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  1. Sunny shook her head. "No, I mean, I could get one but ours don't look like that. They're really blocky and cost a ton," she said, vaguely remembering her befuddlement the first time she had seen a mobile phone without all the wires that other phones had. They had come a long way...well, okay, not that long. Truth was that the materials needed for really advanced electronics were rare in Maretime Bay. Consumer computers and mobile phones did exist but the pace of their progress had been glacial and the cost still really high for the average pony. CanterLogic took much of the supply- to their credit, while created for poor intent, some of their creations were indeed quite advanced. "Oh, and it's not my boat, just a rental! The boat owner just changes the name to whoever rented it. Though I do think I like the idea of a boat being named after me. My mom almost had one named after her!" She thought about it, "unless it's a trawler. Those stink. Like sardines...maybe that's..." she shook her head. Luckily, before she could square the fact that her mother had indeed come home smelling of sardines as a filly and how repugnant a smell that was now to her and defaulting at the connection, Sugar Moonlight distracted her. She was happy to have these new friends but still had some worries. It would be expected of Sunny to dismiss the concerns entirely, but she wouldn't. Her fantasies had not come to pass entirely, after all. The Unicorns and Pegasi had, at first, treated her poorly as an Earth pony. They were victims of their own systems of disharmony, but there were a lot of ponies out there. The overwhelming majority would be good. All of them? Not even she was so naïve. "There's good and bad ponies across the three species. No doubt we'll encounter somepony who wants to cause trouble, and so will Bridlewood and Zephyr Heights. We'll just have to trust that a few bad experiences won't drive us to abandon the truth that we now know clearly," She said confidently. There would be challenges ahead but she was confident that they, as Equestrians united, would be their equal. As she pondered the future of their unity and the struggles inherent, a not-so-confident voice spoke up. He gave his name and then started trailing off when he spoke about the ride itself. Maybe he knew a lot about sailing vessels or the sea? Ponies had all sorts of interests and fixations and she could understand loving the sea. She never did quite follow her mother, a boon as fate would have it, but she certainly loved the salty air as much as the next earth pony. "I think that's because this trip is registered under a company's heading. I think. Huh," she looked down and then up, through the window and into the bridge. Hard to see the stallion and his crew up there, but that was by design. They kept out of the way for their guests. "Why is that?" She shrugged. She'd ask him later. "Guess I shouldn't distract him. Anyway...Allegro, right? That's a nice name. You seem to know a lot about the sea. Sailor?" She asked hopefully. It was always nice to learn about new friends, and she counted him as one. It also allowed her to....oh, wait. The lighthouse came up. The lighthouse. Her home. She didn't know the full history behind it, but she did know her parents had loved it dearly. Her mother looked to the lighthouse as a beacon guiding her home in more ways than one. Her father enjoyed the space it gave him to expand his research, and the fact it was set apart from the town allowed him to work without interruption. Now it had been partially destroyed. The top was gone. The second floor was ruined. Her room and a lot of her mementos, including the personalized Guardians figures her father had chiseled for her, were destroyed. Her father's room was still around but unsafe. The first floor- she was shocked how well that had turned out, all things considered. The back of the lighthouse that contained most of her father's research was intact. Glass and stone scattered around the area, but it was fine. The front was still standing, but ruined. The building itself was unsound. She had salvaged what she could of her father's work and her own remaining belongings while the building was repaired and rebuilt in equal measure. He response started strong before trailing lower and lower until it was barely audible. "No, no. It's fine, Sugar. Really, it is. I mean it isn't fine, it really sucked, but..." she sighed deeply before perking back up. "But, it's fine. My home will be fixed, and if it took a little structural damage here, there, and everywhere to help fix Equestria, then that is a very worthy trade," she said with a head nod that was more assertive than convincing. "I'm good when it comes to housing Sugar, at least for a little while. Hotels are *competing* to make it up for me, but I'll keep that offer in mind!" She said, honestly excited about the prospect of future sleepovers. She rarely got the chance to experience good old-fashioned fun friend things. She liked the good old-fashioned fun things. Fun, like food and drink. Cookies and cupcakes, cold sandwiches, smoothies of her own making everywhere, punch, water, chips, soda, salsa, hay bacon strips and veggie rolls of all stripes, and even a couple of pizzas! Okay, she had gone overboard. She had expected a few more ponies to show up, but there was so much to see and do now that she understood locals not being all that interested in a boat trip. She got herself a smoothie and sandwich and took time to gather herself, just as some food floated its way by her and out to the top. Sunny followed it- yes of course it was Daydream but still, that was so cool! Moonage seemed a little occupied with Sugar and who could blame anypony for that. For now Sunny took a big bite and looked out over the crowd of her new friends. This was going to be so exciting! "So, Pipp," she said loudly enough to attract her attention, "would you like to tell everypony here a bit about yourself and Zephyr Heights?"
