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  1. Twilight's tail swished along lazily as she allowed herself to soak in the waters. It was rare she was given leave to enjoy this amplified, purified magical water without cause and she had every intention of indulging in it. After a little bit she even allowed herself to float away from the side, closing her eyes as she felt most of her barrel sink beneath the water. "Siren feeding and Changeling feeding are very different in one very important manner, however. One can sustain, another one self-immolates. There is a reason sirens are exceptionally rare. And despite what they may think, it isn't because their fierceness means they can't share territory. I've seen firsthoof that in multiple dimensions they can work well together," she said as she collected her thoughts, "no, it is because they are an evolutionary dud. Their feeding mechanism is unfit for most environments as they can easily drive their prey apart. They starve and die, and by all accounts in a century's time they may go extinct. Well, except for the sub-branch that is evolving to find other sources of food. That is why Changelings are a superior breed, a superior feeder. They can feed in naturally occurring sources of food that are in great abundance," she said before looking over at Rose. "Plus, I don't think Changelings look like monsters. What makes a monster anyway?"
  2. The REA did cover many fields. Almost too many. She was undergoing a military restructuring soon and she was aghast at how many roles were redundant. Not in the way a military should have redundancies, but stark inefficiencies. That would also allow a greater wealth of expertise to be used in a better manner, and even lead to officers having actual lives when not on duty. Something that was also being brought up to the forefront of her thought processes was how much work the School of Magic needed to have done to it. She had focused a lot on the School of Friendship and for good reason, but other schools needed her love and attention as well. Celestia's legacy at the School of Magic was legendary of course and she needed to respect that, but that respect could not be used as a shield against proper change. "So. Frozen North. Rations. Alone. What did you use your time on?" She asked before backtracking slightly. "And just for your own edification, the records were clear on your conduct, Blizzard. I wasn't worried you would lie about it since you had nothing to lie about," she said, having already perused the reports. "They didn't mark you down as Missing in Action. The actual report was clear. It just seemed no one really paid too much attention to it since it was inconceivable to many that a stallion of such potential would choose to live up there," she said softly, though she ended with a smirk. "I know I couldn't decide to live on rations myself, but I was plenty happy to sequester myself with books and a baby dragon. I know all too well how such power can make what one chooses to do appear odd, even if it is not so. Not truly, anyway. There is indeed a correlation between the magically gifted and those who make life choices that are out of the ordinary," she turned to her Captain. "Give me your perspective. Why do you think that is?" She asked as she continued to drink.
  3. Gallus listened, eating his fish but in equal measure taking it slow so he could pay attention to her. That must have been strange for so many griffs. She had been born underneath the waves so had been spared the shock of losing so much. Your freedom of movement, your livelihood, your nation, even your identity. It was a credit to them that they adapted so quickly and evenly to their new lives. Silverstream was lucky in that regard, but it did make him think. She had been born a seapony, right? Was she technically a seapony who transformed into a hippogriff or a hippogriff who transformed into a seapony? He didn't expect it would matter, but what would happen if her pearl broke? Would she be stuck in whatever form she was at the time, or revert to what she was born as? In time the pair finished and Silverstream went about cleaning the area. Gallus did what he could but honestly the place was a cave and he didn't really know what to do so, so he just parroted whatever he saw her doing. In a moment they were done and she started talking about the second day of the celebration, and this one seemed way more up his alley. Mostly, it was because it was above the waves. He could get behind just about ANYTHING over having to experience it in the water. He just loved the open air, like most griffons. "So, what's your dad like? If he and your mom live separate, how do they take care of your brother?" He asked, honest curiosity filling him as he followed her in her steps out of the cave.
