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  1. Twilight snapped a look over to Aloe, one of faux concern for what seemed like a boring town. "Well you know, I could always fix that for you. Really give the mayor a good test run of her crisis management skills," Twilight offered, keeping her tone even enough that it may seem one half an offer, though her eyes that sparkled with mischief likely gave too much away. It was likely nice having the town return to its pre-Twilight Sparkle days. Boring, quaint, sweet, and not being threatened with destruction. She figured she could let them rest. After all, they had a newborn to raise soon! Both were excited. Parenthood looked like such a mystery, such a wonderful and terrifying prospect, as distant from what she could imagine yet every time she felt as if she could feel the whole planet's love expressed through each unique collection of parents and children. And Albedo was so close to being born! What an exciting time. It certainly made the wards easier to understand. "They are fine, Rose. They won't interfere with the ceremony and no protection is too much for a creature so close to being born, right?" She said as she inspected the egg closer. Not for long- just enough to glean the important biological details before she hovered backwards, some distance away. Enough for her to start. "If you want to begin, take positions next to Albedo," she stated formally, though truth be told she didn't think she needed to tell them to get close to their bundle of joy.
  2. Windigos were a truly fascinating subject and as Captain of her Guard, Twilight knew that it was for the best that Fire Walker get a firm grasp of them. "For Windigos to manifest outside of their natural grounds, you do need a large amount of disharmony. There isn't an exact number per se. It has far more to do with underlying societal attitudes. Changes in the level of disharmony present in a populace tends to take place mostly below the surface and in the subconscious. Only a small number of ponies will actively express this. Ten or twenty ponies openly stating their mistrust is usually representative of a much larger group, by a factor of at least ten to one if not much, much more. Then you need the magic of harmony itself to be weakened in an area, or be nonexistent," she finished her speech before levitating a pot of tea and pouring some more in. "If you see one, by the way, do not try to engage. Unlike Sirens who are physical creatures and can be fought physically, Windigos can only be harmed by the spreading and display of Harmony and Harmonic magics. So don't get too brave out there!" She said, playfully jabbing her Captain with a spoon. When she put it down, it was in thought. What role would fit him best? He was partially right about Cloudsdale, though there were a lot of important roles outside of direct weather control she could conjure up that he may be suited for. "Hmm. Weather control itself may be something that Cloudsdale has a hold on for the pegasi, but other species still play a role. Weather Coordinators can be any species. Though that is often pegasi, that has more to do with their ability to get hooves on. Plenty of space available for intelligent and organized individuals, even without wings. Specialists are often called in to ensure proper conditions are in place for work to continue. Your expertise in winter weather would certainly be useful to any number of cities. Emergent Weather Responders are an important piece of a region's weather control and defense team. If you can do the job, nocreature would deny you a role on such an important team," she took a sip of tea. "No, you wouldn't be able to control weather very effectively and even if you could it would be hard to get past laws on the matter, but there are many roles under the big top of weather that creatures outside of pegasi can become involved in. I would apply to Cloudsdale and if they don't get back to you quickly, feel free to have them contact me. I am sure I can put a good word in for you," she finished with a wink.
  3. Gallus felt his chest crush under the pressure of what he was being told. Smolder didn't know how old her friends would get. Dragons could live, what, a thousand years? Two? Three? He didn't really know. He also doubted Smolder knew. He doubted anycreature knew: Dragons didn't die of old age, after all. But she thought she had two or three centuries ahead of her to share with them. That was bad enough. What was worse though was when Silverstream said a hundred and fifty. On one claw, that was good. He didn't have to worry about outliving her. On the other, how could you really care about someone when they were destined to live...what, half your life? He tried to keep his composure, though it would be a little weird if he didn't say anything. "Wow, I didn't know Hippogriffs lived that long," he said, rubbing the back of his neck. "Griffons are lucky to hit seventy. Grandpa Gruff is the oldest griffon in Griffonstone and he is...eighty, I think?" Gallus said before tried to change the tone. "Still. That is a lot of time. A lot of time for us to share together." He hoped that put them at ease. he hoped it put him at ease. He needed to rest. he was tired. His brain wasn't wired to think about mortality at this time of the morning. It was therefore a good thing that the prospect of bed came up. Gallus responded quickly- almost too quickly. "Yeah, bed sounds like a good idea," he followed with a yawn. It was only mostly forced. "It's been real fun exploring the chaos of the night with you two, but I figure if I'm gone for too much longer there will be rumors about what snuck off to do....hey, wait a minute, maybe we can just wait here instead..." he said as he looked at Silverstream and then to Smolder, waggling his eyebrows and repeating it until he got the laugh he desperately sought.
