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  1. 0_0 ...Now that I look at it, the video does have a copyright sign. *sigh* Oh well. I guess I'll have to be satisfied with only saying what band I like. Thanks for letting me know about that rule.
  2. So I had put up a video in my profile's "About Me" section. It's stayed there for a couple of days, but just as I logged in today it disappeared. This has also happened in the past, and I haven't touched my About Me section. Is it against the site rules? I've never gotten notifications afterwards saying it's not allowed, so... what's going on?
  3. The thought that crossed Bookworm's mind when the mare gave him 20 bits was, That was perhaps the biggest act of pure kindness I've ever seen.... He didn't exactly need them, for he had a good amount of bits to last the week. He would then begin working at the BBB and get more money. In any case, Bookworm sure as heck wasn't going to say no to the 20 bits; it might hurt the pony's feelings. He'd find a way to pay her back someday. He didn't know what to say except, "Thank you" in a hushed tone that was the result of being appalled by the pony's kindness. The mare then told Bookworm that her name was Velvet Rose. "Velvet Rose. That's a nice name. And a fashionista? Do you make normal ponywear? You see, I don't exactly have a lot of clothes and what I do have... let's just say that if compared to other clothing it looks like rags," Bookworm explained. He paused for a moment before finishing. "Perhaps I could see some of your designs and maybe even buy a couple of things."
  4. "Oh. Sorry then," Bookworm apologized, scraping his hoof on the ground in embarassment. "I can sometimes think that I know someone but it turns out to be a stranger." He smiled to make up for the awkward meeting. The mare then asked his name, and he answered, "My name is Bookworm. I just moved here and I'm in desperate need of food since there's none at my new apartment." Bookworm turned back around to gaze at the long lineup; it was amazing how difficult it was to get something as simple as groceries. He then turned back to face the pony. "By the way, may I ask what your name is?" Bookworm was overjoyed that he was already getting acquainted with other ponies in Cloudsdale.
  5. ~Bookworm the Pegasus~ Male | Young Stallion | World of Equestria RP Application: http://www.canterlot.com/topic/7905-bookworm-final/ Bookworm can be found in: [Cloudsdale] Bookworm’s First Day [OPEN]: http://www.canterlot.com/topic/8168-cloudsdale-bookworms-first-day-open/ ~Camembert the Earth Pony~ Female | Middle-Aged Mare | World of Equestria RP Application: http://www.canterlot.com/topic/8043-camembert-final/ Camembert can be found in: No thread at the moment
  6. An indigo-colored pony with emerald green eyes and a short, black mane could be seen running in and out of an apartment building regularly. The stallion kept buying something to add to his new apartment and then, as he returned to his new home in Cloudsdale, he suddenly thought of something else that needed to be bought. Just a moment ago he had returned with a new couch that was placed opposite of a wall with a large shelf filled with Fantasy novels. “Come on, Bookworm! Think! What else do you need?” Bookworm wondered aloud. He paced around outside the building. “You got the soft green couch and the new bookshelf you’ve been dying to get for the past month. Is there anything else…?” Suddenly, it occurred to Bookworm that there was absolutely no food in his apartment whatsoever. The last of it had been eaten when he had gotten hungry while on his way to Cloudsdale. “Yikes! I have to get food!” Bookworm sped down the road and turned left onto a busy street full of different shops. He looked around; Cloudsdale was still unfamiliar to him, even after racing through the crowded road multiple times. Bookworm walked past a clothing store, a supply store, a restaurant, a hair salon and… the food store! It happened to be right next to The Billion Book Bookstore, the latest book store to open up in Cloudsdale. The BBB was also where Bookworm would begin working at from the early morning ‘till late afternoon on weekdays. He smiled as he walked past it. The food store was crowded with ponies wanting to use the weekend sales to get everything they needed. The line was long to get in so Bookworm took his spot at the end. He noticed a pony walking past him that looked familiar, but it was unlikely that it was someone Bookworm knew. Only his Uncle Letters lived in Cloudsdale along with him, and he was on the other side of the city. Just in case though, Bookworm stepped out of line, walked up to the pony and tapped him or her on the shoulder. “Excuse me. Do I happen know you by any chance?”
