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/fang and star's first meeting and star's past\




"hi i'm star, well thats what i was called befor i got cursed by some weird shadow...y thing...y, and with that curse i am not seen by any pony, the only ways i am seen is by: bumping into some pony (witch only lasts a few seconds), being out at night, or singing (witch i rairly do). but one day i ran into this dragon when.... you know what i'll tell you this part in a difrent way."

the day well night of nightmare moon's return....

well after every pony found out about princess celestia's..... disapirence, ponyville was in a panic and i was in the middle of it all, panicing myself but right when i was heading back home when some pony bumped into me and then i bumped into this dragon. and when i saw that dragon i thought "oh..crap!" and jumped back as fast as possible, but... when i noticed he wasn't trying to atack the town or ME for that matter... but then i noticed he had a book and when he got up he didn't seem to know where he was i asked who he was but i actully didn't exspect a response, seeing as i'm NEVER EVER noticed EVER!! so when i heared his response i was really saprised, so saprised that i tryed talking to other ponys but nopony noticed. he was really confused but when i exsplaned it to him, he sorta under stood but was still a bit confused. later i had asked him "why are you in ponyville?" and he had replied " so... thats where i am, you see i was reading my book while walking and some how ended up here." so then i had said "oh... but wait...wouldn't you have bumped into some thing or triped at some point? i mean...." then he interupted me and said "well i guess maybe..... yeah i got nothing, never mined" then i may have gigled a bit while saying "well then maybe you just got here by luck" so then later he asked "umm... do you know the way back to dragon mountin?" then i had said "umm... no.... i don't even know where that is" then he said "well you probbly call it something else, but i don't know what.... sorry" then i said "its fine, but do you know if there is a town near by?" and he had said "no i had never been far from the mountin before and i have not seen any town any where....unfortunetly....." then i said "well i guess we'll have to find it then" but then he said "well that may take a long time, don't you have other stuff to do?" then i said "have you forgoten i can't be seen ever, so therefor i have nothing to do at all" he said "oh... right... forgot..."

so then there journy began....

((sorry for misspells, bad story telling and writting))

((but other than that, i hope you enjoyed the story.... so far))



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