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Happy Hearts and Hooves Day!




Just as the title says, Happy Hearts and Hooves Day everypony! I do hope that for the ones that are able to enjoy this day with their significant other. It's a great time of the year where love and caring spreads through the air from the ones that spend the day with their loved ones. It's also a day where many will confess their love to that special someone, hoping to win their heart, yet not realizing that they had that one's heart all along. I do hope that you all find joy, comfort, and love throughout this love-filled day.

As for an update status:

I've started a new blog section dedicated to new rps/stories that I'm about to post up as well as updates about them.

The Omega Saga has begun in Skyward Pirates; Omega has started his attack and has taken some sort of interest towards Captain WindCatch and something within the Angel. More updates will be posted in my new blog section.

Unfortunately, I was unable to post within my journal blog for the past two weeks. I still have one more to post up from two weeks ago, and I'm looking for more candidates to interview. This is for fun of course, and nothing private or confidential will be asked.

That's about it for now. Enjoy the day, and check back often to find out more about what's going on. :smug:

P.s: It's 1:46 here on 2/14/2014, so even though it says I posted this on the 13, rest assure, I did indeed post this on Hearts and Hooves day. (Plus says Hearts and Hooves Day this many times makes me think of Doctor Hooves and Derpy Hooves. :P ))

Happy Hearts and Hooves Day!


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