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  1. “Ah reckon they’ll be understandin’, sugarcube,” Applejack said, trying her best to keep Rainbow calm. She didn’t need that big, muscular brute to run about and cause some chaos. His big legs, big tail big...shoulders...would cause a lot of damage. What was she thinking about again? “Ah mean, let’s be honest. This ain’t tha first time this sorta thing has happened,” she ended on a laugh, though it did get her thinking about...nah. That was stinkin’ thinkin’. They sat down to eat and Applejack had to admit it was nice to just think about a normal lunch, if even for a few minutes. She had her mind set on a nice simple day after all and despite the chaos that afflicted Rainbow now, Applejack’s stubborn nature excluded her from giving up on the simple pleasure of a simple lunch. Of course, Rainbow decided to eat a lot heavier. Sure was packing in a lot so quickly. Had to fight that growling monster somehow! Rainbow was a healthy eater, sure, but it sure did sound like Twi put a spell on the former filly’s ferocious feeder because woah nelly was he stuffing it down something fierce and quick. Applejack was so focused on that the mild conversation she did have with Pinkie and the food she did receive were often broken up by stretches of simply marveling at what Rainbow was putting down. It came as a little shock when the meal suddenly ended. Only then did Applejack realize she had been quiet. Perhaps, it turned out, too quiet. In a short time Pinkie was away, Applejack giving her a wave. “Nice talkin’, Pinkie. Ah’ll make sure ta bring tha youngins by soon,” she smiled as she got up. She went to go pay, but Rainbow already did. Soon, the two were up and out of the diner, and on their way to the farm. “Oh, sure. ‘Spose if that’d make you more comfortable, sure. Why, are ya feeling anxious?”
  2. Applejack wasn’t quite sure what fraffly meant. Was that one of them Trottingham phrases that Rarity sometimes tossed about? At lease she wasn’t speakin’ fancy. She wasn’t about to tolerate that tomfoolery, even from Ambrosia. Sometimes, a mare had to draw a line and she would certainly kindly ask Ambrosia to not speak fancy if she did, if it would be okay and all. “Well, I am quite pleased to hear that somepony with such a refined palate enjoys the fruit of her family’s labor,” the auntie said as she leaned down and nuzzled Ambrosia. “Well Cara, don’t you mean, enjoy the fruit juice of her family’s labor?” Mosely said with a big smile. Big and broad, like his joke that they both laughed at in that snooty, upturned way that Manehattanites of the high city tended to laugh. Cara joined in. Applejack did too, to be polite. He looked at the Apples and waved them towards the main sitting room. “Please, make yourselves comfortable. I will have some drinks ready in a moment- and I do believe the Orange Cream Granita should be ready. You are in for a treat, Ambrosia Apple!” He said as he trotted off. Applejack sat down with a bit of stretch and yawned. “How’s tha city life treating’ ya, Aunt Orange?” “Oh Applejack, you don’t need to be so unfamiliar. Cara will suffice! I have done well, in any case. Tell me, how is farm life?” She leaned in towards Ambrosia. “Attacked by any of those...’roosters’, I believe they’re called?” She could barely get the words out, as if the thought of such a creature was absurd!
  3. Sunny looked at the picture and then back at Allegro, confused. Hitch Trailblazer was one of the nicest and most dedicated ponies in town. She knew the common stereotype of law-ponies were that they could be rough and tumble, but frankly she wasn’t aware of a softer pony in all of Maretime Bay. He was a sweetheart! He couldn’t hurt a fly. Sometimes that bit him in the flank. He was more of the shield sort of stallion than he was the ‘tackle somepony and hogtie them’ style. “There has to be some mistake. Hitch would never…” She said, shaking her head. Her defenses were up and her shock was apparent. There was absolutely no way Hitch would have done it- even if he had captured a unicorn, the plan was always to release them back out of town towards Bridlewood. Same with Pegasi! Though since the expectation was they could fly, she wasn’t sure how- that didn’t matter! “Let’s not do anything rash, Allegro. We’ll figure this out, okay?”
