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  1. With dedication to Aisede!




    That greatest fun I have RP'ing since...well, Black Sands.!

  2. The moment Rose mentioned 'Immortality' Hou froze. And she stood motionless all the way until 'simulacrum' mentioned how useful sorceress could be for that goal. And then... "Heh...haha...Ahahah...." unicorn mare started giggling. And as much as he wanted to contain herself, she couldn't... "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" "A....AHAHAHAH...MY...MY SIDES!" she wheezed, while one of her hooves moved up and down in mirth, splashing the swamp water. "You...You still stuck up on that idiotic, impossible dream?! BWAHAHAHA!" Hou kept laughing, as if she heard the best of jokes. "Okay...okay, I...I am fine now..Bwahaha!" teary eyed, white mare did her best to rein her amusement. "Alright..let's..haha...let's assume your plan worked and you gave everypony eternal life...hahaha..." sorceress still struggled wit few rebellios giggles. "How long you think this world would be able to sustain ever -growing generation of immortals? Ten generations? Eight? I calculated an answer for that question once, in boredom...." Shuren revealed with a smirk. "Two. Two measly generations! Oh you naive, short-sighted queen! You so stuck with abolishing death itself, that you didn't though about logistics of that plan! Even if you would prevent everypony from dying, soon you would be left with malnourished world full of living skeletons, begging to perish!" Hou pointed out. "Second...they wouldn't be grateful for it! Oh sure they would sing you prises for it at first.....but soon..soon enough it would become...normal. Expected. They would demand eternal life." she explained. "And after few centuries too soon...you would find them performing the most sickening of atrocities. Not out of malice, no. Out of sheer boredom." sorceress continued. "...And that's because most sapient minds aren't able to bear the burden of immortality Compass! For them, life is worthy living because there is an expiration date! Every second is precious! They wouldn't know what to do with themselves, if infinite time was dropped on their laps. So they shouldn't get it. No...eternal life should be something that one has to earned! Through fights, scheming and struggle! And even that should only shield them from ravages of time. To not get complacent, to keep their minds and bodies sharp, always at peak performance." unicorn mare paused, her stare suddenly becoming vacant and lifeless. "I glimpsed the world like that once Rose. World when life finally, unrecoverably defeated death. One of ever growing mass of cancerous flesh! Instead of void of space, endless ocean of rotten pus, whole planets and starts mere tumours in it! Fanged circular maws, tentacles moldy suction cups, bloodshot eyes, filled with putrid blood! It was greatest horror I could have witnessed. It was worse then most accursed depths of Tartarus!" Hou voice never raised above whisper during that description, the nightmare she witnessed apparently still vivid in her mind.. But as soon as she finished, Shuren's glare was again sharp, and cold. "Some call me monster, and I don't care about that label. But even I would not condemn universe to something....something like this!"
  3. " You assume too much. It would be generous if I gave you a choice." Hou said with haughty expression. "Your desires or compliance aren't a factor, Rose Compass. I am too....fond of the world to let your potential, future, insane self rend it. It's damaged enough as it is, and I WON'T tolerate any attempts for it's restoration. Even if the reason is 'Love'. If you start behaving like rabid mutt for sake of restoring you beloved, I will do ANYTHING to foil you. Even if I have to. whistleblow Harmony Chose or...." sorceress eye twitched for a moment, before she spoke the next name with utter contempt... "...Discord to do so. So be so kind to NOT give me reason to get to such extremes. You tolerate me, and I tolerate you." unicorn mare said. 'Nautilus' giggle earned the 'simulacrum' another disapproving squinting glare. "Yes they are. They are renewable resources as well...If you take care NOT to over-gather and over-hunt. Something you should take special take care with. After all, most changeling have...bad record when it comes to reining-in their wants and desires." Shuren's voice was once again smooth, but with subtle hint of warning underneath it. The tension was interrupted by creak of suddenly burdened branch. Hou took her gaze away from the Rose and smirked. On branches, roots and trunks of swamp trees, were masked ponies of all races, at least six dozen of them overall. Wearing black, all encompassing clothing made the identification all but impossible. Hou's 'Condor's' have arrived. It was that moment , 'Nautilus' chose to perform her disappearing act on the slain fire hydra. After a stunned silence Hou spoke again. "...I see. An innate resistance. I have to improve upon design then..." and she surprisingly sounded...much less angry? pondering even? 