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  1. The training proceed immediately - just after they found a shaded grove that more or less hid them from the prying eyes.. Hou quickly proved herself a demanding if talented teacher. It was clear that Magnus wasn't the first student she took under her theoretical wing. She didn't linger long on practice either. For most of the spells, sorceress only shown them once or twice, and only allowed the stallion until he got them right. And further practice had to be done in his own time. That said, she was very informative, explaining pros and cons of each spells in detail. Why 'spells'? As in, plural? In Hou's own words..... "He who uses only hammer, thinks everything's a nail." she explained "The life itself is a proof of that. If you dig deep and long enough you will find remains of creatures of bizarre shapes, which led equally strange lives. Some of them were quite impressive in fact. But they are no longer around. You can guess why. Specialize to much, and you have no tools to adapt and you have no tools when changes came. And contrary to what most believe, changes always come." She explained before barking. "Next!" Soon enough the lesson extended into evening and then nightfall, and the two found themselves sitting around firecamp. Well, laying in Hou's case - cause she conjured a Long Guo style couch for herself. She did produce a tent for Magnus as well, but didn't bother to do the same for herself. Either she thought herself as most dangerous thing in the dark of Italy (which might be a case), or she didn't needed to sleep at all. "Not bad day at all if I say so myself." she mused, to nopony particular. Sorceress was laying on get her back, staring towards the starry skies visible trough the leaves. One of her hooves extended, as if reaching out to those distant lights. "One day, even those distant worlds will be within reach." she mused while flashing a confident smirk, before rolling over to face Magnus. "Aren't you a brooding one. Not curious at least a bit? No questions? It may be a while until such opportunity comes again you know." she teased waving her hoof, all but confirming that she was willing to satisfy his potential inquisitiveness.
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  3. Going on vacation from 27.09 to at least 06.10 so no posts from me, since I will be totally offline! No bears and mountain people this time.
  4. "Immortal huh?" Squall mused before giving Sparkle a look-over. She was still missing her wings at the moment, but they will come back - sooner or later. "So ravages of time have nothing of you? I guess Celestia and Luna aren't 'retiring' permanently then. Sure, they may be out of spotlight for century or three, but at some point they will want to be involved again. It will be at least five of you then." noblestallion shared some of his thought with his companion. "And Mycus's records have to be older then those of Crystal Empire. If we save at least some of them from aeather decay..." Of course the magical trap they found themselves in derailed his train of thought. What Sparkle sounded dangerous...... "So....clap you hooves if you believe huh? If effect is so powerful, why aren't it used in modern magecraft?" he asked The way she spoke about the magic, as if it was mere annoyance instead of danger put him at ease, allowing to indulge himself in curiosity. The moment Sparkle finished her countdown, Squall jumped into the air, making triple-and-half somersault, landing on the 'floor' gracefully. Swift knew that Twilight was powerful, but it seemed that casting that spell required some effort from her. "......I know you regaining you strength by the minute, but is it alright to strain yourself so much? Don't want to see you drying yourself....to the bone." Swift said as he glanced upward at the skeletal remains. Hmmm, this place was sealed until they got inside. Over curious students perhaps? Either way, better to not bring this to Sparkle's attention, if her near-freak out in previous room was any indication. As Twilight opened the door and was about to pass the study threshold, Squall's leg barred her path. "Hold it Twilight. We both can agree, that of us two...." swordpony beat his armored chest for emphasis. "..I am the less squishy one at the moment. Let me go first." With that said, Squall entered the Mycus's study, without waiting for Princess confirmation. The first thing Squall noticed was darkness... and dust. Lot's and lot's of long undisturbed dust. This place wasn't protected in same way that rest of facility was. Could it mean that it won't suffer from the same aether decay as the rest of it? Pondering over this had to wait, because the second and third thing that Squall noticed - respectively - was circular railing and books. Massive, massive MASSIVE amount of books. Noblepony carefully walked towards the railing, igniting two of his spellsabers to illuminate the place at least a little. Thetome filled shelves that lined the walls confirmed that the whole place was circular. This wasn't really a study...well perhaps it WAS - but it if was the case then it was combined wit the largest underground library Squall has ever seen. Stallion sent one of his blades flying into the darkness, lighting the way, before it came back to him like a boomerang. Yup, the room was really big. "......Around two hundred and twenty meters across....that means that circuit equals around three hundred and eighty...." he calculated aloud before looking over the railing. "At least three floors below and...." a quick glance up..."...three more above. That makes seven minimum. If we assume that high of each floor is the same as this one...." another quick calculation. "That's more the 42 million books...if not more. That's bigger then Bibliothèque de l'Prance......Sparkle?" Squall stopped and turned around, after hearing the sounds of utter GLEE coming from the filly-sized Princess. "Oh right, Princess of Bookworms. You ARE in your element, huh?" swordstallion deadpanned.
