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    The Great White North
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    Role playing,talking about Star Wars and MLP And what is to come for new episodes and seasons of MLP, and being a Canadian EH!!!!! I also love Legend of Zelda.

    I don't use this account a lot! Just a warning.
    But when the summer comes I have more free time than Twilight probably would Find a little unhealthy!

    Lulz so some things about me I love Star Trek as well as Star Wars which I already mentioned and Legend of Zelda; my favourite game is Ocarina Of Time and I hate the Cdi games they were bad.

    I am a not a hardcore fan of Mlp wait that is an understatement I watched each and every single season in one summer truthfully I got hooked like in two months I watched season 1 to 4.

    I am a huge fan of AMC's the Walking Dead.

    And Sonic Underground was a terrible T.V show but I still enjoyed it and even above Sonic Boom it still holds that special place.

    And the other character entry is because I have a lot of characters.

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    Bread Slice
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    Pyriacnin "Blitz"
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    Other Characters...

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  1. Maybe I should check out what's new here after all these years.

  2. Writing is hard at times but difficulty is what makes life interesting. Sometimes I look back at old posts with nostalgia for how far I've come from being new to forum play-by-posting all the way up to now. 

  3. Well I disappeared for 3 years of unplanned hiatus, just remembered I used to putz around here and decided to sign back in today. It was due to family problems & some inner turmoil.
  4. God I cringed reading this again... It was a spine chilling endeavor.
  5. You bargained for him alright and it turns out he's not famous anymore... I wish Donald Trump was Donald Duck.
  6. Hey everyone sorry I have been gone this is probably way past dead but I'm back!
  7. Granted: Everyone speaks Japanese no one understands each other! Wish: I wish I had wings.
  8. Oh you guys were wondering about that? I would be fine with making a new character!
  9. Actually now that I think of it maybe I will just be my signature character Parry Slice.
  10. Granted: They stop throwing poop and everything else their new hobby is hunting...humans that is! Wish: I wish I could transmute liquids into metals and metals into liquids whenever I wanted to.
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