  4. Rainbow breathed a sigh of relief when Twilight blushed. Truth be told she had thrown that out there to try and break the tension that had developed between them and she was happy that Twilight didn't jump on her, literally or figuratively. She rubbed the back of her neck and smiled, flying lazily ahead of the two pony touring committee. It started off well enough. Very few ponies in sight and those that were didn't much care to involve themselves in the business of a Princess and her...guard? Friend? Something of the sort? It was a nice, leisurely stroll through the cold air. For a while, anyway. The trail turned to gravel, though she didn't care much about that. The winds grew heavier. Not faster, heavier- air pressure went up and the air was thick with weighted cold, like the feeling of a winter storm but with no winter to release the sky's tension. it kept her on edge. A pegasus was used to releasing that tention but it felt like the sky here hadn't been tended to. Or if it had been tended to, it had not been very gentle. It was then that the voice shook her out of it, and Twilight's joke about it being a fairly tale? A smile to her face. "Good, I guess," she said with a laugh, then looked around for trouble, or where the voice came from. No dice. "Though if we are, I'm not gonna wear the damsel in distress dress. I'll go check it out," she said as she flew out over the bridge. Only to slam into some sort of wall and fall back down near Twilight. "Oww! What is that-" "Answer my questions three, or someplace else you will be!"
  5. It was hard for Applejack to honestly and truthfully register most of RD's change in emotion. She was still dealing with her own sensory issues. As an Earth Pony, she had always been connected to the Earth below her. It sung in her hooves and even when she was just walking around there was a certain life, a certain energy, that she felt connected to. You were never truly alone as an earth pony because the land was always there. Now that was gone. The dirt was dirt. She had rarely taken note of how it had felt before but now that she lost it she noticed it acutely. She kneaded the dirt below her hopefully before abandoning it, shaking her head and trying to regain her senses. Well, her new senses. She had lost the sense of being an Earth pony but she had gained the senses of a pegasus. The water vapor around her seemed so acute and noticeable in its trillions of droplets, fading into her subconscious. The way the wind seemed to flow through her as if she didn't exist. Every part of her seemed like it should be cold but wasn't. She didn't know how to describe it, but she felt new and weird. She took a deep breath. "Almost?" She asked with as much self-assuredness as she could muster. "Now Ah'm thinking you only liked me 'cause Ah couldn't chase after you!" She laughed, then brushed herself against RD, using her as a stabilizer. Then she let go and took a few steps, unfolding her wings. They felt weird. Pegasus ponies had wings that were smaller than they should have been in order to fly and hers were no different, but compared to her farm-bred and muscled body they seemed even smaller. She flapped them. They didn't do so in sync. Left and then right- right, then left. She sighed and then started flapping them in sync. First slow, then faster until her body was fighting itself to stay grounded. She was anything but confident. "Uhh, maybe? Ah'm gonna crash for sure but...well, lead the way Wonderbolt."