'Condors' however, turned their masked visages at the 'simulacrum'. Half of them started to unsheathe weapons that could only be described as unholy spawns of sword and bone saw. Before they could ponce at 'Nautilus' however, sorceress extended her hoof and shook her head to stop them. This made her servants return to expectant perching on pieces of environment. They will be no butcher work here today. "So you not as wasteful as I thought. Still...." white mare calm exterior turned into smug grin once again. "...You will find that your quarry is missing few key pieces. Liver, among other things I assume? I didn't had time for closer inspection earlier." she mused, before quickly adding "And before you extend the accusing hoof - no, it was not me. i assume There is some..third party here who pulled a fast one on you. Who or what it is, I don't know and i don't care. It was at least sentient, no bite or scratch mark on the carcass. You should keep a closer look on your game in the future." Hou added with a scoff coming along with her 'advice'. When 'Nautilus' proposed to extend their discussion, Shuren tilted her head. "Is there anything else left to discuss? I don't believe there is. That said..." Hou smiled again. "...You are welcome to prove me wrong. Or, to change the topic." she added, focusing her full attention on Rose once again.
  4. Hou scoffed when 'Nautilus' mentioned her other 'template'. "There is no point in power if it consumes itself. Your original, in her mad quest, doomed herself. Either her mind will further unravel, making her descent into insanity so deep she will become harmless..." Hou mused. "...Or she will earn one grudge too many, making multiverse dog-pile her. She might think she will be untouchable due to all her safeguards....but we both know there are fates far worse then death, aren't we?" sorceress added with a smirk. But not at the though of other Rose potential fate...instead Shuren smirked at magical display before and around her. "Regardless...I am not worried about the mad-mare, and I am not worried about you. As you said, you are mere 'shadow' of her..." Hou said while taking a few steps forward. "And what apt description it is! Like a shadow, all your life is shaped by Her. Your very creation, your species, your capabilities. Even your resolve to distance from your template...to become Her antithesis...is defined by Her existence. You can't escape that." sorceress kept talking. Her voice was venom, her teeth were swords, and her tongue a spear. And worst of all, her words were undeniable. "And you are terrified of Her. Not that She would do anything to you physically, no.....By disposing of you, She shown She wants nothing to do with you, and You know that. No...what you really fear...is turning into Her." white mare mused. "Ahh you probably tell yourself that you different, that since you saw how She ended, how She now IS, you can avoid the same pitfalls! But deep down....deep down, you can't deny the similarities. Same soul. Same mind. Same HEART! For all the experiences you by now made yours and yours alone, You are still carved from the same cloth! Each day you fight to be Her as She was, not Her as She now IS.....And since now you allowed yourself to love, you shudder at the thought that - just like Her - all it can take is one bad day...." Hou paused for an effect. "....One bad day, filled with sorrow.... And that it could be ALL that it takes, for You to to begun journey towards that same downward spiral into abyss...and before you even notice..." as sorceress said those last words with emphasis, her eyes shifted downward, at the stagnant waters they were standing in. On it's surface, was a small metal cylinder. It had green light. The light was blinking. Second after both of their eyes laid on it, the cylinder exploded! Filling the air with black dust, and metal fillings gilding in the air, glued all over their surface with the same dust. And all magic in large vicinity shut down. Immediately. "One Chrysalis legacy, that's not complete waste of time..." Hou explained. "Any magic in the area that doesn't come from magical items is now cancelled in the vicinity. That 'simulacrum' you are now hiding behind technically falls under that, so that's why it didn't shut down and fell like a rag-doll 'Nautilus'. Good luck however, casting any spells through it before swamp's slow air, and even slower water currents don't disperse the material. But of course you already know all of this." sorceress laid the facts in detail. She could right now, probably walk next to 'simulacrum' in question and rip it to shreds, but instead she opted to keep talking, not moving further from where she was. That to, was a massage. "....As I said, I am no worried about current you. I am however understandably....cautious, about what You can become. But I also a reasonable mare. And instead of...I dunno... - sending a assassin to end any possibility of you turning into omnicidal maniac, and instead hurting that spa mare during the attempt?.....I simply won't give you that bad day...." Hou stated the simple solution with a cocky smirk. "What I WILL do, is give you Three Promises. First, I promise to not irreplaceably damage that little town we both found so charming. Second, I promise I will not touch that little earth pony mare you have your eyes on.....perhaps I even go out of my way to make her and her sister safer then they are now?" unicorn mare mused. "And Third...." Hou's gaze turned sharper, and her voice deeper and more threatening "...IF by some chance...you would start that downward spiral regardless.....I will put you DOWN, before you will get to deep into that insanity, and get too much power. And I will move Heaven and Hell to do so. For all three of those, you have my word." sorceress vowed.
