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  1. I wonder if I should write lore entry for Wūyún Isle? Knowing me it would be long and needlessly detailed.....


    PS: WEN Stormlands map?

    1. PrinceBlueblood


      I mean, I've written an entire Lore Article on one single building in Canterlot, so you have high standards of needlessness to clear, my friend.

  2. Well that was a relief. Knowing that Dox(or Hei Xue, as she preferred to call him) was acting on his own here, just like she did, made things so much easier.... "[Sigh....So you are here to take slice or two out of whatever cake I am baking? Since when did you took courses in 'witless minioning' Hei?]" she asked him with sarcasm, switching to the local tongue at the same time. It was nice to finally have someone around smart enough to have a 'sass-off'. "[Ha! No inns! No rooms! First, we going to buy suitable travel clothes at local bazaar. Then we finding the quickest caravan to Saddelon.]" Hou explained as she walked forward. "[I never was fond of Manephis and it's surroundings, and I refuse to stay here longer then necessary.]" she added. The port town they were at was not close of the city proper, but still close enough that Hou could eye capital with disdain. After all it's palace complex was HUGE. "[And take some of lady's luggage, would you? You don't expec me to haul al of this alone?]" she 'asked' while pushing one of her bags into his embrace. He will repay her for that with the prank later, but that's how they rolled with each other. "[...Also, since we here we might as well eat something. There is a family run tavern here. They serve GREAT kushari and......]" Hou kept talking as they dived into local street market. So it happened that way to it, run along local hotels....
  3. "<When they come without warning? Yes.>" Hou answered, switching to their native tongue before he did. "<And of course you wat....>" white mare attempted to continue, before she cut herself short as she realized something. They had this conversation before. As in literally, word for word....except their roles were reversed! It was in Maratonia if she recalled correctly, where she surprised him in the port...."<....Two hundred years...you really go extra mile for a punchline Hei, you old fox.>" Hou begrudgingly admitted that what he did was indeed amusing. She held a stern face for a moment before giving resigned sight. "<......Maybe you can help me, but before you do I want to know....Is this official Shadow's business, or are you here on your own?>" how asked. Usually Shadow's done their best to not rub each other the wrong way. But if three or more members found what she was doing not to their liking.... Her train of thought was broken by something...a sting, no...a feeling. Hou snapped her head to the side.....but she saw nothing. Was it just her? Perhaps some strong emotion in one of nearby natives or travelers? Not that she could properly locate it. The port was PACKED....with some many beings here, she could be here all day and don't find anything. Even her sense of dark magic was useless. There were at least ten bloodlines of her own sleeper agents here. In short - it had to be her own imagination. "<......That recent meeting really got into me....>" Hou mumbled. Just after Heartwarming, in Ponyville....
  4. And it's here! Took me long enough, but be free to go ham! Other potential players are still free to join, as long as the post in this thread here, according to the rules set in the original post.
  5. Week Later - Luxury Ocean Liner - RMS Arcania: "Hear this Dear. It reads here that ancient Temple in Long Guo burned to the stone." said the middle-aged stallion reading the newspaper. "Oh.My.Gosh! This is horrible? Did those...monks living there came out alright?" the mare - presumably stallions wife - asked in return. "Opposite my Dear. It appears no one survived." he husband replied with pity. The nearby mare, till now relaxing on sun lounger, lazily opened one of her eyes. Well...wasn't that interesting.... "So news got our already? I hoped I will have more time for myself, but oh well." she mused to herself in her thoughts. With the wave of her hoof, she summoned a hired help to attend her needs for this voyage. "I request a newspaper." Shuren asked. Not even two minutes passed, and she was already reading the article in question and sipping a drink. "Hmph....to think Empress Yù Yuè failed to keep this under the wraps. Pitiful." Back in the day, the Dragon Throne Sovereign would do everything to keep the information of spreading, sending her loyal servants for equinehunt to deliver the retribution on their Lord's terms. But should she be surprised? So far the fresh Empress - aside from diplomatic meeting with Shogun of Neighpon - displayed pro-activity of cold, dead fish. For Darkness sake, there wasn't even a bounty notice in that paper! For a moment Hou's though shifted to the Last Emperor of Long. Incompetent ruler he was, he didn't go gently. She knew...after all, his soul still resided within her. Of course it wasn't an only Dragon Throne seat warmer she interacted with, but even among them young Yuè appeared...bland - at least so far. That's what happens when bureaucracy overwrites the common sense. If she was in her horseshoes, Shuren would purge this system. Following by purging the bureaucrats themselves - Hou found them annoying, and with overblown sense of self-importance, but without any merit. At least harmonious monks - as much as he despised them - could throw a punch. Meanwhile pencil pusher at sign of proper action would just throw up.... ....Bah, wondering about shortcomings of modern Long Guo and it's ruler was not worth her time. Seeing that new about burning of Xuanwu Temple spread already, she will without a doubt be one of the suspects. It's certain that other nation like Neighpon and Equestria know already as well. In that light, sending Wūyún to Saddle Arabia waters on the roundabout way - around Hesperia and Unyasi - proved to be sound move already. No bout her potential foes will be thrown off by her motives. It seems that her search for Teti-Ra won't be boring..... Three days later.... Ahhh finally the end of the voyage. While Hou was born in northern Long Guo, she always was drawn to more sunny, warmer climate of Tropics and Equator. ironic, considering her relationship with Celestia. She would visit Arabia more often, but it's political system was fluid, and difficult to influence. Still, the country was good for getting magical artifacts and relics. She learned some interesting curses too, after visiting a tomb or dozen. That said, this will be search unlike few others...which was why Hou took quite a bit of luggage. Some of it was hidden in pocket dimension of course, but she rather overestimate security measures Teti-Ra or Theth'Ka invested in then the opposite. Those were the thought that accompanied Hou as she disembarked the Arcania...which made her that all the more surprised when she saw who was waiting for her on the shore, even dropping one of her bags. Seriously, it was rare to see her eyes open so wide.... "........Alright. When and how?"