  5. Why, yes. Squall DOES sound like Xemnas.

  6. "Panicking...Hah!" Squall scoffed at the idea "The day you start panicking over something so trivial, is the day trees in your orchard starts bearing dates." unicorn dismissed the idea. Nobelpony knew what Applejack was implying. Which in a way, lead him into reason he was here. "I know, I know!" Swift decided to skip the game of suggestions and get straight to the matter. "But she's a strong mare - trained soldier all her adult life. Had at least half as much adventures as myself. And she's big where it counts." he said with insistence. "....Fine one horseshoe then. It's...it just...." unicorn gave a heavy sigh "....I was the one who asked her you know? The moment she said 'Yes' made this Nightmare Night the best day of my life. And now she's also mother of my little, unborn daughter. But the closer 'this day' comes I find myself asking - Will I be good enough spouse? Good enough parent?" Swift said, as he opened up, expressing his doubts and fears. "....Mother said that the fact that I ask those questions means I care. But you can care and still screw up. I was looking for some....pointers, I guess?" swordpony said. "You are only one I know that qualifies. Ice is a divorcee as far as I know, Pathfinder has a spouse but she's almost never home for her, Spring had a horrible breakup, Sparkle is married to the job and I am yet to discover for what in Tartarus Blueblood...Bluebelle?....aims for a relationship." Squall explained while going through his social circle. "......And I shudder at the thought of asking Discord. Does he even Know what romance is?"stallion pondered. "The point is that I......I don't want to screw up. She doesn't deserve it. And I don't ever want to see her cry those kind of tears ever again." he added quietly. The inside of the old silo fell silent for a moment, until Squall broke it once again. "...I am sorry. I shouldn't throw this all down on your lap. Especially today." stallion reflected while turning around. His expression brightened somewhat when Applejack put her own feelings into words. "Is that so?" he mused, smirking. "Melt away huh? Seems it's a contagious feeling." Swift said as he headed to the door. "Oh right!" with this noblepony stopped "I 'confiscated' this on my way here." he explained before reaching out and levitating bottle of...something...on the stool standing next to the mirror. "Miss Punch said it's latest Cranapple batch, but absolutely-perfectly-totally-propably not 'liquid courage'." stallion mused. "...Not that you need it." he added while flashing Apple mare a smile and finally leaving his gloomy exterior behind..... * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ....Just to run into an odd conversation. Couldn't be any different, seeing who was part of it. "Who are you calling Squallard you Fossil?!" he butted in, in peeved tone - not really fitting his very deep voice. "I should see you coming Gramps. You look very.....You, today." Swift said, which was the most polite way to descriptive fashion disaster that was floating before him.... Before noticing Berry Punch throwing out a whole bowlof....well...PUNCH. With some garlic swimming in it. It didn't took him a second to put two-and-two together.... "Discord, fix nice mare's beverage. Doing petty pranks like this today is beneath you...." he scolded draconequus..... "....At least before ceremony is done. After it...I will pretend to not notice." Squall mused. With THIS bomb defused (hopefully), noblepony turned to his love, and planted a hiss on her temple. "Sorry Dear. I had to be sure to dot all the i's and cross all the t's here and there....or at least help with it." as if to a emphasize it, a bunch of help ponies poured in, carrying extra chairs. Swordstallion briefly turned towards them and waved a hoof where they should put them. "It's great practice before our own 'Special Day', don't you think?" Swift asked while he leaned to nuzzle crimson pegasus neck....which made his gaze land on a certain broken-horn mare.... "Betrayer......" he said with enmity before breaking the hug, and unconsciously walking between Tempest and his mate and unborn child...despite the mare he was glaring daggers at being more then ten meters away. To his credit-- unlike the last time similar situation popped out - Squall didn't moved out to smite Tempest Shadow with one of his weapons that his garb undoubtedly hid. Still the tension in air was tangible. Swift remembered Storm King's invasion well....after all, he helped evacuate the non-Princess government when the monarchs were petrified. And he had to repel this exact mare to do this. Which he kept in secret so well, that even Fire found out only recently.