  5. Time slowing heh? Temporal magic was complicated, but it rewarded it's difficulty with sheer advantage it provided in various situations. However, even those that mastered it to greatest extend found it taxing. Hou called into question usage of such spell as a show of force...when all those energy could be useful later. But it wasn't her problem.... "Oh child...." sorceress begun closing her eyes, and shaking her head with bemused smile. "Do you think you are the first...'expatriate' I came along?" she revealed. "You wouldn't in fact make it into first ten. That, and subspecies of one of your templates did exists here at one point. They just simply went...extinct." Hou added, opening of of her eyes. It was nowhere close to 'amusement' rest of her face shown. Shuren ignored the questions about her background. Most would see a mare that tried to label her conversation partner. However.... "You stalling. And you avoiding answering my question." she cut through all the chaff with this simple observation. After a pause, she added. "I know your world Miss 'Nautilus'. One does not have to enter, to observe it. And I also know that your realm have no direct counterpart of me. I also saw the mare that was template of your soul. Do you know what I found?" Hou asked.
  6. Hou spend few hours following the aether trial. Whoever this mare was, her journal was quick chaotic, even going back and forth in places. This only could mean that the mare was franticly searching for something..... So it was even more surprising when the trail seemingly started to turn around and started to aim at the direction she found the slain hydra...could it be that....? That was odd. This could only mean that the mare that slain the hydra with a trap, and a somepony that removed some body parts were NOT one and the same. In short, 'Nautilus' (and there was no way in Tartarus it was real name. Unless you were sea-pony, siren or kelpie that is) set up the trap, it ended up killing the reptile, and some third party came along and stole the prize of somepony effort. That would make Hou's irritation abate....if not for a logical fact, that without help, 'Nautilus' couldn't make use of all hydra parts either! This made her as guilty of the wastefulness as the 'Third Party' (which Hou decided to call 'Pony W' from now one). Sorceress started to reach out into her back once again, to fetch another artifiact to confirm that 'Nautilus' was really heading to, or already was at the hydra carcass. However, the beam of silvery light shooting into sky, became a conformation enough of that suspicion. "Mafalda Barrier...." she identified the spell on sight. Despite the name, it was not a barrier. instead, it was a powerful perception filter spell over large area. When cast it would remove ability to perceive certain object or objects by those to that wander into it's range by any of their senses. One could even step on what they were searching, and still will be unable to recognize it as something they were searching for. Aside from initial cast, it was also very subtle, invisible to the naked eye (aside from rare gift of arcane sight, but it was 1 in 400 000 000 occurrence so....). The only limitation was no being able to act violently towards those affected by the spell, otherwise the masquerade was broken. Luckily Hou was outside of initial range cast, otherwise she wouldn't know it was used in fist place, and would be helpless until 'Nautuilus' was long gone. And since she knew the spell, she also knew how to break it.... " "Nautilus' doesn't want visitors...." Hou realized, as she reached into her pockets, for two vials, containing silvery liquid.... "...Unfortunately for her, I don't do 'Requests'...." * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Few minutes later, 'Nautilus' could feel that Mafalda Barrier was dispelled..... No, not dispelled....saying so implied some subtlety or stealth...or at least, care for such things. Instead, it was SHATTERED. 'Rakh'noh Breaker' was the most brutal and forceful way of dealing with the Barrier, and that in itself was a massage. 