  6. Worry not! A proper first post is coming tomorrow.
  7. The first part - and the prologue of the adventure - is up! However that doesn't mean that signings are closed! All those dedicated and interested are still welcome, until end of the first thread!
  8. Prologue "I am sorry." Hou said, while the body of last Temple defender hit the floor. Despite the wording, there was no hint of remorse in her voice, which was instead dripping with sarcasm. And why would she feel it? Defenders of Xuanwu Temple were her sworn enemies, Fenghuang Monks after all. But it was not a reason for today's invasion... Hou was stirred from her contemplation by the bang outside. Ahh...the first, pre-mature fireworks of the First Moon of this year....The holiday was one of few of the Empire traditions she still practiced, despite cutting herself off from most of Long-Guo customs.....But she wasn't above exploiting the opportunity it provided either. Shuren gazed for a moment at the display of lights and noise, appearing over the cold steppe - after all, Xuanwu Temple was north-most settlement in the realm - before averting her gaze and stepping over the body. Those monk's lives were like those fireworks - a promise of enlightenment and ability to spread their voice to converse with all things, but overall brief and pointless. She herself was like a planet - not as spectacular, but ultimately much more important, ever-present and only smart entities could understand her true influence. In the past, she wouldn't need any more reason then her enmity to start such slaughter. But it wasn't the past right now, and Hou wasn't the mare she was then. She had the temple in her sight's for a long time by now, but she was waiting for an excuse that would make her choose to claim what was underneath the temple.....And right now, she was carrying that excuse with her.... "Take anything of value. Especially books, no matter how unimportant they appear to be. Be methodical, take your time. This is first night of First Moon, and all knows that Xuanwu Temple dedicate it to prayer.....we won't be disturbed." sorceress ordered her masked minions. While she could very well do the job alone, she had to be sure that no-one escaped. This guaranteed that what happened here tonight won't get discovered for days, perhaps even weeks. Shuren walked to the now, mummified corpse of the head monk - a sign of her soul stealing - and took a key from around her neck. "I will be below. Follow me after you are done here." unicorn mare made yet another order, and took a walk to the hidden door. The door, the chambers below that it lead to, and their contents were supposed to be secret - known by few, important people: Emperors of Long Guo, Head of the Imperial Watch, Abbot of Fenghuang Monastery, Serpent King and of course, head monk of Xuanwu Temple. Naturally, Hou knew about it too. For a long, long time at that. And today she was ready to to claim what was inside..... "Let's see if today will bring more information about you...." she spoke to Remembrance Stone - safely resting in pocket of her dragon-leather duster - as she passed the hidden door, and down the stairs they revealed. Her descent was long, the prize was deep beneath the mountain, but finally the stairs had ended. The dark. that she was surrounded by didn't bothered her, but it would make the search all but impossible. A quick spell, and every underground chamber was illuminated by a ghostly-blue light, coming from now lit torches. Many Emperors and Empresses of Long Guo pasts have decided that there were certain types of knowledge that were too dangerous to be spread, but too important to be forgotten either. In their hubris they locked it up - never to be seen again, unless desperately needed. But they forgot that for clever mind, no prohibitions or obstructions were issue for too long. Especially if this was a mind of Hou Shuren. "Let's make some quick reading. Let's start...with foreign sources." she said. As she cleared the dusty desk that looked comfortable enough. The quick reading stretched into hours, and soon her Shadow Warriors appeared. Hou wasn't disturbed by the newfound bustle of her minions at all. Only ordering them to leave any scroll, tablet or book tied to relics alone for now - which they did, taking anything else that wasn't nailed to the floor instead. Finally, at what was perhaps three A.M. , Hou gazed at the book of Saddle Arabian origin. The volume appeared - and felt - very old, more ancient then even herself. It didn't speared to be tied to artifacts at all but..... Upon studying it, she found out it told about reign of Pharaoh Theth'Ka....who was grandson of infamous Teti-Ra. This would make a book a copy of even older written source...which still made it one of oldest 'true' books