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  1. hate the pony...love the art! XD
  2. Not far from Spear, a small pile of snow moved a bit, a few seconds later a purple unicorn with a black and yellow spiked mane popped out. He looked dazed and tired, he was a skinny kid but was clearly holding up ok so far, his yellow eyes focused slowly as he looked around. "Ow...my achin' head, what the heck happened? First I'm checking my gear and getting ready to kick some flank, and the next thing I know, I'm passed out in the snow..." he slowly stood up and sighed, he winced and looked to see that his right arm was cut. "Oh for the love of Luna...why the fluf is it always my right arm?" he stopped for a moment and looked at Spear, whom he had just noticed. "Who the heck are you?"
  3. Name: Lightning Shadow Age: 18 Gender: male Species: Unicorn Affiliation:EAF Rank: E2 time in service 1 year time in rank 1 year Squadron: EAF Mane/tail style:Spiked and slicked back in a way that makes it look like he has blades for hair. mane/tail color Yellow and black alternating pelt color Purple eye color Yellow Biography:Lightning was born into a fairly normal family and grew up pretty much average, he had friends who he spent time with every day playing games in the park, watching TV, and playing video games, he got a good education, scoring higher marks than average on his classes, he excelled in magic above all other classes. The only real problem was that he didn't enjoy his life, he felt like he could be doing something more important with his life than just sit in a room doing paperwork, day in and day out. His dad saw this slump of sadness and decided to do something about it, Lightning had always enjoyed watching documentaries about the Royal Marines, so one day his dad took him out into town and treated him to lunch, followed by a visit to the Royal Marines Recruiter, Lightning was overjoyed and signed up right away, a few months of waiting later he shipped out and started his training, he completed it with pride and was sent to Lost Planet not long after becoming an E2. Personality: Lightning is hot headed and very out spoken, he has trouble controlling his temper but when he is able to he is the nicest guy you will meet. He is over protective of his friends and likes to prove himself when the odds are against him.
  4. Ok guys, this is getting out of hoof, we have too many Pegasus and turian combos here, i am asking nicely for people to please change things up a bit. Thank you.
  5. I'm back...please wait for a bit ok? We are going to go off world soon and we can recruit you then
  6. http://mixermike622.deviantart.com/art/Friendship-Is-Universal-241456828
  7. http://mixermike622.deviantart.com/art/Friendship-Is-Universal-2-243010419
  8. http://evilsherbear.deviantart.com/art/Choices-251094026 http://shadhavar-drakon.deviantart.com/art/MLP-ME1-Jeff-quot-Joker-quot-Moreau-255943902
  9. Ok Steel, I am giving you 24 hours to post or your character becomes an NPC. We have been waiting on you so this is your last chance. I don't want to do this to you but it seems like I have no choice. Sorry. 24 hours, good luck.
  10. Lightning whooped in amazement and laughed. "This is amazing! And you do this all the time?!? I wish I had one of these!" He calmed down and smiled. "So how are we going to avoid causing a paradox, for all we know this could be a-" there was a lurch and he fell forward. "Set moment in the timeline, yes I know about those, and why did we lurch like that?"
  11. Steel we are waiting on you, if you don't hurry I all he forced to have your character used as an NPC, he will still be a mane character, but under my control like other NPCs. I don't want to have to do it so please hurry. Thank you
  12. Come on everypony, we need posts before I can unveil my surprise to you all
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