'I know you are here, and I am coming', that was what the usage of it implied. While 'Nautilus' couldn't hear it's caster just yet, the flames of the swamp itself served as it's harbingers. Slowly, more and more of them - first in in the distance, and subsequentially closer ones - turned from natural red-orange, to ghastly greens or purples. And soon enough 'Nautilus' found herself surrounded by that unnatural light. Almost at the same time, a squelching noise of somepony wading through the swamp could at last be heard. Not long afte, a mare came into the her sight. Raven black, long mane and tail, snow white coat, and black dragon leather duster on her back. Few pouched along legs and waist, containing useful tools without a doubt. She didn't seemed to emit any magical aura....but that only implied incredible mastery of her arcane powers, being able to stop natural aether leakage. And last of all, her stance......it was one of somepony that was confidant in being the most dangerous thing in her surroundings. The white mare stopped, sizing 'Nautilus' up with her violet eyes.....and...taking a whiff? "One from Andalusia....? Nooo...something's not right." she said before whiffing again, few times in fact. Her brews were furrowed as if she was puzzled by this strange mare before her. "And your Soul.....Ah.....a copy then! And twofold one at that! You are far from home." sorceress exclaimed in realization. After a pregnant pause she continued. "I am a reasonable mare. Could you...enlighten me, how did you planned to salvage four ton carcass, from an environment where biological matter degenerates even faster then in humid Unyasi jungle?" she asked, ready to judge every word of 'Nautilus' answer.
  7. "....Really?" silver mane'd mare asked to have what she just heard, reconfirmed. "Shaa, 'am certain Miss Silverhoof." said the Neighjun mare, with accent so thick one could hand their overwear on it. Hou...or rather 'Rain Silverhoof' as she was known around this parts paused in consternation. An unknown mare...coming to this forsaken swamp for reasons, apparently similar to her own. She wouldn't be able to gather even that much, if not for her carefully groomed disguise. 'Rain Silverhoof' was seemingly a vagrant and trader, coming to Marais at least once or twice a year. Doing that for more then three decades made the mare something of a local celebrity, with her arrivals treated like holiday of sorts. In short, ponies here trusted her. "Mais, so will ya be staying for a night Miss Rain? We can throw up some party real quick." the mare asked. "Take your time then." sorceress replied. "I need to meet this....'Nautilus' mare." she added before throwing back her saddlebags and marching into the swamp..... * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Even for mare with centuries worth of experience, picking up a trial in a marsh was no easy feat. The nature itself was quick to cover and erase any clues and hints, and her 'Soul Sense' was little help in place so teeming with life. Yes, teeming. To untrained eye, Marais was combination of horror-worthy swamp, and fiery hell. But as some wise pony somewhere said 'Life finds a way'. The fire crabs was skittering among trees roots, the ember birds nesting in the treetops, and she even seen chimera or two during her day and a half search. Those, she had to beat into submission, but aside from that her search was uninterrupted. And then she came along an evidence that even Marais itself couldn't erase quickly. A trail of trampled foliage, knocked out of the way trees. And at the end of it.... "........." Shuren stared with a frown, at the carcass of the fire hydra. After quick examination her feelings were...conflicted. Apparently, the thing was killed by luring it into a trap. Enhancing flames in such environment was...risky. One reckless spell, and the much of the gasses trapped under the muck and waters of the marsh could be ignited into enormous explosion, instead of predictable jets of flame. The ability to enhance fire despite that, only spoke about control and skill of mare in question..... On the other hoof......bothering with all of that, only to take so very little of the creature spoke of extreme wastefulness. Hou couldn't care about morality of the act, but fire hydras were rare in Equestria continent (although apparently more abundant in unwelcoming marshes of southern Hesperia....half a world away) breed slowly, and every part of them was valuable in one way or another. And this mare, slain this creature for equivalent of few bags of body material. This wasn't hunting. This was...this was poaching! Stupid, wasteful poaching. And Hou hated to make thing go to waste. Peeved, she reached to her own bags, and pulled out a jagged jade crystal. The mineral lit up in sinister glow when she used her magic, and she was greeted by the sight of both Wūyún and one of her minions. "I came upon a valuable find..." she said. "I am sending the coordinates. Send in the 'Condors' and strip it bare before carrion feeders get to it first. Take even the bones" "As you command Lady Shuren. Will you be waiting for them?" masked minion acknowledged the order before inquiring. "No....." white mare said, as she now held crystallized remains of an aether from flame enhancement spell used by a mare. " I will be searching for a mare who did this. To give her a lesson, one about an old Equestrian saying...." she said as she start to wade again...but this time, following a magical trail.... "Waste not, want not...."
