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  1. Ciraxis
    Welcome again. First of all, I have to apologize for lack of entry yesterday. I can't promise such things will not repeat, but I assure you it will happen only on special occasions.
    What can I write about Batman: Arkham City that weren't already written? Released in October 18, 2011, and scoring numerous awards (most noticeably: Game of the Year, Best Action Game, Best Action Adventure Game, Best Adventure Game, and Best Original Score) makes this installment of Dark Knight adventures the game you to hear about, unless you spend a decade living in some FiM forsaken cave in Himalaya.
    No, this time we will talk about the character today's score is associated. One of the most dangerous of Batman enemies if not the most dangerous. The Demon's Head, Ra's Al Ghul.
    His origins are quite inconstant depending on writers whim - being different in comics (which changes about as often as fashion trends), the video games, animated adaptations or the live action films. However most of them agree that he is centuries old eco-terrorist who prolongs his life using Lazarus Pits - an natural occurring phenomenon of chemical pools that's able to restore to health people who are at death's door...and even those who passed them.
    As an enemy who have enormous amounts of experience, almost limitless resources thanks to his his centuries-old criminal organization "The Demon" and genius level intellect Ra's is an enemy who can put even Batman on the ropes. Not only that, Ra's own daughter - Talia - happens to be Bruce Wayne love interest. Well, one of them anyway.
    But what all of this information have to do with music you ask? Well everything because todays muscial piece
    is a theme for a boss battle with a man himself. Dark Knight being being at the death door and in need of the cure of his blood poisoning drinks alchemical formula from the Lazarus Pit's to buy more time. However side effect of those concoction includes hallucinations. Which is it's all fine since thanks to this, players are greeted with most intense fight in the game - at last in atmosphere. And Blood of the Demon is perfect theme for a climatic battle of halfway point of the Arkham City.
    As a side note, all known and beloved Tara Strong also plays a role in the Arkham City as well as in the Arkham Orgins and Arkham Knight. Ms. Strong plays a role of the Harley Quinn. Somehow that's not surprising.
    Game: Batman:Arkham City
    Composers: Ron Fish and Nick Arundel
    Piece: Blood of the Demon
    Soundtrack: No (Game has a soundtrack, but Blood of the Demon isn't on it.)
    That would be all folks! See you next time, when we will meet with a heir of the cursed blood.
  2. Ciraxis
    Blitzing with a speed of certain blue hedgehog, here comes entry number 2. And while this is our second entry, the theme I will present will come from the third one of the certain series.
    Released in February 2, 1994 Sonic 3 was not a complete game. Originally both Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles were meant to be one title but certain constrains (read: time and money) made it so they were released separately. Luckily though, the latter of the two titles came on the special Lock-on cartridge that enabled to fuse the games and play all levels continuously. Additionally it could be also be linked with Sonic 2 to allow playing the game levels as Knuckles.
    But separate or not, both games were critical success, which shouldn't surprise anyone. As a flagship mascot of still-by-that-time hardware-producing SEGA, Sonic titles had unmatched charm and quality.
    The quality of the games, of course also included music. And todays piece comes from from the coolest level of the Sonic 3 - in one way or other -
    . Beginning the zone with snowboard ride was just awesome, and so was navigating through the icy labyrinth that made the zone.
    There are also some unconfirmed rumors concerning this tracks, at first the one that apparently helped create the theme was none other the Michael Jackson! It was known that Jackson worked at the Sonic 3 music and some say that his work was not completely removed. There are certainly many similarities with his songs. Recently though, it was reveled that the theme apparently was not based on any of the Michael songs but the "Hard Times" recorded by The Jetzons, and composed by Brad Buxer.
    However it may not be a real case either, since at the same time Sonic & Knuckles Collection released for PC had music of Ice Cap Zone along with Carnival Zone and Lunch Base Zone (also rumored to be composed by Jackson) removed. What is the truth we may never know, but one thing remains certain. Ice Cap Zone theme is just chilling.
    Additionally, Sonic 3 wasn't the only appearance of the icy landscape. The Zone returned in the Sonic Adventure along with snowboarding section. Amusingly enough, just as slide down the mountain happened at the beginning of the Zone in Sonic 3, in Adventure it's reserved for end of the level. Certainly a case of Book End's.
    Score: Ice Cap Zone
    Game: Sonic the Hedgehog 3
    Composers: Brad Buxer, Michael Jackson (unconfirmed)
    This concludes our second entry. If your you feel a little cold worry not, for tomorrow we will meet on the scorched sands of the certain planet.
  3. Ciraxis
    Welcome again for the blog third entry! Let's get straight to the point shall we?
