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  1. About Myself : Im a 22 year old male from Norway.. umm what more? ilove retro games and other retro games. i like to make art, code games, watch animations, make animations, roleplay. im a closeted brony, femboy and brony. can be very clingy and talktive or not at all, im kinda either very talktive or not at all. i got to boyscouts. im trying to study to become an pharmacist with varying sucess... How I found Canterlot.com: i wont be saying names, but basicully i was looking for a mlp forum to make bloggs on but the one i initially found i didnt really like so i kept looking and ended up here. How I became a fan of MLP:FiM honestly i dont really recall .. i think it grew on me gradually, but a big part of why i stayed is that im a male and well.. like girly stuff sooo yeah. not a bad match, besides i freaking LOVE Craig and laurens work. (Craig is Laurens boyfriend) My favorite main cast/pony: very tough call between Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash. But i think Rainbow Dash is slightly higher on my list. Probably bc i resonate with her and have some simularities to her: Ontop of my main OC having a crush on her witch kinda rubbed off on me too. And here’s the fun part: umm.. i really like Pokemonand i got multiple OCs i like to rp with.. and thought of making a blogg on here and hopefully write on on a consistant basis but no promises. Im really excited to be here and get to meet all of you. thanks to all in advance.
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