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  1. They still haven't noticed her. Good. Ironically, for being an 'umbrum' , Sombra wasn't good against those skulking in the shadows. Of course 'He wasn't a fool' Shuren thought as she squinted her eyes. As much as she hated the wasted potential he represented, and his loathsome...apathy for most of things.....when it came down to purely intellectual exercises, he was very quick stallion. Her stealthy approach right now wasn't a best method of dealing with him right now - it was a only approach Hou could take at the moment, in her exhasuted state. For his limited toolbox and her repeatedly degrading him during their last encounter in Whitetail Woods, Sombra was one of few creatures alive that wasn't an alicorn, capable of lasting more then two minutes against her. At full strength. Right now? Right now he would roll over her in direct confrontation. No.... Hou had to rely on her wits, and his ignorance of things outside of Equestria to outdo the fallen king.... Which was problematic too, since Tongue Twister - being apparently very knowledgable mare - was a perfect partner for the warlock to alleviate that weakness, being a walking exposition piece for him. She could also at least distract sorceress if things get more physical the Shuren wanted. Right now Hou's only hope was that the pegasus (That was apparently altered somehow. She had to investigate who toyed with her experiment later) will be kept bust by the shadow beasts - and if not, that her degree of knowledge hadn't covered Neighpon and Long Guo obscure (from Equestria's point of view) mystic arts.... When Sombra was walking towards the stage, she was already on the top rail, clad in illusions of her own. A slight nudge of telekinesis and...one of massive stage reflectors was sent falling from the rail, straight onto Sombra's head. Of course, alert, he dodged it easily....straight into the spot she expected he would. For Hou has already thrown a pearl white kunai. It's colour - a result of being dipped in the sap of white, moonwillow tree - a perfect tool for dealing with various shadow yaoguai....capable of pinning and hurting them them even their immaterial form, and forcibly making them corporeal...And well...Sombra's skill-set was close enough to logically work against him too! Each dagger held power for but one cut, but each of these cuts would destabilize his control over his shifting power. Five cuts would probably enough to shut down his shadow-form completely for a dew minutes.... And this was long enough for Hou to pummel the fallen king and snap his neck! 'For a 'Seeker of Knowledge' you certainly are ignorant of your weaknesses, Sombra!' the white mare thought. That what happened when you drew knowledge from only one place - it became rigid and stale.
  2. Swift Squall: Swift looked down at the rubber goose Fire was holding. When she finished, and Dunnie has gone to the altar he murmured. "You might not had toys like this, but you had something much more worthwhile Dear. I had all toys in the world, but with nopony to play with they didn't matter." noblepony mused, before delicately placing his hoof on crimson mare swelling stomach. "She can't have her young years like yours or mine. We have to find balance for her." swordstallion said. "But if anything...between you and me, I don't think she will be a shrinking violet type, with our temperaments. Fire then mentioned School of Friendship. Squall visited the place, back when Sparkle was still it's headmare. "It's not only exterior that's good to look at. The place seems...different - not that I was in lot of schools. You could tell that Sparkle was really passionate about it. As if it was her real dream job. It's kinda....sad that she's shackled with new one. But I guess somepony has to do it." he said with a grimace.Doing something because it was right thing to do, despite your passions being elsewhere...he could sympathize. When Fire questioned the Equestria's choice for it's sovereign/s titles, stallion squinted his eyes gave her something to think about. "Would You want the same title she-cockroach had?" he asked, just before organs started playing.... * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 'Jade Beaker': 'Jade' squinted here eyes while Berry opened up to her a little. Punch was a mare that everypony in Ponyville liked, but one that was starved for kind affection her daughter couldn't give, as well as for some positive reinforcement. Of course 'Jade' was an expert on pony psychology, so she could provide the later right away. As for the former....? Well....'Jade' was nothing if not patient. "...You know...few years back I started to make some field research about ouces in Long Guo. I plan to finish book about it few months from now..." she started, mentioning her 'job' as 'ethologist' "It was then, that this one female that got mine special attention. Three consecutive litters. Ten cubs overall. But what's more important, none of them perished. I would say it was remarkable, miricalous even..... if not for the fact that I could actually observe female in question efforts. It was....nothing short of heroic, really." 