  7. Roleplay Type: World Of Equestria RP Name: Camembert (Known as Cam to her friends and Ms. Cam to everyone else) Sex: Female Age: Medium-aged Mare Species: Earth Pony Coat Color: Neon Yellow (It makes Camembert seem like she is emanating a yellow aura). Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: Camembert’s mane is long and regularly brushed so it remains straight. Both her mane and her short tail are a pale red color. Eye Color: Deep Purple Cutie Mark: Camembert’s cutie mark is a cheese wheel with multiple holes in it and sliced into eighths. It represents Camembert’s talent of cheese making and her power that’s sometimes referred to as the “Cheese Sense”, for Camembert is an excellent judge of a cheese’s taste. Physique: Camembert is of a decent size, with slightly rounded thighs and a near perfect circle for a head except for her short muzzle. Origin: Camembert spent her entire life in Stalliongrad, however she has been to many places in Equestria either for vacation or for business concerning her cheese. Occupation: Camembert owns her own cheese making business called Ms. Cam’s Cheeserific Cheese. She has a small shop just outside her home where plenty of ponies come to buy from her. Camembert has a steady business and her products have spread across Equestria. Though she is not thee best cheese maker in the country, she certainly has a good reputation. Motivation: Camembert dreams of going to the National Cheese Gathering in Canterlot where she can converse with other cheese makers and get some tips, as well as sell some of her famous Magnifibellous Cheese. Besides that, all Camembert truly wants to do is satisfy the cheese needs of everyone she comes across. Likes: Camembert loves her job creating cheese. It is always a fun process for her. She also likes going for long walks around town. Dislikes: Camembert cannot stand it when she makes cheese of unsufficient quality. If she creates cheese that is not at least 99% perfect, then she gets rid of it by either giving it to a friend who asks for it or simply throwing it away. Character Summary: Stalliongrad has been Camembert’s home for her entire life, from her infancy to her adulthood. She went to a public pony school where she made many friends. It was at an early age that Camembert became fond of cheese making, and her friends were always eager to test her prototypes and give her advice. After school, she became known as “the pony who makes cheese”. In fact, this all led to her gaining her Cutie Mark during graduation! Camembert’s parents weren’t exactly happy to hear that their daughter wanted to go into the cheese business. Her father, Orange Pulp, wanted her to work in the juice business, but that just wasn’t where Camembert’s heart told her to go. Her parents eventually accepted that fact. She moved out when she finally became a mare and bought a nice house at the other end of Stalliongrad. After talking to the people in charge of the town, Camembert was allowed to get her own dairy farm at the edge of town so she could get milk for her cheese. Personality: Camembert is an outgoing, joyful, confident pony who isn’t afraid of what other ponies think of her. Though her thoughts can get jumbled up at times, she is a reliable friend and is always looking out for others. Whenever Camembert is nervous, she takes a deep breath and assures herself that everything will be fine. She always pulls through tough situations, never losing confidence in herself, never giving up. Camembert loves exploring the outdoor world, be it in a forest nearby or travelling halfway across the country to another place. She loves the feeling you get when you gain new knowledge about something and somewhere. It makes her proud that she’s learning something new, so Camembert tries to go out and about a lot.
  8. In that case, Bookworm's new talent is... the ability to memorize whole paragraphs of writing considerably faster than the average pony. He also has a better understanding of books than most ponies. Will this suffice? That's great! The Billion Book Bookstore it is.
  9. Woops! Didn't see the "Dig". Well, that's now been changed to the correct name, Bookworm. As for "Peope", wrong word + misspelled = (smacks forehead). I see your point about the translation power being more like a spell. Hmm... maybe what you suggested about memorization would work. Bookworm could be able to memorize huge paragraphs (not entire books, but a chunk here and there). Perhaps he has a better understanding of books, like their themes or the writing style? Are ponies good at that or can it be considered a talent? Oh, and there is one more thing I'm unsure about: is it okay that the book store Bookworm works at has a name or do I have to propose it in the lore proposal section first like when naming a new town?
  10. Forgive me, but may another person please judge Bookworm's application. I'd like to know if there's anything else I should change or if it's fine the way it is.
  11. Wow. So many welcomes! Thank you, all of you. This place rocks!
  12. Yeah. I guess I'll use the power for Indigo Burst (as a unicorn). I'll make a different application for her later. In the meantime, is Bookworm's app acceptable?
  13. I changed the name (now Bookworm), cutie mark + talent (green book + ability to read in any language), Origin (now originally from Solstice Heights), Occupation (now works at book store) and character summary. I guess I'll find something else to do with the name "Indigo Burst". I still like the fire conjuring talent, so I might put it in the crossovers.
  14. "Back Bacon"? Beats me. And also, hi!
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