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  1. My roommate once made mixed drinks with Red Bull. That stuff was disgusting and made everyone feel so weird. Alcohol and Energy Drinks are not a safe combo.
  2. Although to be honest, my phone wasn't playing gifs, so it just looked like a sad puppy looking at an empty bowl. I had to do something to stop that non-existent terror! With a comment on a pony board!
  3. I'm making do by stuffing my face with pita chips. Then I'll go buy the chocolate on sale next week.
  4. Well I tried to load a birthday song into this post, but don't have the time to figure out how to add code or YouTube videos. So... ...yea. *blows party horn*
  5. Thank goodness. I needed time to hide the bodies.
  6. Fun fact: Organs can be wood, brass, or reed, all creating very different sounds.
  7. That's why I carry tubaware. It's a very safe container.
  8. I had to look it up, any the two urban dictionary results kind of make it more confusing.
  9. I guess there was enough room to pac a man in there. I'm don't even feel bad about saying that.
  10. I got into the art mood this evening. The animation keeps falling apart, though.
  11. At first, I thought "Awwwww", then I just sat there in horrified silence.
  12. Wow... Glad you like it! Now I need to finish the rest.
  13. Rosie, I have to ask, is your avatar your character, and if so, do you have more pics? There's something I really want to try now the holidays are coming.
  14. Is that the series with the bats that go to the underworld? I loved that series as a kid.
  15. Sure. I have a few surveys I can bring And chips.
  16. Yes, but it is such glorious debauchery that many of us would gladly pursue.
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