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Guard Roll [Never Gonna Give You Up Parody




You’re no stranger to friendship~

As you learn the rules, I shall be, by your side

A full commitment's what I'm thinking of

You wouldn't get this from any other guard

And if you wanna say you’re hurting

It’s my job to, put you at ease!


I don’t wanna mess you up,

Beat all who puts you down

Stop all who trot around and despise you

Never gonna make you cry,

I will serve you on the fly,

I will stay by your side and protect you!


I’ve seen you growing for so long.

My heart's been aching but I’m too proud to say it.

Sometimes I wished I made you feel like you belong.

I’ll just spin the wheel and see where it lands at.

And now I ask you how you’re feeling

Can’t handle the abilities?


(Ooh live it up)

(Ooh live it up)

(Ooh) just try to live, just try to live!

(Ooh live it up)

(Ooh) Just try to live, just try to live

(Ooh live it up)

We've known each other for so long

You were always reclusive, but now you run it!

Inside I think I knew what's was going on

As a guard I shall help you mold fate!




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