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Entry #1 I am Parry Slice




Wow Is this really the Internet man it is so large and vast.

My name is Parry Slice... And Gee is it hard to type with hooves...segxdtydfthfgbfdxffgdrgdrgsrgdrbf\;/4(:(.

Wow that's better I have someone typing for me now anyways I am Parry Slice as I said and I am a Unicorn you know the stuff of your dreams like Candy and those things humans call hands but yes I am a Unicorn no bluffs and I am here reporting what the real world and also later I will be reporting what my world is like.

So anyways living with a horn on your head can totally be a pain in the flank I tell you I have to watch out everywhere it is such a pain.

So yeah so far that's what I think the real world is awesome just because of the Internet but you know there is probably more but that's all for today.


Oh before I go I will respond to questions In the comments so let those questions fly like time and Bits.


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