  4. Apple Bloom had been so focused on doing her job and trying to help that she had made a fool of an error. Instead of panicking, she tried to think of the good she had done. Between the idea, the execution, and now this, well, she had to have helped a ton of ponyfolk- and a Diamond Dog, couldn’t say no to that. All in all, not a bad way for it to go. Well, except for whataver she was gonna slam into. She felt oddly detached from it, almost like she was viewing herself academically. Out of body experience, maybe. She didn’t know. She was brought out of that state when Mars yelled "Gotcha!" and pulled her closer to him, smacking against his larger frame and being shocked into coherence again. She held tight to the other mare almost as much she held tight to the Dog, and soon they were getting pulled up towards the ship. She felt her own rope loosen, slacken, and then cut as a piece of wood down below cut the line below her. Now both mares were more or less hugging Mars and holding onto his rope. Luckily, the pace grew and Mars held on rough and tough, and it wasn’t long until the launch bay of the ship was in sight!
  5. Applejack gave it a long thought. Rarity knew the celebrations of any city almost as certainly as Pinkie did, so Applejack tended to rely on her expert knowledge. She’d rather spend her time on more practical matters, but it’d be a lie to say that she wasn’t mighty proud that the largest parade in Equestria had a big honkin’ balloon of her in it. She worried whenever she saw one of them that they were super liable to run into something sharp and comedically launch whoever was holding the rope into the sky. “Well, Ah do reckon thar’s tha largest Togetherness Festival Day parade in all of Equestria while we’re here,” Applejack smiled as she reached her head over to give her daughter a quick peck. No real reason. She couldn’t resist Ambrosia’s endless charms for any length of time. “Ah think yer gonna have a wonderful time at it. Oops,” she overacted her mistake of ‘leaking’ it for a second as they trotted onto the property. She nodded to the gatestallion as she passed. “Nice ta see ya too, Mr. Connemara. Hope tha wife is treatin’ ya proper like,” she said, happy to see he was still working for the Oranges. She knew he did things other than be the gatestallion, but he had been the gatestallion ever since Applejack had been a filly. Of course he was now an elderly one that made Applejack consider briefly her own advancing age before she banished those thoughts. She knocked on the door once and then twice. It wasn’t long before the door opened gently, revealing an older if not quite elderly mare, her bright blue eyes and pale yellow coat still the same as they ever were. Her orange mane had some grey streaks in them- strategic ones anyway that seemed to contrast with the bright orange. She wore a beautiful necklace of orange and green gems. “Applejack! Ambrosia! I am so very happy to see both of you!” She said as she leaned in to give both of them a gentle hug. “This is such a delight. Oh, Mosely! Mosely my love, they’re here!” A stallion trotted into frame, his well-tailored suit in the midst of being removed. Pale yellow like his wife but with a still-vibrant green mane, his pale blue eyes wrinkled but still kind. “What a fantastic day. Can this be the great Ambrosia I’ve heard so much about? Please, come on in. Our home is your home!” the stallion said, Applejack obliging him quickly. It was great seeing them. The Oranges often came to Ponyville, or at least used to. Changes in business, their own age, and some other personal issues had ended those trips not too long before Ambrosia’s birth. They exchanged letters often and promises exchanged, but there was always something. Of course it took two to tango, so Applejack was pleased to take this step. “Mighty happy ta be seeing y’all,” Applejack said, hugging her uncle. “Oh, you and your country terms, Applejack. Still as charming as ever!” He responded with a hug and a nice laugh.
  6. Twilight, part by part, signed the documents and sent them away. They had finished the meat of the world. There would always be a need to go over small details, and somepony would of course find some minor technical issue that she would delight in working out in further meetings with Blueblood that were in no way, shape or form intentionally placed there to allow her to have a meeting with Blueblood. She enjoyed mixing business with pleasure, after all. And so did Cadance. Right now, her pleasure was in watching North Wind lose her mind as she realized just what Cadance had meant by ensuring that the fruits of their love would be bountiful. Considering the prospect for a kitten to even be born was far-fetched a mere hour ago, it didn’t surprise Cadance that such a devoted servant started to lose herself in the prospect of what was coming into her life. “Oh, I don’t quite know exactly how many kittens she may have. Perhaps one. Perhaps ten,” she smiled, leaning in even as North Wind started running about, speaking to other aides and trying to arrange what she could now. “If you’re interested, I can give you the address to the specialist who has made Flurry Heart’s newer toys. If it can survive an alicorn, I’m sure she can help with kittens. Even...big ones,” she winked.