  8. "Well I anticipate splitting and aches...just not head ones." 'Jade' said, emphasizing her words with a mane flip. Midnight really didn't knew where to keep those hooves...or rather, he knew EXACTLY where to put them. However...as much as she wished for Oil to drag her to the inn room...there were things to attend to first. "Just a little more patience hoofsome." 'Beaker' said while putting her hoof under his chin for a moment - will Oil follow her lead or attempt to turn the tables? She didn't minded either option. "Just play along for moment. Who knows? Maybe you will have more to paw then just myself?" she added with a whisper. Like a ghost, 'Good Doctor' slipped behind the Twister, only to put her hooves on her shoulders. "If it's concern for anything...it's about your soon to be experienced absence Twister, Cutie. A 'fun' doesn't have to stop here." she explained while giving Tongue shoulder massage. "Berry may be too polite to say it, but in a way we cut from the same cloth - so I speak for her and myself.." 'Jade' said, leaning over Twister ear, her words smooth like a black velvet glove. "You see, Twister, Cutie.....a mature mare is - more often then not - greedy, nay, needy for new experiences. And as you Yourself noticed, we have fine selection here. And when you can't decide, why limit yourself? Cute can go along with sexy... And what's good for two, is good for three...." 'Jade' said before looking over Twister head, at Tiger and Berry. "...Or five." she added with salacious grin. "Limits are meant to be broken."
  9. Upon Dox mention of spell's lack of subtlety, Hou averted gaze from the scrying pool. "I want them to know. Awareness of being watched...it might make them more careful, but it also might as well prompt them into foolish mistakes due to paranoia. And even if not....forcing them to be provident will significantly slow them down. Now, hold on...the image is a little blurry...." sorceress said as she did necessary adjustments.... Sombra was of course expected....but his companion... "Nnnnnnnow, that's quite an surprise!" Hou said, barely suppressing an amused chuckle. "I assumed that this mare would run for the hill upon hint of sight of me...but I am wrong. I wonder....is that overabundance of recklessness...or lack of common sense....this 'Experiment' of mine is plagued by?" Shuren said with a grin that was downright predatory. Not that she could keep going about it...cause her colleague apparently decided here and now was a good time to ask about her personal life out of all things! She wanted to berate Dox for this, but memories of that evening put her in a better mood. A very good mood. "Well, what do you think?" she asked, while unconsciously flashing a grin that was half-prurient and half-triumphant. She decided that Dox didn't had to know, that she planned for the regular trips to small town. After all, the best place to hide something, was in plain sight.... After a moment Hou waved her hoof dismissively. The small talk was better left for hotel room or a meal in one of numerous restaurants of Saddleon. "....I find it strange that Sombra chose to pursue me so soon after our last meeting. It was quite a one-sided encounter. Why chose to avenge his loss now? Unlike you or me, he can't rapidly increase his power...." sorceress started to put her analytical skills to work. "Despite his obliviousness in certain regards, Fallen King is not an fool.....Either he got his hooves on artifact of great magical power, or secured reliable alliance. Perhaps both." she mused. "At least, the later almost certain. He had to get intel about my presence in Arabia from somewhere. The mare you see probably acted as a liaison...she was there when I schooled him after all. And since I doubt he gave her post address, it means that she's member of some group with great resources." Shuren deducted. "After all, I don't exactly see him booking a ticket on ocean liner. Not to mention his arrival had to be rather quick. This mean that whoever he made a deal with, had to possess resources great enough for quick travel by air. Hmmmm...could it be that he overcame his animus against them, and met with Equestria's Princesses?" Hou theorized. She herself alluded to her many battles with Celestia. Did Sombra decided to head the well know wisdom about 'enemy of my enemy'? Still, not enough info to draw a proper picture of the situation. "Hhhmph...perhaps we can eavesdrop as well?" white mare said, adjusting the spell once again.
