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  1. Hyphen's eyes lit up as the sandy pegasus asked her question. She could rant for hours on this subject. "Well, we've stumbled upon what appears to be an old temple. There's a massive obelisk in the middle, and a few different buildings scattered about. It's far older than anything we've ever encountered as well. It predates... well, everything! Even the Princesses are baffled as to what it is. We think it might me a discordian era ruin, but..." She realises she's ranting, and blushes. "Oh! S-sorry, I didn't mean to shove everything at you at once there... It's just... I live for this. Finally, I'm making abig discovery of my own, and the chances are that it's an entirely new civilization..." She has a dreamy look on her face as she trails off. She then turns back to the pegasus. "A-anyway, we should get going. You're going to the dig site now, right?"
  2. Hyphen leaned against the basket of the balloon outside, using the shade to stay out of the midday sun. She didn't mind waiting- there really was no way she'd be able to fly this thing without some assitance. She made a mental note to install a normal burner, if only so that she didn't have to wait for the temperature to drop to fly. After waiting for a short while, she noticed Mirage walk out of the building, and waved her down. "Hey again! Where've you been assigned? I mean, I'm pretty sure it'll be the dig site, but you never know, right?" She asks, grinning. ((OOC:Sorry for the long time between posts, real life has been catching up to me >_<))
  3. Hyphen trotted after the sand-coloured pegasus, relishing the feeling of the warm sand under her hooves. She really did love the desert- the warmth, the lack of crowds, the strange creatures- every bit of it seemed tailor made just for her. Following Mirage to the desk, she chatted with the receptionist for a bit about this and that, before getting right to business. "Don't forget, we still need to get a weather team out to the northern dig site. A good windstorm ought to help shift the sands without disturbing as much as moving it by hoof. If possible, I'd like Mirage here to be on the team. We could use an expert on desert weather." Hyphen said in a casual tone. After she was finished with the receptionist, she left Mirage to her own devices while she waited outside. It had yet to cool down enough for her to pilot the balloon on her own, after all.
  4. Hyphen watched with interest as the pegasus flitted around the balloon. Hyphen had always wanted to fly- It looked like so much fun- but any spells she had found to create wings either were far beyond her level, or required such immense concentration to maintain that she wouldn't even be able to focus on enjoying the flight. After Mirage was done her warm up, Hyphen began relaying directions. It only took them about fifteen minutes to get to the weather base. when they were directly above, Hyphen signaled to Mirage to land back in the balloon. "The extra weight will make landing this much easier." Hyphen smiled, then quickly blushed and waved her hooves. "N-not that I'm saying your heavy and all, j-just, y'know,um... I'll just bring down the balloon." Hyphen awkwardly trotted to the center of the basket, and once again lit up her horn. This time, however, a large ball of frost floated above her head, and the temperature in the immediate area dropped. The balloon sunk to the ground, and Hyphen hopped out of the basket. "It's right over there. If you want, I could put in a word or two for you, make sure you get over to the dig site. Only if you want to, of course."
  5. Hyphen smiled as the pegasus looked curiously about the balloon. She had every right to- unlike most balloons, this one didn't have a burner in the middle to heat it up. "It's operated by magic." Hyphen said, seeing the pegasus staring up. "I just make a flame..." Hyphen closed her eyes to concentrate, and her horn started to glow. After a few seconds, a bright orange flame appeared floating about an inch above the unicorn's horn, sending off waves of heat. After a few moments of this, the balloon started to lift from the ground. At this point, Hyphen opened her eyes and the flame dulled to an orange-red. "See? It's much easier in the morning, what with the colder air and all. Now then, do you suppose you could use those wings of yours to send us in the right direction? I'm not sure I can keep the balloon in the air and steer it at the same time when it's this hot out." A blush returned to the yellow unicorn's face. "Flying is not exactly my specialty..."