  7. Applejack nuzzled her daughter gently as she spoke, partially out of habit, partially because it was entirely too hard to resist her. The crowd moved forward and Applejack followed, the hustle and bustle not distracting Applejack enough to miss a few quick glances and even a silent, ‘aww’ from some passerby's. She couldn't blame them- they made for a fine pair, even if she had to imagine most of the aww were directed at the adorably bundle on her back. “Heh, Ah’m sure they’ll be happy to hear it,” she laughed as she continued to trot. Applejack knew that the Oranges would love her and it would be good to deal with them again. They sent letters and conducted business normal-like but there had been some minor...bumps across time. From her first launching herself at them as a filly to leaving them just as quickly, plus the awkwardness that happened later with her cousin, and she would be happy to just see them and have a great day. “There’s tha house, sugarcube,” Applejack said, nodding to a large multi-story townhouse with the family’s sigil and flag in front. The crowd thinned out as many ponies started trotting down into the underground transit system, and Applejack was soon approaching the gate.
  8. Hopefully that puller realized that he would never get a cuter, angrier commuter in his life. How could anyone even pretend to be angry at her after that display? Applejack giggled as she finished crossing, trotting gainfully to keep pace with the rush of creatures all around. “Well sugarcube, they build using steel, marble, and stone ta make tha buildin’ strong and stable, an’ they have these very smart engineers workin’ their tails off ta make sure they build ‘em right. As for where everypony is goin’- there’s so many things ta do an’ see that ponies wanna get going quick-like from place ta place. An’ that doesn’t even ‘count for all the ponies heading ta work! An’ there is so many of ‘em- excuse me- that ya don’t wanna get stuck in big, huge lines!” She said as they got stuck in just that near a crosswalk. “Y’all won’t see as many trees here as back in Ponyville. They do have this really pretty park, very big one too, in tha middle of tha city but they had to cut down a lot of trees ta make room for them big buildings. Bit sad, ain’t it? But Ah reckon somethin’ had to go for the city ta get as big as it is. I’ll take ya to tha park before we leave. Sound fun? Tha Oranges are just a few more blocks. They’re so escited ta meet ya!”
  9. “Oh! I know all about being a burden with skill. I, umm, I am winning my tribe’s Wimbo wa Ndege before we move to Equestria. It is high honor! I am excited to being better at perform with family, have a lot to live up to!” She boasted proudly. It was nice being able to talk to such a talented skilled artist as Dizzy. And he liked her bag! He had very good bag taste. “Thank you! Bag has seen a lot of travel. Very tough! You can, umm, rumble and tumble in jungles and doesn’t tear. Well, maybe it will. But it has not so far!” She said proudly, slapping her bag a few more times. She did appreciate Twister being patient with Muziki, the older mare saying the word one syllable at a time. “Oh, thanking you. I will try to...multi-lingy-nail?” She said, her accent throwing it off. “I like to travel too. I am used to travel. Actually, staying in place is weird. We walk all over Unyasi and learn about all kinds. Same here! Always fun to learn. Papa says that, umm, to learn is to live. And I like living!” She beamed, then nodded emphatically. “Yup! My mama is super smart. Griffish is hard to speak. So many, umm, hard sounds for beaks!” She said, mimicking a beak as best she could. Then she bit her tongue in doing so, rubbing her mouth. “Ow.” She resolved not to do that again. As she rubbed her mouth, she heard what was said and realized she had the space to help! “Umm, Mr. Windyright! Maybe that is good idea. Some go, with Dark to lair, I go with you to get extra since I have so much room in bag!” she said, waving off the group that started with Dark Core while she pranced over to Windwright. “I don’t want miss much, so lets be super duper fast!”
