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  1. Twilight was pleased that they were enjoying their meal. She was always trying something but tonight's dinner had been more plain than normal, since she had intended a rather serious discussion with Rose regarding possible employment ad the value of truth. That, and there was still debate as to whether or not her species had the same functions of taste buds as others or even required direct sustenance, so she was playing conservative. She needed to get more hay fries. Something a little more than what she had now, maybe some variety of pasta. Maybe all of it. She ate more than fifteen thousand calories a day and felt a slight hunger at nearly all times. Something, anything could sate it. Possibly even fish? Twilight wouldn't count herself among those who would seek it out. There were a lot of in-built ideals and thoughts that rattled against that cage. Not that she hadn't tried it before. "When I was in Talinopolis I was served some fish. I don't think it was a play on my nature, but sometimes they can be so..." She sighed, less in exasperation and more comically. The Griffons and their Kingdom always tried to position themselves to win petty victories against an Equestrian Princess who they both needed as an ally and could never truly threaten. They were an odd bunch. "Haha. Anyway. Some ponies do eat fish. Not many and in most places it is considered somewhat...unethical. I remember there were rumors that a neighborhood colt and his family were fish-eaters and it followed them. Having said that, we actively trade in it with meat-eating nations, and the harvesting and consumption of fish is certainly not illegal. I didn't much care for it myself," she said with a shrug as she continued eating. She didn't like the texture and had felt horrible the whole time, but when in the Land of the Griffons, do as they do. "Of course, as creatures of all types enter Equestria in larger numbers, the stigma of meat-eating non-sentient animals has started to dim. Though it was fun seeing Gallus adjust his diet for a while," she said with a laugh, remembering the semesters that passed before the School could find a fishery near enough and willing enough to supply them. "I am sure I can get you in touch with a local fishery. I've heard good things about the fisheries of Fet Loch."
  2. "Aww, that's real nice of ya. Sure, Ah reckon Ah can stay back if you wanna get tha drinks, thinkin' some water. Y'all know where it all is," she said as she leaned back into her chair, stuffing away all the pain (even though she had plenty of help). She didn't feel all that good about having a guest serve her but she wasn't silly enough to think it wasn't the smarter idea. And if there was anything else in the world worse at that very moment than getting up, she didn't know what it was, nor did she want to! "Ah reckon Ah haven't had a better day or set of 'm in mah whole life," she said reflexively, but no less true. She was still in the afterglow and she had known her daughter for just so long yet she'd already kick a wolf in the aw for her. "Just gave birth to lil' Ambrosia. Married five days ago...feels like a whole generation. Went inta labor three days ago, gave birth ta mah lil' daughter two days ago. An' that was a whole day a'labor ta boot. She was really comfortable in thar. Ah'm still on a lot of potions for, uhh, pain Ah guess. An' they're telling me ta not work tha fields for a bit," she snorted, rolling her eyes as she did. "'Magine that! Me, not bucking some apple trees. Why, they're as nutty as a snake in a..." she lost her train of thought, then shook her head. "Well, they're crazy, that's tha point. Anythin' excitin' happenin' yer way?"
  3. Apple Bloom and Moonlight stood outside the room, ready to go inside whenever Apple Son and Apple Wife removed themselves. It didn't take time but when she did, Abby took a brief look in through the swinging door. What she saw was a beautifully exhausted Applejack barely clinging onto consciousness. It was honestly really concerning. She had never seen her sister so completely destroyed physically, almost gaunt with effort and sweat. She went to tell Moony her concerns but found out that fewer things could have been on the older filly's mind. She had pushed the door open and trotted inside. Abby went to stop her but the door swung back and knocked her back, sending her stumbling into Tempest after some time. She landed on her flank with an oomph, and shook her head. "Oh. Err, hey there, Tempest. You don't look so good." Moonlight walked in there and was really excited to start jabbering. The filly was just soooo cute and Moonlight was jazzed to have another unicorn in the family. She could show Ambrosia all sorts of things that nopony else around her on a day to day basis could. But all it took was one look to see that it likely wasn't time for her to start going wild with excitement. Applejack didn't just look beaten down, she looked absolutely spent. She instead satisfied herself by pulling up a chair and sitting next to her, using her magic to uncover Ambrosia just a little. She leaned in. "You're soooo adorable. Like, my heart can't take it," she whispered as she stifled a giggle.
