more than the former. She wasn't there but but she well understood the causes. He was a concern. She had an earnest belief that he would not be somepony they would regret extending hope rather than fear towards but that wasn't guaranteed. Twilight was the Princess of Friendship and so she would always look at it that way, but she knew that there were certain creatures you would never be able to reach. She didn;t believe this was the case and it was still unclear just what they were dealing with, but Twilight was at least intrigued by what may happen next. "Well, I'm here many nights. I'm sure you could stop on in next time you make your trek," she said, wondering just when that'd be. Would his schedule change or would he keep to it? A great deal rode on that. He said his goodbyes and went to leave- not before asking about a very specific and very ancient set of spells. Like many legendary spells, they had grown in the telling of their history. In all truth and honesty the largest reason they had fallen through the mists of time was that, alone, they accomplished very little that other spells or pegasi couldn't do. There was a reason that throughout history, recorded or otherwise, weather control was the purview of the pegasi. Unicorn spells did rather poorly at it for any length of tie or when up against opposition- it took a pegasi's cutie mark or aether connection to do so. Nonetheless, she would answer him honestly, if not entirely at length. "Oh, yes. They do. And they're less...lost than you may think," she said with a wink. "Safe travels!"
  8. The enemy fractured before them. The Loyalists were tough, strong, and brave, but it took a unique mind to withstand the knowledge of your imminent death and the crushing defeat that was laid bare before you. Many fled, or at least tried to. Some threw down their weapons and gave themselves over to the rebellion. A bright, blazing few fought heroically and tenaciously- and with total furility. The slaughter was quick and vicious. Some of the Red Jarl's men wanted to pursue the retreating Loyalists and cut them down but he held them back. Better to leave some ashamed survivors to bring word of this defeat to their fellows. Fear- fear was a weapon as sharp as any blade, and he knew well how to wield it. But that was not when the good news ended. His cow, the magical cow mercenary, returned with the helm of her defeated enemy. He noticed the slight hesitation, the flight concern that had flashed in her. It only made him more curious as to who she really was, but no matter. In the moment, she had done her job. She approached, helm in her hooves. When she got close enough he reached over and picked her up by her legs, the helm still in her control. He roared in victory, his army following suit. The helm fell off and he grabbed it, gazing at it with a wicked smile. "You did well today, warrior. Now, let us depart. We have proven what we needed to prove," he said, and the army followed suit. He then stared at the helm once more with that same smile. That would show his traitor-cousin the meaning of 'dishonoring the family', wouldn't it? ********************** In the Badlands of Equus the rebels had created any number of large, roving settlements. They shared the badlands with Changeling hive-groups who left the Changeling kingdoms after Chrysalis' defeat, pony criminals, outlaw groups, and loners, and any manner of magical creatures and dangerous wildlife. For all of those threats though it was the caribou who dominated their surroundings. Over time the exiled rebels had turned their camps into towns and ports, militarized in the way that only fanatics could do and bustling with activity. Large numbers of slaves- pony, griffon, kirin, changeling, reindeer, and even some caribou- toiled endlessly as the fires of war-making industry from innumerable forges lit the night sky in roiling auras of currant and cherry-tinted black smoke. The Red Jarl landed in Helmsberg. Very creative name- the core of the town had been a Mighty Helm fort and outpost in the days of early, early Equestria when ponies had been more exciting and had explored the continent more so. Now those were respectable ponies. Air longship docks were arrayed around the town and as they disembarked each ship was immediately set upon by dozens of repairbou. From there, they had been allowed to do as they please until the night, when they would meet again in the center of the makeshift town. Most bou spent their free time drinking and fighting if they were members of the crew- and as usual, the drinks were free for victorious bou- while around the town the little bou practiced their soldierly, teams of cows hustled and bustled taking care of the bulls, and skalds led their brothers and sisters in song and religious practice. By night, the mood turned somewhat more somber. The Red Jarl emerged from the Helmskeep as two dozen bodies were wrapped up in nice linens with their weapons and armor laid around and on top of them. One by one he said the names and a skald spoke of their deeds. Those with families were taken into a nearby Barrow where they would be interred alongside their families for generations. Those without families and without great deeds to their name were burned on large pyres nearby. One of them was put on a boat and pushed out to see before a rain of arrows on fire caught it on fire in the cold waters of the frozen north. Then the drinking began, because to die in battle was glorious. Lit by the fires of pyres in the sea and on land, the Red Jarl mingled with his fellow caribou for a while, disinterested in small talk but indulgent in his description of battle. Before long he vanished inside the Helmskeep. The party continued for some while until one of his housecarls found the Magical Cow. "The Red Jarl wishes to see you in the Helmskeep, warrior."