  10. North’s moods and causes were known to her. She did not expect North to easily stomach the thought of a gift. It had been one reason among many her gift came last, so she could see how condition-less Twilight’s gifts were. Her refusal of them was, indeed, a product of her own lifetime and Twilight held no ill will there. Her life was short and Twilight hoped she made the most of it, becoming the first great Hyatrian citizen in the process. Instead, her ire existed mostly for Blueblood, who knew full well what Twilight had done and what Twilight had meant with her actions and had not even once, on behalf of himself or Hyatria, said thank you. Why, he had only said thank you telepathically when she had personally complimented him on his growth. He had never thanked her for anything else she had done, which was well enough. She did not require thanks. But to have him, who knew better, knows better, treat her as rudely as he had in this matter? He spoke of generational decay of relations due to poor wording, forgetting that long after he had passed away and was remembered justly for his glory as leader, ponitarian and savior of species, she would be here and with more than one way to show the minutes of this meeting. The true threat to the future was Twilight’s warm greetings and tidings becoming cooler in time with Blueblood and his positional descendants if they adopted such a disrespectful tact with her. Blueblood was closer than he thought when he said boundaries were being established. He just may not have known who and what was existing within those boundaries. Cadance nodded. “I was planning on speaking to the Tyr regarding a short tour of the Empire. I do doubt that it will change to any real degree the short-term reputation damage to the Empire, but it should make long-term processes a bit easier,” she offered with a friendly, dismissive wave of her hoof. “Besides, he hasn’t tasted the Faire’s best crystal berry based desserts yet saved for the royal family, and I have a feeling he would adore them,” she smiled before her magic started to slowly work on fixing the table. It was a mess of food and drink, even if the occupants had been careful enough while feasting. “Hmm, I cannot think of anything else to discuss. I do believe this concludes the thrust of these negotiations, beyond some wording on the treaties and documents.”
  11. Sunny looked at the photo, taking in who was there and trying to understand what he was saying. She couldn’t quite process it for a while, as if his growling and change in attitude was hard enough for her to stomach without even taking into consideration what he was growling at for a few moments. In a better situation she would consider bringing out as notebook and writing down the details of what a Siren’s growl sounded like. Hiss. A growl or a hiss? She couldn’t really decide, and then she realized she was obsessing over that only because she didn’t really want to process what was actually being said. Sprout really was a weedy looking red colt, even when he was a stallion. She would never say this out loud, but he just looked really strange. But the other stallion- was he really part of it? She hadn’t heard anything about this. And was he even part of the Sheriff's department back then? “...Do you mean Hitch? Hitch Trailblazer?”
  12. Twilight was not phased, if somewhat displeased with how Blueblood conducted himself. "Don’t smack the table. You might hurt your hoof, and I am pretty sure your herd might ask questions of my husband," Cadance replied flippantly and mischievously. Twilight decided to not think on it and pushed ahead, though a full second passed before she could form a response as she tried to fight off other thoughts. "Cards, Blueblood?" she turned to North Wind. "I have given you the ability to transform into a Sphinx when the time comes. When you are ready, when the spell foci on that crystal has found your soul and heart in sync with its magic, then I will turn you for good. If you do not wish to avail yourself of the opportunity, then so be it. The offer will stand when and if you change your mind," she looked at both, her expression still even as the crystal floated over to her. North Wind’s renunciation of the gift was of course her choice, but she knew full well the outrage that boiled beneath her pelt and the fact that Blueblood’s easing approach to the matter came with his own hidden frustrations with Twilight. To say she found the implication that there were hidden cards in play, as if the fate of nations and species were to be toyed with, was greatly frustrating to her. She had a delicate balance to strike, yes, and she would not divulge her thinking behind every decision and move. Yet at all times, these decisions were made with their benefit in mind. The Hyatrian Delegation had been showered with more affirmation and gifts in one day than they could ever have hoped for, yet that had earned her what sounded like distrust. North Wind was a mare broken by time, being molded into something better by service. It was the very gears of hers that needed mending before she could actually become the creature she thought she wanted to be. She had to come to that peace herself, that understanding, that growth. It could not be forced on her, she could not be led to it, there was no program. She had to do it. If that never changed, then all she would become was a wounded sphinx. What would North have then, when she had gotten her heart’s desire and still found her wounds unhealed? Dark clouds were made of lighter airs than that. Would she be blamed then as well? Was she expected to answer their every whim and desire, at all times, and when she did not was she to be shamed for it? Seeds of resentment? How much more were they wanting from