  4. Against all odds, Smolder's plan worked. Smolder, the Yak Tamer. Yona took her up on her challenge and, still probably half asleep, trundled off to bed. Thank the Blue Moon for that one. Yona was a great friend but when you were trying your best to be silent and stealthy...well, there were certain things a Yak was certainly not best at, and both of those categories were ones that he was confident in saying qualified. "Good work, Smolder," he offered honestly, impressed that it had worked out as well as it had. He'd let Smolder's playful attack on his excellent bathing record slide. Still, that was only one-half of it. They still needed to focus on the main goal: Tracking a flighty Hippogriff through the school, for causes and reasons unknown. Gallus opened the door, taking a look around. His griffon eyes were sharp and saw in the dark well, allowing him to quickly see that the place was emptied. A far off noise caught his attention and he wanted to fly over and check it out, but he was starting to think it was a doomed effort. Besides, she had to come in here for a reason and while that reason may have been to study the history of plumbing, it may instead have been for some actual good cause and no reason to not poke around! Gallus opened the door wider to allow the others in and flew through the library, doing a bit of recon. It didn't take long, or any recon really, for him to spot the evidence left by Silverstream. He landed by it. "Now, what do we have here?" He said, loud enough for Smolder to hear. He then bent down, pawing at one of the books. "'Hydrodynamics for the Hooved'? Do we have a swim meet I wasn't aware of?"
  5. She liked this sudden change of attitude from him. He had went from adorkable to honest and then adorkably honest (and honestly adorkable) and now confident in doing something all together different. She always thought she had it him to have a bit of a spine and an adventurous streak and here it was. She wouldn't say it was an incredibly exciting display just yet but considering how excited she had been up to this moment anyway it wouldn't take much for her to continue her level of...engagement. She was already so very happy with the way the night had went. Her first kiss- well, maybe just *her* first kiss- and a closeness with somepony she had always enjoyed the company had made this night very special. She didn't know how much more special it could become but she knew she was more than ready to find out, even if took outside into the cold. As long as she was out there having a good time with Remington, she had a feeling that the inner warmth and fire they shared would keep her plenty hot. "Oooh, talk about a change in personality. I like it. Big adventure!" she giggled as she approached the window. He had hastily devised a rope for them to climb out using. She wondered why he didn't just walk out. It wasn't as if anypony would really stop them. Call it pony privilege or just her mind connecting dots that didn't exist but she couldn't remember ponies being escorted back to their rooms at night. Still, this seemed a scoche more exciting so she wouldn't say no. She tested the rope- seemed strong enough. "Well, big strong stallions first or, like, beautiful independent mares first?" She pondered out loud as she leaned against the wall. She then made the decision for him, grabbing the rope and setting herself up to start climbing down. "If I fall, just, like, make sure I have the most bitchin' funeral dress ever okay?" She said as she slid down the rope with all the grace and flexibility of a cheerleader.
  6. Applejack recovered quickly but Rara knew when a pony's defenses were falling and that was clear a sign as any that she was having some problems keeping up with the Apple Chord character. It was easy enough to split them apart. Applejack's voice was a lot more defined as Apple Chord spoke, saving those moments when she really sold out for a certain word. And of course she couldn't help but notice that she tried to run back into the character when the mask fell. That told Rara a few things. One of them was that Apple Chord was just that, a character, and that eager playing may have come from the heart but was filtered through a mask. A well-played mask but a mask nonetheless. Rara was familiar with that- she wore the Countess well. And then Apple CHord asked if Rara had many stallions stuffing her inbox, and that earned a hearty chuckle from the musical mare. "Oh, you know it-" "Portamento two times from bottom to top and than exhale on a hiss," Azure interrupted her like a stern taskmaster. It was fun to interrupt your boss! Rara rolled her eyes and started sliding in between notes in her wide, wide range without pitching into them gently. It was excellent training for sudden shifts of tone and notes, and also gave Azure all the time she needed to dish about her increasingly reddening and blushed superior. "Apple, filly, you have no idea how many admirers she gets. Stallions, colts with their first crush, fillies likewise, mares- ponies, Saddle Arabians, a few griffons, a changeling or two. Even a yak," she laughed, "though she wouldn't admit to it, I think she probably likes them a little tough and ready, not to mention a bit more on the mare side. Ain't that right, boss?" She asked with a wide, accusatory smile. All Rara could do was finish her exercise after a pregnant pause, exhaling on a hiss that seemed anything but forced. She was blushing rapidly. Azure had succeeded. "Hey, good work," she said, patting Rara on the head before trotting out. Rara sat there for a second, the blush refusing to leave. Then she too stood up, not making eye contact. "I really need a run."
  7. Gallus' mind was in a pretty awful place for a few moments. He was feeling like a frustrated failure of a Griffon who was letting everycreature down, and all on account of this wildly energetic and wanderlust driven colt. His professors were going to hate him and why would they not? They had every reason to think that he was an inconsiderate, irresponsible bird brain. It was exactly what was going on in his at the moment after all. And if they couldn't trust him, who else could? He'd have to slink back to Griffonstone and settle with a life better left forgotten. Then she mentioned that the door was left open. Well, there was always a chance, right? It didn't take long for the pair of them to make it back to Rainbow's house. She vanished inside while he zipped around, looking for the colt. No, he didn't see him. Defeated after a brief moment of joy, he left the house and took his position back outside, lazily looking around. Luckily, somegriff decided to take his attention and what an attention taking heroine she was. She came out wearing one of professor Rainbow Dash's Wonderbolts uniforms and he didn't mind saying- "Wow! You look really good in that," he said, giving her a right-talon'd shooting approval. It was enough to give him a few moment away from his doom and gloom as he ate up the contours.