'Jade' paused. Not all of her stories was woold over the eyes, and this was one of them. "When I came back to those mountains two years ago, the female was no longer there, but her spawn were all going strong. Berry,You might not be a cat, and you might only have one child, but you remind me of that snow leopard. You might wish to give Pinchy other parent Berry Dear, and it's nothing wrong with that - it would be nice for her and it would be good for you. But don't think your daughter will be in any way lessened if you never will. Because she already has You as a model, and I am certain that if anypony would ask your Pinchy, she would certainly tell she wants to be like her Mom." unicorn mare said. Punch mentioned honeymoon, at that made 'Jade' wince inside, but her poker face was perfect. Instead she replied. "I take your word for it Berry Dear. I might even be there to make sure you keep it." she murmured, as the ceremony started. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Swift Squall: Swift smiled at his friends made vow to each other, with the pleased smile of his face. Ahh if he could always be happy for his friends. He had an urge to mouth 'About time.' , seeing that it was indeed about time for Blue, Dunnine and Crusader to marry somepony, but he managed to tactfully resist. Instead - silently - she passed to Fire one of her favourite punch daggers that he also brought along. Others might have forget, but this WAS both Royal AND military wedding. And Swift liked to uphold at least some of noble traditions. He hoped his Dear would agree with him on that. The stallion drew his own weapon, and when the last of vows was passed, he stiffened and raised his blade up and forward in the knightly salute. "Amor Vincit Omnia." she recited, before relaxing and re-sheathing his sword, and that was that. "You know...I could play that thing." noble-stallion said while pointing at the organs. As Crusader urged Dunnie to toss the bouquet, he added. "So...are you gonna...?" Swift asked. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 'Jade Beaker': "Well not everday you see three-way marriage." 'Jade' said while still clapping. "I am very grateful that I could be your extra for today Berry Dear, but how did you earned an invitation for such ceremony? You must have know at least one of those newly-weds quite well." unicorn mare inquired.
  3. Well, well, well....this changeling queen attempted to outdo her in a conversation? Rose words carried much gravitas, but Hou wasn't known for her silver tongue for nothing. "Then she's a wise mare indeed. I keep those words in mind...." sorceress replied to the queen while adding a nod "However...." unicorn paused, rising one of her hooves slightly for emphasis. "For every wise saying has an opposite one, no less wise, to balance it." Shuren said "And to quote one form my homeland ''What flows, breaks not.' " sorceress said. When Rose revealed her name, Shuren only mouthed 'I know.' under her breath,but quiet enough to not interrupt the changeling. When the parting came, white unicorn came with farewell of her own... "Guard your heart well, nascent queen." Hou said, while Rose ended her projection. Sorceress waited for a moment, to make sure she was alone, before speaking to herself. "Cursed...yes. And how fitting....a name of many-headed beast, for an existence that is one but many." she mused before pausing. "I prefer not to use it, if possible. Foolish risk is that, foolish." Hou added. "That said....if all Roses are this sea beast....then who is 'Charybdis' in this equation?" she wondered.
  4. Deep breath...then another.....Alright, good. It's not like this was the first wringer she found herself in. It wasn't even definitive end of her plans here. But Hou had to admit, Twister put her into situation where she had to choose. Cornering Shuren like that, was something worthy of respect.... And something that brought sorceress ire. "...Lesson one. Basic, fundamental methods...." she muttered, as dark aura spring to life around her. "...Are usually two-way street." * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Tongue and Sombra didn't even manged to go ten meters, before Shuren's counterattack hit the pegasus. It wasn't really harmful.....In fact despite everything, Hou was still too invested into corrupting Twister body and spirit as her little 'pet project' to really harm her. But she could hold her in place for a while..... And make it unpleasant while doing it. Not unlike well known 'Evil Eye' set of curses. But without actual eye contact. It came without warning. A sudden pressure falling on her mind, body and soul, simultaneously. Outside,Twister looked fine, still upright, still blinking, and still breathing. But if one could feel like she did, they could experience how hard suddenly everything became. Her heart was filling like it was wrapped by a set of chains, preventing it from doing it's job. Her blood, dens, and moving through veins and arteries at seemingly glacier pace. Her lungs and diaphragm, heaving with effort, as if they were weighed down by whole Canterlot Castle. All of this sense - fooling illusions. And yet all of those signals were enough to turn her legs into unmoving pillars. Twister's mind was whole other matter. It was like a steel fortress - unbowed, unbending, unbroken. Shuren's dark magic could all but siege it, unable to break those mental defences. in fact, most of the magical energy sorceress was expanding, was used to keep Tongue's mind from regaining control of the body..... And yet....it was less spent magic then she anticipated. As if this great wall had to weather pressure from both inside and outside.....Curious. Twister's soul meanwhile...here chances was evenly matched. Like two equal rikishi, grappling with each other. Neither gaining an advantage, but neither getting ground either. Hou held no false hopes. She knew that in mere moments, Sombra will come to help his guide with his magical counter-counterattack. She had....seven...no...five minutes top before her attack is repelled. