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  1. I've returned! It's good to see you, 00Pony! Like Shadowbolt0 said, this RP needs humans as well as more Mane6! Just like the other RP. you can play up to three characters in this RP
  2. Sorry for not being around much lately, but I'll try to start another thread In FFA either tonight or tomorrow! Been busy getting my soul sucked out by my job!
  3. Round One Pairing Results: Colette Irving will be paired with Jigsaw! Josh Martinez will be paired with Time Spinner (What're the odds?!) Ryan Talbot will be paired with Rainbow Dash Josh Cook will be paired with Fluttershy Seth Brandt will be paired with David Masonfeild
  4. From what I saw, Discord wasn't too bad in the Godlike Powers department... You did have some good limits on him! EDIT: That's one person who's a go for pairings! Anyone else?
  5. They all disappeared! If they want to re-apply they're more than welcome to! I wanna restart this RP already! EDIT: As of this post, we have twice as many Equestrians as we do Humans. I COULD pair all of the Humans with five of the Ponies, but that will leave four unpaired... Discord will not be paired, as he's pretty much free to teleport around the earth!
  6. Name (First and last) : Seth Brandt Age: 25 Gender: Male Height: 5'11" Weight: 175 pounds Eye colour: hazel Hair colour: dark brown Occupation: Farm hand on parents' land Other distinctive features (if any): Seth is very muscular, a direct result of a lifetime of hard work on his family's farm. Seth also speaks with a distinct southern accent, much like the Apple Family's. Backstory: Seth grew up and spent most of his life working on his mother's farm, Seth believes in hard work. Ever since becoming a Brony, Seth secretly likens himself to Big Mac, and thinks Applejack is best pony! He has actually convinced his parents to set aside a small plot of land to start an apple orchard. Location: just outside Aurora, Nebraska, United States ((That's one more human! Two more, and I can start the first round of pairings!))
  7. After a few days of inactivity, I'm bumping with a few more tips! - Though the Equestrians do not have their wings or horns in human form, they will appear as "ghostly protrusions" in still pictures. - This leaves the Earth Ponies. Earth Ponies may not have wings or horns, but they all will posses unusually high strength and stamina. Not superhero levels, but they will be able to lift 1 1/2 - 2 times the weight a human can lift.
  8. Bumping again! If we get three more humans, I'll start the pairings! I'll still take Pony apps, but we really need humans now!
  9. Josh Martinez is approved. Anyone else wanna join in? Plenty of slots left!
  10. Add a bit of a backstory for Josh, Morning! And what Queenie said, get in in the action, people!
  11. Bumping in the search of new faces! We especially need humans! You're allowed up to three characters if you already applied!
  12. David's app looks good, so I will approve it! This RP still needs Mane6, humans, one more Earth Pony, and one more Changeling!
  13. Hate to say it, Morning, but Shadow did a better job at capturing Rainbow, so... Shadow, you're approved! And the word you're looking for is Magenta
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