  8. She suppressed the desire to flash a mental smile to Rose, even as she could feel Rose's emotion rise. Her defenses were quite good and had delayed Twilight longer than she had thought possible. It was very exciting! The miasmic defense that was ordered despite appearances and offered tremendous resistance. But, in time, she had discovered just who Rose was. She did not know the details, she did not know the why, but she knew Rose was not just a Changeling, but a very special one. She had skills that belied her appearance and abilities that transcended normality. Just the sort of creature Twilight liked to have close by. Still, the pain she felt was real. Twilight would not press. "I understand that you need time. Take the time you need. And if you need to talk more openly about this, then I am here for you. I cannot say I know what your life has been like, but know that I am a friendly ear to all creatures, whether they be Pony, Yak, or Changeling," she said with a happy flourish near the end. She believed the best in others and even those who had secrets often had reasons other than evil for them. ******* Well, Bulk Biceps getting a little gentle would be an exciting development in and of itself, so she'd take her victories where she could. Moe importantly it seemed as if the connective tissue between the two was more than surface level. They were creators of different kinds but using some of the same methods. Creative types could only help themselves so much when a spark was found between them It was in their nature to create, after all. "That does make sense. Who knows what will come of this, but it should be exciting to see. Oh, are you two enjoying your food?" She asked inquisitively, wondering whether or not it was too fancy r not fancy enough. She was always tinkering with the royal menu, much to the playful chagrin of her chef.
  9. Applejack finished getting close and she immediately went in and gave her friend a hug, one with the strength that she possessed normally and none of the weariness that she felt. "Been far too long, more like it!" She said as she let him go. "Ah reckon its been...gosh, Ah seem ta have lost track a time, but it might as well be years. Lookin' good, though!" She said as her face lit with a smile, exposing the many bags and lines that now marked it. She even managed to keep it up despite Naj saying she just couldn't make it. Well, that may as well have been enough. They barely had enough food as it was. She'd look on the bright side of it at least. It hurt not having friends show up to something so important, but she couldn't expect it from all of them. "Ah understand. Reckon you couldn't get out of yer bein' a Guard an' such. Ah understand it. Ah'm rearing ta get back ta tha Twilight Guard mahself. Come on inside," she said as she opened the door and ushered her in. The house was...well, maybe calling it a mess was a bit much, but certainly not tidy. All the evidence of a young colt and a recent party of some size being cleaned up with unusual tardiness was there. Also there? a recently used changing tables and some still-settling pictures of a newborn unicorn filly. What interested Applejack most was this pie. She licked her lips. "Pumpkin pie? Well, shuck me clean and call me a cornstalk if that don't just sound tha tastiest," she said as she took it into the kitchen. She'd have to find a place for it among the other sealed pies. She had been in a bit of a baking craze before the wedding! She found a space for it and, overcome by a sudden bout of exhaustion, found a seat on the couch. "Thank ya kindly for that- oh, fiddlesticks. Ah forget- want anythin' ta drink?"
  10. Gallus' dreams were a little more lively than usual. There was very little that happened for him at night, or at least little of it that was positive. Usually there was nothing or the old worries about life in Griffonstone, resurfaced in new and inventive ways to terrorize him. That had lessened considerably once he moved to Equestria, though it never fully left him. But tonight was a good night. He fell asleep quick, his eyes shutting just the once before he allowed himself to sleep. His sleep was marked by happiness for once in hued colors of pink and light blue, of wetness and laughter and worry misplaced being proven wrong. He could never really piece it all together but he remember feeling warm even when the warm breeze of the sea was stopped by the frigidly anointed air of the cave. It went by well and it went by well and quick. His eyes shot open, his predator's heart quickening with fiendish delight at the sound of seagulls. It was smothered by his more sensible nature, developed at times under duress while in Equestria. His nose twitched as he smelled...cooking meat? Nah, couldn't be. He dare not dream. He pulled himself up to the sound of crashing waves and the warm breeze, supplied with greater force by the sun, breaking through the cave air and warming him. He stretched and yawned, cracking his back as the smells continued to assault him. He finally looked over and saw the most beautiful thing he had ever seen: A hippogriff and some fish being cooked. The hippogriff was nice, but finally something to eat in this world! He got up and flew on over, landing next to the food. It was mouth watering. "Now this...this is a breakfast I can get behind! How'd you sleep? Gotta say, you do seem to know about the most comfortable cave. Ever wanna write a book on it? Could be as exciting as plumbing," He said with a laugh, yawning once again big and bold with his canines flexing their weight once more, ready to finally eat something good.
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