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Season 4's Final Episodes!




Greetings denizens of Canterlot.com,

The fourth season's finale of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic will be not one episode, but two; and they both will be aired tomorrow! How exciting!

Episode(s) name: Twilight's Kingdom Part 1 & 2

Description of episode(s) (Summarized):

x - Twilight's Kingdom Part 1: A new villain has escaped from the Tartarus, and now Discord has been tasked to track down and find this villain. Twilight wants to go as well to show that she is capable of a task like this.

x - Twilight's Kingdom Part 2: The three princesses (Celestia, Luna, and I think Cadence) share their power with Twilight Sparkle so that she can defend Canterlot and Ponyville and finally open the Tree of Harmony's Mystery Box.

So, a new villain, and unforeseen trust between Celestia and Discord, and we finally get to see what is in the box! These next two episodes are going to be a-pony feather-mazing!

Well, that's all the info I can share on this subject. I hope you all are as excited as I am. So get your snacks and friends ready for the end of another great season; and hopefully season 5 will be just as amazing!

Till next time

- Xan


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