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * It was this concentrated state that Dox found his colleague in. The white mare didn't stop her assault - apparently skilled enough to keep it going while multitasking. Shuren' noticed the latest book that Hei brought. "It better be this one. We have been traced..." she said, before clarifying. "...or rather, I have been traced. That little squirrel is even more resourceful then I gave credit for. Right now I am holding them in place, and borrowing her sight but...at this distance, I can only buy few minutes doing so." she explained. "Hei, you have to finish here without me." she asked. Not only the changeling had to make all the important notes, he and his minions had to clean after the search, to obfuscate what information they were searching for. "I will be bait and stall them further. Doing so in person will be more...efficient..." Hou said before cutting herself short. Fighting in city was not battling in uninhabited woods. She will have to limit herself, and she will start with less then half of her usual energy at best as well. Converting souls to mana took time. Meanwhile Sombra will start almost fresh, and had an ally who can serve as the distraction. Without word, Hou reached into her pocket space and hoofed to Dox book she took from Xuanwu Temple. Then - after a moment of hesitation - the golden scarab depicting disc, ripped out of the cover of the said book. That and.... "...Just like in Maretonia." white unicorn mused, while she hoofed to Dox an enchanter earring. Close or not, keeping in touch was vital. And this little trinket allowed just that. And not first time either, just like Hou mentioned. The second earring, matching first one, was already clipping around Hou's own ear. "...I have three minutes to prepare. For Dark Preservation, do what you can...." she said, while trotting to female bathroom. Sorceress didn't had to mention for changeling to make haste. Shuren knew she didn't had to. Because they were caught by surprise, Hou's toolset was limited. She slowly relived as much tools as she could from her pocket space. It was all she could do under the circumstances. Twelve throwing daggers made from ghostly white metal. A jian 'sword'. Vial of her favourite tool. Four small soul gems. Three pellets with highly compressed 'tear gas'. One scroll of pre-cast support spells. "...Let's do this...." * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * If they weren't occupied by Hou's magical attack, Sombra and Twister might notice that compass needle stopped pointing to palace of Thought, instead snapping to their right... * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * "Crowd. Good, very good. How nice for some spectacle to happen today." sorceress mused, now perched on corner nearby souq, setting sun behind her back. There was more then one way to teleport, and one minute was especially easy, if you had a waypoint in the form of your own magic present at the destination. It was way less flashy too... Of course she could not afford to keep Twister in place anymore. Instead she needed to formulate a new plan. Oh? Wasn't there some show happening? A concert. Shuren could see a respectable gathering of ponies and other creatures, waiting or a songstress... "It would be a shame if...all this audience starts to panic...." she mused to herself and Dox alike, crushing three of four soul gems while doing this. Normally summoning was crude and inefficient, unless one took much preparation. Drawing summoning circles took time, maintaining the connection required much energy, and spawning more then one familiar from portal while maintaining control was difficult. How convenient that all of those sticklers could be brushed aside, by throwing some souls as offering into the mix! Three circles, one for each gem, and each in range of hearing. One on the roof, one on the wall, and last one in dark, damp alley. A panther resembling....things...started to crawl from the circles, responding to the sorceress call. Not creatures of flesh and blood, but of negative emotions and darkness....Almost like umbrum, amusingly enough. "Terrorize, hurt, maim...but not kill...No, let the panic last as long as possible. You can only rip Fallen King to shreds, if you able, that is...." she ordered dozen of 'panthers' that managed to come so far. "Now, citying a clever playwright..." she straightened herself, brandishing her 'jian'. "Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war..." Hou said, as she sicked demonic 'felines' on concert the pair that was hunting her, and audience alike.
  5. Sorry for that, I will be more communicative in the future! Regarding quest itself, we closing to it's climax. HOWEVER, it's only first thread of this three-parter! After final post in Saddlon, it will be followed up immediately by opening post in Part Two!
  6. Going to be honest, I expected Team Twist-Sombra to be in Saddlon already, seeing that first thread is going to wrap soon. I assume Bellissima is performing there, and lack of viewers is due to cultural differences.