    Dune 2000 released in September 1998 was a game that had to deal with big expectations. After all it was a sequel/remake of Dune II, one of first real time strategy games and the very one that given a genre it's current form and it gave it a large legacy to follow. Not only that, aside of gameplay it was also meant to unfold the atmosphere present in the novel series written by Frank Herbert , that the games were based on.
    It was certainly an invidious task - after all the book series were known for giving difficult philosophical questions. From the religion to evolution, morality and civilization. Tackling that in the strategy game was doomed to failure. After Dune 2000 one more game in the series was resealed, and so far - 13 years later - the last one. But while the storyline may lost in creating the appropriate feeling,and series lays dormant, the music of the game succeeded and lives on.
    Today piece - "Enter the Ordos" - is tune of one of three playable factions and it gives us a really creepy atmosphere, that at the same time leaves no doubt that it has a desert roots. Interestingly enough House Ordos never was mentioned in any of Herbert novels. They are listed in Dune Encyclopedia written by Willis Everett McNelly, but then again the Encyclopedia is considered non-cannon itself.
    Todays theme as well as Dune 2000 entire soundtrack was created by Frank Klepacki , known mostly
    for his work over Westwood Studio games. Westwood of course were also creators of the Dune game series as well as Command & Conquer games.
    Game: Dune 2000
    Score: Enter the Ordos
    Composer: Frank Klepacki
    Official Soundtrack: Yes - Dune 2000: Long Live The Fighters!
    That would be all for the third entry of Music of the Day. Stay tuned for tomorrow when we will visit a city that has a rampart crime, but also a knight to watch over it.
  4. Ciraxis
    Final Fantasy IX was released in July 7, 2000 in Japan as the final installment of the series on the original Play Station and in opinion of some - myself included - the best one of the series.
    Returning to the classical fantasy themed feeling in contrast of previous two installments, this 4 Disc game is stuffed with shout-out and nostalgia
    from series previous games, and yet manages to create it's own unique feeling. The part of this was of course thanks to game fantastic soundtrack. It was the last score made exclusively by Nobuo Uematsu - at last until Final Fantasy XIV came out. If you don't know who Mr. Nobuo is then remember his name, for he will be mentioned often in this blog.
    Anyway, Uematsu ended up working over the music for almost a year - a rather long time compared too amount it took for FF IX two predecessors. But it's no wonder if total number of tracks in-game is staggering 140, some of them heard only once during the gameplay. Even more impressively, Uematsu accentually composed 160 tracks. The twenty of them however, wasn't included because of disc space restrictions.
    Luckily enough, todays piece
    wasn't among this unlucky 20.Our score is played when our merry band in the purist of the answers and the main villain - Kuja - travels literally to the whole another world (no, not that one), starting Disc 3 final events. This slow, melancholic and yet mysterious melody accompanies the party and the players for short time on the over world map, around 15 minutes at best after which it isn't heard even again which is a shame. Still it's certainly memorable and it only adds to it's alien feeling.
    Song: Terra
    Game: Final Fantasy IX
    Composer: Nobuo Uematsu
    Included in the Original Soundtrack: Yes
    Well that would be all for the first entry. Stay tuned for tomorrow, for some platforming fun!
  5. Ciraxis
    Hello everyone, everypony and every-other-species too.
    This is first wagon of the new train but luckily, there is no need for a ticket. So come aboard! Maybe you like it here.
    What is this about? Well video games of course! In our time and age, this youngest form of entertainment unifies fans all around the globe
    Previously ridiculed and and being accused of all sins of the world, now days video games are serious businesses branch, rivaling even move industry, and no one serious calls them tool of the devil anymore.
    Games are praised for various things. Graphic, story, gameplay, but the one thing this blog will focus is video game music.
    Each day your Friendly Neighboursloth Ciraxis will bring one piece from one game and introduce it to you, Openings, endings, boss battle themes - it doesn't make a difference. There are however some rules that will apply....
    1. If possible, the official name of the score will be used along with the name of the composer. All for you ease and comfort of finding it on You Tube, Sound Cloud or whatever else site you use.
    2. If piece had official remixes in the other games (either the sequels, prequels or cameos) they too will be mentioned. The same thing applies for anime, movie based on the game ect.
    3. I will also be informative about video game comes from song comes from, or the character with which it's associated. As such, there will be triva and SPOILERS. Lots of them. You have been warned.
    4. As awesome as they can be, fan remixes will not be mentioned. But feel free to talk about them and link to them in comments!
    5. If I was mistaken by any way, regarding official information about the theme, feel free to correct me.
    6.Luna is a best pony.
    That's all for today! All aboard and get ready for the first score!
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