  6. Rarity didn't bother hiding her predator's smile as Applejack, without needing any verbal commands, assumed her position. She also didn't waste time taking advantage of it, using the mare's back as a hoofstool so she could lay out and keep her hooves clean. Well, cleaner than being on the ground, in any case "Hmmm, yes. This'll do nicely, my dear," she said as her horn lit up and she got another treat, tossing it on the ground near Applejack's greedy muzzle. Then she got one for herself- and another glass of whine- and allowed the silence to rule the moment for some time. Once in a while she would toss another treat on the ground and allow Applejack to feed herself, as Rarity drank more and more of the wine. After a while, a familiar, sinister, and playful smile started to crease over her. "I wonder, I wonder. What is it about this that makes you so very much excited to act this way?" She said as she bent down to pet Applejack. Her horn lit up and this time she "And to think I would fall in love with such a silly little dog. Why, I could do better. After all, look at you greedily eating off the ground. What a messy mutt you've turned out to be. What better could I expect though? Tsk tsk," She spat with faux venom, shaking her head as the item she pulled out finally came in. It opened and then quickly clasped around Applejack's neck, clicking in place. A nice black collar with a nametag, tight enough to be noticed and unable to be pulled off by anything but her magic. She magically tugged it, just to make sure it was on well. "Imagine if our friends saw this. Oh, the scandal! Rainbow Dash would be relentless, all the mocking and jokes. Pinkie wouldn't know what to think but I bet she'd find it funny, at the least. Twilight would just ask so many questions- I'd answer them on your behalf, of course. Fluttershy?" She giggled. "Well, I bet she'd enjoy it. I bet I could send you to her for a while to get some proper obedience training. Oh!" She sat up excitedly, downing another glass. "I bet Twilight could change your official status to my pet. Oh, how nice would that be? The first pony to pet legal change in history! A bit accurate, don't you think? Who's a good girl?" She said as she used her hooves to push Applejack on her back and pet her stomach for a small while. When she got her fill of that she slapped the log next to her. Now and only now would she allow Applejack out from under her hooves. She got another full glass, smelling it as Applejack assumed the position. "This wine is very, very good. You outdid yourself, as you always do," she said before that sinister smile creeped back in. "Ponies only though!" The glass hovered over the fire and she poured it in, the fire roaring briefly as the alcohol was added, illuminating Rarity in all of her playfully, awfully sinister, drunken self.
  7. Gallus rolled his eyes with a smile as Zap vainly fought his increasingly tired body. The griffon walked gently enough to lull Zap Apple into a more solid state of sleepiness, like a nice cloud of tattered feathers. "Yeah? Well, I guess no one ever really does want to sleep. Except old ponies," he responded with a laugh before launching into an impression of what he assumed Granny Smith sounded like, with an old, scratchy voice. "Gotta get me a nap for these ollll' hips!" He said while kicking the air spastically. "But we all have to. Heck, I feel like I could take a nap. Helps me grow my strong bones and wings. What about you?" He asked Silverstream softly. It would be nice to curl up and cuddl- he meant, curl up and wait for Zap Apple tp fall asleep so they could...clean. He opened the door and poked his head in- okay, yeah. A foal's room for sure. he hovered over to the bed and offered a wing down. "Ooooh, got yourself a cool bed there."
  8. Mount Aris was pretty dang impressive. It was commonly just treated like one big city but it wasn't- it was a collection of small villages separated by small roads and trees that formed in their totality a larger, beautiful city. It wasn't as big as Canterlot or Manehattan, but based on what she said next it was way cooler. "Air jousting! That's so cool," he asked with genuine excitement, his eyes sparkling with possibility. "Who does it? Guards? or do you have...like, pro jousters?" He asked out loud a question that was in his heart. And if it was a pro job, could he become one? Or would he have to be a Guard? He pondered it for a moment before he really started thinking on an answer to Stream's question. "Oh? Me? I've never seen one ingriff before. I did see murals of them growing up. The kings of old would host them, big spectacles. Once the city started falling apart I think that is when they stopped. He sold the equipment to pay bills, if I had to guess," he responded while looking for his pockets. "Think I could pay for...one jousting helmet. Hey, a good start for the Griffonstone Team."
  9. Applejack carried a good tune even as she cooked- especially as she cooked. She had a naturally melodic voice hen she unleashed it and a certain vocal strength and elascity that was rarely seen in the untrained and unexperienced, or at minimum one who had abandoned the trade long ago. "Forty-six is a good start, at the very least," she said when she took her seat half-laying on the counter where they could share the space. "When I was working on The Spectacle, I ended up with sixty songs," she said, allowing herself a creative flex before deciding it may have been a bit much. "You have a lot of extra material floating around the edges of release when you've got a creative heart, AJ," she laughed optimistically and booped a friendly snoot as food came into the picture. "Thanks," she said as she wasted little time in launching a frenzied attack. The run certainly gave her an appetite and Applejack had yet to fail to come through as the cook. "Hmm, this is soo good! Compliments to the chef!" She winked as she continued eating. In time, in thought, she'd slow down. The next question was a little more difficult since it was the one aspect that Applejack had been most reticent about: the tour. "Excited for your wardrobe fitting? I know I am. Once I'm fitted I won't have as many dietary requirements. Maybe even get a nice apple when its all said and done!"