  4. Gallus took the lead but he may as well have crushing, crushing, crushing him under the waves. Every breath he took only reminded him of the pressure, of the tightness, how the sea was essentially the largest space that could make you feel the smallest. As he powered his way through the water, each and every part of him wanted to scream and panic. His nerves were alive with primal fear. But if there was anything in the worked that could hope to natch his rising, impossibly so, sense of dread and panic, it was his equally earnest desire to see the fruits of Silverstream's labor. And if there was anything else in equality to his curiosity in friendship, it was his raging self-esteem that demanded he do everything in his power to not make a fool of himself in front of his friends, doubly so in the case of Smolder. Despite Gallus being on the razor's edge of a panic attack under the water, he followed his finned friend as best he could down and then under the school. Even under the water his sense of direction was superb and he was already piercing together the location even as he started his final dash towards the water. he stopped himself from making that dash in a hurried state and when he broached the water it was certainly loud, but not loud enough to qualify as comical. His head poked out and he took several deep breaths, his breathing finally allowed to continue as he looked around. Mostly to see Silverstream and make sure she was there, but also to take in the sight of this under-school cavern. It reminded him a lot of the cave near her home that they had spent some time in. It would have been difficult but kitty had two things: Claws and night vision, which made him uniquely qualified to speak as he pulled himself out of the water in the low oxygen environment. "Silverstream, what is it with you and caves?"
  5. By the time the shopping was done, she was pooped. Bon Bon was a mare who could work all day long as long as she had it planned out. Impromptu work and running around? Nope, not very good. She hadn't known any of this was happening and was making it up as she went along. She was good at thinking on her hooves but she still had a long way to go before being completely settled. She hoped the same was not entirely true of her charge. She seemed the nice sort and Candy Corn was getting her very first taste of Ponyville. Was she enjoying it? Bon Bon knew it could be an acquired taste for ponies from larger communities. But in time, everypony came to love Ponyville. It was as sure as the sun. She arrived home and unpacked the evidence of her success, excited for the rest of the day. It wasn't long before Candy Corn also returned, herself embodying a successful day out. In a different manner, it seemed. As Bon Bon approached her she got a look out. A trail of smitten stallions and mares followed her until they were outside the house. After a few moments they would start to leave. Bon Bon smirked widely as she looked at Candy Corn. yeah she was pretty attractive but that was weird. Must be the Bittsburgh exotica about her. "Yeah, we're a friendly bunch down here. Sometimes I think even too friendly!" She said with a laugh, patting Candy corn on the shoulder. "Got everything you were looking for, I take it?" Bon Bon asked as she imagined what it was that Candy had decided for herself. "Anything cute? I only allow good choices in my basement."
  6. Streamsilver, it was? Well, Gallus wasn't going to harsh her mellow right then and there but he was sure that Streamsilver would go better than Sullag. Uggh, that sounded rough in his head. It wasn't long before the first ever Hippogriff recruit threw the first ever retired Griffon Wonderbolt- wow, his career must have been cut way short- a leather jacket. It stunk a bit, like somecreature hadn't been washing everything after a good run. Did it belong to somecreature important or was it the one piece of kit that Rainbow kept on forgetting about? In any case, he started to put it on. Rainbow Dash was a larger, more athletically defined mare so it wasn't a hard fit at all. He felt something in a pocket and reached in, finding a pair of black aviators. He had to complete the look, right? He snapped them open and put them on, keeping an even, steely expression on as he put a deeper affection on his voice. "That's Captain Beakbreaker to you, Recruit," he said with a wink, though he realized all too late that she couldn't see it. That left Zap Apple, who had the role of Drill Instructor Apple today. Yeah, they could roll with that. "I don't know if Recruit Streamsilver has what it takes, Drill Instructor Apple!" He said after Zap gave Silver her marching orders. Or jumping orders. Gallus looked at her move up and down a bit with as much of an even expression he could, playing up the expected sternness of his position. he would be the first to admit that it was rough. Even rougher was the expectation of a thousand wing push ups. He closed his eyes in a vain attempt to make the whistling stop. Again, these glasses. They were a lifesaver. Should he follow the orders? He was a retired captain. Not here to train. But why not play along? He wasn't sure if Zap Apple understood ranking structure yet. Plus, he had a whistle. That gave him more than enough immediate authority. "I'll do it, Instructor Apple, but only because you asked so nicely," he said confidently as he fell backwards, catching himself with the back of his wings and starting to do the reverse pushup, being able to look at Silverstream and Zap Apple while he did so. Because, you see, he was cool. So very cool it hurt. Oh that wasn't his ego, that was just the screaming from his wings that this was a bad idea. Gulp.