her? How much more could they realistically ask of her? Twilight looked at her glass of water briefly for a moment and took a deep breath before they came back up, narrowed around the edges slightly. "Before this day, Hyatria did not exist, your Tyr was a slave whose master merely had velvet gloves, Jizara was an idea rather than a reality and my sister-in-law had a full Empire," she started simply, the crystal given to North turning to dust and reforming in the aether. It would be ready for future use, when and if North became serious about the beatings of her own heart. "Now I must inform my citizens that their great Empire has had a part of it sold off, it's pride humbled like a gelded stallion, and I have had to personally endure the humiliation of watching my younger sister in law sign away that very land," Cadance replied with the first sign of bitterness during this entire ordeal. She had been talked into this deal and had agreed to take the most substantial loss in the territory of the Empire since long before Sombra. The fact it had not engendered in them a sense of the benevolence of the two Alicorns in these dealings was troubling. "Yet at all times, we have only asked for pittance in terms of financial compensation. You have paid below market for the land," Twilight added. Indeed, even at the price they had agreed upon she fully expected the details to become scandalous in the Crystal Empire and Equestria alike, and for her economic advisors to lose sleep over what had been ‘lost’. "I have given your Tyr economic benefits the likes of which will enrich him and his land for generations." "I have broken his chains and asked for nothing. I gave Jizara the chance to save the Sphinx," Twilight replied with a nod of satisfaction, even if her face stayed even. She felt happy about these things, even if their existence seemed to do nothing to earn themselves the benefit of the doubt. "I ensured that the fruit of their love will be bountiful,” Cadance replied warmly, standing up ever slightly so, wings flared not as a threat but as an embrace, a smile with closed eyes speaking far more than any words could as she imagined how they felt at this moment. Her eyes opened and she shook her head. “We have asked for nothing for these services!" "You have been put into a position to fulfill what you believe your purpose is," Twilight used one wing to point at Blueblood. Then she used her other wing to point to North Wind, "and you have been given the chance to evolve and change and become Sphinx in time. And in this, I have asked for nothing, and will continue to ask for nothing. I will never put a price on my affections and my care for the creatures of not just Equestria, but far beyond its borders." There was a small pause. Twilight sighed, her expression softened and she allowed the minor passions of her heart to settle. She understood intellectually that the entire Hyatrian delegation had come here to haggle and fight, at least to some degree. They could not have reasonably guessed that in one meeting they would get everything they asked for and significantly more. And sometimes when you were prepared to fight and found nothing to do, you kicked at something. Twilight could rationalize it that way, even if she did find the fact that her previous fair dealings and good nature had earned her no real purchase in either of them when it came to this matter disheartening. "The kindness and generosity with which you have been treated is far beyond anything you could have reasonably expected. Such gifts will continue regardless of how you choose to receive them. I am not here to play a game; not when the lives and fortunes of my little ponies and the future of a species and nation are in play. Are you playing a game with these weighty matters? If so, know that I have no cards to play, so I suggest you get used to Equestria’s love and the Empire’s patience. We will be here for an eternity.,”
  13. It was no shock to Twilight that Blueblood’s concern was in some way tied to House Platinum. Despite everything that had happened over the year’s that had allowed to Blueblood to rather defiantly stand against his past self as a changed pony, the means and ways of his House still mattered a great deal to him. The College of Heralds, however, was nothing more than window dressing. So far removed were they from matters of state and power that they spent more time fighting over obscure titles than doing anything noteworthy. It was directly from the Princesses that such changes were made. Celestia and Luna called him nephew; Tyr Niilavin, they would not. Not that she had any special feelings for the nobility one way or another. They were mostly an afterthought everywhere except Canterlot before IMAGINE unless Rarity was around. The peerages vanishing over time and not being replaced at anywhere near the same rate was a feature, not a bug, as far as Twilight was concerned. She knew that in the long-run there would be no more Houses, no more peerage, no more nobility to by title hold themselves above. Other titles and roles would be theirs to hold in responsibility, not privilege, in service to the ponies of Equestria. Blueblood would be a wonderful example, and one she dearly hoped others would follow. “Understood. The importance of Hytaria’s success to both you and your family is noted and understood as well. I think I can accommodate this- whatever title the Tyr wishes to bestow upon you is up to him, of course. But as far as Equestria is concerned, I can simply keep you in place as Ambassador not only in the immediacy, but in the long run as well. Barring your own desire, you will remain in position. Is this agreeable?” She asked, a smile thick on her face. He would get what he needed. So would Equestria and