  2. Twilight nodded. "Robes could work. Of course as a guard a lot of the work would be more mundane, but we have so very few wizarding robes in style anymore that it would be nice to see one made. Done well I think it would work, to boot," she mused openly before bringing her attention back to the present. "But yes, take your time to settle affairs, and be prepared to be tested. If you pass the tests and you have her approval, you'll have mine. But you need to pass the tests. You need to get her approval, and you need to make sure that nothing changes to make me not give you my approval. I have no doubt you will be more than capable of assuring yourself of all the benefits and responsibilities that comes with being the Twilight Guard," she said with certainty. There was no guarantee in life but she had high hopes for him. On the wedding discussion, she had to toss her mane back and stare at the ceiling. "Yes, ancient dresses and armor," she laughed, "when they first found the ancient armory, they thought Crystal ponies of the past had to have been much, much smaller since the armors were...shrunken, lets say. Once they were reheated however they expanded from their ancient cold storage condition. It was really comical for a while, seeing as the guards were literally tripping over themselves trying to get out. Ahh, fun," she shook her head as she went to take another sip- but was out. They were all out. "Oh, looks like we've gone dry, gentleponies."
  3. Apple Bloom couldn't deny it, not one bit. She was really excited and it was leaking out of every pore of her body. Part of it was nervousness. She had never done anything of the sort before. Who was to say that it would go well now, she'd be any good at it, or that she wouldn't be hurt in the process of it? She couldn't be sure of anything. All she could and would know is that she wanted to try, and she needed Tempest's approval to do so. "It's just...Ah'm really excited ta prove mahself. Can I be on the salvage teams, please? Pretty please?" She asked, her professional demeanor falling to the wayside ever briefly as she begged for what was needed. "Anchor down!" Came the cry as everything was in position. The anchor was lowered and once it hit the bottom- far from the wreck, as the magi-sensor told them- the ship started to descend. As they did so, everypony was hard at work. The recon teams were suiting up to investigate the wreck while the salvage teams were checking their gear, making sure the cargo hold was ready, and they got good and liquored up. Apple Bloom looked around the crew and everypony with their teams with great anticipation when finally the ship settled with a gentle loosening of the anchor. "Underwater recon one, going down!" Yelled the first officer, and one by one the five members of the recon team started sliding off the side of the ship and into the water.
  4. It was very difficult to not tell Sī Jīn that she preferred fewer eyes on her. She was already often lost in the mire of the mask of the Empress, already felt small in the presence of so many. Every pair of eyes turned away from her was a relief, not a point of concern. Of course she understood logically that it was likely unwise. Personal comfort came after the station and never before, as much as she often raged internally against it. "I guess that is the price of having had such good security for so long. There are so few real threats placed against the throne that it makes sense that security would start looking elsewhere to find issues," she said as she looked outside and sighed theatrically before turning back in. "What do you propose?" She started to drink when the topic of stallions acting above their station and being all manner of dramatic came up, which caused her to momentarily choke. Who had spoken? Who? When? The Gardeners! Damn the gardeners and their gossip. Were they spies? The guards needed to- no! No then they'd know too! Damn gardeners! She didn't allow it to infiltrate her face, this crumbling realization, as she wiped her mouth. "Wha-! Wuxia, you say? Well, well! I'd, I'd certainly hope these rumors aren't well-founded. I expect all of us to have our attentions turned to what is best and proper, not what strikes the heart with passions."
