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Rarity Sketch


I didn’t have my tablet with me this afternoon so I grabbed a piece of paper and tried to draw Rarity stone age style.

I tried to hit the undo button like, 15 times but it just wasn’t there! D:

I did my trademark Rarity Pigtails because I still can't draw her usual hair. I kinda like it better this way though, honestly. I still need to figure out what to with her bangs though...

[edit because I forgot her horn >_<]

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More power to you, out of all the mane 6 rarity and pinkies mane are the nightmares to draw.

Pinkie's looks like the staff ran out of ideas and just closed their eyes and drew random loops (easily copyable with flash, but when you hand draw it it feels like you've been trolled).

Rarity's is just head bangingly annoying to draw. I drew it once, probably never again even though rarity is best pony to me.

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