  7. "[....They build easier, but not smarter. Few centuries ago, when you wanted to rise a monument, you had to spend whole hill of gold and twenty or so years toiling over it. But because of those costs, they were made to last. Serpent's Wall stands for 20 centuries (it's doubtful usefulness notwithstanding), some pyramids from this realm for over 40. Which modern construction has expected life that's half length of that?]" sorceress scoffed. She didn't exactly belonged to the crowd of old, dry pensioners that rambled that everything was better in their youth, but when it came down to architecture, she really believed that building method of the past were much more solid. Being old enough to see many of those methods turn from 'new' to 'classic' probably helped. And speaking of classics.... "[Hei....I have an idea...before we dive head-first into more books and volumes...]" * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 2 Hours Later - Roof of the Ziggurat. "Finally" Hou exclaimed, after they were don scribbling two large magic circles on the building's roof. They used twelve pieces of enchanted chalk, but with their combined expedience, they were able to avoid and mistakes that would require them to re-write the symbols. They were even sure to choose correct chalk color, so the circles were almost invisible from the air. "This should be enough of an insurance. Now, back to..." unicorn mare sighted "...reading." * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Many Hours Later. 6 P.M. - Inside Palace of Thought Hou - still under illusion of earth pony secretary rubbed her hurting temple. Next to her, on the reading table, was a pile of books about Ancient Arabia. It was two hours before library will be closed for a day, and all their work yielded no results so far despite search volume after volume. She didn't knew if Hei had similar problems, due to them splitting up to conduct more effective search....but judging how he still was somewhere in-between the shelves, that was probably the case. "[......If that keeps going, I am about to kill somepony.]" sorceress murmured in Unyasi language. Somepony like say...Sombra. Of course, fallen king was far, far more durable then normal equine....but at least he would be good target to vent her frustrations right now. As it was, she had to elude him for as long as she could. Hou only hoped that he and Twister will be stalled enough by Saddle Arabian forces. At least both her manechaurian agents planted in them, and bribed officers should be enough to prevent them from talking their way out of the situation. Her thoughts were interrupted by a sting. No, that was the wrong word for it. It was more like having your flesh pulled by a pincer, but painless. Pulled by her own magic, but from outside. How in the....? Hou straightened up when realization came to her. Law of Contagion! She didn't put up any jamming spells, and that little squirrel was using it to get her location! So...not only and linguist and historian, but also educated enough about arcane despite being pegasus and daughter of the street rat. "Clever girl....." Shuren growled under her breath.
  8. She's a pop star. And music stars go on tours.
  9. Well, if any of your characters would find themselves in Saddle Arabia, then I feel Sombra and Tongue Twister could use backup....And I not gonna lie, I would love to see Stella pushed out of her comfort zone. OOC And thread proper....
  10. Shuren squinted her eyes for a moment when Rose proclaimed her anteriority. This just asked for a correction. "Not many 'moments' come before me Miss Compass. For example....I roamed this wetlands long before first ponies came here. I arrived as a pioneer. Long before beginning of the Marais villages, animals, trees and even ruins on the coast that are here now." she explained in calm, almost soothing voice. "No secrets of this place are unknown to me, because I am older then all of them. Every tree and root knows touch of my hoof, and every beast is wary of me, with their fear as primal as that for storm and fire. When Maretonians came here to build their colonies, I showed them the best spots to do so, and I was there when griffons turned them away with fury and sword." for most this would be boast. For Hou it was statement of the facts. "You may have the memories, comparable to that of this world elder beings, but you not one yourself. Not yet." sorceress said "That and....those memories are imitations...copies....just like yourself. However..." white mare gave changeling queen a studious look, while raising her hoof during this dramatic pause. "...there is no rule that says an imitation cannot defeat the original. Use those loaned gifts, and the life you given, to create your own pearls of wisdom." she said, before turning around. No longer interested in hydra, she attempted to leave - with her 'Condors' already disappearing from sight. However when Rose spoke again, sorceress stopped and looked over the shoulder. "...You judge based on but one sample. Like a surgeon that picks tool for specific procedure, I call upon servants for specific task." she clarified. "You and I may be examples of renaissance....mares, but most are not as gifted. Therefore, servants...or helpers, need to have to be assigned to tasks they excel in." unicorn advised. "Being able to apprise talents of others is burden of both leaders and teachers alike, Miss Compass." Then changeling queen gave Hou an proposition. The benefits might be great, but with long-term commitment she would have to relinquish way more of her own secrets then she was comfortable with. No...she always kept cards close to her chest, and she wasn't about to change this now. "No. Not like this. I am not some hound to be at anypony's beck and call." Hou denied initial proposition, hiding true reason behind her 'pride-fullness' "Favour for favour, with each party can accept or deny each request on individual basis. As how to get with touch with me..." Shuren reached into a pocket dimension. She pulled out what was Long Guo-looking, metallic lantern, that she then thrown towards Rose to catch. "Copper sulphate. Light it up with copper sulphate, to get in touch with me regardless of distance. And other flame will have no effect. Now, are we truly done here? Or do you want bring forth a first request?" Hou asked.