  5. Sunny knew that Izzy would like cheese. How could a pony not. She knew it wasn't the healthiest food ever but hot, melted cheese was basically a food group in Maretime Bay and if there was one commonality between all creatures big and small it was adoration of comfort foods. Well, she assumed. That question would come later, like maybe during a sleepover or camping trip or any other friend-tivity she had rarely been afforded the opportunity to have. "Yeah, I suppose we have that much in common! Have you eve had pineapple on pizza?" She asked as she scribbled down Izzy's answers, which would clearly dictate the terms of all future pony relations. Then a thought occurred to her "Have you ever had pineapple, in any way?" She pondered. After all, with the various cities cut off it stood to reason that some things may exist in one place and not others. As they conversed, the line quickly collapsed under the efficient work of the staff. It was the pair's turn and the gruff older stallion who wore a worn hat and had a dirtier than clean apron gave the two of them a once over. He then gave one of them a second and third-over, but to his credit he didn't say anything. "Hey there Hot Stuff! I'll take...oh, I'm hungry, so I'll take the Fixin' Fresh. Izzy?" She asked expectantly.
  6. Apple Bloom had to think hard about it. When was their laziest season? Didn't really exist, she reckoned. Spring and summer were busy all day every day. Autumn was the harvesting season to end all seasons, and winter was cider season. They had enough cultivars and business models that they were busy essentially all the time. However, the first month of the year was historically the slowest, before spring kicked off and right after the height of cider season. "Hmm, mid-winter, maybe. Ah'd have to talk it over with Applejack but I'd think that's tha time. An' right when it's coldest too, for tha realest Crystal Empire experience," she winked at her nephew. "Gettin' tha royal treatment would be nice," she said excitedly before leaning in closer to Zap. "Ah can tell you from experience, them big pillows give ya tha best sleep ever," she said as she started to eat greedily. While doing so, the subject of her name and past events came up. Apple Bloom knew the story well enough but truth be told she was just a secondary mare to the whole thing, so it was hard to know for certain. "Yeah, Applejack spoke ta me 'bout it, but Ah don't think she thought too much of it. Ah mean, all things considered, after all."
  7. The foals were busy with their treat behind her. Thank Twilight that they were doing fine behind her because she had a feeling it was going to be a long day. Never a bad day with family but hard days aplenty. Zap Apple was causing her no short amount of grief. She could raise an earth pony all day long but he so desperately wanted to be like her pegasus mother that there was friction inherent in their day to day lives. He did his chores and she was sure that he would be dutiful when he matured, but she knew in her heart of hearts that his future was in the air. And Ambrosia was young and perfect in every way, but Applejack knew. She knew. As Applejack lost herself in thought she made her way to the Boutique, across the town and through throngs who gave her a confused stare as her eye remain puffed out and red. When she got to the Boutique she unhitched her cart and tried once more to get her eyes in right and proper order and failed to do so. She sighed and shook her head. "Alright you two, give momma's back a break," she chuckled as she made sure to wipe her hooves down. "Be on yer best behavior," she said, knowing it would be ignored a full quarter of the time. She gave the door three quick raps of her hoof, took a deep breath and once again pawed at her eyes. "Hello Apples!" Rarity burst out with high energy as the door flew open, the smell of soft fragrances and perfumes slowly overpowering the smells of town life. "Appleja- oh my. Dear, what happened to you eye?" Rarity asked, one hoof up to her chest in alarm. "Ah got a nice chunk of onion in mah eye. A reaction," Applejack replied quickly, making sure to set her friend's mind at ease. Didn't want her thinking Applejack was sick or anything of that sort. "Ahh, I see. Wash up in my bathroom, don't want to see you walking around like...this," Rarity waved her hoof at Applejack, then made way for the mare who trondled up into the shop and up the stairs, leaving the unicorn alone with the two foals. "Well, if it isn't Zap Apple and Ambrosia. I've missed you terribly!" Rarity said as she leaned down and gave them both quick hugs, not mentioning it had only been a few days. She turned around and motioned them in, taking the candy in her magic. "Don't want to leave this out here, now do we?" She trilled in a teasing manner. "Have you two been good for your mothers?"
