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Christmas Album review series




Alright... So this is just my introductory post for a series that I'll be working on and hopefully completing before Christmas (or Hearthswarming) Day.

I need to make a few disclaimers.

First off, I am a lifelong musician, having played in concert bands, rock bands, and jazz bands. I am a percussionist, and have taken music theory and several other classes in music as part of my musical upbringing. Because of this I'll be very attentive to the arrangements, meter, tempo and transitions. Granted, I do not thing that will be an issue because Ingram and Andrews both excel at those things.

Second, I currently work in retail, and have an automatic displeasure for Christmas music. It comes with the territory. I'm really hoping that the differences in this being a pony based album that it will offset my chagrin. Even if it doesn't I'm going to try to be as fair as possible.

Third, I made it a point to listen to a variety of music and the original inspirations for the music to better analyze the songs and review them. This might work in the favor of the songs or against them.

Fourth, I gave the album a quick listen when it first came out and was very much "Meh" about it. However that was also when I was in the state of mind of "Ugh Christmas music already? It is too early for that."

Fifth, I have a $400 DAC/Amp with one of the most unforgiving and resolving DACs on the market, and a over a thousand dollars worth of professional grade headphones. I will hear artifacts that most normal home set-ups won't pick up. Along with ears that have been forced to listen for artifacts in music that most people won't hear. This is neither good or bad, but it will color my perception of the songs, but it shouldn't impact yours if you don't hear what I hear.

Lastly, even though this shouldn't really need to be said, this is all my opinion. If you disagree and feel the need to comment, please be respectful and courteous. I'm not pretending that I'm an expert. However I'm also trying to be as fair as possible, I respect the same in return for dissenting opinions to mine.

With that all said I hope you all enjoy this series of reviews.



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