  11. Aaaaaand Twister was gone. 'Jade' was honestly split about her departure. One one hoof, Tongue Twister was was very intelligent young mare, and her presence would mean she herself in turn would have to engage in intense mental gymnastics - something unwelcome tonight, when she wanted to enjoy herself. And on the other hoof....well, she lost her chances to milk her for information about her background, and for insights into her personality.... As such, it her physical reaction was at least partially genuine too - adding to it's authenticity. Bespectacled mare inhaled through her teeth, before making a regretful sight. "I came too strong...." 'Beaker' herself stated while closing her eyes and running her hoof through her own mane in 'embarrassment'. "Through whole evening, I had a feeling that despite her exterior she was...strained, wary of something. I felt pity, for such a cutie to feel this way during such nice evening, so I though, the best course of action would be to help her break the ice and show her how to unwind. But looks like I both overdid it, and it's gnawing at her deeper then that....." 'Jade' explained herself, looking 'ashamed'. "....I have to apologize to her in the morning. The next train to Las Pegasus is at 9:30 A.M. so I can catch up with her." she added, before promptly turning towards other three ponies. "....I....guess I should apologize to you too. For breaking the mood..." 'Beaker' said while fluttering her eyelashes. ".....I think I know how I can make it up to you...." * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * The rest of the evening was true whirlwind of 'apologies'. Wingaporean way. First Jade showed how 'regretful' she was to Berry - seeing that she was their host and all. After displaying how her 'sincerity' left Punch breathless, bespectacled mare proceeded to 'apologize' to Midnight and Tiger in turn. Then Midnight and Tiger at once.....Then Berry and Tiger together.... By the late night all three other ponies were tucked out by both the drinks, and how 'sorry' the white unicorn was. As such, 'Good Doctor' put them into beds, allowing them to sleep off all the world-rocking, while she cleared her glasses and took the shower. She didn't joined them in the rest of course, instead simply breaking down some souls within her to deal with both the exhaustion and all the cocktails she downed. As such, when first of the other participants came to their senses, and crawled themselves to the kitchen, they found 'Jade' already bustling about in it. The unicorn mare showed no signs of the late 'meeting'. Quite opposite in fact - she hummed some exotic song under her breath, while preparing what appeared to be fruit cocktails, and some easy digestible salad. Completing the image was the fact that 'Doctor' traded her scandalous evening dress, for what seemed to be a Berry Punch apron. "And now some ginger..." 'Beaker' said to herself, as she added some seasoning to her fruity 'Hangover-Remedies'. She appeared so focused with this task, that she was oblivious to who entered the room.....
  12. Hou just scoffed when changeling queen expressed her doubts about her further development. "You expect me to tell you how? I may very well, try to answer 'Why is there something rather than nothing?' or 'What is truth?'." sorceress mocked. "Nopony alive will tell you with 100% certainty. I just can tell you what I adhere to. And I believe we all make our own purpose in life. So stop moping and make yours." Shuren 'asked', not bothering to soften her words. "And honestly, you were transparent for me, but don't try to be literal with it. But worry not, for me everypony is see-through. It's...a hobby. You pick more then few of them like me, if you live that long." white mare mused. Compass's words of 'appreciation' were met with hoof-wave. "Good for you. And as long as your 'ideas' will not be in line 'Bring Eternal Night' I doubt I would care about things you do or want. That is...unless you give me a reason to do.." sorceress said, in tone that made it unclear if it was a threat, invitation for a bargain or both. Rose proposition extended towards hr 'Condors' made Shuren rise an eyebrow for a second. "You mistake 'disciples' with 'servants'. And since they are the former - and have no choice but to be happy with it - resignations from service of Hou Shuren is not accepted. If you want some proper recruitment for that...." unicorn managed to stop herself from saying 'Waste of time'' aloud "....project of yours, print some flyers first." she 'advised'. "Now, unless you want to bring something...important, I will take my leave. As much enjoyable it is to scoff at others faults, I have schedule to adhere too."