  10. If Zap wanted to fly, he could fly. She wasn't about to fight him on every little thing. Besides, as long as he was with them, why not stretch out those wings some? Who knew when he would need to be stretched and ready to go. "You don't have to if you don't want to, Zap. If you fly though, don't go faster than tha cart, okay?" She looked around and then smiled conspiratorially. "An' watch out for them rogue birds. Heard they're extra flighty today," She beamed at her joke. It was really good, right? Because birds flew around! She was the dang funniest mom this side of Pinkie Pie. "Allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll aboard tha Ahpple Ahhhhexxppppreeeessss!" She responded immediately, already invested in this fantasy. Zap Apple was trying too hard to grow up. She'd have to stop him soon enough, but at this moment she was willing to play with Ambrosia. And maybe embarrass Zap Apple. Added benefit. She started trotting, moving the cart along at a good a pace. "Chugga chugga chugga-" she would allow Ambrosia to finish before starting again- "Chugga chugga chugga-" "Chugga chugga chugga-" "Chugga chugga chugga-" Away from homestead hustling, into the small town bustling went the Apples three from down the country road lined with tree. For mother had a plan and a list, and her little daughter she often kissed while her son above flew remiss, though she had plan he could not dismiss. Away from hometead hustling, into the small town bustling Went the Apples three Stop One: Veggie Tale The cart pulled into the market. early enough that it wasn't completely crowded, late enough that there were already too many ponies for her liking. Still, she had a list and she studied it not once, not twice, but thrice. "Alright sugarcubes," she said as she tried to regain her chugga chugga, otherwise known as her voice. "Let's got the fun stuff outta the way first: vegetables," she said with a laugh as she walked up to one of the available stalls and went to work. "Howdy there Turnsnip!" "Well, good mornin' to you too, Applejack! See your kids are up bright and early?" "Yep! They're gonna help momma take care of her errands." "Ain't that mighty fine?" "Sure is! Speakin' of mighty fine, whatcha got today? Tha harvest treatin' you nice?" "Oh, for you Applejack I've got fine produce! How about..." "...hmmm...ooh that looks right nice..." "Think that's a bit much. Don't need quite that much." "Think again, ta-da!" "Hahaha! Alright, ya convinced me. But Ah don't need that one. Ain't fresh..." "...twenty-three bits..." "Yep! Flyin' real good!" "Uggh yeah I heard about that. Poor fella. Well, you did all you could." "Well, that ain't what Ah heard. Ah heard..." "Ha, sugar, tha day that's true is tha day Rainbow Dash clips her wings." "...Ahh, how could she say no? You're one of Ponyville's most eligible bachelors!" "Twenty? You got a deal!"
  11. It came in small waves, the emotions of the moment. He had bared himself to her in the ways he knew how and while both of them were entirely too well spoken and formal, she felt little better than an actress in a cheesy Equestrian teen romance. Yet she had to speak. She had to be honest. She turned from him to stare at the pond water for a moment, her eyes welling up. She took a deep breath and closed them. "...It is...unfair of you to ask me to release you from the bonds when you know full well there is only one way I could release you," she opened them and turned. "The demands of my station decree it. Yet you would not find release in full if I did so, and half of your heart would turn bitter and frosted. Then I would be to blame for your mini-death, and your inability to give yourself to another. It is unfair of you to out that on me," she said accusingly, trying her best to get the emotional toll of the moment off of her shoulders. Yet. "Yet." Yet. She approached him with tenderness, and for once she looked unsure. "It is also unfair of me to be...l-less than honest with you. So, here goes." She hugged him, and in that hug gave him a kiss. After a moment, and what was given in return, she pulled back and kept one hoof on his cheek so he may rest on it ever briefly. "We both share this attraction. You are...the bravest and best I have ever known. You are handsome, funny, bold, loyal, honest. I..." She blushed. "I admit, I have imagined us together. More than once." She looked down, then away, her hoof trailing behind as small specks of tears rolled down ever briefly into the garden below. "But you know...I know. We know it cannot be," she sniffled, composed herself and turned around. Her chest was puffed and she assumed as regal a stance as her shaking breath would allow. "I am Empress Yuè of the Long Guo. I am the Empire, I am her people. I am her glamour and I am her glory. Such is my station and so it is written," she said, choking down a sob effectively. "When my hoof is taken in marriage, it will need to be taken by someqil of stature and great import to the Empire, to the people. Even if you are that to me, even if I desire it..." she looked down, and whispered the end. "...You are not my destiny. And I am not yours."