Hytaria. A triple win. How rare! North Wind was a different case. She was Maretonian by birth but Equestrian by right of immigration, and Twilight was reticent to accept absurdities as commonplace. From a purely logistical and geobiological point of view, she had changed Spoiled Rich into Jizara not out of a well of sympathy for who she really claimed to be, but as a necessity for saving the Sphinx species. Yes, there were many other smaller reasons that she had done so and made it easy to justify ethically, but she would not have considered it so easily had the Sphinx been thriving. Now that there was a breeding pair active- very active, if Cadance’s small pitter patter in position was any indication- she wasn’t so sure what to do with North Wind. It wasn’t easier when she spoke about what she felt inside. And what Twilight felt beat in her heart spoke to that and more. She liked the power, the perfection, the superiority and the grace of that species. Compared to her life as a pony- one who, as a pegasus of Hippostion, lived harsh and rough and discriminated against by nature- it must have seemed easy and clear for her. Were her reasons for seeking this change reflective of what was truly in her heart, or a result of the abuses hurled on her from the past? More than that, she was Huntsmarshal. An important title to be sure. And it was that importance that made her reticent. Niilavin and Jizara could not be fully trusted to understand the lives and needs of their equine subjects. Jizara may very well have been a pony, but Twilight was not certain that would translate to a great deal of care for the happenings of her subjects. She considered it important that at least one member of the government who was to be involved in the more active matters of governance in the physical scale of their territory lived and conducted themselves in a way that shared the strengths and weaknesses of their citizens. Blueblood would serve part of that, but she expected him to mostly handle affairs with the Tyr and relations with other states. The Huntsmarshal was likely to see the land and deal with the land to a greater degree. “At the moment, I do not believe it is wise to change you in full to become a Sphinx. You need time to process the creation of the state and the affairs of its management before I can expect you to fully absorb the magnitude of such a change when it comes to Sphinxkind. However, I will give you a gift,” Twilight said as a small crystal of dark purple energy materialized above North Wind before slowly and gently falling into her possession. “That crystal contains the magic necessary to change your species to that of the Sphinx. I have given it a trigger for specific high stress situations, and it will also help keep track of your state of being. When and if it has decided that you are ready, it will seek my final permission to change your species entirely.”
  14. Sunny gave it a quick thought before shaking her head. “What we’ll do is, you get dressed and ready but stay upstairs in the room. I’ll get her prepped and ready for you and then call you down. It should be a breeze! Well, there might be a real breeze as well since she is a pegasus, but you caught what I was saying,” she said with a laugh, tossing her mane off to the side as she started looking around to get her saddlebag ready to go. As she started packing, she thought she heard something growling. Had she eaten? Had it been enough when she had eaten? Usually stomachs didn’t sound so loud but what else could it be? Her mind, so distracted by the events of the last few minutes took a full few moments to register all the obvious clues that indicated that the growling had nothing to do with her poor breakfast and everything to do with her great guest! “Is everything okay?” Sunny asked, her head in her saddlebag before closing it and throwing it over her back and trotting to where she heard his unique cat-like hiss last.
  15. She was happy that her daughter hadn't freaked out. It wasn't all that uncommon from what she had been told that ponies from country towns like their showed up in the big city and felt afraid of all the noise, the speed, the nature and intensity of the city. Plenty of time for that to happen in any case. "Sure is mighty big! Why, that thar buildin' - called a skyscraper- is almost as big as your uncle!" She said as she trotted forward. Her tail was still around her daughter and kept tight as she picked up the trot. Even with her picking up the speed she was getting passed by a growing number of ponies. The city may as well have acted like it was a marathon at all time. "They like ta move fast here, sugarcube. Wanna ride on mama's back?" She asked as they started crossing a street. The sounds and smells of the city roared on by. The city was home to dozens of different cultures and species, some unique and others banal, and food carts could be seen anywhere. Applejack sniffed the wind, and her stomach as full as it was could not help but wonder what else it offered for her. What she was paying much attention to was traffic. How could she? So many carts and carriages and ponies trottin' to and fro made it hard for a mare like her to keep on top of everything. And so it was that a one-stallion cart galloped at full speed towards the crosswalk. The carriage stallion looked up almost too late and came to a skidding stop, loudly bellowing for Applejack to get out of his way. He wasn't fast enough, and the cart nearly ran into Applejack at full speed- who, not moving, put one leg out and stopped him mid-gallop. "Hey! Ah'm trottin' here!" She replied loudly, yelling but not angrily. The stallion sighed and muttered an apology as she continued walking across the street.
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