  8. It was hard to put into words the affections that a mare like Rara could feel. There were simply so many, and each one held a special place in her heart. There was the love she felt with her family, a familial joviality and well-meaning that felt as pure as a radiant sun. There was the energetic affection she shared with the crowd, her fans, at every show. She gave of herself to them every time and bared herself to them through song and performance. The emotional gamut she ran through in her songs were glimpses into her that she gave them, and their joy with her sustained her creative momentum. There was the affection she had with her coworkers, the affection she had for those she met in-pony. Then there was Applejack and the affection that Rara had for her, which was the scariest one of all for it cut deeper in ways that she had rarely felt leave to experience. "Applejack..." she began as her friend drew in close. She allowed a hoof to linger on Applejack's cheek for a moment as her eyes locked in, almost teary. But then she pulled away, smiling as she tried to maintain a sense of decorum. At least as much as she could "Thank you. This means a lot," she whispered before fighting to regain a normal sense of boundaries. She bounded back into the hallway, tail bouncing joyfully behind her as she bounded deeper into the house. "And I think when we're done, you'll thank me too!" She said with a laugh. Lower, to herself though, all she could muster was, "well, I hope you will."
  9. Twilight nodded along, though her wry smile told a tale on it's own. "Yes, one of the Nimbusgait lakes. You may not have known it, but that 'sea' has been tamed for some time. The kraken is used as entertainment last time I visited there," she said, whistling the Kraken's song as she remembered that so very awkward meeting. Beyond that, she had to break her friend out of the habit of saying the olden names for these places. The Aborean sea no longer existed. Luckily she knew the context, but others would not be as knowledgeable. "The key being of course that when it comes to Equestrians, monsters are far less of a threat than the idea of loss of control. That is what makes this ocean more dangerous at least to us. We have no weather control here. Wild, wild weather!" She snorted disrespectfully at the sea. The Equestrian in her would always have a distaste for disordered elements. As she contemplated the varied strengths of nature in it's opposition to Equestrians, Rose? Rose was going nuts. In a fun way, a charming way. She was transforming from animal to animal, aquatic in nature all, while talking up the prospect of hitting the waves. Twilight wasn't really invested into the idea herself, but she was invested in her friendships. She held Rose in mid-air as she was transitioning to a too-large critter for the ship. "I'll pass on the meat eating, but I'm sure we can take a dive."
  10. Sī Jīn seemed somewhat reluctant, but that was part and parcel of her role. Everything her and her kin in service did was shrouded in mystery and layered with thought. Until they leapt into action, where they moved and struck like lightning bottled for too long, she often observed even smaller questions being answered by an awkward moment's consideration. It always took time to shave those moments off, but the young Empress knew better than to dull that sensation too broadly. It had its security qualities and in Jīn's line of work it could be fatal to breed that thoughtfulness out of her. "You're welcome. Really, it is my pleasure. I rarely get to thank you, as well as the others that devote themselves to my protection, as much as you all deserve," she said as she took a sip herself. Following that, she was silent as Jīn took a nibble or sip of everything else they had to offer. Well, you could pull the security mare in for a briefing but you could never pull the security out of the more. After Jīn announced she had nothing to report, the Empress allowed a moment to breathe. "Well, officially at least. Anything to report off the record?"