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  8. Hou scoffed when she 'noticed' what he was doing - or rather, refraining of doing - with his weapons. So that's how it looked from the outside? Still, his patience and self-control WAS reassuring. He might even aspire to great things if he keeps them. ....Which appeared to be something that she needed to cultivate. The young stallion was rearing to go the moment she finished her explanation. Ponies these days.... "Started? Boy, you nowhere near ready to embark for this task." Shuren said, before quickly clarifying when she noticed that he started to open his mount for the response. "First off, yes I will call you 'Boy'. It's non-descriptive term when in public, and when you have so many years under belt, pretty much everpony aside from alicorn or draconequss is a kid." sorceress mused, kocking Magnus down a peg. "Second, do you think I would let you go before giving you tools to use in case events go south? You being discovered - or worse - captured, means that that it all can be tied to me and waste preparations I was making for years. I not taking any chances, and neither should you!" she announced before flashing him an audacious grin. "I hope you not tired after that mountain-trekking, for we are putting an all-nighter training session. By the end of it, you will know presence concealing spells that have no counter yet - mostly because yours truly invented most of them." unicorn mare said smugly.
  9. "You know, I saw you without hat already. No need to be jittery." Swift Squall said as he slipped into a silo. How did he deduced that she was without headgear, just a moment ago, was anypony guess. Stallion paused for a moment, before reconsidering. ".....Well, I suppose it would be hard not to be in such day." he mused before giving apple mare a look-over. "Sparkle was right. White and blue DOES suits you. I am sure you will knock you wife-to-be off her hooves when she lays her eyes on you." noblepony complimented his friend. "....And now I owe Princess fifty hundred bits." And speaking of clothing ....For the occasion, the noblepony made sure to garb himself in white and vivid green longcoat, with white suit underneath - quite similar to wear he had on the first day he shown Applejack Fillydelphia Botanical Gardens - but more regal and professional. And professional he had to be. While Miss Rarity was obviously the mare to decor things, and Miss Pinkie was one who was in charge of the 'FUN' stuff, Squall took upon himself to be responsible for the logistic, making sure that those two - or anypony else involved in the preparations - needed for nothing. Seeing that he had a fleet of airships at his beck and call, he was obvious choice for such role. "Those additional chairs that were needed should be here in 5 minutes. As will be extra appetizers. I knew you had large family but between hearing AND seeing..." he shook his head somehow between impressed and horrified, while leaning on silo wall. "....And you do nothing to buck this tradition." Swift said while pointing at her gravid belly. "Not that there is anything wrong with that! Plenty of unused land in Mustangia to expand to." he quickly added. "I am sure she will as good of a kid as you colt is. Heh, who know what career path she might choose?" he pondered before giving a deep sigh. "Sorry, I guess you have enough on your mind already without my rambling to disturb you...." he said with grimace. It was clear that he was displeased with himself. "But I......How does it feel? I mean....in few months I will be in your horseshoes. I wanted to ask before those Five will have you all themselves so...." he paused, this time for longer.