  10. "I know this, I am just venting!" sorceress said in annoyance, but without anger. "....Just trying to stay 'in touch' with my 'simpler' years. Woe to any immortal who forgets what it is, to be young." Hou mused. It was true. With age came wisdom, but as years gone by, it became harder and harder to empathize with those that didn't had such boon...and thus, harder to manipulate them. "...Learn yes, but not imitate. Anypony who became 'history', simply wasn't good enough to stay in the 'game'." white mare expressed her belief. "And regarding Sparkle....I am not foolish enough to face her head-on. No...the best course of action would be to strike from where she leat expect. But I don't want to slay her Dox. Absence of a ruler in Equestria would make things...chaotic. Unpredictable. Undesirable. No...what I want is access to those secrets and hidden vaults that my servants didn't had time or means to get to last time. There are still some secrets of arcane that Celestia hoarded all for herself....and that she now bequeathed to her successor....And speaking of Celestia..." Gou paused as she looked over the horizon, towards the spot that she knew sun will rise up in few hours. "It would be foolish to disregard that mare just because she is 'retired'. She still surely has plans in motion, no matter how hard she pretends otherwise. I assume she wants to put herself on the sidelines, just so that most will forgot about hers and her...capabilities. In short, she's starting to act like...Me." Shuren said, flashing an satisfied grin. The say that enemies equals greatness, and that imitation is greatest form of flattery. Well, in that case...if your enemy started to imitate you.... "Well if that case....creating more tools and servants will make me to step up my own game. After this trip, perhaps I will pay Celestia...and Luna a visit. It's been too long since I saw the Moon-rump." * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Next Morning. Five Miles from Saddleon. Hou and Dox were travelling at the tail and of the caravan. As the evil duo climbed up the latest dune, upon teaching it's top they could finally see the gleaming waters of Shatt al-Iblis river, and world-wide known Palaces of Thought. Unlike Palace complex in Manephis, Shuren was fond of this institution. The sorceress lowered the cloth over her muzzle before speaking "Finally. I don't know about you Hei, but those few days make me miss a batht...." sorceress paused as her eyes grown wide for a moment...before squinting them and turining around to face the way they came. "He's here...." she said, before making a quick glance at her companion and clarifying "The Fallen Umbrum King. There is not doubt....he's following me.... Saddle Arabia is alien land for him. There is no reason for him to be here, aside from myself." she deducted before making an audacious smile. "....Somepony has a grudge....Perhaps we can take a peek..." she said, waiting for a moment for the last of the caravan to go far away enough. When it did, Hou reached towards one of her bags, pulling out an ivory wand. Using it, she drew an magical circles in the sand, each inside the other one. Despite desert wind, the writing remained undisturbed. Between the circles, she started to inscribe arcane writings...a mix of words of power from Long Guo, Whitescar, and even Unyasi. Following this she reached towards her canteen, and poured it's content at the circles - instead of soaking into the sand, the water filled the largest circle perfectly. Following that, sorceress put away the wand, reaching for pearl needle instead. The white mare rolled up the sleeve of her clothing, before puncturing her own flesh. Allowing a few droplets of blood to fall into the water, sorceress erased that self-inflicted scratch, and extended her hoof, while flaring up her magic. "The Fallen King of Crystal Empire, Sombra." she ordered, and with those words the symbols under the water started to glow. Seconds later, reflection of Hou and Dox disappeared, the water becoming a magical window aimed at their pursuers instead....