  6. "Please, call me Hyphen. I'm not one for titles, even my own." She said with a swipe of her hoof, as if knocking the formality out of the air. "Just wait over by the balloon, I need to go settle the tab with the farmers." She trotted off to the farmers who were loading up the balloon, and pulled a large sum of bits out of her saddlebags to pay for the apples. After a quick thank you, she trotted back over to Mirage and the basket of the balloon. "Ready to go? You probably want to head to the weather team's base first, since you just got here." Hyphen paced about the balloon removing ropes and weights until the only thing holding the balloon down was the lack of hot air. Well, relatively of course, as the desert town was always fairly warm. After double checking everything, she hopped into the balloon and turned to Mirage. "Here we go!"
  7. "Mirage was it?" The unicorn smiled warmly, then donned a look of excitement as she noticed the other mare's cutie mark . "Oh, you're a weather pony aren't you? They said a few of you would be coming along today. We've really needed a good wind to lift a few layers of dust at the dig site." Hyphen clapped her hooves together once eagerly, then froze and quickly blushed again. "Oh, I-I'm sorry. I haven't even introduced myself. I'm Professor Hyphen, out of the university of Canterlot. I'm currently leading an archeological dig in the desert north of here." Hyphen re-assumed her warm smile. "You must be tired from all that flying. If you want, I could give you a lift in my balloon?"
  8. Hyphen took in a deep breath as she emerged from her tent. The sun was just rising over the desert, and the plain colour of the sand and brush was painted a vibrant assortment of reds and yellows. The sand underhoof was not yet warm as Hyphen strechted out, and let out a great yawn. "Mmm... Ah, what a beautiful morning." The yellow mare turned to a bearded dragon who was sitting motionless on a rock near the tent, soaking up the first rays of the morning sun. "You're up earlier than usual, Plato." The unicorn scooped him up gently with her hoof and placed him on her back, and he stretched himself out to absorb as much of her body heat as possible. The unicorn trotted to the edge of the large sand dune her tent was pitched on, and surveyed the area beneath it. Below was a large dig site. It had been open for about 3 months according to the papers back in Hyphen's tent. The most obvious part of the site the massive obelisk that had been erected in the center, and stood about 15 feet above the sand. All around it were the ruins of ancient buildings, some totaled beyond any hopes of reconstruction, others preserved flawlessly by the merciful desert sands. Hyphen had been called out to assist with the excavation a week in, when they had discovered the very tip of the obelisk poking out of the sand. They were making great progress, but Hyphen was still baffled as to what they had found. Putting the dig site aside for a moment, Hyphen trotted to the tent that housed a makeshift kitchen. Inside, the cooks were already hard at work making breakfast for the digging crew. Hyphen chatted with the cooks for a moment, then went to check the pantry. After taking a quick stock of the pantry, she decided that they were going to need a large shipment of apples by the end of the week. After taking a snack and thanking the cooks, she trotted over to her hot air balloon, and prepped it for a quick trip to the Appleloosa Orchards. --------- After leaving her balloon with the apple farmers to get loaded up, Hyphen decided to take a stroll through the town. She was glad to see it doing well, despite the harsh conditions. The weren't many businesses in town, but the farms had done well enough to attract a few entrepreneurs. Hyphen wandered around the general stores for a bit, before deciding to return to the farm for lunch. Then, out of no-where, a sand-coloured pegasus came flying out of no-where and barreled right into her. Plato went flying off her back, and landed on his feet a few paces away. Hyphen groaned as she shook her head. She saw the pegasus offering her a hoof. "I'm really sorry about that. I don't usually fly so recklessly. Are you alright?" "Y-yeah. thanks..."Hyphen took the sandy pegasus's hoof and pulled herself to her hooves. "Ugh... wait, where's Plato?!" Hyphen scurried around looking for her pet lizard, and found him sunning himself on a rock nearby. She scooped him up again, then remembered why he had went flying in the first place. "Oh, I-I'm sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going. That was really rude of me." Hyphen blushed, a stupid grin on her face. "Um, i-if you don't mind me asking, could I get your name?"
