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  1. Speaking of Changelings! This one was disguised as a red earth pony mare with a pulled up mane and tail, along with a heart shaped pepper as a cutie mark. She usually only relegated this for restaurant use, but this time it was different, she needed to at least be presentable to the guests and her changeling form doesn't exactly give off that feeling given the flayed looking legs. Nonetheless, she would be approaching the rest of the Changeling group at the shoreline, she would be carrying a couple of small treats if one of the guests just so happened to pass by hungry. ”This is going to go just swimmingly, will it not?” She had a small saddle bag adorned with a set of red rubies on her back, with a couple of pockets having vials of salt and other types of spice inside. Granted, she couldn't exactly taste test using conventional means but still, its a job. Vega would then begin to watch the ferry approach the shoreline more and more.
  2. I could bring in Vega as a staff? She could help with food.
  3. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Vega / Pimento Pepper [Disguise] Sex: Female Age: Adult Species: Unreformed Changeling Eye colour: Grayish arctic blue - Moderate lime green [Disguise] Coat/Chitin: Very dark grey - Brilliant Red [Disguise] Mane/Tail: N/A - Moderate chartreuse green [Disguise] Physique: Residence: Appleloosa Occupation: Strategist - Restaurant Owner [Disguise] Cutie Mark: N/A - An Heart-shaped Pepper [Disguise] Unique Traits: ♡ Strategy: Her most notable quality, She is able to quickly think of plans and strategies all of which ranges from attack plans or escape plans on the fly. ♡ Vocal-Induced Manipulation: While not unique to her and by no means as intense as her Queen, She has the ability to manipulate those with weaker wills with simple words and persuade them to do as she says. While this is not a spell per say, it is notable to some extent. History: Like most Changelings, Vega hatched from within the Leota hive, more specifically around a couple of cave systems she would call home for years upon years to come. The starting years of her life was very shaky to say the least, with her being the runt of the group that prioritized brute force over skills and due to her barely being cast spells or fly on her own. It was a wonder how she didn't get kicked out into the dangerous world alone but nonetheless she tried her hardest to catch up with the rest but it still fell through in the end, that was before something caused her feelings to jump start and finally place her attitude into overdrive. While pushing through a couple of books that she may have stolen from an unsuspecting librarian, she ended up finding one that detailed the life of a sickly pirate who despite all their failings managed to ride across the harsh oceans with ferocity that rivaled no others, you see despite the pirates weak body they had something that the others didn't: Strategy. She was so enthralled with that pirate book that it ended up seeping into the corners on her attitude, she began to get more and more confident as she shared her ideas with the rest of her peers, some laughed at her while the others actually followed suit! Her first successful hunt with this new knowledge was a joyous one for her and those who helped. The plan went along the lines of starting up a small lemonade stand near a mildly wooded area, with her peers hiding within the bushes of area so they could attack when the time was right. A reddish mare just so happened to pass by the area and noticed the stand, deciding to get a drink from it. Saying it was on the house, the disguised Vega tapped the ground with her hooves and that was when they struck. With the mare getting incapacitated in the process, Vega quickly transformed in the the mare and gave some of them the go ahead to bring the mare back into the hive for some needed feeding. Rather than follow them back, she decided to play around with this new disguise of hers, trotting into areas and just feeling the deep amounts of love in the surrounding area while taking in the various locations, a light bulb seemingly went off in her mind as she went went back to the hive with another devilish idea curling up in her mind given how she now has a legitimate disguise and a couple of changelings helping her, of course due to how risky this mission was, she had to get permission from her commander first, who allowed it. It was when she was an Adult that the devilish plan she had been thinking about came to fruition, which her wracking up quite along of bits from ponies she swindled she ended up starting her own ”restaurant” of sorts in Appleloosa and her studying various dishes, she and her ”staff” ended up having a booming success with her and her food making the ponies of that place fall head over hooves. Her group has been feeding off of unsuspecting customers ever sense then and she hopes to eventually come back to the hive, unaware of what happened to their hive and how the changelings were redeemed, to tell of their adventures. Character Personality: Depending on who she interacts with, she can either be quite the southern, smooth talking pony or a changeling loyalist who prefer to manipulate and con her victims out of what they got. In her disguise she is quite the manipulative romantic, loving to string both mares and colts along on a burning string before eventually disappearing after destroying and taking what goods they once had. For the more tamer part of her disguises personality she prefers to give out southern hospitality more than anything, happily willing to help a pony out if needed and is willing to house various ponies in her restaurant, which you could imagine brings in a bit of love to eat, though can be a bit of a whiner and snobby at the same time. She absolutely loves the attention having a successful restaurant brings her and hopes to continue it as for an long as she can. As her normal changeling self, she is quite the calm and analytical being to behold despite her species giving the impression otherwise. She loves to know thing which may help her mission and commonly goes to steal library books when needed. Most of the time, she relies purely on logic and how things would go it she were to do something and the risk to gain factor of doing it, no matter how small it is, given how if she does a single thing wrong her cover may be blown. Despite her being more of the laid back changelings, she prefers to be loyal to the Queen instead of being treacherous, she still persists into being an unreformed changeling to this day. Character Summary: An Changeling Loyalist who prioritizes logic and loyalty above all else and loves to mess with the minds of her victims.
  4. About Myself I am someone who particularly loves to RP! I have been roleplaying for around 4-5 years now and I have no intentions on stopping soon! I absolutely adore MMORPGs or anything that involves magical stuff really, I love to draw [This includes MLP stuff AND Humans to an extent] and occasionally have random bouts of playing GMOD and Elsword. Overall, even if I am admittedly a little scared and nervous because I am not that familiar with creating huge paragraphs n such, but I hope to stay here and make a couple of friends and maybe roleplay a character I have been working on for a while now. How I found Canterlot.com I wanted to find an active MLP RP site that felt interesting enough, so I googled some sites up and eventually I found Canterlot.com! How I became a fan of MLP:FiM Ah yes.. 2012, It was around the middle of season 2 [Canterlot Wedding] that I got introduced to the series due to a friend of mine. After watching the episode, I slowly started to grow more and more to MLP and has been a fan ever since. My favorite main cast/pony My favorite main? Hmm... I would have to say.. a tie between Pinkie Pie and Applejack. I absolutely love how Pinkie and Applejack meshes as supporting characters and as friends to the other Mane 4, Applejack keeps the others rounded to reality and I love her southern charm while Pinkie is great at cheering up her friends and the other ponies of Ponyville. For Villains, I would have to say Queen Chrysalis and Discord and for supporting characters, The Princesses no doubt! So then, I hope to meet you guys on the forums and maybe strike up a roleplay once I formulate a proper character profile!
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