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  11. Hou held her sninister smile for e moment upon seeing that Magnus sported a smile of his own...before quickly dropping it, walking forward and..... <SMACK!> ....delivering a dope slap to the back of the stallions head! "This is for getting carried away. Consider that a Free Lesson No. 1" sorceress explained before taking a deep sight and elaborating further "Anger and hate can empower us, but should never defy us. We are....or are supposed to be Masters of them, not the other what around. I will assist in that...vendetta of yours, but only because it leaves your attention split. Only when it's done, you will be able to achieve your optimal level of focus." Shuren walked aside, before pausing, tapping her hoof expectedly. The story she was about to share was not on that she did gladly, but if it helped the boy here help from getting himself killed or - worse - dragging her with him.... "I am old Magnus. Ever fresh, but old. And during my long life and numerous endeavors I aimed at vengeance ONCE....." she started "...And you know what it got me? Failure, humiliation and gritted teeth. Since then I swore that I will not play that suckers game ever again. So far I am a whole lot better because of it." white mare revealed "Of course it may be hard for you to comprehend this. You are young - from my perspective at least - and dedicated your life to do just that. But you had a lesson how such endeavor gone spectacularly wrong just a few hours ago, in Heartland...." she turned around, the look of her purple eyes dead serious. "You know why those three lost? Because they wanted to get EVEN, instead of removing obstacles towards what they desired. Rather then doing practical thing, they had to rub their supposed superiority and advantage into their opponents faces. And it costed them everything....again!" Hou pointed out. "...I won't discourage from your revenge. But if...when you get down to it - be quick, be efficient and by Tartarus. Do. Not. Gloat. At least not directly, and/or unless you want to get a rise from somepony for some purpose(but that's whole other can of worms). We have things for that! Like Astral Projection." Shuren give Magnus a tip. "If you want to revel in your victory, do so later. Preferably sitting at the armchair near a fireplace, while enjoying some fava beans and nice chianti, smiling at the memory of your triumph..." "But enough for now. You wanted to earn you 'education'? You have to bring me some things that I can't get ,myself." Hou stated in matter-of-fact tone. "The first task, is making a copy of the book that every other copy was lost.....except one in Crystal Empire. Unfortunately, since Sombra showed his face there for a second time, their defenses against dark magic where.....upgraded by Celestia herself. And I am sure she kept me in mind while doing so....." sorceress mused "...You however are not tainted by dark magic yet, and thus, beneath suspicion. At least until you will express the desire to borrow it - not that you could , it can be read on-site only." she explained "...So instead you will take the tome to the darkest corner of the reading room, and use this on it...." Hou said while hoofing him a small crystal pyramid. "This magical device is able to copy text, using something not so different to Aether Dubling, and then project the stored information on other physical body - like paper, or stone tablet - although it erases Imaginary Space Copy within the crystal in the process, leaving it blank again. Useless when competing with printing press, priceless when you want to copy something that wasn't supposed to be copied....." unicorn mare explained before adding.... "Of course 'Limits of Time and Space' is one of those books that are not supposed to be copied....."
  12. Finding the place whee the lessons supposed to occur wasn't hard at all. It was on a hill....it ALWAYS was on a hill. Hou stopped asking herself long ago, from where this tendency came from. A symbol of getting 'closer' to Longri-La? Compensation for something? Well it didn't mattered. She will walk over it - and the monk that chose it as his/her classroom - all the same. However all her sarcasm and bluster couldn't prepare Shuren for who - or rather WHAT - the monk in question was. "A diamond dog? Really?" she thought to herself as she mingled with a crowd, while at the same time reducing her dark presence - it would be shame to reveal herself before witnessing how much the Order 'devloved' over past few centuries. Sorceress studied the monk first. Half millennium ago the Fenghuang Monastery wouldn't even consider one of her kind to be allowed to 'Walk the Path' and yet here she is - off the leash, spreading their foolish idea and fleas alike. In short, a waste of time.... Or maybe not? Perhaps she saw this from the wrong angle? Hou assumed that Monastery entry standards lowered....but could it be that it was other way around? Could it be, that this dog was was so exceptional that she got accepted despite being what she was? Whatever the case, Shuren was bout to know in an hour at maximum. It was a while since she had to squash a biped. With those thoughts, her sight shifted to the pony. Sunset Shimmer seemed like a very different mare from the ever-angry student of Sun Princess she used to be. Was the the defeat at the hooves of Twilight Sparkle a reason for such change? For all her power Hou only manged to get a mere glimpses into that houman world...until recently. Shimmer seemed more reserved, more controlled....but where have been gone all that splendid ambition? Were was this fiery passion? Wasn't she aiming to be Alicorn? Did the unicorn mare had hit a 'wall' in her growth? It would be a shame if that was the case, she preferred her nourishment to be well done. But once again, sorceress judged that is better to wait with verdict until...she could 'stress test' the mere in question. For now, Hou gracefully returned the monks bow, along with rest of the 'class'. It was a while since she gone over the basics....