  9. Welcome! Enjoy your stay!
  10. "In time, perhaps. Though when they transferred over their power of the cosmos over to me, it was a near total subjugation of their aetheric connection to me. Essentially, they are still alicorns and still tremendously powerful, but I am in control of their own unique magic. So if they do choose to return, it would have to be a unique capacity. Aether is tricky like that. You can take and modulate and you may give it away, but once given, it cannot truly be returned. I doubt Luna and Celestia will ever have the chance to raise the moon and sun again, even if we all wanted them to. As for what else they offer..." She smiled. "I'm imperfect. I could always use more help, but I don't expect to hear from them for a while. Celestia has spent a very long millenium and more running a country alone and Luna spent much of that time consumed by a force of hate and bitterness. If any two creatures deserve and likely value a break, it is they," she said with a nod. Why wasn't this magic used more in modern magical theory? And should she be straining herself? She nodded. "Consider this. An illusion is a lie. The most powerful illusions, such as this, are simply lies that our subconscious comes to believe as truth, which alters our reality. The faultlines are numerous. Anything other than a top of the line illusion will fail to be perceived as anything more than that to most ponies, as our aetheric connection and auras have developed various protective measures. It goes by many names but the technical one is aetheric subliminal shielding, which protects us from illusions and many memetic transumtation effects. And that has nothing to do with a critical eye blowing apart an illusion, or even a laypony realizing something is not right. And even the best illusions can be undone by altering facets of the accepted reality. Gravity, time, identity, age, material construction, pathing, geography- so many things can be changed by any number of spells that fundamentally alter the basic underlying reality of your perception that even advanced illusions can be countered by rather basic spell work. This means most illusions are either meant for extremely short durations or as stagecraft, where there is an implicit agreement to suspend disbelief," she rambled enthusiastically. As they made their way into the next room, she responded to his final question. "As for straining myself, I'm quite alright. If you don't work a muscle, you lose a-" This was one heck of a library. She trotted forward as he spoke and investigated, looking around at the different sections. It was hard to not be excited. The overwhelming majority of these books seemed to be in good condition as well. The scholar in her was so very excited. How rare was it to find a single shelf of well preserved books after this long? To find a library this absolutely massive- and 42 million books was certainly the definition of massive- wasn't just rare, it was patently unheard of. She could do nothing but giggle! "Oh, you bet! We'll have to mark this for retrieval. Think about all the-" she started as she opened up a few books excitedly, reading from them quickly until something felt off. She turned to face him, only to be met by a rolling bank of fog. She tried to find him but to no avail, and couldn't hear him if he was speaking. They were trapped, but by what? "Squall?" "Unstable magic brings unstable results. What is at the beginning of the end, the start of eternity, at the end of time and space, was in the middle of yesterday but is nowhere in tomorrow?" Came a soft voice, a feminine voice, as it echoed across the library.
  11. As they talked, Moonlight tried to get back in her working mojo. She wasn't trying to work up too much of a sweat but sweet Twilight she couldn't help it. This was just hard! Even her horn felt stressed as she worked. But she wouldn't say a word. Not. One. A thin veneer of sweat was starting to form and the magic aura of her horn flickered every once in a while. She'd wait for Applejack to say something before she took a break. She continued to move the barrel with her magic and raked the leaves and picked them up- she'd have to start thinking of labor styles at some point to keep herself from bemoaning her self-perpetuated sorrow cycle. What color went well with sweat and leafy brown? White was out of season, but what about a light blue? Oooh, she'd look great in that. And it went well with red, which was always a consideration. Applejack then asked the pertinent, hard-hitting question. Just what was it about Remington that she liked so much? She giggled, then tried to keep her composure, then tittered some more. "Hehehe. Well, uhh, like, let's start with the totes obvious first. He is so freakin' cute, like for real. And he is kinda dorky and awkward, but, like, I think that's mostly 'cause I probably make him feel all twisted up inside. How could I not, right? Right. So, like, he is also really smart and, like, wise in a way that I'm not sure he knows, and he's totally loyal, generous, and, like, super kind," she said as she grunted, the barrel falling down. She rolled her eyes and continued, though she blushed and smiled. "And oh my Twilight does he have a cute flank."