  12. The small reprimand was taken in stride. After all, she was used to it from her farm life! Applejack was real quick with both praise for her good work but also with her admonishments when Apple Bloom let it get to her head. A humble sense of satisfaction in a job well done was the end-state for all good crew, whether that was as a farmhoof or a sailor in the high skies above. "Aye aye, mah apologies. Jus' got a lil' excited thar, heh," she said chagrined, rubbing the back of her neck. Hey, she wasn't perfect despite all of her sister's attempts at making her so. Besides, that small smile would sustain her. She was a little shocked to be learning how to chart a ship so quickly but she reckoned if there was anypony to teach her it'd be Tempest. She had an intelligence that was well-seasoned by age and experience and Apple Bloom was lucky enough to have her here. The sextant, astrolabe, and compass were just the start of the process as she bounded over and watched Tempest get to work. The astrolabe had an alidade or sighting rule. Apple Bloom learned that she'd hold the astrolabe by a loop at the top, turn the alidade so that she could sight the star along its length, and read the altitude off the scale engraved on the ring - difficult when the ship was heaving, so they'd do it multiple times or have somepony else get an astrolabe. In this case, Apple Bloom was the other pony and she did the same with an astrolabe she was given. The consequences of imprecise measurement were serious (a latitude reading just one degree off produces an error in position of 60 aeronautical miles), so Apple Bloom was used mostly to sight along the alidade, while Tempest steadied the instrument and took readings. The sextant allowed for celestial objects to be measured relative to the horizon, rather than relative to the instrument. This allowed excellent precision, and with Equestrian stars and weather patterns being well-known in advance and consistent it made the use of both it and the compass so easy that she learned it in a minute. However, she was also aware that once they left the confines of Equestria that would no longer be the case. After that it was a long process of getting the right numbers and charting the right course that would avoid known weather patterns and minimize risk. It took several hours but, well, it had been pretty dang productive. When they were done, she left with the Captain. "Well, that was pretty fascinatin'! Captain, whatcha want me ta do now?"
  13. It was strange to think that she would outlive them. Dragons were weird. They lived so long and yet he had seen maybe two dragons that actually looked like they lived that long. Made him a think a lot of dragons didn't make it very far, which was troubling in it's own way. Yeah she would outlive them but they would probably live full, happy lives. The odds said that most dragons didn't live to really get out of their teenage years- maybe that lasted a few hundred years, but still. troubling in it's own way. His own mortality didn't really bother him. You learned fast and hard in Griffonstone that the mortal coil was a lot less tightly wound than you'd like to imagine it was. All you could really hope to do was live well and he was certainly living well, surrounded as he was by such amazing friends- wait, how long did Hippogriffs live again? He shook his head and half-joined in on the booze talk. "Yeah. Booze. I bet dragons drink a lot, right? A lot of..." he shook his head again, clear of any disturbing thoughts. "Umm. Tolerances, yeah. I bet you have kegs the size of Yona that you attach to the side of a big dragon's head, with those small straws that come down. Big 'ol party hat," he offered with a forced laugh as his mind then once more switched over to the topic of leaving. He let it out, as composed as he could be considering the questions and concerns in his head. "...I'm absolutely terrified of it all ending. I really don't want to go back to Griffonstone. I mean yeah I'd be going back there with all this knowledge and-" he held his claws together and bent his neck as he raised himself up in a cloying manner, batting about his big beautiful eyes, "-capable of spreading the maaaaaaagic of friiiiieeeeennndssshhhip," he went back to normal with a soft click of his talons on the ground, "but that's like fighting the tide. It'd be, what, three nice griffons- okay, two and a half, maybe a quarter- in a city of thousands, fighting the good fight? Uggghh. No thank you. Plus there is all that weird chaos going on over there and I try to pay as little attention as possible to it. Harder to do that if I'm there!" He rather dramatically rolled his eyes. "So yeah, I'm down for illegally squatting in an underground pirate's den." Yarr.