  13. "Vengeance?" Hou asked 'surprised'....or at least did her best to act like she was. I reality she was doing her best to not show how trite she was feeling. Not because she had any qualms against Magnus's motivation, no. But Shuren was expecting for his drive to be fueled by something more...original. .....Then again, it wasn't exactly her business of what he will be doing in his free time. At least the stallion seemed to be aware of cycling nature of such endeavor....and that one had to find themselves a goal after fulfilled revenge. "M a g n u s D u r u m" sorceress slowly said stallions name, as if to taste it. "Not a name of Equestrian origin. Was your father from Kastrot? Or your father's father?" Hou inquired but quickly returned to 'introduction' part. "I would give you my name, but I guess you already know who you sought....." white unicorn said with confident smirk, which quickly turned into more serious expression. "Yes, I have the means and tools to turn your revenge into reality...and perhaps give you purpose beyond it....." Shuren admitted. "However, this - like all things - comes with a price. Not only that, I have to see if you are somepony worthy investing into. Are you willing to throw yourself at challenges I give you? Are you willing to pay the price to see those that wronged you suffer?" sorceress asked, her expression at the end turning into something equally wicked and excited.
  14. When you realize that you spent most of your 'After Work' time on your favorite anime openings.....


  15. ".....Are they involve fighting?" Esaka asked Sunburst carefully. However the gossip of two winged fillies caught her attention. "Wonderbolt? What's Wonderbolt?" Homura asked, undoubtedly to the shock of younger and older winged fillies due to her obliviousness. Of course any and all questions had to wait in face of griffon boy's freak out. His luggage? Oh.... "Well that sucks." she commented before taking her hat off and turning it upside down...."Alright we need to do a whip-round to buy Gallus..." Esaka started but at this moment the younger filly trio took off to chase after train! "Oy! What are you doing? That's stupid! And dangerous! Stupidly dangerous!" she scolded them but they didn't listen - especially pegasus filly seemed dead set to reclaim the cat-bird student belongings.... "......Jeezzz... Alright Noodle-Legs hold this for..." Homura started to address the other Neighponian, but Kireina already flew after the receding wagons as well.... "....<Yare yare daze>......" quilin muttered in annoyance before walking towards still stunned Gallus. "Here raptor-boy, hold this for me for a while. DON'T break it." Esaka said, as she stuffed her hat into griffons other talon....before she jumped the fence back into train-depot. When quilin walked on the tracks, she was already wrapped in amber flames. "....Alright, alright....it's been as while....I still got it. I still got it!" Homura psyched herself up, took a deep breath......and then let out the most hot-blooded scream any of her fellow students ever heard coming from the lungs of the filly! "ESAKA OUGI! - SHIN KAEN SENPŪ!!!" she roared as she punched/breathed forward - unleashing whirlwind of spinning air and fire that quickly caught up to winged fillies. However, true to it's name, instead of scorching their heels, the amber flame jet opened up, forming a half-pipe around and above Hyper, Fruit, Midnight and Kireina...but most importantly it also created a jet-stream-like rush of air, giving the winged fillies so much needed speed boost!
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