  7. So she chose a Siren? How interesting. Changelings could pick any shape they wanted to. Their choices were reflections, mirrors into their mind that told others around them more than words ever could. Most of the time when discovered, a Changeling would revert back to their base form. Rose did not do this. She chose a Siren. That infinitely rare species was known primarily as troublemakers, evildoers, but that was not inherent in their nature. What was inherent in their nature was predation. Whether it was physical flesh or magic, they were predators. And imposing. In the past, Twilight would have had some serious cause for alarm being this close to a Siren. Knowing who it was however certainly helped, as well as the fact she just found Sirens far more fascinating than she did endangering nowadays. "Interesting choice," Twilight said as she leaned back on the edge of the pond. She levitated her crown off and allowed her mane to settle on her in a messy fashion as she sunk lower, stretching her long legs out as she got comfortable. "Why a siren? You could choose to be anything, so you choose to attempt an intimidating form. There is no need, not here. We are friends, and we are together," she said with no less an air of curiosity than the choice deserved. "Especially when the siren is too big for this pond..." she said as her horn lit up. As she did so, the dimensions of the pond changed. It grew deeper, it grew wider, until the siren did not look nearly as out of place. "There. That seems to fit you better. Are you more comfortable?"
  8. Two plates of delicious Tahini Almond Cookies were the first to arrive. Twilight had just discovered them and they were a recent obsession of hers. They're lightly sweet, chewy, and filled with spiced, nutty flavor. There were three bowls of ice cream laid out, with different flavors mixed in so there was something for everycreature. She was partial to chocolate herself, but there was no such thing as bad ice cream as far as her endless Alicorn hunger was concerned. Finally, there was something from outside Equestria. She had a palate well versed in foreign dishes by this stage of her life and every night she tried to get something from a foreign land. Tonight it was chebakia from Unyasi and it is a chewy, crunchy, and fragrant pastry made by arranging strips of dough into a flower shape. It is then fried, coated in honey, and sprinkled with sesame seeds. "Thanks to the chef. And you have the rest of the evening off," she said to her wait staff, who bowed in good order and trotted off. Her horn lit up as she took free plates and put them in front of her guests, finishing with herself at the end. "Feel free to take what you want. I hope you like the chebakia. When I took a state trip there not long ago I was showed so many different foods," she laughed, shaking her head. "Almost as bad as Saddle Arabia. I swear, they're just trying to fatten me up," she said as she levitated one of chebakia and devoured it, "and its working!" A dinner with friends, what a fantastic evening together. She could hold off on the deeper subjects another day- and indeed, they'd be broached. But for now, she was willing to just enjoy their company.
  9. Sweet Twilight but Applejack could spend all day giving her daughter kisses and hugs. She was irresistibly cute and Applejack was head over heels over every little thing she did. Even the way she said momma made her heart melt. Not that the way Zap Apple said momma didn't make her heart melt too, but it was wholly different. Maybe it was the fact she was still the baby in Applejack's eyes. Maybe Ambrosia had magic that allowed her to subtly influence her mother. Yep. That had to be it. She was just so special and skilled that she could do anything and Applejack was hopelessly in her thrall. "Yer welcome, hun. When we're out n'bout we'll see Rares. I heard she has something for ya!" She said excitedly before she started eating herself. Pancakes- few things were finer in the morning! One of the only things better was sharing any breakfast whatsoever with her family, doubly so with her kids. It certainly made her day get off to a bright start. Made her the happiest pony this side of the mountains she'd reckon. And that was never fully complete until her rambunctiously good natured colt showed up. Zap Apple was primed for the day it seemed, all ready with his goggles and a hope for what the day offered. He was mostly wrong, but she sure did love his enthusiasm. If only he showed that same love for orchard work, then that'd be really something. "Well, eat up. Yer comin' with mamma today an' she's headin' inta town," she said as her mind ran over the list. Much of what it comprised of were matters she had been putting off so now that she had committed herself to it she'd like to get to it right-split fast. After breakfast, of course. These pancakes weren't going to eat themselves!
