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  1. “That’d be great! Uhh…. As for movies, I like… well…. This is a funny one. I like Equestria Girls.” I explained. What they didn’t realize was that I was referencing the very movie that this world was from.
  2. “Yeah, she really is amazing, heh…. And beautiful too….” I said, my cheeks turning a visible shade of red. Twilight had managed to hear me, as I wasn’t exactly quiet enough. It was obvious to her that a certain human, being me, had a bit of a crush on the princess of friendship.
  3. I then began to eat my food, attacking it with wild abandon. “This is delicious!!!” I said, eating my food like there was no tomorrow. I finished it fairly quickly, in a few minutes. I then wiped my mouth with the napkin.
  4. I then thought about it. “Well, umm…. I am allergic to peanuts. That’s really about it.” I said simply. I wasn’t exactly allergic to anything else, just Peanuts, which gave me an itchy throat.
  5. I was overwhelmed by all the questions. “Whoa…. Slow down Pinkie. I’m really the worst possible guy to ask to rate food, seeing as I love pretty much all foods.” I explained.
  6. “Sounds delicious guys! Thanks!” I said, ready to eat my dinner. I was so happy to finally have a forever family, in my new home, in this new universe. Sure, I’d miss my old family deeply, but there was no way for me to return home, so I would have no choice but to accept it. I sat down at the table, waiting for my meal to be delivered to me.
  7. I then took a fairly large bite, moaning in delight from the delicious taste, “Mmm!! Damn!! That’s hella good!!” I said, as I then wolfed down the pie, finishing it within seconds.
  8. I laughed nervously, “Ehehe, thanks Mom…. I appreciate the hospitality…. I…. Guess I am kinda hungry….” I said nervously.
  9. “Uhhh… my name’s Brandon. It’s nice to meet you both. I’m your new brother.” I said nervously, rubbing my arm shyly. I was looking forward to having two new sisters, and I truly hoped they’d accept me as their brother.
  10. “Okay, fair enough!” I said, slowly lowering the knife, and slicing a piece. ”Sweet!!!” I said excitedly, as I carefully lifted it onto a plate.
  11. “Yes!!! I’m SO ready!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!” I squealed in excitement, jumping up and down in excitement. My excitement was very apparent to Pinkie, but it was very wholesome. I then took a deep breath, “Okay, I’m ready. So, umm…. Do I slice a piece, or are you gonna do it?” I asked her.
  12. “Thank you Mom….” I walked inside. “Wow… really nice place you got here.” I said, looking around in awe at the view, smelling that nice aroma that was smelled throughout the house.
  13. “Thanks, ummm…. You don’t mind if I call you Mom…. Do you?” I asked her, a bit nervously. I truly did want her to be my mother; after all, she was so sweet and kind, and she was everything I always wished I had in a mother.
  14. “Okay, sounds good to me! Do you like video games?” I asked her. “There’s Mario, Sonic, Pokémon, Persona 5, oh…. But…. You probably have Retro arcade machines here.” I explained.
  15. “Yeah…. Persona 5 is a JRPG.” I explained. “It’s a really fun one. It’s basically where a group of teenagers change the hearts of rotten adults, and force them to atone for their crimes, by going into a cognitive world called the Metaverse, and the Metaverse is essentially a location being what the user sees as their reality, becoming real, and they have to steal the treasure, and force a change of heart in reality. When they defeat the person’s shadow form.” I explained, speaking without barely taking a breath.
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