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A Man And His Toys




So I was at K-Mart the other day with my family. My Mom and sis were getting shoes or some such while I was browsing the toy section for any new action figures to add to my small yet growing collection. I had gone through every aisle and had seen nothing that I would be interested in or anything that was in my budget when at the very last aisle, sitting all by its lonesome in clearance, was the MLP Gift Set. You know the one I'm talking about? It's the set that comes with Trollestia Pink Celestia, Twilight, Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Spike. It wasn't really on my 'need to get' list but I saw the figures were a fairly nice size and it was going for fifteen bucks.


Even the box is pretty nifty looking.

So I thought, "Why the hay not?" and grabbed it before walking through the store like a boss, ignoring my little bro's mocking. I carried it all the way across the store and plopped it in the shopping cart only for my Mom to say, "You are not getting that." I blinked a few times and told her that I didn't have any money on me at the moment anyway and I was hoping she could get it and I'd paid her when we got back home and-

"I am not buying that, I draw the line at pony toys."

... :sniff:

And so I walked home empty handed and a bit broken hearted. As much as I love talking about ponies with random strangers online it would be nice if some of my family or at least one of my real life friends supported the franchise. At least most of them are just in the 'I don't really care about the show' camp instead of the 'GUYSWHOLIKEPONIESBEGAY' camp.

Anywho, sorry for the rant-ish sort of blog. I need something to pass the time until tomorrow and it's been sitting on my mind for a few days so I decided to get it off. Now... isitisaturdayyetisitsaturdayyetisit...


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That sucks. :( Go get your cash and head back pronto to buy it yourself! Just hide it somewhere!

Also you have guts. I'm not sure I could buy that stuff for myself. I'm sure I'd never live it down XD

Luckily I don't collect the toys anyway :P

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