  13. "Oh those documents are more then useful. They will grant us even greater potential to move discretely, and we will exploit that potential maliciously." sorceress said with a grin. "After all, Twister and Sombra are looking for myself accompanied by a stallion...but what about a pair of newly-weds? Elderly Professor and his assistant? Two mares on vacation?" she asked, fully aware his potential for disguise was greater then hers, and thus, not limited by gender. "Of course this brings us to the next advantage we have over them.....they may know that I may search for secrets of the Stone......but they unaware about Stone's connection with pharaoh Teti-Ra...." Hous said, before showing Hei what she found in basement of Xuanwu Temple. This in turn, was followed by lengthy explanation about the ancient book, the golden disk, and Stone's relation to ancient ruler. "....So, as you see, there is no way they could know what we seek. No to mention I doubt that copies of the book I found - if they exist - would be available to public. Besides, Teti-Ra is both half-myth and final goal, but it's his grandson tomb we seek to point the way to it. And if I recall correctly, he is one of Twelve Kings who's final resting place is still to be discovered. Of course, unlike those other aspiring vultures and tomb raiders, we have the disc. With yours and my magic find Theth'Ka resting place in Pharaoh's Vale would be but a formality.....but I would like to find more information of this king first. And even more so about the priests and magus's who's spells undoubtedly protect that tomb." the mare mused, before pausing. Then, an a deceitful flint appeared in her eyes. "...And speaking of protection......I honestly doubt that Saddle Arabian authorities would be fond of having known warlock, Dark King Sombra on their territory. And it's very dubitable, that he has valid visa either...." she said with a smirk, before throwing one of the ID's at Dox. It depicted a pony that - according to the document in question - was local. "I guess some dutiful and concerned citizens should...bring his presence to...attention....." * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Two Days Later: The Palace's Of Thought - Shatt al-Iblis North Bank, Hanging Gardens Forty-eight hours later, an inconspicuous pair was walking on the massive open-air trotway linking the four ziggurats. The broad shouldered, muscular zebra that looked like Clawifax business-stallion, and bespectacled mousy mare that appeared to be his assistant. "[This search is more challenging then expected....]" Hou said, In one of Unyasi languages, to keep the appearances. "[At least our other effort are bearing fruit.]" sorceress mused before looking left. One of the locals was just now glueing the wanted poster, depicting Tyrant of Crystal Empire to the notice board. After Hou and Dox got their resource's from Shuren's followers, the got to work intimidate. Using the ID's, the sinister pair rented rooms in eight different hotels - all under different disguises -with resolve to rest at different one each night, at random. This should make them untraceable. Using the ID's showing local equines, the two then made report of their sighting soft foreign dark magic user. Separately, and further confirmed by those of Hou's servants who were shortly ago travelling. And since Saddle Arabia had good relations with Equestria's - and 'Sombra's' attempt to subjugate it a year back - were well known already, this resulted with warlock king being assigned a bounty for him, and anypony else who was aiding Sombra. Of course Hou's servants planted in Minister of Public Safety and in in Arabia's army greatly speed up this process.... Hou of course had no delusions of Saddle Arabia officials or military to detain Sombra for long, if at all. But he will surely be greatly inconvenienced. What's better, any attempts to fight back will surely make his situation worse, and Princesses of Equestria won't be able to help him (if they helped him at all earlier. Hou still wasn't sure about that) without losing credibility. One day they say he's great danger, and next he's an ally? This would make it appear that Equestria's is fabricating danger's to gain political advantage. Of course, as brilliant constructed this plan was, it didn't helped with their search for any writings about Theth'Ka at all. The first ziggurat, despite it's massive size - was very scant with information about ancient pharaoh's life and royal court. Spending day and a half there, Shuren and Hei moved to the next one, with hopes it's archives would be more informative. "[I still remember when they were building them...]" Hou mused about the Hanging Gardens they were traveling through "[Not the first Hanging Garden's, but certainly the most impressive. Longri-la - if they could see them - would get their scales green with envy.]" sorceress expressed with satisfaction. For Dox - being most privy to Hou's backstory - her enmity towards dragons of the east was no secret.