  10. As fate would have it, she didn't have time to herself for long. Indeed, fate had a bitter and wonderful sense of irony to it, with luck colliding on the paths she galloped across. Applejack made her way into the track alongside Rara but allowed the silence between them to grow. Coloratura redoubled her efforts. She wasn't sure why, in its entirety anyway. She could guess. She didn't want to look weak in front of Applejack. She wanted to impress her. If not with her actual speed and power, then at least her effort and drive. A bit of peacocking. That slammed against the other likely reason, however. She wanted distance. Needed distance. The cause of her own mental consternation was getting closer, not further away. That was the exact opposite reason she came out for a run today. To lose this effort to the very cause of it? She had to admit it was funny. For all of that though, it wasn't long before Applejack had caught up to her and was no longer willing to reman silent. She asked a simple question. It was not so simple to answer, but she buried it anyway. Coloratura was nothing if not good at wearing a mask. "Yeah, I'm doing pretty good," she responded as she slowed down a little, smiling. No small amount of confusion flashed ever so momentarily before she continued, looking ahead. "I try to get a run in every morning. I don't get a lot of time to work out. That and it helps me clear my head," she admitted with a grin before turning to her friend. "What about you? I'd think a mare like you, you get runs in all the time," Coloratura said before she picked up speed again. She had no doubt AJ got mor exercise on a day to day basis than she did in a month. Just look at those legs!
  11. It was sometimes difficult to remember that Smolder was a being who could swim in lava as easily as Silverstream could glide through the water. When they all flew together it was easy enough to imagine them the same and, in the way that mattered, they were. But when it came to the lava question, he still had to wonder. Did she feel the heat at all or was it like a warm summer lake? Did she feel the temperature of normal water or did her scales insulate her in the entirety? He didn't think that was the case. He'd have to poke her further. Metaphorically, not literally. She could poke him a heck of a lot worse than he could poke her. One of them had a lot more weaknesses, externally and internally, than the other. His greatest strength? Recognizing that full stop. And also his devilish good looks. "Yeah, I heard aquatic creatures hated being thrown in the fountains. Could you imagine her fury?" He said with mock fear before he smiled. He spread his wings and started gliding down towards Silverstream, and was about to speak right before Silverstream jumped into the water and took the hose with her. He landed next to the entry point with a quizzical expression, slowly mixing in more visible annoyance. "Okay, Silverstream. You're making me get wet. I hate getting wet," he said with a forced air of less concern. He hated getting in the water. It wasn't bad at the surface but the moment he dropped below the surface he started to panic. It was a major problem for him. He absolutely hated it. Every part of him wanted to freak out and head back up to the surface. It felt like he was dying and that was nothing compared to the anxiety. All of his forced cool-nature and honest desire to see what Silverstream was up to was running directly into his desire to do anything other than go in the water. Sadly, he was next to Smolder and there were few things that could motivate him more than seeing what Silverstream was up and not embarrassing himself in front of his best friend. So, with a a heart heavy with terror, he put a cocksure grin and looked at Smolder. "Last one to find the Hippogriff is a rotten egg!" He said before closing his eyes and jumping in.
  12. Apple Bloom knew better than to take great offense at Flurry Heart's disappointment. Why wouldn't she be let down? Here she was, expecting to deal with one of the great heroines of Equestria and a friend of her mother and aunt. One of their best, Apple Bloom would argue. Instead, she was met by the smaller, less well known, more gangly, and less respected younger sister. It would be like being in line to meet Princess Twilight and meeting pre-reformation Prince Blueblood. Would anypony not be radically let down by the change in plans? She was about to speak when her nephew, bless his heart, spoke up instead. She was mortified by his bluntness. She was long past the time in which she viewed a Princess with the justly awed fear that came with mystery, but she didn't want Flurry Heart to get the wrong impression and come away from Sweet Apple Acres thinking that they were anything else other than the best family in all of Equestria. "Y-yeah," she said shakily to begin before firming up her voice, "this here's Zap Apple! Little fellow here's mah nephew. He's a bit of a troublemaker, ain't ya?" She said playfully as she winked at him, smiling as she remembered all the playfully destructive times they had. Then she realized, again, PRINCESS. "Uhh, but he'll be on his best behavior, Yer Highness. Ain't that right, Zap?" She asked pleasantly, but with no small amount of stern pleading underneath it. She took a deep breath and started following the Princess. Luckily, she got her own luggage. Apple Bloom was more than willing to carry it but she wasn't going to stop anything from being done by the Princess for any reason until they got home. She was still trying to recover from arriving late. As Flurry Heart continued speaking though, Apple Bloom came to a realization. The Princess didn't know that Apple Bloom was the one watching her. Was she still expecting to see Applejack or Rainbow Dash? Oh fiddlesticks. Well, better late than never, and better now than in five minutes. "We certainly got some pies an' milk ready. Always have at least one pie ready ta go, haha!" She began happily before trying to clear her throat. "But- uhh," she began, rubbing her beck. "Uhh, 'bout that. Applejack ain't here, same with R-D. They're at tha summit too. Ah'm watchin' you," she said before trying to change the subject. After all, Apple Bloom knew they shared one thing in common! "And, yeah. I guess yer mama did get tha whole bow idea from me," she said as she shook her mane, moving the bow that she still wore up there to and fro. The size of the bow changed but never the intent! "You look good with it. Yer mama's got good taste. So does Rarity," a pregnant pause, "she's gone too."