  9. Thanks for the help Pony_Sage! I'll definitely take your ideas into account, though I think I'll aim for Gamma level. As for the tablet, I think I'll have her discover the pony equivalent of the Rosetta Stone, maybe with Old Equestrian, Dragon, and some other unknown language on it. That could symbolize the language aspect of her talent well enough. I'll take out the wings and give her a balloon though, as that's more plausible by far. Thanks again :3
  10. Well, the ambiguity helps. I kind of want to involve Greek or Egyptian-esque civilizations. Most likely Egypt, as I can say that the ruins has sunk below the sands in the desert north of Appleoosa or something like that. I'm just wondering if there's anything that's already out there before I take a crack at some worldbuilding
  11. Hello, I was looking through the lore section of the RP archives, but beyond a mention of 'Roam' in the Itaily section, I didn't come across anything resembling ancient history. The reason I'm looking is because the character I plan to RP is an archeologist. So I was wondering if there was something that I just missed? Or has nothing been designed yet? Thanks in advance for the help :3
  12. Well, the idea behind the masks is her comprehension of ancient prose and poetry, symbolized by the masks used as far back as greek theater, with the pillar there to help 'Anchor' her as history-based, rather than theater. Edit: Realised I don't really have anything else to add. Changing it to [Final].
  13. Name: Hyphen Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Unicorn Pelt Color: Yellow Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style:Ruffled looking, short black mane, with an equally ruffled medium length black tail. Eye Color:Magenta Cutie Mark:A pair of masks (Comedy and Tragedy)overlaying an Ionic pillar. Physique: Fairly slender, and taller than most ponies. Somewhat lanky. Origin: Canterlot, currently residing in a tent in the desert near Appleoosa. Roleplay Type: FIM/Show RP Occupation: Archeologist/Professor Motivation: Dreams of uncovering a relic that will land her recognition as the great archeologist in history. Likes: Ruins, nature, organization, animals, especially reptiles. Dislikes: Cities, Modernization, 'posh' ponies, spiders. Character Summary: Hyphen the unicorn was born in Canterlot, to her parents Comma and Tilde, editors for an international publishing company. She would always get in trouble with her parents for digging in the back yard. Her parents were often working, though there was always at leas one of them at home, so she was never really alone. Her favorite days were during the summer, when her family would take a week long camping trip to a forest, or a lake, somewhere different every time. She didn't much care for the city, and when she started going to school she didn't interact much with the other foals. She was always fascinated by her history classes. She got her cutie mark on a class trip to a dig site, where her horn started inexplicably glowing. She ran in panic, and the glow faded. When she walked back, her horn started glowing again. Her teacher told her to move around, and they realized her horn was glowing more when she was closer to the ruins. But that didn't explain why it had suddenly started glowing when she was standing on a seemingly empty patch of ground. Hyphen got an idea, and started digging at the ground. She unearthed a stone tablet written in what appeared to be several ancient languages. The archeologists on duty recognized the Draconian language, as well as the old equestrian, but the third language on the tablet, a mess of picture like symbols, was beyond them. She was so caught up in listening to the excavators that she didn't even notice the flash of light indicating that she had earned her cutie mark. After finishing school, she went to Celestia's School for Talented Unicorns, where she majored in Ancient Civilizations and Minored in theater. She currently lives in a tent in the desert near Appaloosa, where she is working with a crew on one of many active dig sites in that area. When she isn't at a dig site, she usually teaches the Ancient Civilizations course at a the university in Canterlot. She is a very outgoing pony, and loves meeting new people. She is really clumsy, with her larger-than-normal frame, and she blushes a lot. She is fairly talented at magic, but the only spells she really uses on a regular basis are: A relic finding spell, which is exactly what it sounds like, and various light spells, which she uses at night to pour over old books and texts, or to navigate ancient corridors. She is also extremely passionate about her relics, and will not tolerate any ignorance on the matter. If you do not know something that she deems 'essential information', she will not hesitate to lecture you on it for hours. She owns a hot air balloon used to view dig sites from above. She has a pet Bearded Dragon by the name of Plato, who is almost always found stretched out on her back or on top of her head or shoulder.
  14. Hey! I'm new here too. What videogames in particular do you like? If you don't mind my asking ofc.
  15. Thanks for the warm welcome you guys! As for RP, that's one of the main reasons I joined, But I'm not really experienced at it, so I hope to get better as I go ^^; Thanks for the links Tales, I'll be sure to check em out ;3
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