  11. The first pony to arrive was Pipp. It was hard to imagine that she didn't know just one Princess, but two and a Queen! And that was even before recognizing their worth as a pop star, which seemed considerable. Sunny liked her pop music as much as the next mare and she was too distracted trying to pull of a heist to appreciate the song but Pipp seemed pretty good. She hadn't come around as easily as Zipp and truth be told she wasn't sure what it was that did win Pipp over, but Sunny was excited to see her all the same. She wanted to get to know her better. She had so many questions to ask and so much information to gleam from this glimmering figure. "Just having you here-" she began before she was ruthlessly pulled in for a selfie, unprepared eyes going wide as the flash blinded her for a moment. She needed to get a phone like that at some point. "I need to get one of those...anyway...welcome aboard the SS Sunny Starscout! Ever been on a sailing ship before?" She asked of the Pop Princess, making sure she found her sealegs- or wings, she wanted to see Pipp fly more- as easily as possible. The next pony was a unicorn. Sunny was good at figuring out who it would be based on horn designs, not that the rest of the mare wouln't have come easily undone as being Izzy. She didn't know this one and that was greatly exciting. As much as she wanted to spend time with the friends she had made already, she was also very excited at the prospect of meeting all sorts of new ponies who were finally trotting over to Maretime Bay to experience friendship and affection like the ponies of old. "Welcome to Maretime Bay and welcome to the party! It's nice to meet you, Moonage. I'm Sunny!" She offered in the friendliest manner possible. Well, maybe not possible. She was still wondering what the limits were but she would be saddened if she had exhausted the lengths already. The next pony up was one who Sunny knew well. Sugar Moonlight was one of the city's most well known models and the biggest name in CanterLogic's roster of models for its line of 'protective products'. Like most ponies she had either bought into the lies that had been fed to her, or at least helped maintain it, and like too many she had taken Sunny to task for speaking truth to power. For all of that and then some however, Sugar was no enemy. She was a good, friendly mare who was no more an enemy to Sunny than anypony else. If the system you are born in is corrupt, then those that adhered to the standards of that system and are incentivized to uphold it are not enemies. They are victims of a different breed, and the system itself is the enemy. "Come on board, Sugar," she offered quickly, offering Sugar a friendly hoof. "And thank you, that means a lot. I forgive you and more importantly I never blamed you. We were all raised to believe a bunch of bunk, just like our parents and theirs before them. Now though, we have friends who can fly and float things and that is pretty cool," she offered at first with some manner of formality before breaking down into giddy excitement....because it was all true! The final member of today's friendship cruise came into being, though there was something strange about him. Not how he looked- looked like an earth pony and that was so normal to her that the fact he was new to her was lost- but how he acted. Then it struck her: He had never seen a unicorn before. Or a pegasus for that matter! And judging by how she had never seen him before, he was clearly a shut-in. Sugar Moonlight may have wanted to come out of her shell but this was a whole other level of it! Still, the more the merrier and new friends came from all stripes. "It sure is, buddy! Come on in! I'm Sunny and these are my friends, or soon to be friends. What's your name?" She asked, beaming with excitement. As she did so, the captain of the ship knocked on the window to his cabin. Sunny turned and saw him tap a watch on his wrist. Oh. It was time to leave. Truth be told she was hoping to see one more unicorn show up, but alas. She couldn't expect Izzy to spend her whole life in Maretime Bay now, right? She nodded and in a few moments the ship was off, unmoored by some helpful colts on the dock and powered by sail and a small engine. They were starting to slow, essentially a nice and controlled drift out into the waters. "And we're off! Thank you, those that showed up, for joining me today. I am so happy to see ponies come together and I thought I would show off something that makes Maretime Bay unique among the cities. I know both Bridlewood and Zephyr Heights are positioned far away from the waters, so I wanted to take all of us out for a day on the waves," she started before opening a door near the front to showcase a small internal 'ballroom' with food and drink. "Also, refreshments!"
  12. Applejack smiled as best she could when she saw her son through eyes that moment by moment a desperate battle between becoming more entrenched in anguish and clearing up. It was one fight she was sure to win in the long term and loathe fighting in the short, but for all that and ten bits more she was happy to have her son back. "There you are, Zap. Havin' fun?" She asked she she picked him up and put him on her back. In time as was custom she was sure he would crawl his way back over her form and into the cart to be by his sister, even as he asked a question. "Not yet. Got a lot of business left ta attend ta!" She said with a self-assured smirk. She knew that was not an answer he wanted to hear but it felt good to slow his roll, at least for now. He knew what the day and di and did not have in store, or at least he thought he did. At least he thought he did. "Oh, by tha way. From one of tha vendors Ah got tha both of you somethin' ta snack on. Blue bag," she said absent-mindedly before remembering that too many bonbons too quickly would ruin plans for later. "One each for now. Save some for later! On to Carousel Boutique!" She said confidently, trying to blink away the pain as bests he could as she trotted gainfully deeper into town.
  13. Howdy! On October 10th the forum will see a new IPS Update. There should be no hassle, but if you have important threads I would recommend creating a local backup.
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