  14. It happened in a flash, quite literally. Twilight teleported in with only a few strands of mane out of place. A busy day had necessitated a bit of an emergency entrance. One too many close calls with a certain Keeper of hers had almost made her late! She checked herself- everything was in the right place and she hadn't been mussed up too bad. All it took to get her excited was proper discussion of magical artifacts and a few show and tells. Then she was off! Off to the races. Between that and reorganizing the Strand's poorly-constructed roadway system and it had been a busy day. Not busy enough to make her miss this for anything! "Pleasure to see you two," she began before she bent down to give Aloe a side hug. "How have you been? Ponyville still held together?" She said as she did the same to Rose. "Wonderful to see you in such good health," she pulled back and rolled her eyes impishly. "I heard about your recent escapades. I'm guessing this is one of the fruits of your labors?" She asked as she beckoned to the setting. Was it Pre-Fall Maretonian ruins or Post-Fall? The question wasn't too important- she could always get the answer directly. But she did like their gumption in using it. It wasn't long though before her focus centered on the reason for her visit. The egg. What a special little egg it was. Equestria had lomng ago lost that sense of magic that came with that...special contract between members of opposite species for one of the first few times. In that way of making it, this egg was special because of what Rose represented, because of who Aloe was. It would certainly live a unique life. She was sure of that and she was also sure it would be a life well treasured by those who cared for it. She was happy to be involved in her own small way but more than that she was happy for Rose and Aloe. The sharing of their love had helped create a new life that would in its own way help make the world a better place. She had worked extensively on the blessing for this very occasion. It was important, more so for the well being of the parents, that it went well. It was also something she could create. Celestia had only very rarely 'blessed' a birth and hadn't done so in hundreds of moons. While Twilight was not going to make a habit of it herself, she also had to say she enjoyed the opportunity to create a experience and ceremony that had the flexibility for change and the right amount to be tailored to each blessee, but was still something she could learn and repeat should it become more common than she'd like. "So, here it is. What a place you selected for it! Albedo will be here before long?"
  15. The Trot Prancy novels! yes, Rainbow Dash would certainly enjoy them. She had a good nose for trash- outside of Daring Do- and Mister Prancy was the right type of bad to fit in. His earlier works were quite good and some of his even less well received books had some quality content, but his characters left a ton to be desired. Yet they were just awesome enough for Rainbow Dash, and maybe she'd even ask a few questions. Maybe not the right ones, but asking them would be enough. "Yes! Perfect idea. Then all I need to do is force her into the book club. Foalproof plan!" She said excitedly, clapping her hooves together deviously. She would join the club someday, her other plans be damned. Speaking of the damned: Windigos. "They most certainly still exist. Technically, they can never truly die. They are magical manifestations of disharmony that then further the spread of it. As long as there is enough disharmony among any magical creature, they will have the potential of returning. One of the Essential Valves, they say," though she did rub her head. "Ugggh, that damned theory. As for where they are from- they likely have no true home. Their first appearance in the records is from the time of the Maretonian Collapse, when they drove the three tribes away from Maretonia- southwest of Equestria. But no doubt they existed before that, and will continue to exist forever." It was a nice thought to have, something light as she cut through Blizzard's response. It wasn't as exciting as she had feared but was anything but pleasant. His small glare had not gone unnoticed before a shift happened. No, he was certainly not suited for that spell. Everything about him screamed that certain level of power and arrogance that was the very trap that the spell was designed to trigger. It was hard not to have that arrogance when you were as strong and unique as he- certainly no fault there, considering he had been alone for so long. His inability to see a peaceful, friendly end to this concern of his with Ice Storm was another matter. Conflict had a way of becoming real the more you imagined it as enivitable. When you narrowed the path towards the one clear resolution until there was naught but battle, then you were guaranteed so. They were not there yet but the end could be seen from where they sat and it was an ugly one to be sure. "I'm sorry if that is not the answer you wanted, but you can still do great things with the advanced literature on the subject that is available. There is a common misconception that power is obtained through rarity. That is not the case, as you well know: The real ingredient is studious attention to detail and practice. You have both in spades and will easily be able to solve your problems without risking yourself for no real reason," she said before she gave a hopeful smile. "And you would certainly be welcomed back. That would also be the only real legal option: I have no legal right to give land in a territory that I do not control. No one controls the Frozen North, the Badlands, technically speaking. Integration would be the better path in any case. What role in Equestria do you think you want?" She asked with baited breath.
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