  13. Her mare was finally snapped out of the lovely trance she was in by the cake. Which was all well and good since her hooves hurt and she needed somepony to lead the dance and a tired Rainbow wasn't one primed to lead anything but the path to bed. Which didn't sound too bad to Applejack in any case but it was too early to conk out. Even if Ambrosia was kicking up a storm. Yep, your mother was having fun without you. "Oh, we'll relax later, all right. You better think good on yer hooves, sugarcube. Yer leadin' this dance," she said as she leaned into her wife, happy enough to have the support in every meaning of the word. Her face nearly turned beat red, or orange, when Remington mentioned Valen. Talk about a blast from the past, well buried but always relevant. It was all true though. She had once known everything there was to know about oranges even if she didn't care a bit for them. Was there an Apple who didn't care for apples? She didn't know. She didn't care to know. She just wanted to stop choking on her drink, which she had been doing since the name Valen was mentioned. "Oh-HACK-oh, I don't, think, like-HACK- I don't think there are any Apples like that, not like, uhh, like that...what was his name? Varen?" She fake pondered, then shrugged her shoulders. "Enjoying the drink, cutie?" Zap Apple was more excited than a fox in a hen house when it came to cake and who could blame him? Cake was one of the few unequivocally great things about life and today they were gonna have one heck of a cake to boot. She led him to the cake in between his bopping and her weaving. They were the only ones making their way there but she worked her way around an increasingly busy family dinner table every night, so this was nothing to her! She got there and started going to work, cutting out three pieces before ponies could crowd her out. She handed a plate to her nephew. "Here ya go, Zap Apple! Eat up. Then party!" She said with a smile as she handed a piece to Fluttershy. "Here ya go too. How are tha gators comin' in from tha Everfree on 'count of tha swamp nearby having' them hydras pop up?"
  14. Flurry Heart would be the most adorably evil villain of all time and I am on board for it.
  15. It was well and good that the farm was in the hooves of the other Apples this evening. While it would be impossible to imagine for a moment or more the Orchard without the efforts of Applejack at the forefront that did not mean that it necessarily required the sacrifice of all her time and vitality. Indeed, no mare in Equestria deserved a rest as much as she did. She worked herself to the nub of her hooves and then some every day so that her family may prosper. It was one of her many great qualities, her outstanding work ethic, but like several others it came with a devotion that bordered on psychotic. Breaking her away from the orchard required nearly an act of divine will. And Twilight was busy today, so it would fall upon the well-defined shoulders of Rarity to do it. She was very much up for the task, wasn't she Applejack? Applejack nuzzled Rarity and Rarity replied by kissing the top of her mare's forehead, lost in the moment and warmth that the two created uniquely between each other. It was not so strange that they would find each other so attracted to one another. They both knew the value of work and while Rarity's brand was growing larger across Equestria, Applejack worked to maintain the legendary imprint her family name had on the world. Together, they would work on something even newer and grander: Each other. And that would require a lot of work because have you seen Applejack's mane after a day in the fields? She wasn't one to brag about her work but Rarity truly was a miracle worker when it came to the combating of split ends in her golden-maned paramour. She giggled as she was taken to their camp. It was rustic and plain but she could tell that Applejack had put the effort into what she could. "Oooh, it looks lovely, Applejack," she said as she took her seat. She took the glasses and bottle and poured both of them, patting the table side opposite hers. "Now rest dear. You've been so very busy lately!"
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