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  1. Another homework piece, haha. It's all I do.
  2. Here is something new, it's actually part off an assignment for one of my classes. Things are so busy right now!
  3. I am working away on things! This is my last week of class before finals, so it has been really hard to have time for much art. But I was thinking I would work extra hard and maybe have some actual coloured pieces for everyone on my list right now, by Christmas. I think that might be more fun! (and I can put them off till I get out of school)
  4. Alright guys, I'm back from thanksgiving break, so be on the lookout for fulfilled requests this week! I actually am pretty sick- I missed class today, but I think it's peaked now, so I can get back into the swing of things.
  5. Thank you guys so much for the shoutout! I'm glad you liked my first pony related song, being new here and all I enjoyed the rest of the show as well, I think I'll be tuning in in the future ^_^ And I'd be glad to sing at any point, haha. Though I'm sick at the moment. Great work, guys!
  6. I won't be doing any drawing tonight, but I'm gonna make a list of what needs drawing! It's late here though...I need rest
  7. Yes, I am! I just got home from school for thanksgiving, I have been a bit busy. But I will be on top of things soon!
  8. Not to be redundant, but here is the colored version.
  9. Thank you both! And yes, I have done my fair share of anthro drawings, as well as canines, felines, dragons....most animals in general, I like drawing them. Its just backgrounds and inanimate objects that give me grief.
  10. Ellison

    Ellison's Art

    I'm going to put my finished/favourite pieces in here ^_^
  11. This is my friend's OC, for a trade we are doing. I like drawing people as much as ponies :3
  12. Ellison


    I take sketch requests, but for more finished stuff like this, it simply takes too long to not ask for something in return, unless I'm just randomly inspired.
  13. Ellison


    I did the drawing on printer paper, and did a lot of the shading also with just a regular pencil. I colored and did additional shading and highlights digitally. Doing most of the shading in greyscale gave it a very muted, soft look.
  14. I would just like to read them :3 what do you record with?
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