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A Wild Ask Blog Appeared!




blog-0124031001329295289.pngblog-0124031001329295289.pngblog-0124031001329295289.pngblog-0124031001329295289.pngblog-0124031001329295289.pngblog-0124031001329295289.pngblog-0124031001329295289.pngblog-0124031001329295289.pngblog-0124031001329295289.pngblog-0124031001329295289.pngblog-0124031001329295289.pngblog-0124031001329295289.pngblog-0124031001329295289.pngblog-0124031001329295289.pngI have created an ask blog for everypony's favourite scientist!

Some answers will be written, others drawn, mostly depending on how much answering time I have. I'll be mostly using it as an excuse to practice my art abilities.

So, get on over there and ask some questions!


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