in the future Saddle Arabia, if not the oldest. But what really made Hou pay attention, was the brief mention of supposed power Teti-Ra possessed - an ability to rip the deepest of secrets, memories from the minds of those who oppose him. Unfortunately, it didn't elaborate on them further...apparently Theth'Ka took knowledge about secrets of his tyrant grandfather to his grave. Shuren grit her teeth in frustration and...wait...didn't that book was suspiciously heavy? After careful examination, sorceress discovered that one half of the cover was heavier - and thicker - then the other. Normally she would be vehemently against damaging the books, but.... After reaping the cover apart, Shuren was now holding a golden disc in her hooves. It radiated a magic similar to he Remembrance Stone, but ultimately different. It was a not a magical artifact, but a magical seal. perhaps one to a hidden vault or a tomb. And hieroglyphs adorning it, made it clear to what pharaoh it belonged to. "Theth'Ka...." Hour later Hou was standing outside. Every treasure inside was looted, every text secured. Thus she didn't hesitate to set the Temple of fire. The foolish peasants from the steppe won't find-it suspicious at all, until well in the morning at least - after all, there were records of monks making similar celebratory pyres in the past. By the time somepony notices that was not the case, she will be far away, and tracks of her activity here will be covered by the flames. "....It seems my search has only begun. It will be nice, a Saddle Arabian vacation..." Hou smiled to herself, as she turned away from now ablaze temple. She had get back to Wunyun. To get to prepared. Prepared for.......
  9. "They wont?" Squall expressed surprise at the fact that neither Luna and Celestia wouldn't probably be able to take their old jobs ever again. "That's...sad actually. Like hearing rainbow wouldn't contain color green anymore. I knew that those were their talents, but I came to believe it just required pure magical muscle - after all Celestia did her sister job for so long with no issue.....and I read unicorns used to control both before sister shown up. Although their control wasn't perfect....with moon having...phases? And something called....eclipse....?" Squall mused. He understood both phenomenons theoretically , but they were hard to imagine without seeing with his own eyes. The conversation moved back to aspects of arcane. Squall started to understand why Sparkle had founded School of Friendship, and why she taught there. Twilight was always ready to give comprehensive answer about magic...provided one was willing to listen. "And what if some-pony would find a way to slip past aetheric shielding? I read that there are ways to do that...although it requires old ritual magic, and spell modified for an individual. Like locks from mane, or hoof fillings.....And besides, you don't have to affect everypony - only key players. To vanquish an army using illusions you don't go for a corporal, you go straight to the general, making him do wrong decision with his altered perception." noblpony mused....."And since illusions are basically lies...if somepony really want to believe that lie, wouldn't it be harder for them to break it's hold? A return of loved one who passed away, getting your dream job, receiving present you always wanted etc....." Swift inquired further. When Twilight mentioned what they should do about books, he nodded in agreement. He could do that. After all TEMPEST performed transport services too and.... The apprentice of magical mist made him abandon that line of thought. "Sparkle?" he asked, but with no response. It appears that illusions could be used like that too....a visual equivalent of the white noise. Who needs subtlety, when you just can obscure everything, making somepony fall into a hole and break his or her neck? Knowing this, Squall drew his weapons, ready to counterattack, but rooting himself to the spot. Wrong move on his part, and he would loop Princess head off, instead of that of would-be assailant. When the voice came, swordstallion could only groan in annoyance. "The most unstable thing here is my patience. What's with the old ruins and riddles?! An desperate, post mortem presentation of how smart somepony was?" he complained, his mind shifting to memories of his tomb raiding days. He wasn't proud of it, but he certainly was good at that job. Didn't left the ruins in question a piles of rubble, unlike Pathfinder. On the other hoof, he didn't ponder over the riddle at all. After all, he already knew the answer. "It's 'E' , as in the letter. Now can we move along, or can I at least see Twilight back?" Squall asked, hoping that the voice was done, and not readying herself to bring an 'A Game' riddle wise.
