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  1. Bronze looks over at the entrance as the pony walked in. "Pleasure to meet you. This is, as Amity said, my station, I perform searches for lost ponies." He says and looks at Amity with a nod. "Since it's alright with Amity, go ahead, you can use one of the beds in here for the night if you need to as well. Plenty of room since there have not been any incidents as of late."
  2. Bronze glances over at the door. "It's unlocked, come on in." He says towards the entrance of his shack, before looking back over at Dunder and Amity. "I see your point, perhaps I'm being overly optimistic in hoping the worst is behind us. Of course on the plus side, those two events were resolved rather quickly. Lets hope any future, problems, are as well."
  3. Bronze looks over at Amity. "Now that I think about it, I'm parched. I'll take one." He responds to Amity before leaning towards the table a bit. "I agree that standing by while something bad happens is a poor decision, but what evil are you expecting exactly? Discord was vanquished, Nightmare Moon has become Princess Luna again, I won't be naive and say nothing else could happen but I'll be darned if I can think of any huge threats."
  4. "Double A has the right of it. Nopony has fought in anything remotely close to that since before the founding of Equestria. Disputes and disagreements, sure, but there hasn't been any huge conflict. Why would we want to be reminded of such things when we have other things we can focus on instead?" He looks over at Amity and notices him looking for something to drink. "Cupboard to the left of the sink has the glasses."
  5. Weee, waoting at the DMV/MVD. Govmint effishuncy at its best. X.x
  6. Bronze had been paying half attention this entire time between his thiughts of potential pets and looks over at the other two. "Perhaps I'm mistaken but isn't it just the 'personal guard' of the Royal Guards who have to conform to those standards for the, aesthetic, of things like offical visits?" He asked, before snorting softly. "In any case, I am sure there's good work to be found as a cook or baker. The Cakes are a good example, maybe you could find some sort of dish you're really good at making and use that?"
  7. *Yawns and looks down,at everypony from his cloud.* Another night, oh goody.
  8. He chuckles lightly and leans forward to finish off the hay in front of him. Chewing contentedly as his friend's attention turned to the other Stallion at the table. He decided to think over things a while. The pet idea was one that intrigued him, but what would he get? He would need to consider this carefully.
  9. Bronze finishes munching on the delicious muffin provided by Amity and looks up to ponder. "Is that so? You know, I hadn't thought about it before but I could use a pet, someone to keep me company around here when no one drops by... Maybe something with good night vision that could help me with night patrols?" He thought it over for a moment and then raised his fore legs slightly in a shrug. "Couldn't hurt at the very least, and getting a chance to see the Wonderbolts is always a treat. However, I'm always glad to hear any other news you have from elsewhere AA. Anything going on in Cloudsdale or other places?"
  10. Bronze laughs happily, at seeing his friend, and the extra supplies. "You're a lifesaver Amity, truly." He says before taking a bite out of his own muffin. After swallowing he looks over at the newspapers. "So what's been happening lately, any interesting news?" He asks before taking another bite of muffin. "There hasn't been a whole lot going on around here, other than Dunder dropping by.
  11. I really need to drop some pounds, sigh. XD
  12. Bronze Breeze finishes his apple just as he hears the door knock. Turning his head as he heard his friend's voice he chuckles and shakes his head. "Perhaps next time I'll have to bring it inside, it can use the bed I let you borrow." He says as he gets up off his haunches. "It's been a while AA, what's been going on?"
  13. "It wasn't what I was meant to become and do." He says with the air of someone giving a shrug. "I liked the medical field just fine but I wanted more than just being cooped up in a hospital, or do what my father does, work at sporting events in case there's injuries." He takes a large bite from the apple and begins to chew on it.
  14. "No need to get defensive Dunder Blust, I don't make it a habit to mock or torment other ponies." Bronze said before scooping more hay to his mouth and chewing it once more. He rolls his head before swallowing. "I may not have taken the medical oath to do no harm, but I was raised by parents who did."
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