  14. "Oh? It's a rare and useful technique indeed. But while each of your copies can have full access to you knowledge, your aether capacity and magical power is split with each copy. Every considered the situation when each of them came upon tow beings on brink of death, who only can be saved by your full potential? Would you be willing to choose which of them lives or dies?" Hou presented Rose with another hard question. "No matter how much you try, there will never be enough copies." Of course watching Rose squirm over hard philosophical questions wasn't as much a treat as hearing that changeling queen will a parent soon. Interesting.... "Congratulations. Although I do find it amusing that you plan your children's futures before they are even born. And without other parent's input." sorceress made another jab at Rose 'control freak' tendencies. But as Rose kept going about building a kingdom, and she started to speak about herself as a gift to Equus, Shuren's smirk grew wider and wider. "Careful Rose, your 'Template' is showing. She wanted to bring him back by 'Her Own Power', with her own way, just as you want to bring this new 'Golden Age' on your own and according to your vision.....I am sure I don't have to remind you what atrocities she resorted too because of that attitude, do I?" white mare mare said, making another stinging remark. "You are a refugee here Rose. This is not your world. And it won't be for a really lonooog time. And yet you are already making designs for it. This isn't a mindset of a healer, but I saw it before. It's very ambitious...most often displayed...in conquerors...." Hou mused with %$&#-eating grin. "You may be wise for your age, but you still naive! You are foolish to think that one can be always prepared for every opportunity. I lived for very twelve centuries, and no matter how careful I was, there were situations again and again that left me blind-sided, and only survived due to adaptability. And - as we already established- you are your own worst enemy Rose. Do you really think, that your Love and children will call you out on your worst tendencies? Fool! Don't only they won't know what they are at first, when they do, they will care too much, be too revering to hurt your feelings!" sorceress continued with harsh lecture. Hou had to admit, when she woke up this morning, she didn't expect to have to what amounted to a therapy session with dimension-displaced, cloned changeling queen. .....That wasn't a phrase you think everyday. "And besides, how do you want to help the world if you cut yourself from the influence of the world? You know what I think about your plan? What I see? A queen that - based on memory of one of her genetic templates - withdraws into her small, self-built community, afraid of the larger forum, to avoid outside extinction that will never come. You will stay in your little pond, leaking whatever 'world-view' suits you into growing cesspool of society at large. And this 'truth' will neither mesh or clash with other opinions. You won't be invalidated, but neither you will be right. This is existence of a mare ruled by fear, surrounded by yes ponies. On in your case, yes-changelings. And finally extinction WILL come, but not from outside, but from your own inflexibility." she summed out with a smirk. "You can't help this world, invest in it, without submerging yourself into it first!. How can you heal what you don't understand? And this understanding will bring shift in yourself. As much as you wish to avoid it, change will come. It is unavoidable, undeniable. Your only hope is, that it will go into opposite direction that your Original had gone. What refuses to change, dies. I am not a mare I was two hundred years ago, just like she isn't a mare I was five hundred years ago and so forth. And if you wish to help the world, you have to change along with it Rose!"
  15. Swift Squall: "Dunnie...contain yourself." Swift said gently in regards of his friends outburst., adjusting his shades. "First of, I don't think that your future authority extends that far, second...well it wouldn't be wise thing to do on the first day, even if it did..." noblepony explained. "....You must remember, you have PR to consider now. Fire know better, Blue know better, I know better....but if you start throwing order as the 'Princess' before the ceremony even begun, how would media view you?" he asked, and second later immediately provided the answer. "Seeing that my Pop's is basically Press Baron I can tell you. They would smear you as a gold digger, seducing the Prince to get her hooves on noble title, wealth, power etc. And I bet diamonds against coconuts that jealous noblemares from Canterlot would do their best to only en-flame the issue. That wouldn't just hurt your reputation, it would hurt Blue's reputation. And PR is very valuable currency to him. He can't ride the 'Multiple Times Saviour of Equestria' wave like Sparkle does, or enjoy 'Long Reign' card like Celestia did." unicorn explained."I don't want to see you smeared by tabloids day after the wedding Dunnie. I could stop many, but not all of them." he said with worry. "So please...allow Fire to deal with this through proper procedures alright? Today you should think about yourself and your...herdmates - Good Harmony that word feels so weird! - alright?" "Right Dea...." Saqull turned to his love, up until now oblivious to gift she received....only to hear.... “WAAAGH!” Which made swordstallion skitter to the nearest wall, and press himself flat against it, eyeing the rubber goose in Moto's grasp as if it was bomb. His shades were dropped in this mad dash, and irises shrunk in terror. After few seconds of pretending of being wall ornament, Squall visibly relaxed, after flash of realization appeared on his face. Noblepony allowed himself to exhale in relief as he spoke. "O..Oh...it's fake. And goose not d-d-d-duck Definitely not d-duck. I though for a second...." he started, before cutting himself. The next few minutes Squall pretended - and failed miserably - that the whole scene didn't happen. Discord must've