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"How did you end up with so much candy!?"
© Alta and Freddy or not mine. Art is mine.

"How did you end up with so much candy!?"


If this gets allowed despite a particular character drawn on here, I'll be real surprised.

Anyway, here's Freddy and Alta trick or treating! And clearly Alta (green pony) is obviously doing something right for her to be getting so much candy. Alta is interesting because she's not quite a pony. To those familar with Invader Zim (or at least old enough to remember), she's a ponified version of the alien race "Irken", hence those pink things coming out of her sides.

And I think we all know who Freddy is, so Im just leaving it at that. Although I havent been able to come up with something myself for Nightmare Night due to just being too busy, Im glad I was able to at least have something ready. Ah well. Enjoy and Happy NightMare Night!


© Alta and Freddy or not mine. Art is mine.
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