  10. Well....at least he managed to not screw up too much. Still, it will take lot of effort on his part to make it up for Ice. After all, how he could help out a mare who had everything...? Business-stallion was stirred from his self-pity, when Spoiled Rich moved in for her inauguration. Dunnie may had to kept things professional, but Swift wasn't bound in such way - and he didn't liked one bit an attitude she shown to his friend. Something that he expressed by glaring daggers at soon-to-be mayor and doing 'Watching You' motion with his hoof. Squall knew, that she knew, that he was even more wealthy then her husband - thus he could cause a whole lot of trouble if he desired. She was wife of millionaire...and Count Squallcoast was billionaire. "While her choice may be one by Ponyville residents...I sure hope there will be somepony breathing down her neck." he mused to those close to him while joining the clapping - without much enthusiasm of course. "Not getting her too comfortable in the role. Being mayor is duty, not privilege." "Did you told your parents yet, dear?" Squall asked, when Fire mentioning visiting her family.. Come to think of it, withholding this information till Hearts Warming would be smart move on Fire's part. After all, what better present for her parents, then letting them know they would become grand-parents...again? Noblepony could only admonish himself for not doing the same, being the only child, that would make the reveal much more special. Yet another one, in his string of poor decisions. Squall stirred when he heard alchemist mentioning immortality. Swift had an occasion to see one such attempts recently, which made him exchange knowing glances with Twilight. Intentions were noble....but....well, they did paved a road to hell, didn't they? That said, he chose to remain silent - he made enough of a buffoon of himself already, he admitted to by paranoiac just moments ago, and if anyone should a say about giving this line of research green light or not, it was Sparkle.... Thankfully, as Dunnie, Blueblood and Star Crusader moved closer, another, more pleasant topic came up to distract the noble - namely how he and Fire are to become parents. "It will be filly." Swift expressed with confidence, while moving closer to Fire. "....When Fire told me, I could sniff smell of the sea in the air. It's...kinda hereditary to us, Squallcoat's. I am usually not into superstition's, but my family chronicles mention that every-time one of the parent's could smell sea salt, daughter would be born without fail." Squall explained. "That and.....Blue...I want to ask you...to be one of her Nameparent's." stallion asked. it was an old tradition, now mostly practice only by most ancient noble houses. According to it, each parent were to chose two ponies to bear the honor - male and female - and apparently Squall decided that Blueblood was to be first one. "And speaking of children....Well, what about you Blue?" Swift asked. "About time you should think about furthering main Platinas bloodline? Perhaps return to roots by adding some warrior blood hmmm? Can't expect me and Pretzy to do everything." he said, while knowingly gazing at Dunnie and Star, while reminding Prince of their shared ancestry.
  11. Sombra and Tongue Twister - added (see first post for details)! @PyroBlaze- Both characters are welcome, but be sure to pick one .
  12. In search of Hut-waret Following her successful acquisition of Remembrance Stone, Hou Shuren, Sorceress Eternal seeks to unlock the secrets behind her new possession. Her studies led her to one of most ancient pharaohs of ancient Saddle Arbia, Teti-Ra - a legendary - if infamous- sorcerer king, whose iron hoof united the until then divided nation. Now Shuren seeks to uncover the history behind the mythical king and his forgotten capital city, Hut-waret - all to unleash full potential of the Stone, and to acquire other relics that may still lie in lost city. And nothing, and no-pony will stand in her way! This thread will split players into two groups - one allied with the evil sorceress, and the other, dedicated to be a thorn at her side. Please link you character, and and tell which side you chose to join. This is potentially long running, however chronologically it happens just after inauguration of new Ponyvil mayor. Posting order will be maintained. Dramatis personae: Seekers of Hut-waret: Ciraxis - Hou Shuren - Ancient sorceress/alchemist from Long Guo, and perpetrator of the whole mess. To meet her goal she allied/hired a few less and more shady characters.... PyroBlaze - Dox/Hei Xue - Another sorcerer from ancient times, occasional mentor in magic and former hero. Dox - just like Hou - is member of Seven Shadows, a secret cabal dedicated to preserve existence of many forms of dark sorcery, with Codex enforcing the members to not betray the cause or turn on the other. Not without risking the wrath of other members that is. Due to this, him and Shuren go way way back, and are one of the few creatures of existence that can trust each other. Dox joins Hou on her quest partially to improve his own knowledge of magic arts, and partially for his own amusement. The Opposition: dragonofruin - King Sombra - Former Tyrant of Crystal Empire and Hou old acquaintance. After a meeting and short 'scuffle' in Whitetail Woods, grudge bearing ubrum resolved to be a thorn in sorceress side. NiktoBarada - Tongue Twister - Translator of ancient languages and equinologist. Tongue Twister found herself in wrong place at the wrong time, and in spur of the moment on sorceress part, ended up corrupted by Shuren's dark magic. Now apparently robbed of her species gift of flight, Tongue seeks to stop Hou, while struggling with new, malicious personality in her head.
  13. Splendid! Will be making OOC thread today then.
  14. I myself, am open to Sombra and Hou having another encounter! I even have a more...grainy setting for another clash.
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