  12. It was an interesting exchange between these two. For Twilight's part she was trying to stay out of too much directness with the stallion, allowing the more aggressive Ice Storm to shape the way it flowed with Twilight acting as the softening bend of the river as a contrast. So many things he said set off alarms in her head. Not necessarily ones of threat or direct hostility, but alarm nonetheless. The spells cast and totality at times of his endeavor were impressive from a scholarly position but uniquely unsuited to even the attempt of a normal life. He had shunned such things, but that didn't mean it was the right decision. She took a sip of water as she considered his statements carefully, wondering- ********* Twilight started to feel a tug on her aether. The spell was wearing off. "We will have to conduct a more thorough investigation. The Frozen North may be beyond our control, but the weather patterns and cold fronts of the area are still noted by the meterological academies in Cloudsdale. The presence of an active user of powerful ice magic will have a noticeable effect on the climate around him, especially if he has felt free to test his limits. We'll let him go for now- observe him the best we can, so we can ascertain his true power and agenda," she said as she closed her eyes. She started feeling less and less whole, then smiled. "Now this spell has its-" In a moment she vanished as the aether pulled the duo back into their respect bodies in an aetheric snap. ********* -Twilight had just put her cup down when her aether form returned to her. Briefly her mind was overwhelmed with information that had been gleaned from their journey as assuredly as if she had physically done so. It took a few moments for it to be categorized, and a few more for her to come to grips with it and the implications. She maintained her vaneer throughout, though she was quiet. There was a new and more terrible conundrum before them. He was clearly very powerful, and it almost as clear that he was up to something. Whether he was a direct threat to Equestria or not was unknown however, and it was that unknown that made the decision-making difficult. It would easy to simple detain him if he presented himself as a clear threat. However, since he did not, it was morally wrong to hold him against his will. The true agenda he had would need to be better understood, but they couldn't do that here. He would need his freedom, and they would need to observe him. Maybe he was more an ally than enemy. Maybe he was a lost soul whose path could be corrected. Or maybe he would truly reveal himself as an enemy and thy would need to confront him. No matter what the case turned out to be, the answer for now was clear. A stamp wet with liquid popped next to her, splattering her slightly with its ink. She took the book he had wanted to check out in her magic and pulled it over. She opened it, saw the little check out chad, and stamped it before the stamp itself popped back out. "See? Now you're using this library's resources properly," she said with a laugh. "I understand that you may not want to come here during the day, and that's okay. You are certainly a very unique pony and this library is open to you. But, when you do make your trips, please do not try to sneak in or otherwise cause alarm. Contact Ice Storm, or even myself. A journey in the world of magical knowledge is always more beneficial together than alone," she said with a smile as the book was pushed back to him. "Friends can make any path easier to travel."
  13. Applejack stretched herself, feeling the accumulated stress of the day washing over her, having changed from stress to satisfaction like any good day of work. And what a day of work it had been. She had been less than certain about how this day would work out but her fears and apprehensions had evaporated in the aftermath clear-cut quality of the customers and the cheer that had been spread. Each bushel that she had sold told its own story, from the warm summer day that the apples inside had been bucked clear, from the hooves that had washed them and inspected them. The sweat and effort that went into each one, only for them to sit, victims of the excessive success of their luckier brothers and sisters. From the family meeting, to the barked out idea by the youngest Apple, to her initial rejection of it. Each and every customer had left her a little memory and she had created her own with them, hopefully remembered and cherished and she was excited to have been so wrong. But she knew she wasn't done. There was still one last customer and she could guess who it was even before she saw him, before he spoke. She didn't know if he really fly different r sound different or spending all this time around pegasi had just given her ears a certain scale of belief in itself that was unwarranted, but she swore she could hear Zap Apple's wings differently from everypony else. She smiled before she turned. All of the normal things came to mind immediately. How much she loved him. How proud she was of him, proud of the good young stallion he was turning into. How much she treasured every moment, even the annoying ones, that in retrospect only helped make his personality stand out all the stronger in her stark memory. All of that came to her mind as much as it did every time he returned to her, even when he just wanted bits. He swooped in for a soft landing just as she had finished packing everything up. She knew she had one kiss left to go but she didn't need all the bells and whistles for one bushel, one kiss. But she wasn't a dummy. She saw nocreature else was in line. The day had been cooked until her little-big stallion came out of the sky and asked for some apples. As luck would have it, she had saved enough for exactly one bushel. "Well, lookie here who showed up," she said as she reached over and pulled her son in for a hug. She was stronger than him, don't let him forget it. "Somehow missed all this? You missed one heck of a shindig. Felt like it took forever but that ain't no problem. Time passes by quick when you're enjoyin' company," she said as she started gathering apples. "Got enough for a bushel. Mixed variety. Don't worry, no braeburns. Whatcha been up to today? Take care of yer work?" *Zap Apple* Kissed 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-90 91-100
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