  11. I long for RP-ing some proper villainous quippage. The fun part of playing villain is making verbal low-blows.

  12. Dox of course was up - not surprising seeing that he removed the need of entering realm of dreams long ago. Shurend wondered at times what did he did at nights these days, when he ran out of books and scrolls to study. Biological experiments? Writing? It wasn't really her business, and she doubted she will find out until she visits his lair again, to see what new hobby he picked up. When you long-lived like Dox or she herself, you end up pursuing a lot of interests. "<......If reevaluating my choices can be really considered 'talk'. The Fallen King is on my mind lately. Having hindsight now I can say that our latest meeting should been concluded....better."> she said with a grimace "<Either I shouldn't approach him at all, or should be more...patient.>" Hou confessed, still staring at the starry sky. "<But I couldn't help it. The sorry state he is, his obliviousness combined with how clueless he is.....Sight of such wasted potential made me furious. If he wasn't so STUBBORN, he could be so much more...bah....>" sorceress shook her head. If he actually cared, Sombra could become one of the Seven.....but well, as they said - apathy killed the cat. "<And now I starting to wonder....am I becoming one trick-mare myself? I waved schemes for so long that it became predictable in it's imperceptibility. That and....>" Hou reached into pocket dimension to retrieve Remembrance Stone for a moment. She continued moments later why staring at Stone, hovering in air before her face. "<Scavenging relicts and artifacts of old is hardly a waste of time....but if I could find them, then surely other creature out there can have information about them too? Perhaps...it's about time to make some of my own....I certainly absorbed enough talent fragments, and gathered enough knowledge to be capable of it.....>" she mused before finally turning to her colleague. "<Relying on items for power is dangerous...but Purple Princess power....I caught the glimpse of it Dox. In her versatility, she is mightier then Celestia was millennia ago. Anything that could grant advantage over such mare...shouldn't be discarded carelessly. Regardless of ponysonal tastes.>" Hou said, while her mind was already drifting to distant Wūyún forges. "<I am sure you wouldn't mind if I made something for you as well. It wouldn't hurt you to try this, instead of trying to graft two extra limbs to yourself or something....>" she said in her characteristic snarky tone.
  13. Oh I was hoping for Hou and Dox to have conversation. And since Dox know her better then anyone lese, feel free to PM me if you need posting material. Right now she's reminiscing about Sombra.
  14. Waiting for your post mate.... @PyroBlaze
  15. Swift Squall: "Riddles are supposed to follow logic of some kind. And have singular answer." noblpony said with a deadpan tone when draconequus mused about his experiences with desert feline-hybrids. "The last sphinx I met, I was forced to decollate. Which reminds me Blue...." Swift started, but was forced to tend to Discord's apparently wounded pride, of noblepony underestimating his nerdiness. "Wait, no Discord! I meant latest world expansions and adventure bo...oh forget it." Swift decided to drop it. Stallion was ready to address Blue once again, but wild Dunnie appeared! Swordpony was forced to close necklace case shut before the pegasus could take a peek inside. Figured that Prince could give them to his brides as a present. "Yes, we are here Dunnie. Tartarus for us, if we could allowed ourselves to miss this." stallion said "And besides...we learning a lot for...you know." Swift added, before moving slightly aside to make space for Fire-Pressy hug, and a moment for them to catch up. This allowed him in turn, a few moments with Blu...oh, isn't it Bevel? As an inventor, Squall has much respect for the brown mare. That said, he wished she stopped being freelancer and that he would get permanent contract with his TEMPEST Corporation. Something that he noted was more and more probable, as he hired her fore more and more ambitious projects. Bevel struck him as a mare that treated near-impossible tasks as a challenge for her intellect, and that she was bored with more mundane jobs. She probably also liked that his near limitless resources allowed her to wrestle with them without interruptions. "Bonjour Miss Bevel. That's good to hear, but I afraid we aren't ready just yet. Both Sparkle and the Military has to be convinced. Can I ask you for your presence during the meeting with them? I don't want for our hard work to be shelved. And also......did you consider taking reins of development for other parts of CAMELOT?" he asked, using a project codename. "Three Ponies, one wedding Miss Fluttershy. Revival of some ancient herding traditions. Royalty privileges or something, and I am sure today will serve as a precedent." he clarified to the yellow pegasus, before leaning towards the Prince. "I heard you had Cadance on-board when pushing for this Blue." Squall recalled. Perhaps pink Princess was less stiff then