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  1. "OOH guys look over there that house is givin out the good candy!" Rhapsody shouted. She began leading the way to the next house.
  2. As more ponies arrived, Rhapsody left for the store. She levitated the list she'd scribbled and tried to read as she walked without bumping into anypony.
  3. You're both approved. And may I just say, please try to interact with other characters, or you will be slightly ignored
  4. "Okay. I'm going soon, I'm almost done putting stuff away, so if anyone needs anything, make a list. " Rhapsody hopped up to her room and put away her things quickly, then went downstairs to put away her kitchen things such as piping bags, mixin bowls, etc. She then grabbed her saddlebags. "So nopony needs anything?"
  5. Rhapsody heard MorningDawn's voice and shouted from her room, "Hey! MorningDawn! You weren't here when we arrived!" She stepped out of her room and found him. "Me and Cloud were just putting away our things, then we're going to the store. Wanna come with?"
  6. "Yup! Nopony else has arrived yet, last time I called Mr.... I don't even remember said there are four more ponies coming for sure. We should get our stuff put away then go to the store for some pair and decorations and baking ingredients and food and.. Gah. " Rhapsody began putting away her things in one of the sets of drawers in the room.
  7. Rhapsody trotted up to the door of a gray three story building. She peeked through the peephole of the solid wooden door and saw a broken screen door blocking most of her view of the inside. She levitated her keys from her saddlebag and unlocked the door and pulled it open. The screen door creaked. "Anybody here yet?" she called, and heard no response. Rhapsody saw that the living room was furnished with a drab looking sofa and some other basic furniture, but was very drab. She walked into the next room, the kitchen, and found that it, too, while having all basic appliances, was very drab. She decided to go take a look at the room she'd be sharing with her big brother, Cloud, who was yet to arrive. She walked up the staircase in the living room onto the second floor and found room three. She stepped in, and dropped her stuffed saddlebags on the floor next to the bottom bunk bed. She recalled the ad in the paper that had reffered her to this place. It simply had a number, an address and "Homes for ponies with nowhere to go". Rhapsody took in her new home as she waited for the other ponies to arrive, some of which she had never met.
  8. [colour=#282828]The Plot: We are all outcast. We have all had expiriences no pony should have to have. But here, we all accept eachother. We live in a big building on the edge of ponyville. Everypony shares a bedroom and bathroom with another pony of their choice. We have one large kitchen and one large living area in our building. Ponies wonder about us. About why we all choose to live together. It's because we are maybe down on our luck (and bits), because we want ponies to understand, we want a friendly community. We pull pranks, we have our sad moments, and we all just live together as a family. We have hard lives, but we will carry on.[/colour] [colour=#282828]Apply in OOC: [/colour] [colour=#282828]Rules: No intense combat. [/colour] [colour=#282828] Romance is allowed, but keep it G-rated.[/colour] [colour=#282828] Have fun. Or you will be shown the broken screen door. [/colour] [colour=#282828]12 ponies max. There are 6 bedrooms.[/colour]
  9. "OHMYGOSH MOOSEN! LET'S GO YOU GUYS!!!" Rhapsody shouted jumping up and down next to Dawn. She tugged on Misty's costume. "Come on!"
  10. yeah if anyone here can get more ponies to join that'd be great.
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