had a field day with this..... Unicorn distracted himself from the thoughts about this small incident, by turning towards conversation Bevel had with that shrink of a mare from before. Miss Gear expressed the readiness of taking whole project under her supervision, however.... "That's all and good, but unless Princess Sparkle approves, the whole work will be for naught. We will need to make an official presentations on firing ranges in Painted Pinto and on Crimsonrine Sea. I can't stress how important it will be to make a good impressions on Her Highness and Navy and REA top brass. As long and you fulfil your contractual obligation of being present during both demonstrations, I don't mind whatever side-projects you take in the meantime Miss Bevel." Squall said, both to reassure her, and reminding her that contract she was under came first. Miss Fluttrshy was listening to that conversation too and she was quite puzzled about how Discord introduced the inventor mare. Squall fought off his desire to tear out Gramps tongue and instead answered. "For now it's classified Miss Fluttershy. I am sure that in due time, and if you still will care about it, Sparkle will tell you all about it, when she gives it a good look-over herself." he explained, before giving Discord a look, that was in equal measure dirty and pleading. But of course the royal who was star of today was not Twilight, but Blue. Squall initially wanted to further argue about the sphinx, and how his friends was way too trusting and arrogant.... But he reined himself in, recalling the meeting with ice during Heartwarming Eve. He called her out on the very same issues and it ended...well....deeply damaging his friendship with azure mare. As such noblepony swallowed his protests and instead let out something in-between sight and grumble. "Fine....I just hope that you are right and I am wrong in this case. Just...be vigilant. And if you ever need help, any help, with this or otherwise...you have my hoof Blue...or at least, my ear." Swift offered. Count didn't knew what kind of advice he could give to Prince, but at least he could be confidant if Bluey wanted to get of something off his chest. ".....But please, stop interrogating the kid already? His day seemed enough of emotional roller-coaster as it is." Swift asked. Indeed, in that regard, unicorn stallion could empathize with Gallus. After that Squall stepped back and looked around. he noticed the absence of Lady Fluttershy. Oh horseapples....was it him again?! It was him again, wasn't it? "<Sigh>.......and I thought I got better with shy types..." he said to Fire as he carefully huddled to her (still wary of the goose plushie) "....I really need to speak with somepony that could teach me how to hoofle delicate ponies. I seem to scare them off almost all the time. Do I....frown too much?" he observed before making a question to his fiancee. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 'Jade Beaker': "A shame. I assume you...don't really have anypony to leave her with?" 'Jade' asked carefully. When she was at Punch's place, she noticed distinct lack of stallion's on family pictures. It was always Berry, Pinchy, and - on some of them - a pair of ponies 'Beaker' could assume were Berry's parents. It didn't required a genius to put two and two together. Berry was a bartender, and that meant that she was - out of necessity - part of intense carousing more then once. It took one lapse of judgment during a youth, to put a mare of such profession in a place Punch as now. Heck, you didn't had to stand behind counter for that! There were enough collage-age mothers to serve as a proof of that. "Your smiles when you talk about Pinchy means you have no regrets, but.....it certainly took some sacrifices to be as best parent as you could be, isn't it?" 'Jade' asked, while playing with her bangs. This conversation reminded her of her own life choices. "I am yet to met her, but from your stories about her, she seems like a smart girl. Do you really believe your daughter will think less of you, if you do something for yourself once in a while?" 'Beaker pointed out. While she let Berry to mull over the question she gave her, Jade shifted her attention to Tempest. While she already had some measures of the Shadow, they were surface at best. Sooner or later, she would have to include this mare in her plans. Her capabilities were secondary concern. What worried 'Jade' was her knowledge about Stormlands that she could pass to the Equestria. Of course Shadow's recognition of situation there was waaay out of date...but even her information of the continents political structure was troublesome on it's own. She will have to alter her memories of the place the moment she unlocks the full capabilities of the Memory Stone. 'Jade' realized that she visibly frowned. Berry was bound to see this. As such she muttered... "Acroneighose...." Her distaste for the city state wasn't a complete lie. It was a big sky barracks, and as such, it was much harder to do some political manipulations then other places in the world. When sorceress wanted to achieve particular results there, she more often then not had to pull the strings in other parts of the Maratonia, to enforce desired results. Not only this was inefficient, but it also wasn't foolproof, even with her Manechurian Agents. Of course if Berry asked, she will receive quite a different explanation for her antipathy... "Also Berry Dear, about drinks....I feel that you underestimate my home. Do you really think such place like Wingapore - a place that lives cause of tourist - would not have signature beverage? Oh Berry Dear, every restaurant, bar and honky-tonk have one to call there own! If you wanted to try them all your would be find yourself completely sloshed, everyday, for two weeks!" she 'boasted' with well practised 'patriotic pride'. "And speaking about sloshed, unclear things.... I noticed that you mentioned your expectations about this Spoiled mare, but not her character. Why is that?" 'Beaker' further inquired.
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