noblepony thought? The talk shifted back into topic of 'sphinxes and it Swift felt it was a best moment to step in. "....Hate to break your bubble Blue..." he started "...But he's anything but 'Sweet Boy'. He might behave like this around you and your acquaintance, but If you want to know what somepony is like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals or superiors. Celestia travelled in disguise often, for a reason." Swift pointed out, as gently as he could. "When I landed after my 'chute jump he was a d%$&......correction - arrogant, cultural posturing d%$&. He did his job, and did it splendidly, but ONLY because you ordered him so. I could sense...enmity" Squall said and his glance shifted to the sword that was strapped to his back. "...And before you ask, it's a warrior thing. You don't last on the field of battle without being able to sense a killing intent. That...Nilaavin was it? Well that sphinx of yours deep down wished your orders would be loose enough that he would be able to keep in line those that didn't behaved along with his views of acceptable social norms. Painfully." Swift explained. "You don't see this Blue, because you lack inner....roughness. If you want to test my words, ask him about guests, mention we are related and see his reaction. But remember, sphinxes are known for their poker faces." noblepony advised. "...That said....you shouldn't speak about him like that. I know that his kind is endangered or something, but he's not stock animal. Are your sure you should speak about this behind his back? Without considering if he was ever interested? He is sentient being you know. If he is to change, showing that you consider his feeling and opinions would be first step." Swift said before sighting. "I am sorry. I am doing this thing again - acting as if I am smartest and most well informed being in the room. But what i said still stands. And if any two ponies could change haughty sphinx I believe it's you two - Blue, Lady Fluttershy. Just don't forget that edges...and claws are there." Despite not being asked, Squall sharp hearing allowed noblepony to eavesdrop on Blue's student situation. As such he closed in along the two mares, uninvited. And after Fire gave her evaluation, he put his hoof on her back and shook his head. "If he fits in is not a point Dear. The kid had poured few glasses too many into himself when he signed this and...." Swift levitated the set of papers from Blueblood's grasp and gave them look-over himself. "Neither side was sober when they signed this." she said quietly to the two Fire and Dunnie "The way I see this, there is nothing to discuss. The contract was made under influence, one side is still a minor that didn't even finished education, and recruiter will get a boot for drinking on duty and not performing background check. REA and Royal Guard certainly aren't that desperate to enlist teenagers these days and ruin their future? And if somepony says otherwise...." Squall sight shifted from two mares to young griffon, who he now addressed. "Relax kid, you going to be fine. If somepony start making noise I can sic so many lawyers to rip at them, that they going to cry 'UNCLE' soon enough." Swift explained as he gifted Gallus his business card. "The only question is, do you want to enlist into Army or not, Youngster?" he asked. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 'Jade Beaker': "Wingapore is melting pot for all sorts of nationalities and what they bring with them. Berry Dear. Understand that the locals of the island that houses the city now had very little in term of...culture, and most important of all - traditions. Instead of building from scratch, we took ALL OF THEM....with a twist of course. Walking the streets, you will find small temple of Odyr, right next to Shire of Harmonious Path. Maretonian Restaurant next to Aquelian Steak house...Quite like Manehattan but up to eleven. This includes the attitude towards...carnal pleasures...And Wingapore is most lax place regarding that in the world." Jade said while stretching her legs, and adjusting her glasses. "The other advantage of Wingapore, is that you can acquire anything there.....provided you have right amount of money - if you know what I mean. City states always invite criminal underworld Berry Dear. But worry not, they don't care about you, provided you don't care about them....unless you want to do business that is." 'Jade' added. "In short, my home is great place for vacation...but don't bring you daughter there...at least until she is of age." she summed up, before listing for Berry for a change. "I take that current Mayor is...divisive choice? Does she has any accomplishment already, aside from showing how IMPORTANT she is?" bespectacled mare asked. At the same time, 'Jade' observed this 'Rose' mare with a corner of her eye. She seemed to leave 'Beaker' alone, and unicorn mare was fine with that. However the soul of this 'Rose' smelled familiar. 'Beaker' couldn't quite pin it down....it was like s steak from the same animal one ate from the past...but with entirely different fixings and seasoning....
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